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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Part Time Monkey Oy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Silly Walks App

Silly Walks is a one-tap adventure game where everyday-household-objects have come to life! The evil Blender has kidnapped your friends for later blending-purposes - you must rescue them! Play as a Pineapple, Cupcake, Hot Dog, Noodles, or as many other characters. Avoid getting squashed by Meat Hammers, run away from Cheese Graters and don't get cut by Kitchen Knives! FEATURES - Lots of Silly action! - A bunch of Silly characters to play with! - Challenge your friends! - Swipe-to-Dash! - Boss levels! - Racing mode! - Endless fun! - iCloud backups! - And much much more... Before downloading, please be aware that this game is super awesome and you'll really like it.

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  • L O V E 5/5

    By Emmie and lucky
    This is my favorite game. I finished it so please make more levels!!!!❤️❤️
  • This game is THE BEST!!! 5/5

    By cottoncandy246
    I ssssssooooooooo love this game!!! It’s characters are sooo cute and the whole game is just adorable! (And the whole game in general is just pretty awesome). I love the awesome obstacles you have to pass and all the challenges there are! I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I did!! 😊😊😊
  • Amazing 5/5

    By plant lover😉
    I LOVE THIS APP! Super easy levels! Cute characters! Nothing I don’t love! I got stuck on level but nothing a YouTube video couldn’t solve!
  • Great but... 5/5

    By 1235294729462947
    This is a fun game to help you pass some time. It is very cute! We need more levels!!!!
  • Great game, I love it! 5/5

    By Sophieworldme
    I really do love this game, the whole concept is so new and fun, and I spend hours at a time just playing this game. I love laughing at the way the foods walk, and I love beating the monsters and the bosses. Five stars, great game! Would definitely recommend it.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Nicole Madison Reffel
    I absolutely loved this game! I’ve completed all the levels and i’m so sad lol. But this is one of the best games i’ve ever had! I enjoy it so much, I just want MOREEEE. Come out with a Silly Walks 2! Or add on to this one, I am obsessed. Great game! Cute characters!
  • Great game 5/5

    By ElZeeDude
    I thought this game is fun cool and very very addictive
  • This is a really sweet game 5/5

    By donutkittygirl123
    I really love this game and I’ve only been planning for a week now and I really love hence why you gave it five stars I mean I have the iPhone XR so there aren’t any really any glitches for me but there might be on some other devices I really like the graphics are really nice and I like the style but I really wish they were more food thank you for adding the doughnut it’s my favorite food but really and the levels aren’t really hard at all I mean I’m on level 12 and I just think there’s just too many enemies in the same spot in a level like they’ll be those hammer things and then right after it to be the knives answer the person that wrote a review.... come on it’s not that hard I mean I know that you said in your review that is it’s mainly only hard for you it’s not hard to get the cubes either you just got a pass the levels and also you can spend multiple times by just watching ads as I know that’s not really convenient but if you really want those cubes you can just do that & also the characters do you help you like the taco if you want to get wider space is faster you can just use him by watching an ad but if you want to like the narrow areas then you can just use the characters that are not that wide so actually the characters do help you and here some help in the second level even the game helped you said you can’t get past the waffle iron right where you are meant to the game shows you where the plug is no you need to take a different route which shows you walk over to the plug and you pull the plug and it turns that The waffle iron off then you can walk over it then you can be the next level after you shave the friends from the little cage anyway overall I think the game is great but maybe try adding more characters!
  • Loved this game 😍👌💯 5/5

    By hi tgrre
    The game was super cute and adorable. It’s fun and I recommend it to all my friends.
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By Hi-_-11
    Level 42 keeps glitching and won’t work so frustrating and I’m deleting. So disappointed it was a great app.
  • Great.. but one thing. 5/5

    By Annie LeBlanc lover❤️
    Love it but one thing... I finished all of the levels and got three stars on them all, got all of the characters, bought all of the mini cars for the mini games and got all the sugar cubes I can get and now I can’t play anything else. Is there more levels coming?!
  • Fun Fun Fun! 5/5

    By Michlampus
    This game is really fun for a free game and I still haven’t beat it. 10/10
  • Love it 5/5

    By Frootluups
    I really enjoyed the graphics and I actually enjoyed the walking mechanic. Very tedious but a blast if your bored, or just looking for fun.
  • This game is great! 5/5

    By OneMillionGamer
    I love the game. It’s so challenging and I can’t look away. I love the characters you get to play as I have the cinnamon monster thing and it’s so cute! (Well to me it is) I would really love to see more characters in this game. And I really love the settings in the game. People think there game is better then they are wrong because this game is way better then any other game I’ve played
  • Pleaassssseeee 5/5

    By Hannahkay01
    I love this app!!! I immediatley completed all the levels because it was just so much fun. Please make more levels and more races!!! Please!!!!!!
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Dedrah87
    I love this game. It is so funny and fun.
  • Adorable 5/5

    By Helloiamspanky
    I love this game and it is so adorable 😭💖
  • The Best thing ever 5/5

    By ᗩ ᖇᗩᑎᗪOᗰ ᑭEᖇᔕOᑎ ᒪOᒪ
    Okay so usually I don’t write reviews because I’m too lazy. But this app means so much to me that I’m actually going to write a review. I usually delete an app after like 2 days of playing it then I get sick of it. But this is the cutest and most fun app ever. When I’m supposed to be in bed at 3:00 am, I’m eating Halloween candy and playing this game. Please make it easier to beat the boss in level 11. That’s the one I’m stuck on. But I won’t give up! Maybe you could add a feature where you’re stuck on a level and you can exchange sugar cubes for hints? Thanks. If I wrote everything I love about this app, it wouldn’t be a review. It would be a novel. This deserves way more than five stars. It deserves all the stars in the sky. Thank you for reading. ❤️
  • 😍🤩😍 5/5

    By Coco Krispies
    Love your game! You should make a silly walks 2!
  • A gem! 5/5

    By I Was Brided
    This game really is a little gem I didn’t know what the gameplay was going to be like as I just downloaded 3 games at once to play while sitting in the car pool to pick up my brother and this game totally surprised me! It’s simple but fun, The art style and characters are stylized food items and the hazards are different kitchen utensils. Each level revolves around breaking your food friends out of a cage at the end of the level. New hazards are introduced at a steady pace and there’s even short cinematic’s for new bosses and items. Really glad I downloaded this game, the ads are evenly spaced and are about 20 seconds each but set further apart than most games. The characters are easily unlockable and there’s even a mini game that’s a racing game. Definitely give this game a try if you’re looking for a simple but fun and interesting puzzle-ish game.
  • I like it 5/5

    By shrecks loyal slave
    Great for passing time and fun but still a tad bit challenging
  • Fantastic game, a little ad heavy 4/5

    By shaneplaysdrums
    This is a great game! The concept and gameplay is fresh. The level design is awesome and the characters have a lot of personality and are really fun. I love the music and general vibe of the game. It's hilarious. My only qualm is with the ads. On the in-game currency purchase screen, it says "any purchase will remove ads." To me, this suggests it would remove the interstitial ads, but also the continue, character unlock, and bonus cubes ads as well. However, it only unlocks the interstitials so you're still forced to watch a bunch of ads to unlock characters and get cubes. I'd rather be able to pay a few bucks and not have to watch all these ads. Please enable that!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Nina✌🏽️👑
    Honestly I love the game it just freezes sometimes
  • awesome game 5/5

    By 43na
    Games awesome! it’s really easy for me and so addicting to play just wish there was more levels adding but overall i love this app
  • Great! 5/5

    By Sophiarose113
    It’s so fun but at the same time challenging, you should definitely play it.
  • More levels 5/5

    By Bluuuueee
    Please add more levels! I love this game and the characters are so cute!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By kdnfodrjneojhereoknfeforknv
    I love this game. So much fun. It gets pretty hard when you get to level 11. But still super fun and addictive. 👍👍👍👍👍
  • This game is cheating but it is fun 4/5

    By Winter Hart
  • The greatest of all time 5/5

    By the greatest cinnamonster
    This is truly one of the best games of all time it is so fun and addicting the greatest of all is cinnamonster. I do have 3 issues, one: it’s too easy for me Two: no updates so it gets boring Three: once unlock all the characters there is nothing else to do with those sugar cube things, so keep adding characters
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By SavageUnicornRater
    I like this app with the levels and characters but it still needs more I think maybe something else still love it ❤️❤️❤️
  • More levels please 5/5

    By bdnjxjdjsbfbkdksjjf
    Make more levels please I just passed level 44 and there seemed to be no more levels you need to make more
  • Great game 5/5

    By Kramerfffff
    Fun for all ages
  • Silly walks 4/5

    By Scoutypuppy101
    The game was great until you finish all the levels. Once that happens you have no point in keeping the game. Most of the levels were very easy, so you finish the game in one or two days. One good thing about this app is that you can play music during it. I enjoy listening to music during games so this was a plus. Also in the car races the sausage is almost impossible to beat. If he could slow down a bit that would be great. 🤣
  • Wow 5/5

    By French Pie .
    This game is really good at first I was like this game didn’t look fun but I’ll get it anyway and boom it was well it was really good no words to describe it I’m not even being funny I LOVE this game
  • I like it 5/5

    By Creg S.
    Can you change the game to be a multiplayer thing and use a joystick instead of having to tap on the screen to make them walk?
  • 😀 5/5

    By love animals foxwood122
    Great game it is fun and exciting. Also challenging
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By randompotatocomin'through
    I had this game, and it is a really fun and cute game. I deleted it, and when I reinstalled it, it didn’t have the auto match thing. That was really fun, and i wish that you could bring it back.
  • Great game but.... 4/5

    By "I'll be the judge of that."
    It’s really fun, and I’m not someone who usually writes reviews for games, but it seriously is. Just one thing, it seriously needs more levels, since you can finish this game in no time at all. Other than that, it’s worth playing! 👍🏼
  • Awesome sauce !!! 5/5

    By canovictory
    I really love the game but I hope there’s more updates with more levels and characters
  • Lit 5/5

    By swag_monkey_12
    This game is my favorite right now! But adding more characters would be nice.

    By Taytay1837
    MORE LEVELS PLIS!!! love this game so plis make more levels!
  • Funtastic...but please update!!! 4/5

    By mrsmalley
    This game is really different, cute, and challenging. I really enjoyed this game! It took me a couple of months to finish all the levels. However, this game hasn’t been updated since like, 8 months ago. I have been patiently waiting for new levels to come out, but it hasn’t happened yet. Please put more levels on this game!! The graphics are great and the levels are make more, please!
  • Awesome Game! 5/5

    By AngryHippopotamus438
    I really like this game and I think it it awesome. It’s like no other game that I have ever seen before. I got 3 stars on all of the levels, and all of the bosses too. I’ve been playing this for 2 days and I already have finished. Please add more to the next update so I can still play to complete levels! Also, in the races I think there should be a sidewalk rally too! Thanks for reading my response and to conclude, just add more to the game for people who have finished already!
  • Hard 3/5

    By Kfhgkfjgfmh
    Way to hard to play!!! Easer controls!!!
  • My Only Game 5/5

    By Kittykate249
    I am quick to drop boring or repetitive games. This one has lasted on my phone, and I come back to it often. I find that the levels raise in challenge appropriately, with me having to replay them multiple times to defeat them or to win all three stars. However, it isn’t so hard that it’s frustrating. The movement takes time to learn, but I’ve found myself improving with walking and dashing, which is exciting. I thoroughly enjoy Silly Walks, and would love to play more from these creators!
  • Good 5/5

    By CaptinUnipegSparkles
    I really Like it except when I walk to close to a wall or something else I can’t see my Character. It is kind of hard to drive the cars but super fun!!!
  • Fun at first... 3/5

    By lucy_charms
    But it became way too frustrating at level 13! More annoying than enjoyable.
  • Fun and challenging 5/5

    By SandboxLover12
    Great game will recommend to friends soon! Love the animation style and the concept is cute . Fun and challenging . If you don’t already have it the I would recommend getting the app 🍍🥘🍕🍔🍟🥤🍩🍰🌮🌭🥞 🍿
  • 10/10 5/5

    By All about star
    I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME! The characters are sooo cute and the levels are so fun and there’s not a lot of adds like many games like this one! This game is super addicting and I definitely recommend that you get it also it’s FREE!!! <3

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