Signal - Private Messenger

Signal - Private Messenger

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  • Current Version: 3.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Signal Messenger, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Signal - Private Messenger App

Millions of people use Signal every day for free and instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. Send and receive high-fidelity messages, participate in HD voice/video calls, and explore a growing set of new features that help you stay connected. Signal’s advanced privacy-preserving technology is always enabled, so you can focus on sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter to you. • Say anything – State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open source Signal Protocol™) keeps your conversations secure. Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that Signal works. Every message, every call, every time. • Go fast – Messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even on slow networks. Signal is optimized to operate in the most constrained environment possible. • Feel free – Signal is a completely independent 501c3 nonprofit. Development is supported by users like you. No advertisements. No trackers. No kidding. • Be yourself – You can use your existing phone number and address book to securely communicate with your friends. • Speak up – Whether they live across town or across the ocean, Signal’s enhanced audio and video quality will make your friends and family feel closer. • Whisper in the shadows – Switch to the dark theme if you refuse to see the light. • Sound familiar – Choose custom alerts for each contact, or disable noises completely. Simon & Garfunkel wrote a hit song about it in 1964, and you can experience the sound of silence whenever you want by choosing “None” as your notification ringtone. • Picture this – Use the built-in image editing features to sketch, crop, and flip your outgoing photos. There’s even a text tool so that you can add more words to the 1,000 that your picture is already worth. For support, questions, or more information, please visit: Source code: Follow us on Twitter (@signalapp) and Instagram (@signal_app) for all of the latest updates and announcements.

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Signal - Private Messenger app reviews

  • Excellent ! 5/5

    By PopMike
    I’m just wondering for how long I make make a audio call, it drops after 25-30minutes.
  • Favorite chat app finally on iPad 5/5

    By Fyatre
    Was using this as my go to on phone/pc but was disappointed it didn’t work for iPad. Well now it does so I use it as my primary chat app. Thanks for adding this!
  • Best messaging app ever! 5/5

    By AlbertoAntonio3rd
    One thing i think is missing and id love it even more if you could please add a feature that automatically minimize the video (thumbnails) when your writing a message when video calling. 🙏
  • Good 5/5

    By 766825
  • Bravo 4/5

    By Jamaicalion
    I don’t need Bell and whistle‘ I just need it to send my msg encrypt and secure. And this app does it. Please please add screen name or just random numbers or letters sometime u just want to be anonymous.
  • After update msgs dont send 1/5

    By Nonome123
    Updated today and messages dont send. I press "send" and msg freezes and dont deliver. Fix it plz
  • Simple and Clean, but with one major issue. 3/5

    By ahhsbshxyx
    Great interface, love the app. But for a privacy intended app, please make phone number not a necessary option.
  • Great app 5/5

    By avghostofmany
  • I prefer Signal over Whatsapp 5/5

    By scoscks
    Since Whatsapp was bought by Facebook I decided to switch to a more private app. Signal has done the job. It has a few glitches like sending images the apps crashes but after restarting the app it works. It also lacks groups calls, it will be a great feature to add. Overall I like it because of its privacy. Good job guys!
  • Everyone needs this app! 5/5

    By loverobloxlolrobloxjessi
    It’s incredibly effective and efficient 💯 Serves purpose very well w/o any glitches!
  • Trojan horse 1/5

    By Realview1
    This so-called “privacy” constantly harasses you for identifying personal information. Every time you open the app it harasses you to give them your name; the app doesn’t work with usernames so you have to both use your personal numbers, making it mandatory to reveal it to anyone you want contact, and allowing anyone to see if your number is registered with Signal. The only actual “privacy” it provides is to encrypt the messages themselves, which is nothing special because many apps do that. The app does nothing to remove metadata, not even from images which is and extremely simple addition to make. It’s obvious this is not a sincere privacy app, and it makes you wonder what their real agenda is.
  • End to end privacy 5/5

    By Corn8bit
    This is the only messaging app that I trust, because I read the source code myself. Very very few default to end to end encryption like signal does. Usability wise, very few bugs.
  • Good, but.... 4/5

    By BadkarmaBaroo
    I would like to see it have the ability to hold conference calls. Especially in the current covid climate.
  • No longer working 1/5

    By jacky-oh
    Updated this morning, no longer working. Says app is no longer shared with me check back with App Store. Crashes immediately upon launch from App Store.
  • Non-stop reminders to practice your pin 1/5

    By djf35
    Stop asking to verify pin. No app ever does that! At least let us turn off reminders to remember — I already remember! Or limit it to X reminders. So frustrating
  • Password prompt is annoying. 3/5

    By Zjxlckh
    Please stop asking me to use a password.
  • Share sheet is broken 1/5

    By nikeb2
    I like Signal’s privacy, but the share sheet has been broken for... a year? Two years? I have reported it a number of times but they never fix it. FIX THE SHARE SHEET PLEASE
  • Media Downloads Issue 4/5

    By xxjoexxjoexxxjoexxx
    I’d like to appreciate you on the great job you doing on keeping Signal secure and valuable.. But I am facing issues with downloading voice notes and sometimes photos ..
  • Great 5/5

    By Fios1715
    It’s getting better. Hope they add ability to Backup conversations somehow when moving to New device. Bug — The one issue is selecting photos to send is a pain. the browse photos is awkward to use and does not display all albums.
  • Texting error 4/5

    By milliotus
    I cannot access this app at all today ;-; .When I said I can’t access signal at all, I meant it. The app will not open, it will just be a blue screen with the signal logo on it and it will stay there until you close the app. Please add Siri texting to signal! This app is awesome otherwise!
  • Good for privacy, terrible for anything else 2/5

    By omar-atef
    Although it’s great when it comes to privacy, it’s terrible in sending and receiving messages taking too long time even when the internet connection is very well, plus it lags a lot and exit the app by its own!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY NO SUITABLE FOR SHARING ANY KING OF CONTENT!
  • PIN Prompt 2/5

    By Jordan928477
    The PIN feature isn’t needed. I absolutely hate the annoying PIN reminder prompts so much that I might uninstall the app soon. I wish the developers would realize that users are looking a secure-ish text messaging app to talk to their friends/family on a unified platform and most don’t need a paranoid level of security forced on them. If the PIN is for backup/restore, then just backup/restore from iCloud like other apps. My threat model doesn’t call for that high of security. Security works best when it’s transparent and doesn’t hassle the user.
  • Secure 5/5

    By Walternc3
    It’s buggy with pictures but hey, at least you know nobody is spying on you.
  • Needs more stickers 5/5

    By harts2020
    I love it and the privacy but I wish it had more stickers/gif options. Maybe even a post section.
  • Testing it out 4/5

    By Saifallah87
    Trying this app for while now. Any plans to release an  watch version as well?
  • Bring Down The System 5/5

    By Kaltron9000
    One more way to tell the system to EAT MY GROIN.
  • Used to be a good app until the recent updates 3/5

    By starr1911
    I’ve had this app for years and haven’t had too many issues but after the last 2 recent updates my profile picture and name will disappear and I have to constantly reupload a picture and name into the settings for it to disappear after I open the app again.
  • User-hostile UX at its worst 1/5

    By Tropsicle
    Signal has always been an incredibly user-hostile experience on iOS, but this latest version just takes the cake. I don’t mind creating a PIN, but there’s no explanation for why this is mandatory (which will naturally lead to user attrition). However, the biggest problem is the incessant reminder to re-enter the PIN so that you “don’t forget it” — at 12 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, and then every 14 days FOREVER, with no option to disable the reminder. This is intrusive and encourages people to use short, stupid, easy-to-guess PINs, and/or to recycle their PINs from other services. Look, I’m not going to forget my PIN. And I have a password manager. This is absolute clownery and the final straw. Signal forced iOS users to wait YEARS before allowing us to change the notification sound (hope you like that “Signal Classic” metallic clang!) or to add read receipts — all features available to Android users from the start. Signal has been a hassle the entire time I’ve used it, which has been more than four years now. I’ve given it more than a fair chance. I’m out.
  • Great except for a few bugs 4/5

    By mllehunt
    1) I can’t use alert tones I've purchased, and only one of the ones offered is friendly to my senses (bamboo). 2) If I scroll up even a tiny bit, then go to another app and then back, it doesn’t bring me to where I was or even to the most recent messages. Instead, it has scrolled way up. This is a more recent bug. A month or so? 3) When scrolling up, I’ll have just reached the message I want to see but then it jumps much higher, effectively skipping over sections. Very frustrating. This is also recent but not as recent as number 2, I don’t think. Please, please improve scrolling. 4) Can you make it possible to long hold a sticker to preview it full size before sending? Currently, if I’m unsure, I send it in my “Note to self” because ive sent stickers before to ppl that i thought were one thing only to find they weren’t exactly what i wanted once they were full size. It’s nice that it now allows you to delete the app without losing all your info and that it periodically asks you to reenter your retrieval passcode so you don’t forget.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    I Love this app so much me and my family use it all the time it is also amazing because I know that my messages are not being sold, All in all this is an amazing app and you should definitely think about downloading this app for family chats and even just to replace your messaging app if you do you won’t regret it -Happy Client
  • Forcing users to use a PIN 1/5

    By nimatoed
    Totally lame. No way to opt-out. Blocks your access to your own messages until you create a PIN that may end up blocking your own access to your messages. What a brain dead product decision.
  • Feedback 4/5

    By Rich0321
    Signal is ok but I still prefer WhatsApp
  • Signal 4/5

    By D.Combs
    It’s handy and flexible. Surprisingly so!
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By Mamatron
    I don’t have a phone number and it won’t let me use my email.
  • Jk 5/5

    By Muttsilly
    I like this, but haven’t figured out how to get take a person off
  • Feature rich, making it easy for my friends 5/5

    By pkdavidstorm
    Being on iOS, I wanted an app that made it easy to connect with my friends on Android on a secure messaging platform not owned by Facebook. Signal is awesome because it’s really easy to set up and get messaging. And then it has a bunch of features that iMessage, WhatsApp, and Snapchat users expect from messaging: high quality voice and video calls, image editing, message quoting, fast file transfer, and auto-deletion.
  • Constant nags and a time bomb 1/5

    By DrakalDragon
    Signal will force you to add a name to your profile, anyone with your number can check if you have signal installed regardless if you have the other parties number. If you don’t allow contacts it will make almost half the screen useless to basically scream that they need contacts like it’s life or death. Now they have implemented a forced pin system. That’s fine except that it will force you to enter it again all the time. All it does is prevent re-registration for 7 days if you forget it. Finally for the time bomb. YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR CHATS WITH NO BACKUP. If you upgrade your phone, gone. If you reinstall the app, gone. Even if you restore from an iTunes or iCloud backup, ITS ALL GONE. The worst part is that the other big phone platform does allow backups. It’s part of a long history of the signal team treating iOS users way worse. Also the head of signal who goes by “moxie” is an ignorant, entitled, naive brat who will get up in arms if you question his design decisions. All in all, stay away. Don’t bring your family and friends here. Use anything else. The tiny bit of extra security is not worth the massive headaches. iMessage, telegram, wire are miles better to use and still provide end to end encryption.
  • As Good As Promised 5/5

    By CoticoYo
    What more needs to be said? The developers already wrote a clever and completely accurate description of the app and its features. It makes communicating with my best friend 6,000 miles away easy, and our sharing of all kinds of material is seamless and fast. Signal is 100% as good as they promise it will be, and I couldn’t be more pleased with its performance on every level. Thank you!
  • Better in every way than WhatsApp and secure 5/5

    By PMR111
    I get better quality reception than WhatsApp often and of course it is secure. Great job.
  • Great app, you should use it 5/5

    By Tom Spettigue
    Signal makes it easy to communicate securely. I wish I could have my text messages here, but even if I can’t, I know that my communications between other Signal users are well kept and secured. The desktop applications make it convenient, too! They can’t stop the Signal, fam, join the revolution.
  • Lost ability to make calls 2/5

    By AntiRelusionist
    For some reason the phone symbol disappeared and I can now not make calls on my iPad! They’re going to lose a customer!
  • Not working A LOT. 1/5

    By Virgwid1
    Usually have no problem with the app but for several days now it shows on my phone my sons phone is not receiving the messages until late at night or the next day. I have iPhone, he has android. It is happening with his messages to me as well. Shows he sent and I never receive til hours later. When I try the app support it is unhelpful. Trying to reach a human is impossible. Their bot is one of the top ten worst I have ever been forced to interact with. Beyond frustrated. I’ll be very happy to remove this rating when a HUMAN or an update fixes the problem.
  • Phone calls hang up 2/5

    By Michael_415
    When you put your phone to sleep. That shouldn’t happen. The screen should turn off, but the call should still be on.
  • Hello 5/5

    By joe lukacena
  • Excellent with a few caveats 4/5

    By Anonymous8362925
    This is the best messaging app to protect your privacy. That being said some bugs frustrate me. I have an 11 pro max and experience difficulty sharing content. For example, if I hit share on an image in reddit, I have to copy the image to my clipboard instead of selecting the signal app and then the signal contact I wish to message. Frustrating. This aside this app should be way more popular than it currently is. Stop using unencrypted chat, everyone!
  • Great app, reporting bug 2/5

    By Isaac Gray
    Love signal, but I’m just reporting that the application will crash to home screen if I try to send an image from my photos library. The image is taken and being sent on a 2018 13” iPad Pro.
  • Secure. Convenient. Stable. Pick all three. 5/5

    By haakondahl
    Signal is the right tool for private communication. You can read the documentation (they’re very transparent) about issues and developments, but the bottom line Signal implements secure protocols correctly, and packages it it a polished, zero-frustration app. Small learning curve, huge benefit. THANK YOU.
  • Signal is great BUT 4/5

    By aivjxsndbdkf
    Please let us backup our messages, my friends won't switch over for this reason. Also please add a "star message" feature like WhatsApp has so we can save certain messages and go back to them when needed. Thanks!
  • Error registering pin code 1/5

    By Cvdjbhf
    Not possible to register since pin code can’t be created error

Signal - Private Messenger app comments

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