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Shortcuts App

Siri Shortcuts deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favorite apps. Start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own.  Shortcuts includes over 300 built-in actions and works with many of your favorite apps including Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, Health as well as any app that supports Siri Shortcuts.  Use the Shortcuts app to: * Get directions home, send your ETA and start listening to the news, just by asking Siri * Add a home screen icon that calls a loved one  * Make animated GIFs * Make PDFs from Safari or any app with a share sheet * Get directions to the nearest coffee shop in one tap * Tweet the song you're listening to * Get all of the images on a web page * Send a message including the last screenshot you took * And so much more... Shortcuts can be launched from the Today widget, from Search or by asking Siri. You can even add an app icon to your home screen for your favorite Shortcuts.  Shortcuts opens up incredible possibilities to automate things you do regularly on your iPhone and iPad. 

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Shortcuts app reviews

  • Review 5/5

    By iMad Science
    The best modular programming application in the world.
  • Errors on Gallery shortcuts 3/5

    By ERAM_Tender
    It worked then after Siri suggestions was used it was stuck on Phone with a listed number but it would not allow me to do the same for other calls/people.
  • I’m addicted to this app lol 4/5

    By KamikazeSmasher_975
    This app is amazing, I just have one feature request for now. Please add an action to delete folders. Deleting files separately is time consuming. Like if I had more than 10 files in a folder I should “get” each file and then “delete” the files. That’s it for now. Thank you
  • Crashes a lot... impossible to use it 2/5

    By Matt GD
    I can’t use it anymore, it crashes every time that I use the Share sheet
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Jaso788431468
    Thought this would be a cool thing available on the lock screen or something useful like a few android widgets, disappointing to say the least.... apples lack of customization stinks and needs a revamp with iOS in general
  • You basically have to tell Siri what she needs to do... 2/5

    By BchBumm
    You basically have to tell Siri what she needs to do by creating shortcuts. There’s one already created, Say Cheese” but you need to unlock your phone in order for it to work. That’s like using a remote for a garage door but the main door is locked so you need to get out of the car and unlock it. USELESS feature. This surprises me that this is an Apple feature.
  • Tired old chestnut 4/5

    By Pixelpusher636
    Most people are tired of this new update line from devs (every few days) “bug fixes performance improvements.” We want to know why your shadowing our “update doorway.”
  • Love for the music 👌 5/5

    By gg this aint it chief
    Yee yee download this app Easy shortcuts to do a simple task And I love the music features Download it’s FREE AND NO FURTHER PAYMENTS FREE! FREE! FREE! Also I didn’t get paid to write this review
  • Many ups, one down 5/5

    By WTF_Actual
    Powerful app, part of a pioneering few good automation apps that hopefully will improve in the future... Only downside is any homescreen shortcuts you make still have to open the shortcuts app in the foreground before it runs... that’s it. Everything else makes Shortcuts a must have.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By JohnnyTranWasInnocent
    Apple’s solution to making Siri better is awful. Shortcuts take too long and you need to use the exact phrase to engage Siri and can’t add additional phrases for the same task. If I ask you what’s your name but what is your name confuses you then you aren’t getting smarter. Let me use google assistant natively in iOS.
  • Speed dial issue 3/5

    By Akc250
    Always get “could not run call” when the shortcut is set up properly for speed dials. The app is also not very intuitive. Difficult to find delete button and no folder structure to organize shortcuts.
  • Spotify for Siri 1/5

    By Dmilesburton
    Dude just let us control Spotify with Siri. This is really insane I switched from Apple Music to Spotify naturally. I was using Apple Music on my phone and Spotify on my computer here and there since it loaded faster on desktop. After about 2 months of this the switch was obvious. A better product is a better product and I am able to find and enjoy exponentially more music with Spotify. I won’t be switching back easily, but I do want to be able to use Siri with Spotify. Apple, even if you holding out Siri will help people switch back once you have better / comparable discovery features to Spotify this is still a crazy irresponsible move for a company that prides itself as the moral purist of the tech giants. Facebook and google may not value privacy but they do seem to value fair treatment for the people they allow on their platform. Spotify I’m with you. Apple I wish Apple Music was better I like Apple as a company (ofc who doesn’t) but for now just let us use Spotify with Siri. When / if you’re discover algorithm can compete let the product speak. The Apple brand is far bigger than music and having an emotional association with ease of use is more important long term than boxing out Spotify. Right now I’m just ending up frustrated half the time I use my iPhone because Spotify is by far my most used and favorite app! Would love to have an easy time now. I’m always interested in switching back from Spotify, but that’s because of how EASY Apple things are especially when they work together. I have a feeling I’m not alone. Don’t ruin that. Xo
  • Its Okay 3/5

    By lil'Chiraq Teezy
    The last update was better
  • Brilliant, Powerful and Loads of Potential 3/5

    By pop-ups
    Send email issue: “Show Compose Sheet” option is not visible without first logging into an email account. This is a problem now with Google blocking the Shortcuts app. Since the Mail app will be opened and I have my Google accounts available with it, I feel like logging into an email in Shortcuts is redundant and makes sharing scripts more difficult. Feature Requests: Please allow scheduling Shortcuts to automatically run at certain times. Please do not require a separate in-app email login for email accounts that are already linked Apple Mail on my smart device. Let it work like calendars where subscribed calendars are already accessible in Shortcuts. Also I need to be able to search and find email messages like I can find calendars events. Please add Google Drive as an option for working with storage related actions. Original Review: I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of all that this app can do, it is one of a kind and pure genius. I didn't know how much I needed an app like this until I started using it.
  • Why did you drop your connection to Box cloud? 2/5

    By GeoJr59
    What makes an app like this useful is connections to more, not less inputs and outputs. Dropping your ability to link to Box cloud smacks of trying to edge out your competition. I would rather stop using your product.
  • Shortcuts 2/5

    By Uncle Gritty
    needs to be location aware so I can set a shortcut to turn off Bluetooth when I leave the house.
  • GREAT 5/5

    By Dylanovski
    This app is great so first I’m saying to the people who put one or two stars that if it’s crashing it’s you device and if it’s not working still your device and if it does not make sense read the help and also ThIS ApP IS GrEAT next if it works it helps you with your device
  • Do you guys ever update the gallery?? 2/5

    By Truboo22
    I find countless shortcuts all over the internet from people more than willing to share them even though they don't even work for Apple who owns this app. Just keep up it's not that hard. All the cool things people make should all be centrally located in YOUR app!
  • Kinda worked 3/5

    By spensa foo
    Instasave was working perfectly but now it doesn’t work at all I can barely download videos that I want you guys should fix this now
  • Dumbest feature Apple has ever touted 1/5

    By _n8tr
    You can’t do anything useful with this app. Everything it does I can do manually the old way with the same amount of effort. Plus it’s unclear how to actually configure it to do anything. This is a niche app that adds zero value for the average person.
  • Why was the watch app removed without notice 2/5

    By StephenB_
    The app is great but Siri shortcuts are not a good replacement for the Apple Watch
  • Please add support for SSH using keys 4/5

    By Jonathan123
    Please add support for SSH using keys
  • Very limited 2/5

    By Dan Juno
    App is limited from what I understand is Apple not allowing their core programming to be accessed other then by the user through the interface Vs something like Windows task scheduler that allows a program like shutdown.exe to be triggered on a timer. I got this app thinking I could create shortcuts that can access programs without my presence so to speak ie auto off.
  • Major problem 1/5

    By Skypilot1
    Apple claims you can put a shortcut on your home screen. When you click on create “home screen short cut” within the app, it sends you to a web page giving instruction how to create a short cut, but offers no way to actually make it happen. Oh, and don’t call Apple for help because no one I spoke to had ever opened the app. The first guy I spoke to was excited to tell me, after reading the manual, “Oh! There is a shortcuts app!” “I know, that’s what I’m calling about.” Sigh
  • Amazing idea 5/5

    By (((((((((((((:0
    I’m really excited for this, it seems like a great way to stay on task, especially with how well it’s integrated into the phone and apps.
  • Shortcuts is Life! 5/5

    I use this app to add field trip and appointment dates for my family. I use it to send holidays messages out to my loved ones. I use it daily for business. It is my go to!
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Ammar Nasser
    I really like this app it have a lot of potential and it helps me a lot but I have been wondering if they can add one more option to it “portrait orientation” so we can set it on/off from the shortcuts
  • Geez...ugh 1/5

    By drjwr
    Feel bad because this sounds grumpy but, honestly, just as with IFTTT there is no useful shortcut that can’t be done otherwise with a few quick taps or with Siri and the native apps. I’m glad people find it useful though.
  • Really useful 4/5

    By WillWall16
    Love the app, my only complaint is that you can’t run shortcuts automatically.
  • Siri will not run my shortcuts 1/5

    By wjh-mb
    I’ve added Siri voice commands to my Shortcuts routines but they will not run using the spoken command. After opening Siri and speaking the phrase I assigned to a shortcut Siri returns a message indicating there is problem with the app. According to numerous reviews posted online, this has been an issue for several years. I wish Apple would fix this problem.
  • I guess I just don’t get it 2/5

    By jvalley18
    I was so looking forward to this app when they introduced it at the WWDC. I feel pretty tech savvy and have had every iPhone at launch since the 2nd generation. There are limited “premade” options and very little direction to create your own. I also don’t trust 3rd party websites that offer to download them.
  • “Get file” from third party cloud providers crashes shortcuts 1/5

    By LethargicSloth
    The only way not to have shortcuts crash is to go find the file in the “files” app, open or copy it, then run the shortcut. It takes a lot of time to do this
  • Could use some omitted features 3/5

    By Ericlmercer
    When calling Screenshots from another app (Numbers in this case, via hyperlink) there should be a verbose/non-verbose feature. I don’t want to watch Screenshots do its thing every time I call it, except during debugging. Annoying. Distracting. A working app I create should be allowed to be done in the background in silence. The verbose/non verbose switch should be a settings switch. The Crop Image needs a Maintain Aspect toggle between Width & Height when in Custom. Tweaking these two numbers needlessly requires another app to maintain a correct ratio. A Take Screenshot tile would be really handy saving steps, which is what Shortcuts is all about. Appreciate this handy. app. Does things I couldn’t do otherwise.
  • Missing my Apple Watch support. 1/5

    By GRRRR32
    I’m of the opinion Apple did a real disservice to the IOS base by bastardizing Workflow. Really missing the support for the Apple Watch and numerous IOT devices through IFTTT. Prior to Apple taking over the app this was my primary way of using the app. Sad. There are times when Siri is just not appropriate, for instance in the middle of a meeting I’m not going to say, “Hey Siri.” Come on Apple get it back to the watch.
  • Fix the bugs! 1/5

    By Messthebeast
    BUGS: love the app but the choose from menu scripting function is broken. When I try to delete a menu option - app crashes. When I add new menu options sometimes - app crashes.
  • I’ve never been happier with apple software. 5/5

    By S0L4RE
    This app is seriously ingenious. I love how it is so customizable. Thank you apple. Please release this for more products.
  • Where’s Police? 1/5

    By Kayks
    Just found out about this. Wanted it for the police function. Can’t find it anywhere. What happened to it?
  • Adding attachments to Send message 3/5

    By ImSaying123
    This is app is 100% awesome. The only gripe I have is that you cannot automate the send message command if you add a media attachment. This is the primary point of me downloading the app, so I can send pictures to a group of people individually without having to manually send each time or have a giant group message. It is smooth for text with no attachment and runs as intended but disabling the show when run featur does not work once you add attachment. Fix this please.
  • It kinda works... 3/5

    By Mrs Tripp
    When I went to use this app for the first time, I was really excited to make silly little gags I can share with my friends, small pranks I could pull, or little commands to make my geeky side smile. My first command was “Lumos”, an idea I had gotten from a video on YouTube. When I finished making the command, I added it to Siri and tested it out. “Sorry, there was a problem with the app”. I figured it might just be a bug in my personal work to make the command, but when I tapped on the button to run the command it worked perfectly. I went through the app and different settings, but nothing seemed to work. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda disappointed.
  • Great idea needs work 2/5

    By The Fiske
    So the water Eject and speed dial is what led me to download this app. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and the water eject is not an option as advertised. The speed dial I could really use for work, however does not work and continues with an error message. Great concept but needs some help.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Drillis781
    I’ve been trying to set up the shortcut with my dexcom g6 app to get Siri to tell me my glucose levels and every single time I try it just says “recognition unavailable”
  • Widget not working 1/5

    By Mohsrn
    Full of bugs and widget not working
  • Very buggy. 1/5

    By Josh_0678
    This app is very buggy, when I try to delete something from my shortcut that I am making it crashes every single time, even if I reboot my device! Can’t work like this!
  • bug 3/5

    By F U * C * K wechat
    my phone language is Chinese,and there is a large blank at the bottom,but when i change the language to English,the blank is
  • Don’t activate Siri ! 1/5

    By La Blatte US
    Good app as long as Siri has never been activated before, otherwise, it’s dead. Was using it to turn off WiFi/BT since you can’t do it from the control center anymore....but I made the mistake to activate Siri mistake.
  • Here is how to fix this... 3/5

    By J-Wood reviews
    I love the capabilities this enables including how it works with Siri to build a list of simple commands. The problem is, whenever I do one of these shortcuts I am left tapping away the shortcut menu or tapping to confirm the commands. In the same amount of taps it is sometimes easier to carry out an action on my own that I specifically made the shortcut for which defeats the purpose of this whole thing. There needs to be scripting commands to automatically close the app and/or bring me to the homescreen or lock the phone. Maybe an option to carry out a command without confirmation or leaving me in an app I have to close. If I tap a shortcut button from my home screen and it carries out a command why would I want to be left in the shortcut menu main page? Shortcuts are supposed to save time/taps.
  • Corrupted Data!!! 5/5

    By MNDthaiv
    Don’t know why the app crashes so much. When I open the app it crashes 7/10 times. Please fix. And also some functions crashes the app.
  • Countdown doesn’t work??? 3/5

    By One Planet
    Why does Time Between Dates not work? I’m happy to change my rating if this feature worked. I want to be able to text my partner who lives a state away how many days until we see each other next.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By C h e f C h u n g u s
    I can make my own apps with this

Shortcuts app comments

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