Sight Words Ninja - Slicing Game to Learn to Read

Sight Words Ninja - Slicing Game to Learn to Read

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Innovative Investments Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
1,840 Ratings
$ 1.99

Sight Words Ninja - Slicing Game to Learn to Read App

"A great way to give parents a break and let your kid have fun and learn to read at the same time." - Jen, Kindergarten teacher and mom of three. I have a confession to make. My son's favorite game was Fruit Ninja and I was getting increasingly frustrated with having my son waste a lot of time on a fun but mindless game while he was still struggling to master his sight words and learning to read. So I decided to create our very own Sight Words slicing game and to my and my son's delight, he now has a new favorite game where he is having fun and learning at the same time. My sons skills in recognizing Sight Words have dramatically improved since he started playing this game and now I no longer have to feel guilty when I need a five minute break to take care of the laundry or prepare lunch for the kids. I know that they are having fun and that they are learning at the same time. Warning: Your child will keep begging for your iPhone or iPad after they try this app. Sight Words Ninja is an exciting educational game that helps kids rapidly learn sight words by sight, sound, and touch. The interface is so easy to use that even a 9 month old baby will delight in using this app. FEATURES: • Slice your way through all sights words from preschool to grade 3 • You decide what to focus on - turn individual categories ON or OFF from the settings page • Learn by sight, sound, and touch • Fun game play, sounds, and animations keep kids engaged • Dynamic game play adjusts difficulty (the number of sight words) automatically based on player skills to keep kids both challenged and entertained vs. getting bored • Supports 3 difficulty settings: EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD EASY MODE: - Max 1 sight word - Sight words move very slowly - Great for introducing sight words one at a time MEDIUM MODE: - Starts with 1 sight word - Max of 3 sight words on screen - Sight words move 30% faster HARD MODE: - Starts with 2 sight words - Max of 5 sight words on screen - Sight words move even faster - Sight words rotate faster too Adjust difficulty from settings page. • Wrong answers do not interfere with gameplay, the child can immediately try again and slice the correct answer (most other games are too slow to keep kids interested by interrupting the gameplay and slowly repeating the desired question) • Play Sight Words from A to Z or in random order (adjustable from settings page) • Multi-sensory learning tool - combining audio, voice, and touch • Want to work on just a few Sight Words? No problem… head to the settings page to turn entire categories or individual Sight Words on and off • Want to record your own audios? No problem. Just click on the category and record your own Sight Words sounds • Supports three levels of difficulty HEROIC SUPPORT Heroic Support is not just what we do. It's really what makes us, well, us. It's that drive to make a difference in your life - no matter how big or small. Really, it's our way of life because we want you to be our customer for a lifetime of fun and learning. Have questions? We are here to help. Email us at [email protected]

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Sight Words Ninja - Slicing Game to Learn to Read app reviews

  • I thought the sound didn’t work 4/5

    By Ashley - from Tejas
    The sound works fine. My iPad was muted. If you have this problem google the issue or: Open Control Center. If you have an iPad without Face ID, you open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom, but if your iPad does have Face ID, swipe down from the upper right corner. Look for the mute button. It's muted if it's highlighted, just tap it once to unmute the iPad. The mute button looks like a bell (it might have a slash through it on some iPads) Otherwise the app is better than sight words cards and other games we’ve tried. My son is 6, and he hates this less than my other efforts. I can also see see how it can be redundant. But again, so are flash cards.
  • Sound is spotty 2/5

    By hhhhhhhhhsssssssss
    Sound works about 1/4 percent of the tile
  • No sound!! 1/5

    By qweerrrtttttyyyyyuu
    How is this going to help with sight words when you can’t hear the words to know what words to slice?!?
  • No sound 1/5

    By Curtis159
    No sound
  • Doesn’t actually teach or quiz 1/5

    By mizmeliz82
    I thought there would be more than one word at a time on the screen and the kid would have to choose the correct one matching the spoken word. Nope. The word floats around and all you have to do is slice it. My kids got bored and began arbitrarily slicing and not even waiting for the full word to come into view. It doesn’t provide any phonics instruction. Total waste of money
  • I have a lot of complaints 2/5

    By tuyteuioyteryur
    It doesn’t repeat any words from what I can tell so it is too many different words in one session. The child probably isn’t retaining anything. MANY of the words cannot fully be seen because they don’t fully come out from the sides into the middle area. So boring!! Nothing changes, there are no new backgrounds to unlock, no cool swords or ways to slice or different voices.. characters.. nothing! No kid wants to play this.. If my child is in pre school, i have to go into the settings and turn off all the first, second, and third grade words one at a time which is a pain. I wish you could just turn them off by grade level.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cindy 234
    This is a really great app and Fun to play.🤣😁😃😎
  • Sight Words Ninja 1/5

    By Teachergrandmommie
    You got me with the name, but I’m sorry I paid for this app for my grandson - it’s actually boring. Just calling it “Ninja” doesn’t make it a great game. Epic fail, in my opinion.
  • Huh 2/5

    By minilittlestuart
    How is this suppose to help my child read?
  • Should be free 2/5

    By 2710jenn.H
    The ONLY thing this does; is say the word as it floats across the screen as your child chops it. I think he was just relentlessly taping/slicing and not paying any attention to the words! Literally that’s it! $1.99 waste of $. It does NOTHING ELSE!
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By krunk daddy
    I was looking for something that would allow a kid to read the words and pronounce the words and this app seems to limit the participant to listening to someone else read the word aloud and make a hand gesture when something looks like what’s read aloud. Misleading if you want something that you can work on recognition and enunciation.
  • I like that I can customize which words 4/5

    By JCoh#2
    I like that I can choose which words I want my child to work on. My children like this app and it seems to be helping. The only thing I wish is that the word would be 100% visible all the time, what I mean by that is sometimes when the word comes up it is to far to the right or left that half or sometimes most of the word can’t be seen. Seeing the entire word and hearing the word is very important for my child to recognize it and reinforce what we have worked on with flash cards and reading. I would have given the app a 5 star rating if my child saw the entire words 100% of the time. Maybe an update will be able to fix this.
  • No sound 1/5

    By RsmithRN
    I got this app for my almost 5 year old, and there is no sound...which defeats the purpose of learning sight words. Very disappointing.
  • Sound stopped working; gameplay lame 1/5

    By SnugglyFooFoo
    I had some hopes for this, but the sound cut out permanently after one day of use. The gameplay also doesn’t make sense - why permit the wrong word to be sliced at all, or without consequence? A waste of $2.
  • No sound 1/5

    By sarhoh
    Bummer. Good idea. Any way to get a refund? Or fix the sound?
  • No sound 1/5

    By gmffjjgv
    No sound
  • Bad buy 1/5

    By ali erry23
    There is no directions in the beginning bad buy
  • So disappointing 1/5

    By Sk_eye
    It doesn’t go through the words before you play the game. Kids are just randomly swiping words and not learning. Waste of money, expected more.
  • No sound 1/5

    By SaltCasino
    Like some others, I was hoping I would get lucky and there would be sound. There wasn’t. I don’t understand how they can’t or won’t fix this. Waste of $2.
  • No sound.... 1/5

    By AetherBRO
    Well that sucked
  • My own list 3/5

    By G readers
    I used to be able to add my own list of words. Why am I not able to now?
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By duebahxjebajs
    There is no sound and the words come across so quickly. My children slices them and doesn’t even see the words. Does not help with sight words at all. It is basically the same as fruit ninja but with a bigger target.
  • Awful 1/5

    By nopeminiiiiii
    No instructions to play...words just appear...not a game and not fun for kids or ANYONE...Complete disappointment.
  • Not for beginners 1/5

    By Ohio Mom 74
    Your child will have to know all the sight words before being able to play this game. It is not a learning app to help your child actual learn sight words.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By jgust11
    Ap glitches on several words - currently it is not recognizing the word because
  • No sound! 1/5

    By Meaningful banshee
    App worked well on first day. After that, there was no sound.
  • Lacking in 1 very important thing:The Sound 2/5

    By MommaPhotog
    At first this app was great and my dAughter and I loved it. After about a week the sound didn't' work no matter what I did to try and fix it. If the company fixes this, I would recommend it highly.
  • No sound 1/5

    By Kim147492
    Can’t tell which words to slice and completely useless for learning to read.
  • No sound 1/5

    By Karen 3000
    What’s is this appt? No sound... :-( disappointed
  • Nonfunctional sound! 1/5

    By fayylin
    Last update a year ago. They don’t care to fix it. Don’t bother
  • Terrible. No sound! 1/5

    By swssssssfddhgftghdhujiol
    No sound. The app doesn’t work.
  • Where is the sound? 1/5

    By azu0709
    How can I get my money back?! No sound on a sight word game? How does that work?
  • No sound 1/5

    By Sunshine102938
    Don’t download
  • To easy 4/5

    By to easy.
    Only goes to third grade to easy for my kid
  • No sound 1/5

    By kpjatl
    This is a year after it was supposedly updated!
  • The sound doesn’t always work. 1/5

    By Zentray
    How is my 5 year old supposed to chop the correct word if she can’t hear what the word is?? I don’t normally pay for apps but she really wanted this game so I gave it a shot! Not worth the $1.99
  • remove this non-functioning app and refund our money 1/5

    By get refund$
    how is apple still collecting on this app when the update killed it?
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Brytis
    There is no sound. You can’t get to the settings. A big waste of time. I wish I had read the reviews before I paid for this piece of trash.
  • Dont waste your money 1/5

    By mom9876543
    No sound and unable to access the parent settings. Lame- don’t waste your money
  • Worthless 1/5

    By babeblues75
    Absolute waste of money and time. I should have read the reviews.
  • No sound 1/5

    By mandeck86
    I normally read reviews first, but remembered my friend talking about this app, so I bought it without reading first. BIG MISTAKE, there’s no sound so I was trying to figure out what I was suppose to do since it cute everything. Such a waste. Hopefully they update it.
  • No Sound 1/5

    By Trickticklerswife
    Bought this app for my 6 year old who is new to sight words. The app is useless with NO SOUND because she CAN’T read yet. Please update!
  • What is the purpose of this app 1/5

    By MsMorgieJ
    This was a waste of $2. I thought there’d be some option to have the app read the word when it is chopped - nope it’s totally silent. Also would be nice the be able to customize which words are on the list.
  • ?? 1/5

    By Belljake
    There is no sound
  • I have not been able to successfully play 1/5

    By nnnnnngccffffgh
    Terrible don’t buy
  • Save your money 1/5

    By F4NGOR
    No sound. Junk
  • What a waste 1/5

    By DaveMaxG
    It says the words aloud but most of the time the word being said is not the word on the screen. I don't think it has any educational value at all.
  • No bueno 1/5

    By baylady j
    Despite me setting it to a preschool level. It cont to throw out words that were not on the preschool list. Very unsatisfied for a paid app
  • No Sound 2/5

    By Valjan21
    would like my money back. Scam.

Sight Words Ninja - Slicing Game to Learn to Read app comments

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