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ShowingTime App

ShowingTime provides residential real estate agents, offices, associations and MLSs with tools to manage showings and feedback, plus analytics and reporting tools to gain valuable market insights. A market and technology leader in real estate, ShowingTime products - accessible via its mobile app - are used in more than 250 MLSs across North America representing more than 750,000 members, helping them schedule 3 million showings per month. Benefits for real estate professionals: -Schedule showings and view instructions on the go -Access important details any time with the new offline mode -Set font sizes in the app to match your viewing preferences on mobile devices -Search for listings available to show near your location -Share listing activity with your clients -Manage feedback for your listings; give feedback on your recent showings -Notify sellers when you have completed the showing -Sync appointment activity with your personal calendar Benefits for sellers: -Get notified instantly of showings and new feedback -Review past showing activity and upcoming appointments -Receive “showing complete” alerts to know when to return home -Send private messages to your agent regarding a recent or upcoming appointment


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  • Slow and inaccurate 1/5

    By MemBelinda
    I’m selling my home and using this app to manage showings. It’s terrible. It’s slow to update requests and confirmations and sometimes shows duplicate tour times.
  • Offline 1/5

    By ryanpeter
    Not letting me use on cellular data since last update
  • Always disconnected... 3/5

    By DVDBob
    When it works, it does what I need and allows me to see details on my showings, get directions, etc. However, if you sneeze wrong, the app gets disconnected and won’t bring up your next showing. I have to force kill it every time and relaunch to get it to work. This happens 5-6 times a day.
  • Could use some tweaks.. 3/5

    By Jinnc411
    Not bad for an app, but it would be great if you could see the Realty/Realtor who is making the appointment or who left the reviews
  • Good, But Could Be Great 3/5

    By Rob Peezy
    The app is good, but mobile support for Showing Cart would make this app great. Make It Happen Showingtime!!!
  • Not good for sellers of multiple properties 1/5

    By Estate Selling
    This app doesn’t work well if you are selling more than one property at the same.
  • Clueless Developers 1/5

    By hoping fod better
    The app ad shows on a web page I saw from getting an automated text message that is presumably from their site but the app requires a registered email address where I get notifications and will not look up a cell number.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sharonmariec
    I had my agent trying to figure out why I couldn’t logon to the app when my email address was correct. Then I realized that if I clicked on the email link on my computer, I went directly into the web interface with no issues using the same email address. Once I deleted the app, the web interface took over on my phone and I was able to see the showingtime website. App caused both my agent and I a lot of wasted time!
  • Realtor 2/5

    By Tedplymouth
    Like the app except every now and then it just goes off line and I can’t get it back unless I delete the app and then install it. Dam inconvenient!!!
  • Can't login 1/5

    By dcl92
    I'm a buyer. Won't let me log in. Tried on multiple devices. Tried multiple times. Keeps looping to selection of buyer and agent. Tried entering auth code into app and also launching from email with code. Useless and frustrating!
  • Less than useless 2/5

    By VrnggnrV
    The biggest problem with this app is the agents who insist on using it to be “cutting edge.” It is fine for showings but once an agent has a contract this app starts gathering dust. I got calls from inspectors and others. I had to waste time double-confirming with my agent that this was a true visit and not a scam. If the lazy agents actually used the app that they insist their clients have it would actually be useful. Like I said the app seems fine but getting the agents to actually use the tool they give you is a big problem.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Jafski12
    So I wrote the review below a few months ago and no word from the developer. .......great customer service. This app only displays on the iPad in Portrait view. This makes it ridiculously hard to type which will practically eliminates any advantage of using the app on my iPad versus just doing so on my iPhone.
  • Occupants don’t matter 1/5

    By ChicagoAge
    As tenants of the seller property, there is no way for you to have access. We are the “occupants” per the texts but only access is given to sellers and agents. Don’t mind it’s the occupants schedule that is being taken over. You have to manually keep track of the appointments. Even the texts come in different strings so you cannot easily see in one text. You have to keep scrolling and try to pick which one you think it is. For you iPhone users at least with a date and time it will underline for easy calendar addition... not with this app! Only pulls the date so everything else is manual. With this being a standard across the realty world I would think as a provider of service you could figure out and execute a better system and add some functionality that makes sense ... or a secretary would do!
  • Ok scheduler but no incentive for buyers agent to update 3/5

    By just buy my house already
    I like the scheduling functionality. But a seller, I would like to have the buyers’ agents be required to make inputs after the showing so my agent knows what happened. It seems like the status is optional.
  • 1 app no problem 5/5

    By somedayitwillwork
    Seller and agents use the same app the is HUGE!
  • Doesn’t load anymore 3/5

    By Dizzle23m
    For the past 4-6 weeks the app doesn’t load properly and will say poor connection even when I’m on WiFi will full bars or connected to my network with full bars. I tap to reload and nothing happens. I’ve used this app for over 4 years now and never experienced issues like I am now. Very bad updating or lack of testing new updated from developer.
  • Glass half full kind of guy! 3/5

    By Spartan2776
    I can say that this App is more convenient than other MLS organizations using office attendance and paper calendars to schedule showings that charge $600 a year instead of $1200 a year we pay. Tech-support usually gets back with you with a real person and a ping pong like response within a couple days but you do get an automated message instantly. I am glad we have it because the options seem to be much worse, but this app could be 10,000 times better as the concept is brilliant, but the execution is middle’ish at best. You can absolutely guarantee there will be a showing stopping problem maybe once a month. And tech-support has bankers hours.
  • Fine for agents . Horrible for home owners 1/5

    By rllinss
    Nothing more needs to be said. Read the reviews. The single biggest problem isn’t the app. It’s agents who see the booking time as the arrival window. So you vacate for an hour appointment only to return and have them having just arrived ! You want to sell your house so you’re willing to let them stay ( but how awkward)— and you go back to your car and wait. Or you vacate only to have them send a message through the app that they will have to reschedule. All anonymously! And it is the rare agent who provides a clue that they’ve left. sure it makes it easy on the agent. But As a home owner motivation to sell is gauged by willingness to return calls and respond to texts. The app removes this critical step. In short — prepare to turn your calendar over to all the real estate agents in your area.
  • Does not rotate for iPad use 4/5

    By MDinSC
    I use it all of the time and it works great...except.... it does not rotate. I use a keyboard with my iPad and it’s a real pain when I have to turn the iPad vertical with the keyboard hanging on the side!
  • Developer Needs To Fix 1/5

    By ajlemm
    I’ve been using this app for a couple months now as a seller and without fail, I get logged out at least a couple times a day. Once this happens, I can’t simply just log back in - I am forced to reset my information to have a new token sent to me. So frustrated that this is the go-to app for showings because clearly the developers aren’t reading these reviews so they can fix this annoying issue.
  • Pretty useless 1/5

    By Calvin782
    Only one property can be put on the app. So it’s pretty useless if you are showing more than one at the same time.
  • Could be great 3/5

    By Fire_esquire
    I’m a seller and love the convenience of the app, but it CONTINUOUSLY logs me out. And I can’t just log back in when I get appointment requests - I have to request a confirmation token, wait for it to arrive in my email, and enter the token to log in, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • Notification spam 2/5

    By Trjhdcj
    The whole point of a push notification is to avoid having to be spammed by calls, texts, and emails. But this app requires you use one of the above in addition to push notifications. Give me a break. I'm sending these to my gmail and filtering them out of sight. Garbage user experience.
  • needs improvement 1/5

    By Brightly 0976
    works when it wants to but other times doesn't recognize me as an agent and wants me to contact my system administrator!
  • Seller, doesn't recognize my email after contact me. 1/5

    By SellerLetMeIn
    Not ready for Prime Time Sellers
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Glala1968
    Worked a bit when I first loaded the app. Now it just gives me network error. Plus, when an appointment is scheduled, it doesn't show who the interested realiter or any information. My realtor does not come to the showings so it would be nice to know who the interested buyer or at least name of realtor is.
  • For me the problem is input 4/5

    By ckl5401
    I am a seller. I think this would be an amzing app if it were in fact a part of the listing agent's internal office responsibility to update and correct input. All Buyers agents do not use this software, so therefore they do not update it when a showing is complete nor do they update the feedback. Also, if the Buyer's agent requests an appointment through the listing agent's software and the apppointment time needs to be adjusted, that is usually made through a phone call. Fantastic service to the client does not appear to be enough motivation for the listing agent to update the software data. Such a bummer. Could be a way for a real estate firm to distinguish itself from the rest of the considerable pack.
  • Landscape! 3/5

    By Megan Aldridge
    This app would be way more use full if the screen could rotate to landscape viewing.
  • Still not working 1/5

    By marti107
    Been trying for days. Tech support couldn't diagnose problem. Said they'll call us back which they did, but still doesn't work.
  • Not set up for IPad 1/5

    By Xanderj101
    Only works in portrait mode.
  • Seller Can't Log In 1/5

    By Lil.Ms.P
    Our realtor set us up and we are receiving text messages and phone calls about showing requests, but we can't log into the app with our email. Now maybe our realtor didn't set it up correctly, but ShowingTime could offer a better way to get the issue resolved instead of having to contact our realtor. For example, allow sellers to create their own accounts and the realtors just have to confirm we're the seller of the home. It could be a useful tool for sellers and their realtors, but it's hard to know when you can't even log in.
  • App needs Landscape mode!! 3/5

    By Realestatepro82
    App is great for keeping up with showing requests and feedback however when used on a iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard, the IPad is always in Landscape more however the app does not adjust to a landscape view which makes it very annoying to use when using the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard. Please update to support landscape mode!
  • Terribly annoying. Constantly logging out 1/5

    By Tobra2
    Every time it logs you out, which is about daily, you have to reauthenticate, sending another email with a code. Extremely annoying. I can't believe realtors use this garbage.
  • App doesn't work as intended 1/5

    By Ruba Beach Bum
    I don't receive any notifications even though I am setup for text, email and push. I have had to reregister multiple times. No leaves feedback. And you cannot see the showing realtor's name.
  • Your Realtor is lazy! 1/5

    By L48Shark
    If you've been asked to download this app then you need a new Realtor ASAP! Buyers' agents don't want to mess with the app and can't use it while driving clients around, so you'll lose showings. If you do get a showing then you better be ready because if it's short notice then your only options are to accept or cancel it. Also be prepared to leave for an hour instead of 15 or 30 minutes each time because that's what it books. Finally, forget about feedback because other agents don't use this app while yours takes the easy route and relies on it for feedback instead of calling the other agent. You don't need this app, you need a better Realtor!
  • Abused by agents 1/5

    By Erin77826
    This app would be great if agents gave 24 hour notice and came to showings on time, however the anonymity that the app provides allows for agents to request showings with little to no notice and show up late or miss them completely. The name of the buying agent is not disclosed to the seller so there's no way to hold them accountable.
  • Glitchy and keeps logging me out 2/5

    By visoredge
    App is a little weak. Keeps logging me out and thinking I'm a new user each time I log in.
  • Great app if you could actually use it 1/5

    By ScottsdaleDoodle
    This app logs me out on a regular basis and asks for my username and password. The problem is at no time during the signup process are you EVER given this info, instead you're given a link to install the app and automatically log in. In other words, every time you get logged out you need to reinstall the app. Customer service was responsive, but still refused to give me my login credentials - just a link to reinstall the app yet again. It's no longer worth the effort, I hope our MLS dumps this sloppy system.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Baconnocab
    The user interface is awful. It's not intuitive, it's damned near impossible to schedule more than one tour, and it's very, very hard to see when houses are available. Also, for the love of all that is holy, stop making us relogin and go through the godawful tutorial every time you "update". I put update in quotes because, near as I can tell, you have yet to ever fix any issues with the app. Or, at the very least, allow fingerprint logins.
  • Do easy 5/5

    By Oklahoma City Agent
    Awesome App to keep it simple
  • Constantly have to sign back in! 1/5

    By SarahKnudsvig
    I have had this app for two weeks and have had to re-login at least a dozen times. Very frustrating!
  • Constantly Kicked Off 1/5

    By Kiermmin
    I have to delete and reload this app again and again. Not only does it kick me off, it won't let me log back in. Tech support said to delete it and reinstall the app...did they really mean I need to do that every day??!!
  • Constantly logs you off 1/5

    By Tubby2u
    Every day I have to sign on again. When I attempt to do it it says my email isn't valid. I have gone to support to re authenticate my email. I refuse to do this every day. Too much effort for the small amount of info it supplies. And I have enough to do without having to play with making this app work
  • No Longer Working 2/5

    By Maggz12341134
    I have been using it for two weeks now. It has been great- up until it automatically logged me out. Now it says that my username and password are incorrect. When I attempt to correct it, it states there is no account associated with email address; however, I am receiving all of my notifications via that email address! It sounds like I'm not the only who is having the same issues.... this needs to be resolved FAST!
  • This should be easy 1/5

    By Bob 8==D
    Hard to believe apps this bad continue to persist. Stops working randomly. Authentication is ridiculous and works sometimes. Notifications don't refresh properly. You end up going back to text messages... No need for this trash.
  • HATE the new update 1/5

    By Henson45
    I loved this app before for the QUICK and EASY performance. Now it freezes all the time, asks for log in all the time, and at least 60% of the time doesn't open-- I have to shut down the app and then it's a waiting game. It was so much better before and this has really hampered efficiency to the point I've had to search my email for lockbox info because I'm at a door and can't get into this app. Thumbs down.
  • Keith Bielawne 2/5

    By Chief win a lot...
    Freezes up
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By ChickfromCT
    Doesn't work.
  • Hard to use -- useless anyway 1/5

    By jharm55
    I couldn't log in as it kept telling me login with that e-mail address - even though that's the e-mail address where I get its alerts. Doesn't save login info. Serves no purpose - buyers never use the feedback system so it just doesn't help in any way.
  • Awful 1/5

    By LoraxLawyer
    The concept is fine, the execution is terrible. The app has repeatedly forgotten my identifying information, and given me an error message that it has no record of me being in their system as a seller. I have to get my realtor to re-register me, then the same thing happens again days later. Once is a glitch, three times in less than a month is incompetence. Our realtor gave us the cold comfort that ShowingTime isn't really working fir her other seller clients either.

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