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  • Current Version: 0.9.307
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jundroo, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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SimpleRockets 2 App

SimpleRockets 2 requires 2GB of RAM. Works with iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR; iPad Mini 4, 5; iPad Air 2, 3; iPad Pro; iPod Touch 7th gen (2019) SimpleRockets 2 DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, 3; iPod Touch 6th gen and lower SimpleRockets 2 is a fully 3D space sim that lets you build rockets, airplanes, rovers, or anything you can imagine and explore highly detailed 3D planets. Easily share crafts and saved games with the community. Included are 17 different challenges to put your creations to the test. Build crafts by snapping parts together. Choose from the pre-built engines, such as the Mage, which is a powerful kerosene-fueled engine. Or choose the very weak, but highly efficient Ion Engine. Or you can dig deeper into the complexity of rocket science and design your own rocket engines. Choose from the eight available engine types, seven nozzles, and six fuel types. From there you can change engine size, nozzle length, throat radius, and more. Use interstages to split your craft into multiple stages and piece together modular fairings to protect your precious cargo. Launch multiple crafts into orbit. You can dock with your existing crafts to build space stations, moon bases, refueling stations, etc. Resize and reshape fuel tanks, wings, cargo bays, fairings, and nose cones with easy-to-use tools that help you create exactly what you want. Resize solar panels, wheels, pistons, shocks, etc to fit your needs. Paint your craft custom colors and tweak their reflectiveness, emissiveness, and texture styles. Orbits are realistically simulated and support time-warp so you don't have to wait several months to reach another planet. The Map View makes it easy to see your orbits and plan future burns, which you can use to set up future encounters with other planets or satellites. The flight model dynamically updates drag and lift characteristics of your craft as it changes. Re-entry effects kick in when you're screaming through an atmosphere at hypersonic speeds. Be careful, because the excessive heat can cause those aforementioned rapid unplanned disassemblies. Download from a huge collection of user-uploaded crafts and sandboxes on our website. Upload your own crafts and sandboxes and share them with the community. Rise through the ranks from a white level builder to a gold level builder and beyond. FEATURES * Fully 3D Rocket Designer that allows building anything from basic rockets to very complicated multi-stage rockets, airplanes, rovers, satellites, robotic mechs, etc. * Design custom rocket engines and jet engines * Realistic rocket physics and orbital mechanics. * Over 30 parts, including fairings, retractable solar panels, rover wheels, engines, etc. * Highly procedural parts that can be resized and reshaped into endless combinations, such as the resizable fuel tank and the cargo bay. * Map View to navigate the solar system that displays predicted orbits and encounters. * Fully 3D, rotating planets that support water and multiple biomes, such as desert, grasslands, tundra, etc. * Persistent sandbox that retains your previous launches. * Players can upload their rockets and sandboxes and share them with other players. * Online community where players can upvote and comment on other players' content. * Several build and flight challenges. * Parts support textures, reflections, and custom coloring. * Flight model dynamically updates drag and lift characteristics of your craft as it changes. * Re-entry effects including visual effects and part damage from heat. * Custom Launch Locations allow launching from multiple places in the solar system. * Support for saving custom subassemblies. * Crafts can dock together in orbit and transfer fuel. * Built-in tutorials show you how to build a craft and how to achieve orbit. * Time-Warp allows fast-forwarding while in orbit.

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SimpleRockets 2 app reviews

  • Refund 2/5

    By Hello_User10
    I need a refund as soom as possible.
  • One of the best games made by jundroo 5/5

    By inferno leader
    I am a fan of jundroo games but this took it to a whole new level. I only ask for weapons in the game since SimplePlanes had weapons.
  • Simple Boats? 5/5

    By Rex6240
    This is a great game just like simple planes. Could we get a simple boats next?
  • Simple rockets more like complex rockets 4/5

    By hungrymarshmellow
    I got this game as a mobile version of Kerala space program, the games fine but it’s just too complex, I don’t know when the atmosphere ends so I just guess. The map screen does not show apoapsis or pereapsis.
  • The game is amazing, but.... 5/5

    By Jdudydid
    So, the game is amazing, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is amazing, almost everything about this game is amazing. But there is an issue I’m having, I’ve been trying to download some other peoples creations on the simple rockets 2 website, I choose which one I want to download, go back to simple rockets 2, and start up the game, but every time I do, the game ends up crashing, about 6 seconds later. Although, maybe this issue may be because of my iPad, or that the build are just to good for the game to run. Is there a fix to this at all? Edit: Just one more question, is it because it has has requirements for it to run fine? I don’t really know how good or bad my iPad handles things...
  • 5 stars if u fix it 4/5

    By titansnhhhhhhh
    When I played this with big rockets it kicks me out of the game pls fix this kicking thing
  • Stick with the original. 1/5

    By Tay254
    I’ve been playing SimpleRockets for probably 5 or 6 years and I’ve loved building complete space stations, docking ships, etc. This game might be decent on a computer but the controls are so difficult when building the rockets that I don’t even want anything to do with it. Complete waste of $5.
  • Very good but 1 issue 4/5

    By lIIIlIIIlII
    The game is very good but it crashes far too much sadly
  • Fun, Creative, Educational 5/5

    By sflanker_
    SimpleRockets 2 is hands down the most captivating game I have gotten into. Building planes, rockets, and space probe is easy and the possibility are virtually limitless. Designing efficient and automated craft will give you an opportunity to use math and physics you haven't thought about since high school. And the game is only getting better as the developers continue to add functionality.
  • Astronauts heat up 4/5

    By Darthvader0219
    Astronauts tend to heat up even when inside a spacecraft. It’s almost as if they were completely unprotected by the rocket. Please fix this.
  • Very good game. 4/5

    By Itsamariotime52
    I really enjoy playing this game, but it crashes frequently now matter how what my graphics settings are. Always save after launching or landing. But sometimes it even crashed while I’m saving.
  • Amazing, but... 4/5

    By i like space
    This may just be a problem with my device, but my game keeps freezing when I load the space craft in the world, and it is not even that big of a vehicle! Please address this issue A.S.A.P I love this game
  • Small things that don’t really matter but annoy me 4/5

    By Skoopiteedoop
    I have had a hard time building rockets. I’ve had this game for a long time and I have to admit building a rocket is difficult, you finish the rocket and then bam staging is all mest up every engine is in a wrong place, every parachute and landing gear. Then you have to sort all that out like a 10 minute puzzle or a Rubin cube (extreme exaggeration). Sometimes if I put too much detail into one of my rockets I guess they just explode (understandably) I understand the limitations of a game like this but I hate how it’s called “simple rockets 2” but it has so many features split into different areas all over the place like an actual rocket. En example of that would be all the fact that there is a size option but then in the “tinker panel” there’s another one instead of one size option idk, the centers of gravity are all different buttons for no reason at all whatsoever, no seriously why would this benefit anyone, you have to go to the arrow tab to go to the part shape tool when you could just easily just select a part and press the part options thing and do it much easier in simple planes, and when you go to the map thing the camera view is the most annoying and awkward thing ever. like, why. But the hard work that was put in this game shows. It functions, it looks really good, it's realistic, and it has a lot of cool features, and the pros REALLY out way the cons. Even though there’s things that annoy me the pros out way the cons .I’ve never really compared it to other space rocket sims like ksp because I've never played it, so this might be the best space rocket sim ever.
  • Lots of potential,not very user friendly, needs option for imperial units 2/5

    By SavedByTheBlood
    This game could be great, but still needs work to be more user friendly. THOUGH I would love to suggest the option to change to imperial units. This has to be an easy option for the designers to add in. A way to convert and use imperial units instead of metric.
  • Crashing 4/5

    By Kadinaaaaaaaaa
    I love this game a lot. But recently I cannot launch ANY rocket. Even the tiny ones with like 32 parts! It says that an in progress flight was made, I selected undo flight once and the other time keep flight. I tried over 50 times hard resetting and shutting down every time. It was working before but I don’t know what happened. It crashes every time, connected to very good internet. I loved the game but I can’t launch it which is really frustrating. It only works on my phone. But I love this game because everything is more customizable than KSP. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem and if anyone could offer a solution. Please try to fix this if possible. Thank you; a loyal fan.
  • Very good game 5/5

    By Gr33n mac1n3
    This game is perfect for launching rockets on the go! If you like me love space you will love this game! You can build anything you want with some time a skill and have tons of fun along the way! You don’t just have to build rockets either you can build cars and planes too! If that’s not enough you can share your rockets with everyone on the official SimpleRockets 2 website! You get to download other people’s crafts and share your own! It’s a little pricey but believe me it is definitely worth it! These guys an Jundroo make amazing games so why not treat yourself and make everyone happy!
  • Great game but where’s Overload? 4/5

    By abcdefgIhavenonicknames
    It will be much better if the developers can pack mods like Overload into the game. (Just like simple planes)
  • Outstanding! For the non-“idle”! 5/5

    By Shufei
    Finally, a proper full orbital simulator with actual legs. No subscription scams. No freemium scams. Just real, intense, brainy sand boxing in a decent Unity physics playground. Simple Rockets 2 has been largely well tailored for iPad play. But now and then it is well worthwhile to use a Bluetooth keyboard. This is a full, real computer game, like we had in the good ole days. If what are called “games” bore you to tears and offend the senses... if you would like to build air and spacecraft as detailed as you like, whole space outposts... this is the game for you.
  • Better than ksp space program but has one problem 4/5

    By Daniel kai hood
    Can you please upgrade the game so I can stop getting kicked out of the game I wished this game hadn’t had this problem before I still like it I would’ve gave this Game a five out of five star review
  • Ok game 3/5

    By gamer king723
    This is an ok game but it is very buggy when I even try to download the smallest things it just crashes plz fix or I will delete
  • Crash 2/5

    By The Ron 97
    The game stinks. Every time I try to play it crashes. It is a outrage.
  • Upgrades 3/5

    By Jon ZOLO
    I’m looking for zero point energy generators & anti gravity propulsion
  • AMAZING GAME but 1 bug 5/5

    By yeet's to all
    So I’ve been playing this game since I pre-ordered it its amazing and you should get it it’s worth the money. But a few weeks ago I keep seeing just squares not the locations. IDK if it’s only happening to me. But I still think it’s worth the money

    By RW101
    This game is absolutely phenomenal. It has the potential to be a top 10 app of all time, and it would certainly be endorsed by apple because of its strong STEM ties. However, the building system is too clunky. Sure it may be hard to redesign a building system, but instead of adding new content, this needs to be fixed. The game already has infinite amounts of content and playing time, but the builder system is what keeps many players away. It building a simple rocket can take upwards of 10 minutes due to how hard it is to have a 3D editor. This is because you don’t have to toggle certain controls, you simply press to do upwards of 3 different functions. This can cause unwanted functions occurring, all because tapping selects, dragging moves the camera, and dragging also moves parts. A suggestion I may put forward is a 2D editor, like CAD modeling programs, where the screen is fixed and you drag parts on. That and making a toggle function for building and moving the camera. Doing both with one finger is tough.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Viperheadman
    Thank you for a really awesome game. Please fix the paint tool. Different parts of the rocket cannot be painted different colors.
  • 10/10 would rate again 5/5

    By laughingfjnnygirl200
    Great app, but let’s be honest... this should be compatible with SimplePlanes. Otherwise I love it and it’s honestly a great app and well worth the price. It also help that it gives you realistic stats so you can see how plausible the rocket you build is in real life! I’ve had this for a day but I’m still learning new things about aerodynamics! I love it! Good job jundroo!👍
  • Super Duper Fun But Just ONE Thing 5/5

    By UrlumRing
    This App Is The #1 Best I’ve Ever Got But There Is Just One Thing I Don’t Like. It Has A Limit To How Big A Craft Can Be In Order For It To Be Downloaded On Mobile. I Whenever I See That The Download Button Is Red, It Means It’s Too Big For Mobile. Whenever I Try To Do It, It Just Says That It’s “Enormous” And I’ll Have To Login In Order To Do It. Other Than That It’s A 5-Star
  • Ok 3/5

    By poopoo but hole
    Don’t get on mobile it is so laggy you can’t even spawn in the starter rocket please fix it was fine before astronauts
  • Please add destruction!!! GG 5/5

    By ajatilash
    Ok so basically your typical review more bug fixes ,Performance issues etc... I WANT GUNS take the guns from simple planes for all I care I WANT GUNS, DESTRUCTION, WAR. I want space battles that work on low performance CPUs, other than that maybe a better tutorial? I have to say good job🙂👍🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 please take this as a thought at least thank you for giving me my life dream of an astronaut GG cya in space!!
  • Great game... some suggestions 4/5

    By vliabfvliaybfvnli
    I think the addition of more planets and moons would make this game better. Also possibly make it easier to dock and add aero forces to break apart a vessel. Otherwise this is a really solid game that runs surprisingly well on a mobile device! Well done devs :)
  • Hey nice but! 5/5

    By Duck Life Rules FOR REAL
    Make it so your astronauts can be useful! Here are my recommendations: -Astronauts multi-lab setup -Science tools -better buildings you can upgrade (fully upgraded In sandbox) -Astronauts follow the controlled astronaut -Different types of astronauts (pilot, engineer, etc.) -AND ANYTHING YOU WANT!!! YAY The rockets are good, but!! Recommendations for Rockets: -mirrored actions between ships -Actually more detail in design of Rockets and etc. BONUS!! -ROBOTS -ROBOT BUILD YOUR OWN -PRELOADED ROBOTS -HUMANOID ROBOTS -DOGAN... Doganoid robots??? -ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK ABOUT AGAIN!
  • Fun, but crashes. 3/5

    By JFoxxy883
    The game is definitely worth the price, while I think there should be more, like an advancement mode, it is still amazing and worth the price. The only issue is it keeps crashing.
  • Great rocket simulator! 5/5

    By Panda Aerospace inc.
    At first, the controls were hard to use for me. I had no idea how the heck to leave Droo (earth)‘s atmosphere, but after watching some tutorials I now have probes and satellites on Cylero and Tydos :D
  • Awesome game! Would love to see new features 4/5

    By ricardomantilla
    Would love to see new aesthetic features added to the game in the future like night lights in the globe when it’s orbiting on the dark side and also preset rockets similar to real life creations like the falcon 9
  • Used to love this until now 2/5

    By Reese32885
    Ever since the newest update I can’t even get into orbit without the app completely shutting down. I’m running on a iPhone 11 Pro Max. I never dreamed I would have this issue with the best phone money can buy. So disappointed
  • Have some experience with space flight before you buy this game. 5/5

    By Benjoby057
    This is an extremely well designed app. It’s perfect for making a 5$ app, you are getting your money's worth here. The game is easy to use, runs smoothly on IPhone 7, and in general is very fun. However, this app is a space flight simulator with real physics and accurate orbital dynamics. Space is HARD. It’s so difficult that someone with no experience will crash and burn here. To like this game, you need to like this kind of thing. If you don’t know what orbital dynamics are you won’t have any fun. Not to mention the solar system is to scale... Space is absolutely massive. Trial and error won’t work here. It’s so big you won’t be able to even imagine the scale you will be moving across. You will get it the moment you start zooming out in the map. This game is not for normal people to play. (I mean you can play it, but be warned of the feeling of ignorance you will get from it, or the trauma brought by trying to understand it.) Simple Rockets as of now is sadly not a good platform to learn orbital dynamics on. Mobile devices sadly provide a massive challenge for Jundroo to overcome, and as of now it’s playable, it isn’t something you can use with no experience. There are other ways to get into Space games, Kerbal Space Program is recommendable for learning how to do Space flight. It’s interface and overall polish will allow you to actually learn this kind of thing. Simple Rockets does not hold back in difficulty, and if you don’t understand that, you won’t enjoy the game. Overall it is well worth the price if you are willing to play it and know what you are doing.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Fishsticks 11187
    This is an incredible game that makes the dream of space flight one step closer. Although I have a few suggestions, A interactive launch tower would be nice A view from the cockpit would be incredible Landing on other planets is very difficult a tutorial explaining how to land on one would be cool Overall very nice game 5 stars all the way😀
  • Please fix it 4/5

    By giouvita
    This game is really good even better than KSP but now nothing works what I mean is any craft I build explodes! Now I am building everything right even the download crafts explode even the newest ones!!! Please fix that bug 🤗
  • Absurdly difficult game all around. 1/5

    By thatnicknameistaken3
    I have played simple rockets the original since nearly day 1, been playing it for years and like the name says it’s simple. Took me 3 days to start figuring out this game and now I’m 2 weeks in and barely leaving earths orbit. Much too complex for a simpleton like myself I guess...
  • Favorite mobile game 5/5

    By P. My Undies
    There is so much gameplay if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t I would play a 2d rocket sim first. Also the amount of customization in this game is amazing. In the engine you can customize the way the engine is powered, the size of the bell, and type of fuel. The only thing I want from this game is different command pods and multiplayer.
  • Way too complicated 1/5

    By JohnPaul Longmate
    Simple rockets 1 is way better for mobile. This game is WAY too hard to figure out and try to do for a mobile platform.
  • Awesome game like the astronaut update 5/5

    By swag kid driver
    This game is so awesome and I like the new astronaut update and yes that dose include Eva which if you don't know what that is it means exiting your aircraft and floating or walking around and going Eva was a thing I always wanted in this game and now it is! If your reading this review and your thinking on getting this game I recommend you get it. It might be a little overwhelming at first but you will get use to it I always wanted a space game like this on a mobile device awesome game devs keep up the good work👍.
  • suggest 5/5

    By 很讚的vpn
    hope more language
  • Amazing game, but doesn't work for me anymore. 2/5

    By Ace Combat Legend
    I bought this game on the release day, and have played it for a long time. Jun drop have really outdone themselves between this and SimplePlanes. However, after the update, this game no longer works on my iPhone SE. Every time I launch the game it auto quits and sends me back to my phone's dashboard. No matter what I do I can't launch the game. Restarting the phone, deleting the app and reinstalling, clearing caches, nothing works. It's a huge shame because I love this game and have been a huge supporter of Jundroo, but I can no longer play this game. If it worked my review would easily be 5 stars.
  • Needs air brakes and cable 5/5

    By no you 1234
    Needs air brakes and cable and airbags
  • Great game! 5/5

    By PositiveRockets
    I’ve been playing this game since it came out and I’ve always been a fan, recently they’ve added astronauts which brought a whole new touch to the game. If your into rockets, physics, and building anything, this game is definitely for you! It’s more than building now, You can script your on codes, soon you will be able to build planets and and have a career mode, this game is the most fun you can get on a mobile game, the possibilities are endless.
  • It’s fun except for the rocket building part 3/5

    By Deathbot2k
    Rocket building takes 10-30 mins not because it is complicated (like ksp is) but because the controls for moving and placing parts take several tries to get right (specifically placing radial separators) the mirror tool is completely disfunctional, as it mirrors them about 45 degrees off of where the first object was placed, and not anywhere near the opposite side, making getting a proper center of thrust next to impossible considering you need to manually place the separators every time. Flying rockets is incredibly easy, the game changed from 2d to 3D flying mechanics well, but building rockets is frustrating and building rockets correctly is even more of a challenge. The hit boxes for the arrows to make parts bigger clip through the object so you are likely to completely screw up and change the size of a fuel tank while spending 3-5 minutes trying to place it on a radial separator, messing up the center of mass and causing you to need to start the hard and grueling process all over again. Even if you know the exact parts to use and where it still takes ages to build a rocket, and even more to build a functioning one, I might still play but it’s just not intuitive at all. Edit: forgot to mention there is no tutorial at all, the only way you can build a functioning rocket is if you understand ksp mechanics with center of mass, lift, and thrust Edit #2: there is a tutorial apparently, I just never ended up seeing it
  • Refund 4/5

    By Soyeddy127
    Im not bad talking this game atall, honestly i just didnt mean to buy it , i was only checking it out and i accidently pressed the download and now i have it. I obviously tried it but it was not my intention to buy it. If so can i get my refund because that money was for something else! Thank you.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By 🐷PorkyFace111🐷
    Basically KSP on mobile. The planets look fantastic, and the orbital mechanics is incredibly accurate. It is true that the controls are different, but they aren’t “impossible” like so many bad reviews have claimed. If you haven’t put in the 30 seconds required to explore the UI, that’s your problem. Don’t believe the poor reviews—if they aren’t criticizing the UI, they are generally moronic and nonensical. In fact, sometimes I come here to read them just for a laugh. Overall, the game is great, and I would recommend it.

SimpleRockets 2 app comments

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