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Simple Contacts App

Renew your contact lens prescription with the only app based vision test. Take a quick and easy test, designed by Doctors, to assess your current lens prescription. Select your contacts, and within 24 hours a new RX and lenses will be on the way. - No hassle - Skip the doctor’s office visit this time - Fast shipping is FREE - We offer the best prices you can find on contact lenses anywhere Currently available to patients in nearly every state. Here’s how it works: 1) We ask you a few quick and easy questions about your medical history to make sure that you’re eligible for our remote prescription renewal. Don’t worry – your answers are shared only with our staff doctors. 2) While wearing your current contact lenses, we record a short video of your eye to make sure there are no signs of redness. 3) With your lenses still on, we have you read off a simple visual acuity chart while standing 10 feet away (speak loudly and clearly, please). We’re checking if you can see 20/20 with your current contact lenses. 4) You select the lenses you need, choose the quantity, and enter the exact prescription details for what you wear today. As soon as an Ophthalmologist approves your prescription renewal (within 24 hours, usually quicker), your lenses are shipped! That’s it! A half day visit to the Optometrist turned into a 2-minute test from the comfort of your own home. Our test is designed by doctors. Our company is run by doctors. The comfort and safety of our customers is priority #1. The Simple Contacts app is FDA registered.


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Simple Contacts app reviews

  • They are exceptional ! 5/5

    By S Tomsa
    This company is great to deal with. They follow-up with you on the status of your order. I ordered my contacts on Monday and received them that Friday. Prices are very good also.
  • The Freakin Future 5/5

    Incredible custom service. So fast. So easy. I feel so taken care of and the prices can’t be beat.
  • Horrible customer service. Go elsewhere. 1/5

    By Danny41500000
    I’m an ophthalmologist and wanted to try your company out. As a contact lens wearer myself, I wanted to see if it’s something I can recommend to my patients. So far you guys are crashing and burning. I’ve written multiple text messages that have been ignored. I’ve written multiple emails that have either gone unanswered or ignored for over 24 hours. I’ve submitted 2 video “exams”, submitted 2 written prescriptions, and over a week later I still don’t know if my contacts have been ordered. I can’t go elsewhere because my credit card has already been charged.
  • Worth it! 5/5

    By amweller
    Really recommend this if you already have a contact prescription. I don’t have eye insurance and didn’t want the hassle of doing another eye exam after just a year of seeing my last doctor, who seemed to of vanished. With simple contacts you do a quick exam on your phone and then if it’s approved they send you your contact order. It was quick and easy and I will use them for the rest of my life.
  • Totally ideal 5/5

    By gamicucci
    This app is perfect for someone like me who works business hours and can’t get to the optometrist to reorder. Compared to a few other apps this one was the most “simple”, seamless and cheapest. Name brand contacts for low cost! (Found a promo code online for an additional discount also!)
  • Expectations surpassed! 5/5

    By Motion in style
    Well laid out application that actually does what it states. The customer service was good, and delivery was ahead of schedule. Outstanding performance, has my seal of Thank you!
  • Easy peasy 5/5

    By Sue bee22
    Very friendly app, easily order your contact lenses without a hassle!
  • Loveeeee!!!😍 5/5

    By AutumnFreckles
    Called my eye doctor to see how much for contact exam ($118), and my prescription ran out in February! Then another 80-100 for contacts, that’s one box per eye. 😳 I thought to myself there has to be a more simple and cost effective way. That’s when I came across this app. It was quick, easy, and didn’t rip me a new one. Right around $90 for everything! Yay me . I was contacted just hours after my exam that I was good to go and will be receiving my contacts shortly. One happy camper. Thank you.
  • Legit!! 5/5

    By Jfteach
    I was skeptical, but this is so great. My insurance wasn’t covering an eye exam for a few more months and I needed more contacts. Paid $20, didn’t leave my living room, and had them in the mail the next day!
  • Easy Peasy 5/5

    By Esoteric98
    Smooth and quick to the point!
  • So easy and so awesome! 5/5

    By Bellahorse
    I was skeptical about it too but I hate going to the optometrist just to renew my prescription. So I gave it a try. The tests were simple and the people texted and emailed me promptly and kept me updated on the process. It was so nice to be able to do that then order the contacts I need!
  • Fantastic company 5/5

    By My-ooz
    I need not have worried at all. Wasn’t sure about the whole ordering contact lenses from Internet, and was surprised and pleased at how easy and useful this service was. I am a high myope but had no problems receiving my contact lens order. Customer service was prompt and very helpful. I did the test wrong at first, and they contacted me right away to retry. I find it difficult to get in to see my eye doctor during the week during business hours, and then of course I have to make a separate trip to pick up my contact lenses. This makes it so easy.My contact lenses shipped quickly, right to my door, and it looks like it will be super easy to re-order. Additionally I have been wearing contact lenses for decades, but they send helpful information by email about proper lens wear. It was nice to have a refresher course. After a while I think my eye doctor just assumes I know how to manage my lenses, and this is true of course, but there were a few things that I was doing wrong with regard to cleaning and case maintenance. They gave me a prescription, and earnest reminders to have a dilated exam in person with an eye doc regularly. Again, very responsible, sound company. I will be using this service regularly now.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By alp7310
    Omg this is a brilliant invention. The process was so easy love that I could do my eye exam in my own and home and order the contacts have it all shipped in 2 days this was amazing and I will definitely continue to use your site this has been a godsend thank y’all so much!
  • Too Bright 4/5

    By KneeDragr
    Had to take the vision exam outside because it sets Max brightness which on the X makes the letters much harder to read. Taking it outside was much easier.
  • Something is Fishy 1/5

    By Sn34ks
    In addition to not being able to fulfill my order, it took them almost two weeks to realize they couldn’t fill my order. Worse yet, customer service takes two days to respond to emails. I don’t know how a company that takes two days to respond to emails can have such good reviews - something is fishy here.
  • Great Prices and Service 5/5

    By Jonmcfly
    As the title states, the prices for my same contacts from 1 800 contacts was well over $100 more than Simple Contacts. I also learned that a written prescription for glasses will not replace a prescription for contacts. I took the quick eye test and my prescription was renewed for 2 years. Would recommend to anyone who needs more contacts but doesn’t have time to get to the eye doctor. Of course I’ll note you should still have your eyes checked every year or two by a doctor in person. Great app, great service, great prices. I can’t say enough. Thanks!!!
  • Wow 5/5

    By itsmeerikaa
    Fast & easy. I️ was also able to get my contacts overnighted!
  • Groovavizion! 😁 5/5

    By Dr. Lovevatine
    Groovy! Now that I have my contacts all is groovy! My vision and experience with Simple Contacts * Groovatine!
  • Quick and Easy 5/5

    It took me about 15 minutes from the time I searched google for a solution to reorder my contacts to the time I completed my order. This was a great help to me.
  • Optometrists are overrated 3/5

    Optometrists miss alot of things that the ophthalmologist will find. If you want real eye care, go to an MD, not an OD.
  • Will order again 5/5

    By MarkH55
    Excellent price, easy to order. The contacts are exactly the same as I got from my optometrists but 30% less!
  • This was great! 5/5

    By TheContactMan
    As the title says, very simple. Literally took 5 minutes and I was able to order my contacts.
  • Beyond 5 Star Service 5/5

    By Slbe34
    I’ve been buying contacts for 26 years now. Simple Contacts is the easiest company to buy contacts from online. They make ordering simple which makes my life easy. Customer Service is always there to handle your needs and concerns. I’d recommend them to anyone. I wish I knew about them sooner.
  • Don’t Be Surprised When Your Prescription is Incorrect 1/5

    By VeronicaTruett
    You cannot take an eye exam on your phone and expect it to be accurate. I’m 99% sure that most of these comments are fake or from people who made the app or were paid to leave them. In any event, here is what will probably happen. You will get your contacts after this two minute phone exam, you will get headaches or your vision will still not be perfect, you’ll end up having to go to a real doctor to fix the issue, meaning you’ll have to pay for two exams. Theirs AND this dumb app. Not to mention eye exams aren’t just for contacts, they’re to check the health of your eye as well. You only have two eyes, a lot of eye diseases or issues are asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms. I’d hate to think something wouldn’t be caught due to phone eye exams 🙄.
  • A Brilliant Time-Saving App 5/5

    By Raemsie21
    Simple Contacts couldn’t be easier. I logged in and took the exam in about 10 minutes. I didn’t have my volume turned up so my exam didn’t work properly. Within 5 minutes of finishing the exam I got a text message asking me to retake it. When I retook it, I then got a confirmation that it worked. My prescription had been reviewed and confirmed within two days and my new contacts arrived by the end of the week. The prices were competitive, and the convenience unparalleled. I will definitely be using Simple Contacts again in the future.
  • So easy!! 5/5

    By Little loolers
    I do not have time to go to the eye doctor with my busy life and 3 kids. I don’t have eye problems and need a very low powered prescription. I just ran out of contacts and needed to order fast. This app allowed me to do that and was MUCH cheaper than so many, many, many other site I tried. I’m a customer for life.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Happy & Balanced
    Simple Contacts has saved me so much time. Where has this app been all my life? I’ve been using it for 2 years now and whenever I’ve had questions they have gotten back to me right away. Great customer service.
  • So easy! 5/5

    By Baby Hendrix
    When I saw this advertisement on social media I absolutely had to try this! I have been stretching out wearing my contacts for months now because going to the eye doctor can be costly. Even through Target. Insurance is never cover I exams anymore. And I’m such a busy person I would do anything to have one less errand to run out in traffic!
  • >~ Fantastic Service!!! 5/5

    By L334b
    Fantastic Service ~ Name Brand Contacts ~ No Hassle & at a fraction of the cost for eye exam & contacts themselves!!!! I Love Simply Contacts & they have my recommendation 100% !!
  • Seems simple! 5/5

    By outta eyes
    I live in a small own far from an affordable eye doctor but I need my contacts. I just ran out and tried to re order but was not able to get an immediate appointment and couldn’t afford the high cost or time off work. I found this app and gave it a try. Crazy easy! If it works then I am in love!
  • Awesome and easy! 5/5

    By Hotchilis2000
    I’ve had the same eye prescription for years and the yearly eye exam is so expensive and inconvenient so this was perfect for me! Love it!
  • Gross 1/5

    By iijjj1231
    This is not healthy for your eyes. I hate it. I wouldn’t even rate it a 1 star. More like negative
  • Not really all that 2/5

    By Pregodude
    I just recently got my script and was looking for an easier way to get my contacts refilled. I had 1800 contacts before so I wanted to compare. They are a couple of bucks cheaper. However, I bought mine from Costco which saved me like $30 for a 6 months supply. These online contact companies are so ripping us off. Do your research.
  • Easy Peazy 5/5

    By Jen 335
    I love how minimalist the app is. So on trend! So 2k18! Prices are better than 1800. Also the customer experience team is sickeningly friendly?! Like I want them to be my friends?
  • It really does work! 5/5

    By Bcpuppy
    So i was desperate to refill me contacts and did not want to pay $130 for an exam when i know my vision has not changed and cannot afford it anyway. Contacts are expensive enough! I went online looking for any option to use my expired prescription. I went on some blog that talked about this app. So i thought what the heck ill try it. It seriously worked and was easy. Honestly to easy to be true but it worked! Im waiting for mine to ship. But am super excited!
  • Cheap, Fast, and Easy to Use! 5/5

    By The Buffather
    This app hits all the marks for me. First off, using this app my contacts cost about half the cost of the same contacts at 1-800-contacts; even after the 1-800-contacts infamous rebate. Speaking of rebates, Simple Contacts is just affordable right off the bat — no BS rebates and the weeks of waiting that come with them. Secondly, the renewable eye exam was super fast and cheap ($10). Third, the shipping was FAST... just a few days. I will always choose Simple from now on. They’re true to their name. I’m happy.
  • frustrating 1/5

    By 605hp
    in principle it sounds like a nice proposition. but in reality it is extremely frustrating. I tried the exam 5 times and it never worked. so this app is useless to me. not sure what else to say
  • Definitely recommend 5/5

    By Bia W
    Everything went as smooth as it was described. Exam was simple and fast. Delivery was quick too.
  • Scam 1/5

    By DarBar242424
    Would love to know how an app can replace a physical examination of the cornea. A video?? You can’t be serious. Way to make people even more unconcerned with their health...all to make a
  • Such a money and time saver 5/5

    By Junior4372
    This is great, saved me money and I received my contacts quickly.
  • Where has this been all my life? 5/5

    By RandiSK
    It has been frustrating to have to go into the eye doctor every year to renew the same prescription. This was so easy I was shocked. I don’t have any other eye conditions, which would require an eye doctor to personally see me, so this is amazing!
  • So impressed 5/5

    By PhotoDood
    Couldn’t have been easier! Wayyyyy convenient and amazing.
  • Very very buggy! 2/5

    By Kill Da Bunny
    Just ordered my first set of contacts via this service but the app is almost too buggy to stand. After completing all tests and getting ready to purchase it just logged me out. Then upon log in it would not accept my ID and PW. I tried over and over and nothing. The reset password email is useless as it takes you to the app to the same screen as before and never lets you reset anything. I could log in on that actual website on browser but you need the app to complete the tests. I had already completed them but there’s no sharing of this data with the site or I could have completed my order. I had to delete the app and redownload and then it let me log in. It had my info saved but I had to retake the tests AGAIN! This was a pain. This took about 2 hours for me to complete and not 5 mins. And chat was closed so I just had to wing it, and I am more tech savvy than 95% of humans. I work in healthcare so was also doing this to know if I can safely recommend this site. Furthermore, if one chooses to use this service they should ship overnight for cheaper or maybe even free. It is a very very small package and free next day shipping would be a selling point. For the free shipping option that takes 3 days, I estimate that the time you have to wait to have an optometrist look at your exam and certify it then it’s close to a week of waiting. Fix your app and make it sound. Sync the site with the app so the tests don’t need to be repeated. Lastly, fix your reset password option as it’s awful.
  • I can’t believe this worked! 5/5

    By Mmmazingmary
    I decided to do this last week took literally 5 mins to do the exam and fill out questions, they sent me a tracking number 2 days later and my contacts just arrived at my door today
  • Too good to be true but it’s TRUE! 5/5

    By Mstimetravel
    I had previously gotten my contacts via another app (not going to mention names) but they were always a hassle because they would always want to verify my Rx with my eye dr every year. It would literally cost me $100 to go get seen plus another $100 for the contacts so i decided to search elsewhere for contacts. I came across this app on the app store and decided to give it a try. At first i was skeptical but it’s true and simple to use! I will keep using this app for my contacts because not only because it’s easy and simple but because it’s also more economical than the previous app I used. If i had the option of giving them a billion stars, i would!
  • Expensive. Limited phone support. HIV discrimination 1/5

    By Ezb1333333ezb
    Expensive. Lenses cost more than an exam and a year supply at lens crafters— the king of price gougers. Limited phone support. Monday through Friday. I think like one person answers it. HIV discrimination. Read the fine print, they won’t do business with you if you’re HIV+
  • Great communication! 5/5

    By rfsmsu99
    Great initial impressions!
  • My priority buying contacts is from Simple Contacts! 5/5

    By SpazeDeeva
    Very helpful, courteous and go beyond the customer service level.
  • Ordering Contacts From the Subway?? 5/5

    By BrandoTheHarris
    I’m someone who can easily forget to order new contacts till I’m on my last pair for two months. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, but I have worn a pair of contacts for as long as four months cause I just didn’t get around to sitting down at my computer and placing my order for new contacts. As silly as it sounds, being able to order contacts from an app really has been a game changer! Simple Contacts is extremely easy, with great prices, and fantastic customer service. Order a new set of contacts from the subway? Why yes, I think I will. (I’m even writing this review on the subway.) Thanks Simple Contacts!
  • Never going anywhere else! 5/5

    By Bquirk3
    If you don’t believe they need a 5 Star, I’m sorry you feel that way. It is called simple contacts for a reason! It’s cheap to get lenses, and the staff is willing and helpful to make sure to stay on top of your prescription! They go above and beyond to make you a satisfied customer and I’m so glad I tried it out because I will never go anywhere else! I’ve had contacts for 18 years now and I wish this company had been around for that long because it makes getting new contacts so easy and accurate on your prescription! Thank you simple contacts!

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