Signal - Private Messenger

Signal - Private Messenger

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 2.25.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Open Whisper Systems
  • Compatibility: Android
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Signal - Private Messenger App

Privacy is possible. Signal makes it easy. Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real-time with all of your friends at once, and share media and other files with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data. • Say Anything - Signal uses an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time. • Open Source - Signal is Free and Open Source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code. Signal is the only private messenger that uses open source and peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep your messages safe. • Be Yourself - Signal uses your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose. • Group Chat - Signal allows you to create encrypted groups so that you can have private conversations with all of your friends at once. Not only are the messages encrypted, but the Signal server never has access to any group information like the membership list, group title, or group icon. • Fast - The Signal protocol is designed to operate in the most constrained environment possible. Messages are delivered quickly and reliably. • Speak Freely - Make crystal-clear voice and video calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges. For support, questions, or more information, please visit: Source code: Follow us on Twitter (@signalapp) for all of the latest updates and announcements.


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Signal - Private Messenger app reviews

  • Message Says Sent Instead of Delivered 4/5

    By JuanChocoPlasta
    Message Says Sent Instead of Delivered.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By WLAN79
    This app is inconsistent and unreliable. The call drops and disconnects immediately after it connects.
  • Please Fix Reply from Lock Screen 4/5

    By The Blyatman
    Would be a solid 5 stars, but after recent update replying from lock screen is hit or miss. The only way to see if the reply was sent is to unlock the phone, open the app and see if it shows up in the conversation. Was working fine prior to update. This is a deal breaker.
  • Good app 5/5

    By 27352846
    Good app for privacy. It doesn’t allow you to attach more than one photo at a time which is inconvenient. Hopefully the developer will rectify this.
  • Great service but... 5/5

    By HerSiliconSoul
    but I wish the app had a dark mode like the Android version
  • I want to share multiple images at once 4/5

    By Bean54321
    My husband and I use this app to privately share photos of our daughter that we’ve taken however the app requires I send each one individually which is inconvenient. Would love to see this feature added please.
  • The best for far 5/5

    By Ilsagitarium
    This is the only secure app that I trust. And developers listen to your suggestions ! Thank you!
  • Not sure what’s going on! 1/5

    By signal user 818
    Newest version won’t open :(
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Guine and Nini
    Good way to link an iPhone and an android!
  • Great Messaging App 4/5

    By UnknownAnonymousUser
    Great communication app. Please add: 1. Siri support to send messages and make Audio/Video Calls. 2. Universal App support. 3. Landscape support. 4. Group calls. 5. The ability to send Signal messages while on a Signal audio call. 6. The ability to see how much data was used on an audio and video call.
  • send my suggestions 3/5

    By MABastani
    hi I think U should add stickers for chat in your app because emojis is not fun thanks for your security
  • Issue w calls 4/5

    By hdjrifnrkdndnfk
    Almost always get pure loud static or phone goes completely silent when trying to use the call feature lately. All settings are enabled on both phones so not sure what the issue is.
  • Get Rid of Contacts Requirements Already 2/5

    By fugly_mofo
    Why is the calling functionality so bad? Any service that REQUIRES the users upload their entire address books is not really that privacy focused if you think about it. That being said, Signal is good and simple to use. Recent updates are mixed, especially the registration PIN, which is a good idea and I would use it if the app didn’t require me to enter it in every day. How about an option to require it only if registering a new device? Bug that won’t go away: when trying to use the Share function from other apps to Signal it simply crashes 100% of the time. If they did away with the requirement of access to Contacts this would be a 4-5 star app.
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By enriqueDFTL
    Does everything that WhatsApp did just as well. Has a PC and Mac apps also. 👍🏼
  • A no brainer - download now 5/5

    This is an amazing messaging app. It is robust, has most if not all of the same features as other mainstream messaging apps and it guarantees you Privacy. With privacy eroding all around the internet, it’s time to support and use services that put the end-user first. Thank you for an amazing app!
  • Great 4/5

    By MadamLou
    Nice for communicating with security conscious folks.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By bimbilikibilaki
  • Best privacy app besides standard notes. 5/5

    By Sean Vee
    Use Signal if you’re a purist and are truly concerned with WhatsApp being owned by Facebook. Wire, telegram... what even?
  • Read/Delivered 1/5

    By Tanchick64
    I love this app because of the privacy. Until recently when i send a message it does not show that he read it and he has. I’ve turn read button on and off just to check our phones to make sure both were on and it still does it. Why does this happen? How can it be prevent? Additional messages 5/18/18 Your app needs some work it did same thing again and now we can’t communicate through here at all without misunderstanding. No replies to messages sent to support either. Very disappointed!!
  • Crashes/lacks complete anonymity 3/5

    By 196683
    Love the app but it crashes when I click on certain messages. There needs to be more anonymity. Other than these two issues, it’s a great app.
  • Very good 5/5

    By Nightie1221
    Thanks a lot
  • Earphone not supported 1/5

    By GB774
    It could be a better then all other messenger apps if earphone support for audio messages is provided.
  • The Best Out There 4/5

    By Shufei
    Signal is definitely top drawer. It’s nearly the only app anyone with sense ought to use to communicate. There is now an open source alternative with email accounts named Wire, based on Signal. But Signal is still the standard. After all, it’s endorsed by whistleblowers who put their neck on the block. Get Signal. Use Signal. There are quibbles: Signal still relies too much on Contacts. And the iOS app doesn’t verify well, nor allow much in the way of dropping phone numbers. As well, there is STILL no iPad version. Please, for the love of Heaven, throw an iPad UI out there! It’s bizarre.
  • Solid!! 5/5

    By Mp66667
    Best app for simple echelon
  • Luv the app......BUT 3/5

    By Newyork291
    Text messages are set to 30sec to disappear but the counter starts counting down and the message disappear before receiver can read it. There’s no email or contact to the developer so you can send issues found.
  • Calling doesn’t work 1/5

    By Big Lifter
    This app used to be good. Now you can’t rely on it at all. Your messages don’t go through till who knows when. And you can’t call anyone or receive calls because the calls don’t go through. If you’re lucky enough to get a call to go through it drops within the first 5 seconds. Use Wickr Me. At least you can now call through that app and it works all the time.
  • Recommend Over All Others 5/5

    By 6winged
    This is the best (safest) encrypted chat app currently available on iPhone. And the developers are working hard to address a lot of the UI / usability criticism that they’ve received.
  • Great App 5/5

    By NewtToot
    Have been able to text my son while he was in France for school. Messages delivered promptly. Would recommend to anyone needing an app not wanting to go thru usual cellphone provider.
  • Another disappointed subscriber 1/5

    By TruelySew
    I couldn’t open up my signal app today. I had to uninstall my app and reinstall it and lost all my prior message on my group. This is one of the things I don’t like about signal. At this time, I rate you with one star. I would be willing to pay you for better service.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By MtTamSpurz
    It has crashed twice in 2 days. Tap on the icon and shows the launch page for a split second and then closes. Deleted and reloaded the app and it did it again a day later. Something is very wrong with it. It is useless to me now.
  • Good but buggy 3/5

    By VinuViper
    An excellent app but still buggy. For example if you try to send a photo directly from Photos it crashes.
  • Just one problem 4/5

    By Shane Mendez
    End to end encryption makes sure that no intermediate can read your messages, but each user is linked to a cell number so there is not complete anonymity. I wish there was an option to disassociate your phone number.
  • Face ID on iPhone X 4/5

    By Blytz Sports Nutrition
    What happened to the Face ID being used to unlock Signal? It only has a passcode unlock feature now.
  • PTT feature would make this app King 5/5

    By StoneDog06
    Please add a PTT (push to talk) feature to your already great app. That’s the only feature you are missing.
  • This missing feature makes it useless 1/5

    By lostjedimedia
    My Password Manager has a password, my banking app has a password, my Walmart app has a password, my journal app has a password, so please explain to me why the app that is as sensitive as those apps, if not significantly more so, is able to be accessed by my nephew if I give him my phone to watch a YouTube video or play a video game? It is ridiculous that an app that is all about encrypted privacy is unable to be locked down. I have messaged the developers about this and their reply was your phone has a password, that’s good enough. Seriously, add the app password and it’s an excellent private messaging app. Until then you might as well be writing everything on postcards.
  • Dropping and failed calls 3/5

    By JDRay117
    For the last few updates my calls have been dropping after only a few seconds. Every call I received or sent out. Version is up to date but still having this issue
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Pandapotato
    I want to enjoy this app, it’s a simple way to communicate with friends. But is this app not iOS friendly? Autocorrect doesn’t work well within this app but works on the same words I spell in other apps. Video chat does not give me the option to go back into the chat, but allows my friend who has android Lg v30 to do so. Small bugs add up and make this app annoying to deal with.
  • Why does it keep crashing? 1/5

    By Kasicheng
    I use older version of iOS, I used to be able to use signal, but now it just keep crashing and I can't use it at all
  • Great app 4/5

    By Marissogden
    Love the app but still having problems with phone calls dropping less than a minute after answering. Very frustrating! Other than that it’s great!
  • Something changed... 3/5

    By Ellmara
    I am no longer getting notifications while I am playing music.. the music pauses for about 1sec then goes right back to playing... no sounds... it only seems to happen while I am using a BT speaker (not fully tested yet) is this a new security measure?? The latest update is a huge help for me, I keep my contacts separated by ring tones so that has improved it for me.. I do wish it could read the contact info and get ringtone, and bypass from there.... would simplify settings for multiple contacts... Slowly but surely getting better... next update I would like to see is the ability to change colors of conversations...
  • It’s been 30 mins & still having Received by validation code 1/5

    By C'mon Mannn
    I’ve tired the SMS route and haven’t got nothing. So I figure I’d try the call option and still no luck?
  • I like it. 5/5

    By MSPatriot
    I enjoy this app. It works well.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By jcwel19
    With the addition of a couple more features this app could be easily the best messaging app. The design interface is super simple, and I really hope it stays that way. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the cluttered disaster of almost all other messaging apps. Something I would really like to see added would be a search within the messages. I find it to be very useful in long group chats- and when implemented correctly in other apps- it is excellent. Thanks for doing what you do for privacy.
  • Great app. Amazing features. One is missing... 4/5

    By Jeffwebb1993
    I absolutely adore this app. It’s given me peace of mind. I just wish I could erase messages from the other person’s phone like a certain app backed by Mark Cuban. I also wish I could have the “now typing” thing like iMessage has. EDIT: I also REALLY WISH that the indications in the history that said “incoming call answered” and so on and so forth would disappear WITH the disappearing messages if I set it.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Dadodane
    But it lacks some basics - can't send multiple files at a time - attachments won't go if the app is running in the background. - would be good to have 'statuses' that one could set to show others you are busy or available or whatever. - once you establish a voice call it is hard to turn the camera on for video.
  • No phone number 2/5

    By fjwnmne
    Hate when secure messengers ask phone number to sign up. Come up with just email and password
  • Flawed 2/5

    By 911-was-an-inside-job
    One can still capture screen shots . . .
  • Excellent app, has my complete trust 5/5

    By kaby692
    Love the features, appreciate the developers and creator... well done
  • Good product, autocorrect needs work 4/5

    By Hotdog256
    Just switched my family and friends from WhatsApp to Signal. App works well, quickly syncs messages across laptop to phone. Autocorrect is a step below par. Peace of mind with end to end encryption not managed by Facebook is worth a sub-par autocorrect.
  • Good 5/5

    By ‌Aysun
    Please add channel option like telegram

Signal - Private Messenger app comments


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