Sideline: Second Phone Number

Sideline: Second Phone Number

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  • Current Version: 3.56
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  • Developer: Pinger, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sideline: Second Phone Number App

Sideline is more than a second line, it’s an app that lets you find business opportunity even from missed phone calls. Professionals choose Sideline because it transforms and simplifies customer interactions by allowing you to keep your personal and work line separate. Professional features that you can get with Sideline: AUTO-REPLY – If you miss a call, Sideline responds automatically with a text or MMS. TEAM NUMBER – Split one number with multiple devices so your team can be more responsive. CUSTOM NUMBER – Build your identity with numbers such as “(555) PET-SHOP,” or “(555) FLOWERS.” Pick a professional identity, not a burner phone number. LOCAL AREA CODE – Search area codes to find a local second phone number for your company. BUSINESS TEXTING – Text-enable your business to easily connect with customers. ENTERPRISE DASHBOARD – Manage company numbers on employee devices. Because of these features, we’ve got people porting their Google number to Sideline. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: CARRIER RELIABILITY – All calls are cellular (not VoIP) to make your 2nd phone number as reliable as your 1st. UNLIMITED CALLING – Calls use your existing carrier plan. No extra calling credits needed. MESSAGING – Texting includes SMS, MMS picture messaging, group messaging, and more. CUSTOM CALLER ID – It’s clear which number is ringing so you can prioritize accordingly. SEPARATE VOICEMAIL – Record a professional greeting or set up multiple for any circumstance. VOICEMAIL TO TEXT – Save time and conveniently read voicemail transcriptions as a text. DO NOT DISTURB – Send Sideline calls directly to voicemail on nights, weekends, or holidays. NUMBER PORTING – Transfer an existing number to Sideline from another device or landline. WEB MESSAGING – Access your Sideline number online and text from the desktop. Sideline is the communication platform that brings inspiration and innovation to small business owners in their pursuit of success. Download Sideline today! TERMS The required Sideline subscription is $9.99/month or $99.99/year. This subscription and other optional in-app subscriptions are automatically billed monthly or annually to your iTunes Account and auto-renew, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payments are charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. You can turn off auto-renew or manage subscriptions in your iTunes & App Store account settings. Cancellations take effect at the end of the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Privacy policy & terms of use:

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Sideline: Second Phone Number app reviews

  • Watch 4/5

    By Kema_Alter_Ego
    I wish this app would work on my Apple Watch
  • A great tool for my business 4/5

    By Dsrtgjhfg
    This app is great with a few exceptions. It’s be great if the App worked better in less cell coverage. Also, I can not receive shared contacts and that would be a great update. Thanks
  • Love it. Two year user 5/5

    By Ashley107
    I use this for my business line and I’ve been in business well over 2 years now. Wanted to come back and give them another great review. I recommend this to anyone who needs a second number for any reason.
  • Not working 1/5

    By TexasReal
    Stop working time to time
  • Can you fix my voicemail please? 4/5

    By Coleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    My voicemails never play. Sometimes drops calls. Usually pretty decent for $10 a month
  • A true customer since 2015 3/5

    By Carly09097
    Great app! Great potential, but so many errors. The biggest downside is that messages and calling centers are not separated and it’s VERY ANNOYING... I hope you guys do something about it otherwise, I’m switching to another service.
  • No es buena 1/5

    By Edward Paulino
    Esta aplicación no es buena, para poder usarla debes pagar no como TextNow que es gratis
  • New phone 2/5

    By *+bb
    I have been using this app for a couple of years. I started using it other an android phone. I had a special subscription when I started. I recently got an iPhone. I am now unable to use all of my subscription benefit. I was informed that my subscription would not transfer to the iPhone, therefore losing my special pricing. I would give it a 5 but I am unhappy about losing my special subscription pricing.
  • My number got hacked!??? 1/5

    By realtor1984
    Today I received a call from a co worker, saying that I had sending him some weird txt in the middle of the night bout ppl we don’t know, sent me a screen shot of it, IT WASNT ME! In his phone it showed my information but on my side that conversation never happened. We left it at o a glitch of some kind...... later I received another two calls from friends saying I had sent them txt that morning that didn’t make sense wich I didn’t!!!!! WHAT IS GOIN ON!??? I use this for business and it’s causing problems. Also, I never get notifications, I have to go into the app, REFRESH IT then is shows me I’ve missed calls and txt?????? And I’m payin for this???? I’m looking for another company and to be reimbursed!! If I could give it zero stars I would!
  • Problem 1/5

    By Imane1996
    I have a problem
  • Beware! 1/5

    After your subscription runs out, your callers will be forwarded to your real number! What???!!! I just called my Sideline number to make sure my subscription was still active and to my horror, I was forwarded to the voicemail of my real number which uses the default message that gives my real phone number. Great! Now anyone who calls my old Sideline number will learn my real number and will be able to do a quick internet search to find my identity, including address. HUGE flaw and security breach!!! Class action anyone?
  • Amazing App Best Sideline Ever 😂 4/5

    By Dnett85
    I have been using sideline for 3 years now. I use this as my work cell number and to give people that I don’t want having my personal cell. The calls are very clear the majority of the time. The texting works great. I love this app. I would have given them a 5 star however I don’t like that you can’t delete multiple calls from call history at one time and it takes so long because I do use it as a business phone I get a ton of calls. Otherwise again, I LOVE THIS APP!
  • No longer free?! Mandatory fee now?!? 1/5

    By Stop being annoying
    No longer free they're making it mandatory! Send out text messages telling people in less than a month they will have to pay?! Thanks but no thanks such a shame. I will be deleting the app once they start charging. I absolutely loved it and enjoyed using it. It came in very handy to keep your personal number private and business separate. Now knowing that it's mandatory and it will no longer be free and they sent you a text message stating that in less than a month you'll have to subscribe $10 a month for $70 a year. Thanks but no thanks. It's sad that they're making this mandatory because it was a great app and came in very handy. I agree with a lot of people I will be deleting the app and moving on. I could get an entire new phone with a separate New number for the same price. Why would I pay? Especially when it has so many glitches. Will freeze on you for 5-20 min, close on you and more!! Why pay for a line you can barley use or only use when “it’s” functional?!? Don’t get me started on the “non caller I’d function” no longer working!!??? It's a shame! Bad move sideline bad move. I suggest another free app they work great!! but good luck to you. I'm sure they're going to regret it once they see how many people delete the app. Smh. Not good business at all.
  • Boooooooo. Lame 1/5

    By hfjdbhdhdhjdhxux
    The worst app ever so I’m going to tell people to give you a bad review if I don’t get my money back
  • Forces you to sign up, not free 1/5

    By AndrewGorman12
    This is not a free service, nor is there an option to have a free service with ads like there used to be
  • Stole my money. 1/5

    By dklax15
    I adopted this service and subscribed early on, and was quite happy with it. It helped the transition to a new job and phone number. After some time I ported the number to a SIM card and continued paying my subscription with the intent of using it again down the road. Fast forward to three years later. I’ve been paying my subscription every month with no miss and when I want to use the service again, I’m told I can’t add a number to my account and have to start a new one. Basically, they collected my money for years after porting the number, never saying that I should discontinue my account since it is technically not usable any longer. Crooks.
  • Caller ID/Hanging up 2/5

    By _msambitious
    I detest the fact that I can’t see who’s calling. Caller id would really be a nice feature to have. Sometimes the phones doesn’t ring,it will just see a missed called notification,sometimes it does ring one time then it hangs up.
  • Great app 4/5

    By RayneeDayzz
    I’ve been using us since it was a free app and it’s so easy to use although I would suggest a search feature so we don’t have to scroll through hundreds of client messages
  • Double charging 1/5

    By LAPeaches7
    They are double charging me. They take the money out at the beginning of the month and near the end of the month. Now that I just caught whats going on I need to pull out all of my bank statements. Not happy at all
  • “Free” 7 day trial 1/5

    By nh JV trfcvjm
    Was supposed to have a 7 day free trial... already charged 5 days in.... crappy way of letting people try your service
  • App stopped working after latest iPhone update 1/5

    The app was working fine until the latest iPhone update No fix yet Customer service says to reinstall app. I keep telling them reinstall doesn’t work. They don’t listen. Tech team is incompetent.
  • Phone calls 3/5

    By ruby gg
    I’ve been using the app for a few months now, but lately people call me and it only shows me the miss call, how can I fix this problem
  • For the most part 3/5

    By 24951995
    I really like the app I like that when I call or text someone it shows up in the same platform. It’s seems recently that when I call someone. The first time they can not hear me. So I have to hang up and call back. No I am not sure if this is sprints problem or yours. Please help!
  • Stuck with it 2/5

    By ailgirl
    I gave 2 stars because I actually use it. But only because I have to. A few years ago I signed up when it was still free. Things were fine for a little while and then had to pay to keep it. Not long after that I started having the issues. But I paid and the number is on my business card. So I’m stuck. I’ve talked with multiple customer service reps regarding the issues. I’ve un-installed and re-installed it which caused me to lose 2 years of worth of data. But the problem stays the same. When I open the app, I have to wait at least 5 minutes (yes I have timed it) for it to un-freeze so I can use it. If I get annoyed and close it out to the re-open it, it’ll short out and close out on me anywhere from 5-20 times before it’ll finally pull up and then I wait another 5 minutes minimum for it to unfreeze. The only way to have it instantly work is by doing a soft reset on my phone. Then that first time of opening it usually goes faster until I close out of it, because once I close out of it and then re -open I’m starting over. I used to think it was just sideline but recently I downloaded a couple others and they do it too. Not anywhere near as bad but they do. But my cards have this number so I’m stuck. Unless anyone can recommend something. But I waste a TON of time waiting to be able to use it.
  • Issues 3/5

    By ake2018
    Has anyone else had this issue? I have had the app for over 2 yrs w no issue then all of a sudden not working correctly, I have not changed any settings or updated my iPhone to the very last version which should not have much to do w that anyway. I keep up w all sidelines updates and installed. When I am not on WiFi I pull down the screen to re fresh and the wheel keeps spinning when I try to send a text it says something went wrong and have a red explanation! Next to it or when I sometimes turn on WiFi I will see my most latest calls. There is no live phone support and only support via email or live chat and still can’t fix the issue. I have zero issue making and receive text or calls w my phone carrier.
  • free trial charges. no dev support 1/5

    By coppertop.80
    App offers 7day free trial of monthly $9.99 subscription (without charges if canceled prior to trial end) Canceled subscription the same day because it wasn’t what i was looking for. Still showed i could access until 11/04/2019 unless restored. All clear on my end, right? Nope. Charged. Sideline support doesn’t offer refund. They advise contacting apple.
  • Unsubscribe 4/5

    By sawet.
    How do I unsubscribe to this before my 10 day free trial is over?
  • Trash app with no support 1/5

    By F this fd up app
    After setting up my subscription, my account was disabled and I was not allowed to send messages. I could receive but never reply. I sent 20+ emails to their support desk and never once got a response. The live chat feature is a bot that gives you irrelevant articles to your questions rather than service. There is no human anywhere in relation to this app. Waste of money and time. The fact the App Store is still selling this is basically robbery. Good luck getting this crap to work for you.
  • Improvement Please 2/5

    By Carl45631
    I have got a second number so that I could keep my business and personal life separate. Sideline does that to some extent. Sideline forces you to use your phone address book instead of keeping a separate address book defeating the reason for the second number. At $9.99 the app should not be dependent on the phone address book. I keep the feature turned off because I don’t want my information mixed together .When I find an app that fits my needs I will be Switching.
  • Not my favorite 2/5

    By JPJE95125
    I depend on this app for work. It seems to work most of the time, however dependability isn’t very good. It’s expensive and customer service is basically non existent. My favorite part was how this app was initially free, then I ported my existing phone number to the app and then was held hostage to pay them $69.99/ year. Just got my new annual charge today, literally as a multitude of texts came through from yesterday. I don’t recommend it if you require dependability as I do.
  • Please help 3/5

    By Fonse Reviews
    When are text and calls going to be separated? I also need a search function to look through text. This app is awesome but I’m so close to buying a second phone because the lack of these two features 🤕
  • Just when it was good, they made it awesome. 5/5

    By Kstolzzie
    My business thrives with this app! I love the newest and latest features...this app actually keeps my business running smoother. To the developers of this app...BRAVO!
  • Still getting charged 2/5

    By Dominiquw
    Why am I still getting charged and I haven’t used it in over 2 month and I’ve cancelled it
  • Business-boring 3/5

    By It works!!! :)
    I got the app when it was free. I used it for my business and they they charged for the app. I had already used it and was used to it since it was my business number. I kept it and paid. However I’ve been waiting for their platform to look and act a little more like the times (Oct, 2019). I feel it is just behind other text/messaging apps. It does not support gifs, even when they come in they are not in gif form but instead they’re in web address form: www.giffy.... It also doesn’t support Bitmoji. I’m not old and I’m not a banker so my group texts are interactive and fun with humor but this app is severely limiting. I may not renew after this time since there are other apps out there.
  • Love the line but needs more features 1/5

    By Rabbi Scott
    I love the app but the biggest issue I have is that you can not search for stuff how are is it to add this feature. Add it and you are 10 stars
  • Great app! Just missing 2 things... 5/5

    By Casey1617
    Awesome app! I am a salesman and it’s nice to be able to give my sideline number out to customers and not my personal number. Runs great and is definitely worth the money(adding a line to my account would be around $45 a month vs $9.99 for sideline) There are 2 things the app is missing that would make it so much better, when people send you multiple pictures having the ability to scroll through them all instead of having to back out of them and also a way to save move than one picture at once. The other thing is... please make an Apple Watch app!! This would be huge!! Other wise great app and awesome company!
  • Scam 1/5

    By papi213
    I paid for monthly subscription and it’s still telling me numbers have been picked after payment and each time u login it displays different numbers yet I can’t send or receive messages

    By Arthur12344
    Hey there! First of all I’d like to say that this is one of most useful application on Apple store! A lot of my friends have been using it so far and they are loving it! The problem is, I moved to Moscow a week ago, and I went through hell even to download sideline from here, idk why but it just wasn’t on the store. But now I can’t buy the subscription, I’m having a Russian credit card given by “SberBank” in my Apple ID payment method as a main one. And every time I’m trying to subscribe it says “your purchase could not be completed. Please insure your Apple ID payment information is correct and try again” Can some one please help me out here?
  • Thanks, but, I need help. 4/5

    By Will Callaway III
    I started 2 accounts, and I no longer needed them, so I cancelled, I got the pop up, window, but then an error message, so I was not able to properly close my accounts. I got 2 9.99 charges, which is fine, but now I want to cancel, but, I don’t know either of my numbers. Can you help? Thanks.
  • Scam 1/5

    By I<3Pey&Sim!
    I deleted this app weeks ago, didn’t do what I needed, and out of no where for the past few days I’ve been getting incoming calls saying sideline!!! I don’t even know how to make them stop
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Yabramov
    With every app update sideline has more bugs and issues that arise. Sideline app constantly freezes and can’t send messages longer than 2 lines. This app has more issues than the TextNow app and that’s actually free.
  • Issues with caller ID 1/5

    By ipodtouchusersunite
    I don't like how I can't see what number or contact is popping up for any sideline call. I have to wait until the the suspected spam call has been declined to see who it really is. I also don't like that there is a delay in texts when I am receiving long texts so the order is mixed up. I can't use this number to confirm security/bank issues. I had to upgrade to the $59 dollar plan - was the cheaper alternative but not any more. There are other cheaper options. It is cheaper than a true phone line but it could be improved.
  • Tattoo Artist recommendation 5/5

    By Clay The Savage
    Been using this app for years now. I am so happy with it. Never has had any errors or anything. All fearures are on point. Get it, if you need it! :)
  • Bad billing practices 1/5

    By Hood2AllGood
    The service works great; however, please be cognizant of the way they bill. They automatically deducted they monthly bill out of my account twice in two weeks. Furthermore I can’t get anyone to tell me why this happened and or reimburse me. Bad business practices ..
  • Keeps locking up 3/5

    By Don Juan 35
    So I have had this app for about 9-10 months now it was working great at first but now all it does is lock up and I’m paying 50$ every six months there are free apps that don’t do this
  • I don’t usually rate apps 5/5

    By lalajjdhfjrjnr
    I have been using the Sideline app for over three years since it was a free app I gladly pay for the service every year because it has enhanced my business and opened up my time I really appreciate the second anonymous phone number I’m greatly looking forward to their development of mass texting currently send a text to every person in my call log it takes me about two hours with mass texting I would be able to send out mass promotional text with one swipe of a button
  • Best support service 5/5

    By gabsvdbd
    Best Support Service 100%
  • Unfair charge 1/5

    By bullshittony
    9.99 charged out of my account after I uninstalled the app, it didn’t work I couldn’t call anyone so it was completely useless
  • Garbage. Over priced and worthless. 1/5

    By quinntopia
    If you like getting calls from strangers you will love this app.

Sideline: Second Phone Number app comments

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