Sideline - Second Phone Number

Sideline - Second Phone Number

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  • Current Version: 3.11
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Sideline - Second Phone Number App

Sideline® is more than a 2nd number. It’s a communication app that helps you work efficiently, connect with customers, and collaborate as a team. Professionals choose Sideline for its unmatched reliability and feature-rich interface that separates work from life. It comes with all the calling, texting, and voicemail features you need to start, run, or grow your business. Try it risk free for 7 days. Then subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan and let Sideline pay for itself in happy customers and new business opportunities. There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. PROFESSIONAL FEATURES: AUTO-REPLY – If you miss a call, Sideline responds automatically with a text or MMS. TEAM NUMBER – Split one number with multiple devices so your team can be more responsive. CUSTOM NUMBER – Build your identity with numbers such as “(555) PET-SHOP,” or “(555) FLOWERS.” LOCAL AREA CODE – Search area codes to find a local number for your company. BUSINESS TEXTING – Text-enable your business to easily connect with customers. ENTERPRISE DASHBOARD – Manage company numbers on employee devices. (Enterprise account required. See for details) ADDITIONAL FEATURES: CARRIER RELIABILITY – All calls are cellular (not VoIP) to make your 2nd number as reliable as your 1st. UNLIMITED CALLING – Calls use your existing carrier plan. No extra calling credits needed. MESSAGING – Texting includes SMS, MMS picture messaging, group messaging, and more. CUSTOM CALLER ID – It’s clear which number is ringing so you can prioritize accordingly. SEPARATE VOICEMAIL – Record a professional greeting or set up multiple for any circumstance. VOICEMAIL TO TEXT – Save time and conveniently read voicemail transcriptions as a text. DO NOT DISTURB – Send Sideline calls directly to voicemail on nights, weekends, or holidays. NUMBER PORTING – Transfer an existing number to Sideline from another device or landline.  WEB MESSAGING – Access your Sideline number online and text from the desktop. TERMS The required Sideline subscription is $9.99/month or $99.99/year. This subscription and other optional in-app subscriptions are automatically billed monthly or annually to your iTunes Account and auto-renew, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payments are charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. You can turn off auto-renew or manage subscriptions in your iTunes & App Store account settings. Cancellations take effect at the end of the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Privacy policy & terms of use:


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Sideline - Second Phone Number app reviews

  • Great app, still room for improvement 4/5

    By Rebecca in VA
    I manage a very large group of doctors & mid-level providers in several hospitals, & I used to have to carry 2 cell phones every day. Sideline lets me use my personal *phone* without utilizing my personal *cell number*. AND you get to select the number you want to use. Improvements I would like to see: - if you’re in a text message, there’s no number notification in the left corner to show you there are other text messages waiting - there is a lag in the calls, no matter how fast your internet speed is. You don’t hear the lag, but there’s a delay in the other person hearing you, so the conversation can get very confusing very quickly. - you can’t send GIFs in messaging. This is a small issue, but would be a nice addition. Otherwise this is a great app, very dependable, and I use it every single day!
  • Forced subscription! 1/5

    By JeffLamp
    Was a good 4 Star app but now it forces you to pay $10 PER MONTH!!! Oh no!
  • Whatttt it’s not PRIVATE 1/5

    By SabiatNova
    I thought this app was AMAZING until I called my sideline number It went to voicemail AND GAVE OUT MY REAL NUMBER ON THE VOICEMAIL. That’s ridiculous!!!
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By jsgoodrich
    I started using this as a free app. It was worth what I paid for it. Then in October it went to $9.99 a month. I looked at other plans and said sure I will try. They said if I stay for one month and don’t like it I could port for free. Shocking had to pay $19.99 to port. As talked about from other people calls don’t come through, they have issues with voicemail. Try to get support they don’t read what you send they send back faq pages you have already seen and read. It seems like trained monkeys could do that and have a better response. I paid their fee to port and out of the $60.00 for service I paid them it will be the best money I spent. They never forward calls from the same number so you never know if it a call from sideline coming in or a scam call. I have talked to more scammers in the last 6 months than ever. I hope that you look at this and pass this app by. I agree that they hold numbers hostage as reported by others. Ps of the developer wants to respond the only response I want is a full refund. Your product is junk. The app crash all the time. It is a joke.
  • Not free! False advertising 1/5

    By Hot Vegas Nights
    When I heard about this app, I was skeptical wether or not I should try it or not but when I read the apps usage and in store purchases I was like okay! I’ll try it since it’s free. Well I downloaded the app and it took a few days to get the app going because when I would pick a number for the app it would say I’m already registered and there’s to many attempts anyway long story short I sent a email explaining and sideline fixed the issue but now they want me to pay monthly fees. No thanks
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Dubba Dubba
    I really want to like this app. If it worked properly it would be well worth the monthly subscription. Unfortunately, if I don’t answer a call to my sideline number it will go to to my personal voicemail about half the time. I’ve tried all sorts of different settings to no avail. Support hasn’t been able to find a solution to the issue. I’ve been using the app for almost a year but I’m going to have to go back to carrying a second phone for business :(
  • Advertised Falsely 1/5

    By ScorpioVixen0
    Advertised as a free service but it’s $10 a month. Smh
  • 2nd subscription 4/5

    By Mikey514
    When advertising that an existing customer to get a second subscription there should be a discounted price for both lines that would encourage people to add on the second line as a choice
  • Great, awesome! 5/5

    By Deb the pianist
    I had been looking for something like this, and thinking of getting a second cell phone to have a different number for my banking that I want to keep private. Now I have it! I love the fact that I can choose a different ring tone from my regular ring, so then I know it's a private call. I am blind, using my iPhone with speech, so I sometimes have trouble accessing my voicemail, and cannot find how to put it on do not disturb, but, if you can help with that, the App is excellent!! I also love being able to turn on call forwarding when I can't answer calls, but still can answer if I get calls on my regular number. This App works so much better than others I've tried. Thank you. Deb the pianist
  • Happy Again 5/5

    By Mickey1908
    Works just fine after I made the suggestions you gave me of turning off voip. Thank you. I used this app prior to it becoming a paid for app, service was pretty good. Now I’m so embarrassed to use this app for client calls. My clients cannot hear me, the call drops frequently. Complete waste of money. I have yet to have a descent conference call.
  • 2 cents 1/5

    By Eagle Eggs
    It’s a shame that I had to edit my review yet again. False advertising. They have contacted me through email. It states right on the home page of their website. “Auto attendant coming by soon” I couldn’t get a date out of them. Now they say that they are never bringing auto attendant to a single line. Clearly a class action law suit waiting to happen from all their preexisting paid customer. On the plus side. The static has gone away and it works well now. I really think it works great now. From a business view. Sound quality is better than Ring Central. Not as clear as Vonage. Almost sounds like a non-digital call. I find myself struggling to hear the other party. What really kills the app. is Auto-Attendant is “Coming soon” or you have to buy two lines🤔. If I wanted that I would stick with VoIP. Without auto-attendant people will think they are calling a personal cell phone and not a business. Price is great. Updated: On the app. It states $2.99 but it’s included with the monthly charge. (Must be left over from the free days of this app)Most of the cost is on the phone carrier. Considering I’m burning minutes that get wasted anyways. The cool feature is the auto missed call text with picture or logo. So we will see! This could cut out another profit sucking expense. If I don’t loose any business!
  • Sideline sluggish with 11.0 updates 1/5

    By Pete U..
    Still no fix! Yes you have heard it from several users! I’ve contacted sideline customer service about a dozen times. They have not updated their app to work well with the iPhone X or with Apple 11.0 updates or newer. It is very slow. It takes about 5-6 app restart to be able to use. I’ve tried in several iPhone X, 8, and 7. Does not work like it use to before Apple update. The only phones it works right, is on an iPhone with 10.0 or older. Defeats the purpose of paying and having the app. Please fix, or give me my money back!!!
  • A Suggestion for a great app 4/5

    By smiller789
    I would like to pick ring tones from ones I already have.
  • Sideline 5/5

    By Xmanshabazz
    Works well. Affordable. Convenient. SIMPLE!!!
  • Great app and gets better with every update! 5/5

    By Elly2012
    It's a great app, I've been using it for almost a year, it gives you a second number to use for whatever you need a second number! Even better for small business owners - keep your personal and business calls separate on the same phone, reassign employee phone numbers, setup auto attendant and redirect customer calls!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By jlo723
    I use Sideline for work and I love being able to text via Sideline for business use. It makes things SO much easier so I don’t have to share any of my personal stuff. I also love being able to put an auto response up for voicemails and texts. I do wish it was able to have a separate phonebook for work numbers within the Sideline app vs. putting them into my personal phonebook. Otherwise, I love Sideline and am thankful for this app!
  • Good but could use better contacts 4/5

    By nonno49
    I like this app. It replaces my work phone and works perfectly. The only criticism is the sorting order of the contacts. Some contacts are sorted by first name. Some by last name. It’s useless. I was told there is not a present fix for that. Sad. Otherwise I’d give it a 5 star.
  • Caller ID issues 3/5

    By Ramsey (Mark)
    I have an iPhone X with iOS 11+. Caller ID does not work correctly with incoming calls. Had to remove app same day I installed it.
  • Question 1/5

    By starz4ever
    How do I end the subscription?
  • Incoming call display 1/5

    By Asis 7
    The app itself works fine. The call quality is good and everything functions as it should. I have a problem with not being able to change the name for the incoming calls. It automatically stores in the contacts as sideline incoming call. I’d prefer to change the name to whatever I want.
  • Marginal at best 1/5

    By Benjamminb
    Caller ID hit or miss. Sound quality was ok. Outrageous charges to take your number is sad. In addition after you do break free from the overpriced service, they log you out of the service and you lose all your messages you had saved. This is pitiful! I had messages and numbers in text that I wanted to keep, but I am not paying for this service again! Not after the way they keep damaging their relationships with the customer.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Z.Bella

    By CassondraMaria
    This app was pretty decent, with a few dropped calls. Recently, the caller id quit working. It only says "sideline incoming call". Calls were also beginning to drop. I use this as a business line. On top of all that now they want to charge for an app, that's less than 80% functional, uses my cell data/wifi services I purchase from a provider. If that's the case I could purchase an additional line for $10. The way sideline broke the news to current app users was through an ad/text message. So if you missed it, oh well. I prefer to go with an app I know I have to pay for upfront vs. a text from a free app. This action reminds me of how Netflix treated their customers by quickly increasing their prices, if I'm not mistaken they are still trying to recover. I have also been reading where they are charging $20 to port your number out. Well I brought MY number to sideline, with that being said if I am charged to port MY number out, I will have to take further actions, because it was my number to begin with. This is one of those apps you have to read the fine print. Be cautious with this app. Update: I decided to try it out. It was ok, not like it was but ok. Since this most recent update, the app crashes ALL the time! This is a business number. Meaning I get paid with my business!!!! If you charge for an app make sure it works! My business is just as important as this app!!
  • No Apple Watch Integration⌚️ 3/5

    By JJTheGod21
    I love the Sideline app. I use it as a secondary work line. But I wear an Apple Watch with my iPhone X for notifications. Sideline doesn’t have an available Apple Watch app so I always miss notifications for incoming calls and texts. Unfortunately that is a huge issue for me so I may have to cancel my subscription and look elsewhere.
  • its very good and useful 5/5

    By kvngbwoy
    i tried it for 7days and i have to say i was highly impressed. I am sure and certain its worth the $10/month fee. What i like most is their customer service, quick response and live chat. I tried a few calls and texts and everything was smooth. I am most def going to purchase it and and use full time starting next month and would recommend to my family, friends, classmates and co-worker since i found the team number useful.
  • Caller ID Issues and Picture Scrolling Issues 2/5

    By Htownuh
    Issues with caller ID- sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't. This is a big issue for me because I hate picking up calls when I don't know who it is. Picture scrolling doesn't work- if someone texts you more than one picture, you can only look at one at a time. This gets very annoying if you want to look back at old pictures someone texted you, you can only look at one at a time, and you need to scroll all the way back up in your messages to see the next one. I will really be reconsidering paying for a second year subscription unless they fix these two issue. I would give this app a 5 star if it weren't for these issues.
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By Kalimm
    For what this app can do it is overpriced specially when there are free services out there, 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Ported my cable landline # 👍 1/5

    By Dori⠀
    So after pulling the plug on my triple play cable plan I was very reluctant to give up my very fashionable (212) phone number. After a quick exchange of info sideline was able to port my number into their app/service. I couldn't be happier with the speed of port process and quality of my new service. All for free!! Thanks sideline I'm a very happy customer! 🤗🙂👍 _____________________________________________ **UPDATE** These thieves stole the number I ported into them bc I did not upgrade to their stupid ripoff paid subscription. DO NOT PORT YOUR NUMBER INTO THIER SERVICE THEY WILL STEAL IT!
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By Jaideepkatkar
    This app is perfect as a 2nd number....I can easily manage personal calls vs business calls
  • Love it 5/5

    By Myrick mane
    I’ve had it for 2 years now. Although it costs now it’s still good. I use it for my appointments so that client don’t have my personal number.
  • Use something else 1/5

    By QueenNetsirk
    This app has too many glitches. When I receive a call the caller has difficulty hearing me. The app also isn’t compatible with head sets or Bluetooth. The app doesn’t have an option to switch from headset, speaker, phone, etc. I have clients call me and for about 5 minutes we are going bank and forth: “can you hear me? Can you hear me?!”. The sound problem is awful. I don’t recommend this app.
  • Ok when it was free 1/5

    By Qban0124
    I started using this app when it was free as a local business number. When it was free it was great and I could tolerate when things glitched. It was free after all so I couldn’t really complain. FF to October it became a subscription based app and that’s where all the problems began. We signed up and immediately started having issues. Things from billing, calls not coming in, calls not going out and most of all LACK of customer service. After 2 weeks in December and 2 weeks now in February we were barely being able to get any customer support. We decided to pay a bit more money for another app that provides better service AND has an actual person to speak with if any issues arise. The worse part was having to pay an additional full month of service + pay to port out our number and being charged 4x by iTunes. YES 4 TIMES! You have to go through iTunes and hope their app recognizes what you’re doing. They can’t even process their own payments right then want to drop that dead monkey on apples lap. Because of that they tried to hold our phone number hostage. We will not recommend this service to anyone and now have to see how we will get back all the overages they robbed us of.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Forever fly
    This app is great!!! Wonderful features, no complaints but one recommendation, please allow multiple numbers, other than that... absolutely AWESOME!!! I Love it !!!
  • Sad that I had to uninstall it 1/5

    By maddy067
    I had side line for a long period of time and I did not mind the pop ups . I don't get aggravated over small issues . But since many months ago they did away free service I had to let it go. I enjoyed it how it separated it from my job and personal . Now I have to search for another app but it's not like side line . I wished it stayed just the basic and to those who wants to pay extra to get rid of advertisement should of given the options to pay or not . 😞
  • Issues with VPN 3/5

    By furrykiltman
    I use a VPN and have had issues that looks to have started 1/15 where texts wouldn’t send. On 2/7 I never received notification of a text that was sent. Today when I attempted to send a text to the person, it wouldn’t send after numerous attempts. After turning off the VPN, the message was sent. Don’t like how there is not a way to email you guys to make you aware of bugs and issues.
  • Subscriptions 1/5

    By Tash_4526
    It was fine until i had to start subscribing.
  • Sideline 3.0 is clean and elegant. 5/5

    By Alex752
    This app gets better and better with every update! Now I have a second phone number that I can give out to people who I don't want to have my real cell number. The best part is that all calls are connected through my carrier so I don't need wifi. Plus it has unlimited texting. Works perfectly, and the new UI looks great.
  • No more free version??? 1/5

    By xtagenesis
    So, I've been using Sideline for work purposes for a couple of years now. There are often times that I need a specific area code number so I switch regularly. Today I went to get a new number and behold it's telling me I have to pay a monthly service charge now which is a real bummer. This really is a great service especially in my line of work but I can't justify paying a monthly service charge for it. So I’m updating my review today and reading through the “latest” reviews. Most of which are fake reviews with consumers raving about paying $9.99 a month for the service. It’s sad that Sideline now has employees pumping out fake reviews to inflate their product.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Like A Boss 123 o
    Terrible app I’ll never use it again. You guys took my money.
  • I used to love y’all 1/5

    By Maymaygee
    Sideline never failed me until they started charging monthly. Wow disappointing
  • Works well overall as a second line 4/5

    By JJRJoe
    Would be nice to be able to mute text threads like the native iOS messages app.
  • Work Fine For Texting & Voicemail 2/5

    By Ivana2016
    Terrible for calls. Long delay and echo on ALL calls. Totally unusable for calling.
  • Echo Echo Echo 2/5

    By Valley321
    Had this service on free trial for several months and it was great. Once I essentially purchase my phone number, my clients can’t stop complaining about how they hear everything their saying in an echo. So then I have to call them back from my other phone line. How annoying is that? Called Sideline and they said I should try deleting the app and re-installing. Great, then I can lose a year worth of important text messages from clients.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Outstanding lawn care
    Great app
  • Great Line 5/5

    By T1!!!
    Great sideline. Works well and I have not had any issues.
  • Nice app. 5/5

    By Skibyusa
    Thx for this app.
  • A fine service 5/5

    By Jebediah Joe
    I use sideline to take company calls on my mobile. Call quality is generally pretty good. One cool thing is that you can use wifi to receive and make calls if you're out of range of your carrier. It's worth the price with the new features.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Finallyworkingout
    Great having the sideline “line”, comes in handy!
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By Cina cica
    Very happy with sideline, great service recommend it to anyone who has a business
  • No problem work like ABC. Best Every 5/5

    Been using this app for more the 4yrs not a problem. I love this work for me as a small business owner. I did recommend this app to most of my friends that need a second number and they love it. Thanks to the makers of this great idea.

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