Sideline Business Phone Number

Sideline Business Phone Number

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Sideline Business Phone Number App

Sideline® is more than a second number. It’s a communication app that helps you work efficiently, connect with customers, and collaborate as a team. Professionals choose Sideline for its unmatched reliability and feature-rich interface that separates work from life. It comes with all the calling, texting, and voicemail features you need to start, run, or grow your business. Don’t settle for a burner phone number or even a Google number! Try it risk free for 7 days to learn what makes Sideline the #1 phone number app and best Google phone alternative. Then subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan and let Sideline pay for itself in happy customers and new business opportunities. There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. PROFESSIONAL FEATURES: AUTO-REPLY – If you miss a call, Sideline responds automatically with a text or MMS. TEAM NUMBER – Split one number with multiple devices so your team can be more responsive. CUSTOM NUMBER – Build your identity with numbers such as “(555) PET-SHOP,” or “(555) FLOWERS.” Pick a professional identity, not a burner phone number. LOCAL AREA CODE – Search area codes to find a local second phone number for your company. BUSINESS TEXTING – Text-enable your business to easily connect with customers. ENTERPRISE DASHBOARD – Manage company numbers on employee devices. (Enterprise account required. See for details) Because of these features, we’ve got people porting their Google number to Sideline. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: CARRIER RELIABILITY – All calls are cellular (not VoIP) to make your 2nd phone number as reliable as your 1st. UNLIMITED CALLING – Calls use your existing carrier plan. No extra calling credits needed. MESSAGING – Texting includes SMS, MMS picture messaging, group messaging, and more. CUSTOM CALLER ID – It’s clear which number is ringing so you can prioritize accordingly. SEPARATE VOICEMAIL – Record a professional greeting or set up multiple for any circumstance. VOICEMAIL TO TEXT – Save time and conveniently read voicemail transcriptions as a text. DO NOT DISTURB – Send Sideline calls directly to voicemail on nights, weekends, or holidays. NUMBER PORTING – Transfer an existing number to Sideline from another device or landline. WEB MESSAGING – Access your Sideline number online and text from the desktop. WHY SIDELINE? Unlike a burner phone app or the Google phone app, Sideline is a great addition to your suite of small business apps. Like Square payments, invoice2go invoicing, GoDaddy URLs, Squarespace websites, or Quickbooks accounting, Sideline is the #1 phone number app solution for on-the-go professionals, small businesses, and growing companies. It’s an essential tool because it works on the communication network your customers already have—their smartphones. PORTABILITY You can pick a new Sideline 2nd phone number, but also port numbers over from a burner number, Google number, Smartline, Line2, and many other services. TERMS The required Sideline subscription is $9.99/month or $99.99/year. This subscription and other optional in-app subscriptions are automatically billed monthly or annually to your iTunes Account and auto-renew, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payments are charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. You can turn off auto-renew or manage subscriptions in your iTunes & App Store account settings. Cancellations take effect at the end of the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Privacy policy & terms of use:

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Sideline Business Phone Number app reviews

  • sunset aloha 5/5

    By starbucks kids
  • Great app and gets better with every update! 5/5

    By Elly2012
    It's a great app, I've been using it for almost 2 years, it gives you a second number to use for whatever you need a second number! Even better for small business owners - keep your personal and business calls separate on the same phone, reassign employee phone numbers, setup auto attendant and redirect customer calls!
  • Sideline 2/5

    By wolfofriceandwine
    I used to use sideline when it was free. It is a great app with great functionality but i feel like now with phones having dual sim its not as relevant being a subscription app. Unless it was cheaper than my phone plan for the E-Sim add on. Plus it has annoying tips that come in under the text message feed. Make a tip section under settings but don't spam me with them like im receiving a message. I will be canceling my subscription.
  • Changed to 3 Stars 3/5

    By Nastinupe
    Downside: You can NOT turn off the notifications so your phone doesn’t ring. New issue: The app is experiencing serious lag and it often crashes. I’ve been using the app now for several years and do not want to lose my call and text history. I’m not sure if it’s all the data that’s being held but it takes like 10 seconds for pages to load now and the screen is frozen for 5 - 10 seconds between clicks.
  • Sometimes 3/5

    By bhosadike
    Sometimes the voice drops
  • Great customer service! 3/5

    By MD Weigman
    Unlike many second phone number applications, sideline allows you to choose a telephone number. Who does that? Also, customer service representatives have handled two issues that I had with Sideline courteously and quickly. Fear not! These issues were minor and I caused them. By the way, these issues had nothing to do with the application, it’s features, or its functionality. Highly recommended! The only thing is, it would be cool if sideline would allow you to change your number more often if you had a personal account like I do. It would be fine even if they charged a low fee to do so. Update to review. I am no longer a subscriber of this service. The reason is, while reading text messages, it is extremely difficult to navigate and to even read the text messages using the accessibility feature known as voiceover. Please note here that I am blind. When I used the application to read my text messages, the accessibility feature would not read the text messages. That is a problem for somebody who is blind and the main reason that I am no longer a subscriber. If these features were fixed, I would be happy to return. I would be more than happy to work with the developer to try to remedy these issues. Regards.
  • Good app but... 1/5

    By kmcphotog
    Keeps ringing my PRIMARY NUMBER!!! Not good when you have two brands. This has happened last year now quite regularly this year!!!! I keep reinstalling but to no avail issues!!! Also the app is lagging and I’ve yet had anyone respond to my question as to why and how to fix. Ridiculous when I have to wait a minute so I can start tying a number or type a text before the app responds to me I’m giving one star right now as another call went to my primary brand and I’ve had issues for over a week. Reason I have this app is to keep both brands separate and it’s NOT WORKING!!! Bad for my businesses!! Seems like tech issues on a constant basis. After time sideline does not ring on its line but rings with iPhone ring not the sideline ring. Messages come thru in text but when I try to play no playback. Tech support will always say to remove app and reinstall. Great for my business needs however I get frustrated with the tech issues I keep experiencing for paying for an app. Also, I have a primary brand that I need to keep separate from the secondary brand that the sideline phone calls come to. At times the sideline calls are coming to my iPhone directly (primary brand number) and they are getting that number/ message and either leaving messages there or I am picking up thinking it’s my primary brand calling. Not good!!! This is really a huge error when you have two brands and trying to keep them separate for business reasons. I wish they would find a solution besides ‘remove the app and reinstall’ as then it’s too late!!!
  • Still charges after you cancel your subscription 1/5

    By Enya Dreamz
    Not only is the service and customer support horrible, I'm still being charged monthly payments for services that I've discontinued... Not cool at all... Never again will I EVER do auto pay.🤦🏽‍♀️ Update:9/July/2019 🤨 Sad to say, this further shows the incompetence of this company. Not only are they just now responding to my complain, their not taking the time to be responsible for having charged me repeatedly by blame shifting & stating that it was in fact all Google's fault🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ If I could give you you all 🙅🏾‍♀️no ⭐️'s, trust... I so would... And to think... You actually USE to be a descent company... Update:11/July/2019 It would appear you seem to have a plethora of excuse with reasons as to WHY you continued to charge my account after I'd discontinued services with you. And ALL of them are sadly a form of BLAME SHIFTING. I have NEVER heard of a company NOT allowing someone to be given a refund when they've CLEARLY been wronged. And every step you'd spoken of, 🤷🏽‍♀️ I'd sadly already done it. I'd already thoroughly read your instructions and disclaimers TWICE before having chosen the whole discontinuation process. I'm a retired vet. We are taught to do our research, homework, and to ALWAYS have a paper trail. Please do not contact me with you mess anymore or I will sadly be forced to take legal actions. As you are seriously ok m the wrong. I'd let it go months ago🤦🏽‍♀️ YOU SHOULD TOO
  • I need help 2/5

    By Moses-Allen
    I started using the app and it was working fine I add a few members and now it like I don’t have a number at all? I can’t log in to get to my information. Please help?
  • Need a search feature for text messages 1/5

    By Marco Anacleto
    Why does this not have any search feature to go back and look at my messages that is pathetic every modern app has this feature I’m sure it’s not hard to do. Almost could of had a 5 star review but you done messed up.😕
  • The app needs help 2/5

    By Wisin88
    The price for the subscription it’s too much. Probably better to just add another line to your cell phone carrier and deal with just having 2 phones. App is slow to responses and does not mesh well well IOS
  • Spam calls 1/5

    By modernale
    I get a LOT of spam calls on this phone number and it’s not a number that has been published or given out much by me.
  • Best number App 5/5

    By Chaubard
    Works best and it is simple to use. These updates keep getting better!
  • Works well for my side gig 5/5

    By Mich1643
    I have a side gig and I needed a new number to look more professional and didn’t want to share my personal number. I tried few apps and then settled on sideline. It works flawlessly and I never had problem with the service. I like the auto reply feature. I like the fact that I can even check my messages on the web. I am very happy with the service. Good job guys. Keep up with the good work.
  • Not Good for Businesses. Reluctant Support. 1/5

    By A1e)(
    I used this app for my business as a second line for a few months and it was fine. So I started using it on business cards and the website when it suddenly logged me out with no way log back in. They did continue charging my card monthly though. Support directed me to their Abuse Team which felt unpleasant, as if I abused something. I was using the app for making infrequent calls with clients I know. Nothing more than that. The Abuse Team replied with an email saying you abused our Term and Conditions with no explanation what exactly went wrong for them leaving no way to get my phone number back. Sideline is NOT a good choice for a business line.
  • Horrible app! 1/5

    By VictorMBo
    I’ve been using sideline for about a year now and have had a horrible experience. I use it for business and majority of the time, the calls don’t come through. They show up as a missed call or I can see the voicemail a couple minutes later. I have missed numerous calls from clients. The only reason I keep this app is because I have a lot of people that have this number! I won’t recommend it to anyone. Are there any tips or tricks to get the calls to come through? I have switched carriers and the problem is just as bad!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Janessa Fleischer
    I've been using sideline for a while now for work. I'm a hairdresser and love being able to give my clients a number to call me for appointments without giving them my cell phone number.
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By Nfg2002!Sticks!AND!Stones
    In the words of Drake - “Best I ever Had”
  • Best second number app! 5/5

    By Olaf972
    I’ve used Sideline for the past 2 years and I am very pleased with it. I run an IT consulting business and needed a business phone number to give out to customers so they could reach me when they have a problem or need help with their computers, WiFi router, printer or phones. I did not want to give my personal Verizon phone number and get support calls or text on weekends, so needed a second phone number. I got a Sideline phone number (a nice one too), and now that’s the number I give out to clients on my business card – the number looks nice and legit (212 area code)! I no longer get random calls on Sunday morning on my personal phone – these customer calls now go to Sideline with a recognizable ring tone! I setup auto reply with text in the app, customers know I got their message and I can reply to them when it’s convenient. The auto-reply with text is really awesome! I often can’t talk on the phone so switching to text is convenient. At $10/month, it’s great value compared to buying another phone or getting a carrier plan. And the app also sends me voicemails as text, so it’s easy to reply and ignore scammers. I tried other apps like Grasshopper, Google Voice, Line2, Go Daddy and they all had problems – bad voice quality when I was in my car, or the phone was ringing and I did not know who was calling. I tried free apps too – Textfree, Textme, and coutless othersl, but the ads are annoying and calls don’t sound good. Sideline is so much worth it!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By cometgrrl
    I ❤️ this app. Waaaay better than Google Voice and easy to use.
  • Unreliable For Every Day 1/5

    By OH Supervisor
    I just downloaded the new update, and now I have 194 unread messages that are all old messages I have already seen? Please fix this, I do not want to go through 194 old messages!
  • Sideline review 5/5

    By Sillygal80
    I’ve been using this app for almost 2 months. No issues and I would recommend compared to other competitors.
  • Not getting calls in 3/5

    By Nate Looez
    I’m actually getting a lot of issues with this app I’m using this number for my business and I’m just not getting calls in , every time someone calls me the phone doesn’t rings and it just notifies me that I have a lost call . I don’t have the app set up to send the calls to voice mail And it really bothers me because I’m losing business! And also the call quality is terrible
  • Gif and vid 3/5

    By BrideJess
    Wonderful and useful app. Feels reliable and has been working for 3mo. However, I can not use GIF Keyboard which is quite a nuisance bc so many ppl do. Also in my business I send a video and pics the quality is not great and that’s a very big deal.
  • Freezing up 2/5

    By CheriBthatsme
    I have used sideline since there beginning. It seemed to work better when it was free than it does now. I contacted tech support, they were no help at all. The app is constantly freezing up. I have done everything except delete the app and reinstall (which was the only advice tech support gave). They said if I was not willing to delete the app and loose all my information then they can not help! So, let me get this sideline=great service, pay for sideline and get really bad service. Just doesn’t add up. Isn’t there anyone at your company that can fix the problem without me losing all my very important business texts, info etc
  • Voicemail Translation Needs Work 3/5

    By Duskydog26
    Making phone calls and text message works great. I just wish the voicemail translation wouldn’t make me feel stupid when I’m reading it. It’s a good thing that the voicemails are recorded so I actually know what people are talking about. Please can you guys fix the voicemail translation thing that would be truly helpful especially when I’m in the library or somewhere quiet where I can’t really go anywhere to see my messages or hear them. I am a happy subscriber to your app and I just want to make sure that i’m being very honest with my review. Peace, love, and soul! (062519) Thanks for the response, hopefully it gets better. I like having the second number, your app is simple and easy to answer calls, i just would like the transcription to be atleast correct. Is there a way to turn it off at least? I tried to dive in the menus but didn’t see an option.
  • Messages don’t always send 3/5

    By Yabramov
    Messages larger than 2 lines don’t always send
  • What a nightmare 1/5

    By OmegaOmega
    Downloaded this to compare to others - needed a second line for my business. After setup I tried to shut off the “VoIP” toggle. The app would either freeze when backing out or give an error and freeze. Aleverytine id reopen the app voip was still on and there was no way to turn it off. Thank god for free trials. Canceled and subscribed with text plus. Generally same feature set, but more importantly, better QA on the app. Avoid this app/service in general. Overpriced and remedial app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Madame305
    App was decent until the threads stop opening making it hard to text. No longer want the app, but a refund for poor service will be nice.
  • Fix it!!! 1/5

    By ailgirl
    Fix the bugs!!! Been dealing with this for over a year!!! Sick of it!!!
  • Doesn’t work right try changing services and improving Wi-Fi and still no change to the product 1/5

    By Hockey4eva88
    Very poorly made good idea product support team is very weak and their answers are very simple the product competes with many out there including Google voice I think the company should rethink their business model I am also aware that they have updates but I’ve not seen an improvement
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By peter tawfik
    It keeps on shutting every time I go to another app and comes back Crashing a lot
  • JP. Media 1/5

    By jp stufio b
    The worst. They keep binging my account. I have cancel this 3 X and they keep billing me. By the way they disconnected my number
  • I love this app!!! 5/5

    By Bamagirl.87
    I love this app. I use it for people I want to talk to but don’t want them having my main number. Very good app. Never messes up. I had it a few months now and so far so good.
  • Not happy with this last update 2/5

    By Kranberrykat
    I’ve had this apps for a couple years now and hung around when it turned into subscription. I really like this app for my business BUT this last update has caused an irritating problem. A spam call came through and I didn’t answer. The app says there is “one” in my inbox, but I blocked and deleted the call. Still says I have “1” in my inbox. Yes I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and also rebooted my phone. Please fix this quickly, I rely on sideline a lot.
  • Payment 1/5

    By Jhead52
    You have to pay to use the app
  • Great 2nd number for business use 4/5

    By RunJer
    Yes, it's a little costly but a necessary business tool for me. The ability to autoreply to calls with a company logo and text message is a nice feature as well as the ability to prepogram responses. There have been some minor bugs as the app has developed but I have always found Support to be very responsive.
  • So many pointless notifications. 1/5

    By Shower Steve
    The developers clearly have an approach that thinks making a dozen worthless notifications daily will raise user engagement and keep them subscribed. News flash: we use this for a second phone line. Nothing else. I use mine for work and every time the annoying notification pops up o have to stop what I’m doing to see if it’s an actual work-related or yet another annoying, needy, “please give me attention” kind of notification. I’m only keeping this app long enough to find a better solution. Can’t wait to ditch sideline. 0/10 would recommend.
  • Worst Customer Service Ever 1/5

    By Gmill474
    Downloaded the app. Trying to create an account. Keep getting error message. Deleted app a few times and tried again but same error message, went through the support section articles and couldn’t find a fix. Emailed customer support with screenshots, they didn’t understand what was going on, I sent additional info, they stopped responding. Next day I tried text customer support, they asked for screenshots, which I sent several times over the next hour after not getting a reply. Still no response. If this is the sort of junk service you give to someone trying to sign up for your paid service, I’d hate to see how poorly people are treated after you’ve already got their money.
  • So laggy now!!! 1/5

    The app used to run so smoothly, but whatever was changed, it’s so buggy now! And the call lag is horrendous!
  • Lame 1/5

    By KyinLV
    NOT “in app” purchases You HAVE to pay for this app
  • Been canceled 1/5

    By Ambitioud
    I cancel this subscription three or four months ago and is still money being taken out of my account how do I get this app off my phone when is been canceled and I need them to start taking payments this is crazy
  • Excellent support! 4/5

    By Kkia7
    I had an exceptional experience dealing with the support team. I was in a compromising situation that was time sensitive and the rep figured out a solution for me promptly. The auto reply text feature is live changing. I wish you could set business hours for the phone to ring, or choose how many rings before it goes to voicemail but aside from that I have been pretty happy with the app. I’ve had it for about a month.
  • Inbox(1) 3/5

    By Zx-1400
    Ok so at first there were drop call and heating issue but the quality got better and I have less drop calls. Now it’s the irritating text inbox (1) message but I don’t have a message to review!!! How can I get rid of this? This is so annoying and to constantly see the number 1 red dot circle on my phone and can’t clear it out makes we want to get rid of everything all together and I pay a yearly subscription. I’ve went over every text message since 2017 and it still didn’t clear anything. I would erase every message however I use this line for business and I may need to refer back to a text in the future. Any help with this would be great! I rated you a 3/5 because of this constant annoyance but hopefully I will be able to rate you a 5/5 if this is fixed.
  • Horrible. Continues to freeze. 1/5

    By Mussi9
    I’m messaged company that app keeps freezing or closing. Zero response from company.
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By Georg 999
    It’s unsafe place where they’re doing whatever they want you can be subscribed for few years and they can just take the number and still take money for services every month but no nothing
  • Videos 2/5

    By 8mxg88
    Why are videos that I receive not uploading? It’s just a spinning circle? Also why are videos such poor quality?
  • Hit and miss text msg reliability 1/5

    By greasemonkey00
    I’ve used this app for 9 months. On 4 separate occasions (that I know of) I had text messages not delivered to important contacts. I reloaded the app, contacted customer support, and the issue still remains. The final straw today when an important group text wasn’t delivered to all of the recipients and I found out when there was only partial attendance at an important meeting. This is basic functionality that I would expect from a paid 2nd number app. In addition, my experience with customer service was marginal and I had to follow up with THEM requesting an update as they provided no follow up correspondence or reassurance that the issue had been addressed or solved.
  • Call history 3/5

    By Tee Skee
    Don’t know if this app has a clear all on the call history.... I can’t find it !!!! I have more than 1,000 calls to clear sometimes and is very frustrating to delete them one by one 😖 needs a clear all recent calls feature ASAP. !!!!!!!

Sideline Business Phone Number app comments

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