Signal - Private Messenger

Signal - Private Messenger

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  • Current Version: 3.20
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Signal Messenger, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Signal - Private Messenger App

Millions of people use Signal every day for free and instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. Send and receive high-fidelity messages, participate in HD voice/video calls, and explore a growing set of new features that help you stay connected. Signal’s advanced privacy-preserving technology is always enabled, so you can focus on sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter to you. • Say anything – State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open source Signal Protocol™) keeps your conversations secure. Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that Signal works. Every message, every call, every time. • Go fast – Messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even on slow networks. Signal is optimized to operate in the most constrained environment possible. • Feel free – Signal is a completely independent 501c3 nonprofit. Development is supported by users like you. No advertisements. No trackers. No kidding. • Be yourself – You can use your existing phone number and address book to securely communicate with your friends. • Speak up – Whether they live across town or across the ocean, Signal’s enhanced audio and video quality will make your friends and family feel closer. • Whisper in the shadows – Switch to the dark theme if you refuse to see the light. • Sound familiar – Choose custom alerts for each contact, or disable noises completely. Simon & Garfunkel wrote a hit song about it in 1964, and you can experience the sound of silence whenever you want by choosing “None” as your notification ringtone. • Picture this – Use the built-in image editing features to sketch, crop, and flip your outgoing photos. There’s even a text tool so that you can add more words to the 1,000 that your picture is already worth. For support, questions, or more information, please visit: Source code: Follow us on Twitter (@signalapp) and Instagram (@signal_app) for all of the latest updates and announcements.

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Signal - Private Messenger app reviews

  • Last seen 4/5

    By hhjkyh
    I think it would be better if you upgrade it to a level that I can see my friends last seen
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Skyleo2003
    This is my encrypted chat app of choice. I recommended it to my family and friends. Only thing I would ask is for is this app on Apple Watch.
  • Regression 1/5

    By Reviewer11235813
    In the latest update, tapping into a message thread no longer snaps to the latest message and it's driving me nuts
  • Deleted message 5/5

    By folood
    Please delete, deleted messages effect.
  • Experience spoiled by unrequested PIN nags 1/5

    By acdha
    I have used this happily for years but am reconsidering due to the unrequested PIN feature interrupting what I’m doing. When I open Signal, I want to use it, not endlessly be nagged to repeat a quiz I’ve had a 100% success rate on.
  • Can we please have longer self delete durations? 4/5

    By Emmet040
    Why not a month, 3 months, 6 months and a full year?
  • Why did it delete my important messages? 1/5

    By !Mephistopheles!
    So i had a very important conversation stored. I enter to get some information from it. Somehow the app is reset. It needed me to re enter my phone number and it erased everything. I did not update it. I do not recommend this app. That is so rude to erase my messages. I cannot trust you. This is terrible. I will never be able to have this information again. You have no idea how much damage you caused me. If you plan on using this app any information stored is not safe. One day out of the blue it will erase everything Now it constantly wants my contact info to determine who has signal why? Who cares who has signal and I do not understand why you have to let anyone know that I am using signal. This is so ridiculous. Just stick to whats app. They never deleted my messages. I simply never trusted them because facebook owns them. Stay away....
  • Crashes on 13.6 with most recent update 1/5

    By Tom17xx
    Very annoyed - app just keeps crashing immediately after opening on 13.6; running latest version
  • Not fully baked 1/5

    By Wrangler Rob
    It’s enough to make the Pope cuss. Seems there is a lag in updates to add people. Makes the program both frustrating and useless.
  • Messaging app won’t allow word selects for edits 2/5

    By Mhcypher
    I don’t know what changed in the last release, but I cannot easily select text in my draft message to edit it & correct typos. Using my iPhone, no matter how I try to scroll & press or select a word, the select jumps to the top of my draft message, or any line or word, except the word I’m trying to select & edit! It’s extremely frustrating. Very cumbersome. Please fix. I would have posted this this via your app support link, but there is no option or help link that I could easily locate.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By The Expert App Reviewer
    Just amazing
  • Only Micro-Incremental Improvements 1/5

    By Jay112323
    The app is continually updated with small features (eg pinning favorite messages at the top). The elephant in the room is there is still no group calling or video.
  • Can’t delete a group or cancel a number from participating 1/5

    By No fraud please
    Good if you can try to fix it
  • Signal is a good alternative 4/5

    By bjbaar
    Signal is a good alternative to other messaging apps with the exception there is no way to edit your post after you hit send. Since I use swype a lot, sometimes I miss a word. Then you have a list of edits under your message. Please add that feature and I’m hooked!!
  • Messages deliver with a huge delay! 2/5

    By Navid salatini
    App is working well except for delivering messages which is pretty important. Me and my friend both experiencing this issue Messages deliver at a time all together and thats not good!
  • No notifications since ios14 2/5

    By wtangofoxtrot
    The app stopped making any suitable notifications since ios14. I won’t hear anything for messages or calls anymore making the mobile app pretty useless for staying on top of messages.
  • An app you can trust 5/5

    By Way2rach
    Great for those who care about their privacy. Keeps getting better. Simple and easy to use. Keep up the good work guys. We appreciate your hard work.
  • Customs tones doesn’t work 2/5

    By Annasb
    Signal works smoothly for me. Have never had an issue but it’s extremely frustrating that custom tones doesn’t work.
  • Groundbreaking 5/5

    By SignUser
    I love this app! I’m able to collaborate and communicate with others on sensitive matters confidentially.
  • Love it! Planning to use it. 5/5

    By Bhargav Kesavan
    One of my friends recommended me to use it & I love it. I’ve asked rest of my friends and family to use it as well. I hope Signal stays as it is now and doesn’t turn into another toys of Monster Facebook later on.
  • I get it’s secure but really? 1/5

    By Vault 455
    Ok I had some important messages on this app but I ended up deleting it a while ago. I’m just now am trying to get it again and apparently there is no way for me to get my messages back. I’m extremely disappointed and will just use another app next time if this is going to happen.
  • Add timer for pictures 5/5

    By Anaheim Eddie
    Love the app. Can you add a timer so I can take those hard to reach photos 😉 without a selfie stick. Thank you.
  • Not Ready for Prime Time Yet 3/5

    By Tunadoctor
    This supposed encrypted messaging is similar to all the other messaging apps. But many developers like all browsers don’t recognize it and often does not put the links and photos directly into Signal. Work arounds are easy to do. I often have to cut and paste into my mail app and then cut and paste into Signal. A bit painful at times. Often I find myself just going back to using Apple’s messenger. I trust Apple more than other texting apps. I used to trust WhatsApp but not as much anymore as it is a Facebook app. It too is supposed to be encrypted. Most people around the world use WhatsApp or Apple Messenger. But in reality if you are really worrying about total privacy, stay in a cave and never use any electronics. Or develop a private encryption that requires special changing coding -decoding books. All in all, its fun seeing old friends appear on Signal as it gains popularity.
  • Hack central 1/5

    By djehejsnslshfjsjsn
    Im not sure how people dont see how crappy this app is. I actually got hacked i went and read the logs and it was thru signal. Everytine i use signal i get hacked so i had to stop. Is there anything im missing?
  • Please fix the lag 5/5

    By Ooxhulio01
    I love this app and overall it is amazing, but I only have one issue with it; While I am using the app, if somebody sends a message, the vibration of the message comes before the message itself(like .5 seconds), which is very annoying. I don’t know if this is a bug or feature, but I feel like this needs to be fixed.
  • Custom ringtones 1/5

    By some girl(:
    Cant get custom tones to work!
  • The secure app we need 5/5

    By Bentley_J
    Love it! Would love it more to not have to share my phone number as my username. ;)
  • No Apple Watch support 1/5

    By vortex44
    Developer talks about all the great device support but they don’t even support Apple Watch?
  • Can’t attach photos anymore 2/5

    By Troutsmack
    I love the app but may have to give it up since I can’t attach photos anymore. It gives a really brief “can’t remove metadata from image” warning that disappears really quick and refuses to attach photos. And yes, signal has all permissions to my photo album. I attach on messages and any other messaging app, just not signal. Nothing about this problem on signal support page either and everyone I know who uses the app has this same problem.
  • Lost pin to resetting profile means losing all contacts 1/5

    By Anyafenix
    I made my pin ages ago, and it doesn't require you to enter it again, even though it warns you that it will. I deleted the app temporarily forgetting all about the pin because I needed space on my phone to record a long video. When I went to reinstall it, it asked me for my pin. I did attempts until it got down to 4. When you click need help, it says if you reset the pin, you lose your profile. Not caring about my profile, I said okay. PROFILE MEANS EVERYTHING, not just your picture and name. Don't make the same mistake I did because for almost every number I had in Signal, I did not have it anywhere else :-((((
  • 👍 5/5

    By Gdrrwsdchvjofrfvjk
    all my smart, tech-savvy friends and family use signal, that's why I converted. the app is great and reasonably user-friendly. 10/10 would recommend, and I'm trying to get my coworkers to use it too.
  • Please fix this app 2/5

    By MBW811
    Since latest IOS update, I cannot search GIFs. The screen goes black when trying to scroll down. Please fix this. This is the second time I’ve sent this. Rating is declining.
  • So Good 5/5

    By chunkyIPA
    Signal is becoming the primary channel for authentic conversations with my colleagues. Thanks for this great, secure platform for sharing the truth.
  • Way good 5/5

    By Mj Grey
    Way controlled. Easy to use.
  • When I use signal... 5/5

    By luvprivatechat
    I feel love! Thank you!
  • Trash UI, never gets better 1/5

    By philwinkel
    For all the updates this app receives, it sure never gets any better.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By diney1967
    This app almost destroyed my marriage. I hate it!!!!!!!!! Ladies make sure you check you husbands or wives phone for this app.
  • Signal is a great app 5/5

    By politely dating
    Call quality is ridiculous. I mean it is ULTRA CLEAR. I AM IMPRESSED!
  • 5 star 5/5

    By Greenpgs
    Started using it since it early days. Glad to see more people are using it. It has come a long way!
  • Better than iMessage 5/5

    By Nbisme
    Signal is far better than iMessage because it’s free and open source, secure, and respects users data.
  • No longer as secure as it once was 😞 1/5

    By R3dC3ll
    Signal decided to go the childish route like all the cheap messenger apps and now forces users to add idiotic GIFs and Emojis...all of which contain more trackable metadata...I wonder why???!!! To the Devs: if we wanted a crappy teenager app we'd download WhatsApp or Facekrap Messenger or something worse like Line! Grow the heck up and stop adding junk into what was once considered a serious security app. Apparently today the devs of SIGNAL clearly care more about building a larger user base instead of adding MORE SECURITY! It's no longer as secure as it once was!
  • Love it 5/5

    By crack of the butt
    I’ve been using this app for years, A lot of times I have clearer reception than I do on the regular phone👍👍
  • Great app with some long-existing bugs 4/5

    By MacGuru96
    I love Signal for its mission and dedication to its users’ privacy; however, one niggle I have is that sending messages using the share sheet has not worked for a while—at least not on my 2018 iPad Pro. No matter what app I use, I tap on the Signal icon and the dialogue pops up, but tapping the paper-plane ‘send’ button does absolutely nothing, so I inevitably have to copy-paste my link or image and send it through the app itself. Fix this, and I’d be enormously grateful!
  • Problem 3/5

    By Majiddiab
    Hi the Signal cannot be send a message Just one tick then nothings
  • I love it... but 5/5

    By rosserxcm
    I live the app, its just the best but i think you ahould add the function to save multiple pics at once cause i can only select the ones i want to delete but theres no option to save multiple at once, i have to do it one by one
  • PIN notifications are really annoying. 2/5

    By Cidien
    Enough with the PIN notifications. I know what my dang pin in. STOP “helping” me remember it at least give an option to knock it off without disabling pins entirely. Just stupid...
  • Necessary app for the world 5/5

    By Capsmet
    Dump social media chats and switch to signal. This organization puts the privacy of its users first. Period.
  • Signal 5/5

    By nimda21
    Signal is one of the best private message app ever
  • Please make an Apple Watch app 5/5

    By ov2296
    I love everything about the Signal messaging app. Every small detail has privacy in mind, like not seeing any content on the app switcher by default, and not accessing your entire photo library from the app when sharing photos. I do have one request though. Could you please make and Apple Watch app? 🙏🏼😄

Signal - Private Messenger app comments

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