Sincerely - Off My Chest

Sincerely - Off My Chest

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Sincerely - Off My Chest App

Sincerely is a safe place to get things off your chest and help others. Have secrets, questions, struggles, thoughts, and untold stories? Write them down in anonymous letters and others will respond! You will receive 3 letters every night. Read others' letters and help them out. Remember, you are not alone in this world. There's always someone out there for you :) - Write letters to get things off your chest - Receive 3 letters every night at 8pm - Respond to strangers - Send virtual hugs to support others - Join our discord to give us feedback

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Sincerely - Off My Chest app reviews

  • This is a good app but needs fixing 3/5

    By Tytybaby250
    This is honestly a good app I’ve already had some decent conversations with people about their issues, and I’ve been able to rant and get some feedback for mine it really helps when you don’t have anybody to talk to. Now in saying that they give you one opportunity a day to write how you feel, this is where it needs fixing not cause of the one a day thing that’s fine, but I started to write my letter or idk what it was cause it only gave me a 140 character limit and letters don’t have a character limit, but then I backed out of it and now apparently I have to wait another 24 hours to write a letter even though I never got the opportunity to write this one for today smh
  • I love this app 5/5

    By LouEgrace
    I lost my account the other day and no matter what I try I can’t get it back :( please help
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Justheretowritereviews
    Been going through a lot and found this through Tik Tok. I was shocked when the company responded to my letter. Thank you, hoping to keep going for a while longer ❤️
  • Eh 3/5

    By kaylaseker
    This app is wonderful or should i say was wonderful every since the reactions were added everyone responds to me with those instead of actually answering the questions which made me stop because i thought this was a venting app but it feels like im getting judged instead
  • I never write reviews🧍🏻‍♀️ 5/5

    By Read neow!!
    This app is seriously so amazing. A lot of the time I have so much to say but never get the chance to do so yet somehow here, with a complete stranger I get that. Most of us here can all relate with wanting just anyone to listen so we give that to others. I love this app! I just wish I could write more entries in one day. My mind constantly has things to say!!!
  • yes. 4/5

    By it's better
    literally love this app. it has helped so many times and the warmth i feel when i help someone else being able to talk to people and not feel pressured because you know them is awesome. and know you can help someone else but still just not feel pressured because you didn’t give good advice is one of the best parts. AND ITS FREE!!!

    By UhmCesarr
    I downloaded this app from something I saw and this has already had a huge impact on just my mental wellness. Expressing myself and not just bottling it in. It feels good and helping others as well from the letters you receive. Really amazing app !
  • Meh 1/5

    By JoieGrandbois
    I like writing responses but the app doesn’t seem to let me post my own letters. I was hoping it would be a little more of an exchange. It’s seems pretty one way right now.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By gol20bro
    This app is like nothing I’ve seen before. The community it has is wonderfully positive and it is a great way to share your feelings. Sometimes you just can’t tell the people around you what’s happening, so being able to share anonymously really helps promote healthy habits. If you are someone who isn’t used to sharing their emotions, this may be a great way to start! Simple, safe, anonymous.
  • please move the send button! 4/5

    By Nobody10293847575
    I was literally in the middle of typing a response and because the send button was in the way when i was trying to edit the message it sent when i wasn’t done with it. and there is no way for me to unsend it or edit it once it’s been sent. please make some precautions so it doesn’t send so easily and please please move the button somewhere else! great app otherwise
  • Remove reactions to others postings 4/5

    By Kayann22
    I absolutely love this app and I feel that it’s a great way to get your emotions out and help others who may need it. The one thing i do dislike though is that people can leave reactions to your letters instead of actually responding. Some people may need genuine guidance/advice and it’s zero help whatsoever by dropping a heart emoji or something else in response to their letter. I know there is an option to skip letters, but far too many people ignore this just so they can keep leveling up and get ‘promoted’ for responding to others letters. This is no fault to the developers themselves, but I feel like you should either make people respond, or skip the letters entirely. I asked for guidance on a personal topic previously and got one written response.. and 7 emoji responses. I was so frustrated because I asked a question, hoping for actual written responses. It felt so discouraging to open up about something bothering me, just to have no one actually assist me aside from one person.
  • I love it but… 5/5

    By bhkfhbhk
    I love it but after I open it I honestly feel a little more depressed than I did when I opened it. That’s probably just a me problem. But just saying. I do love the app tho
  • Rating this app 5/5

    By kvssss.
    I really love this app i feel free to let people know what I’m dealing with and what is on my mind and I also enjoying giving others advice and giving them some encouragement etc
  • i love this freaking app 5/5

    By Child with a heart
    i got one of my close friends who struggles with (bad) mental health issues to download this, and it has helped them in the long run
  • Idk 4/5

    By reviewpersonthatis..
    I like the idea but I wish you could receive letters sooner to help more people

    By EmnMROKS
    Im clumsy and a new user but “el ob el” if you see this i am so sorry. THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAY TO UNSEND LETTERS CAUSE I TYPED LIKE 2 SENTENCES THEN ACCIDENTALLY SENT A LETTER TO SOMEONE. I couldnt unsend it but could only find report or block so i thought maybe ill attempt doing one to see if it foxes things. And then theres not a way to unblock a person. I know they were going through a very hard time so i feel very very bad and had great advice too if i couldve gotten to it. I never write reviews, but this needs to change. Because i know im clumsy and it might happen again istgillcry. I feel bad to my core. Otherwise app is great so far

    By xoxo6297
    I’m not a fan of social media, but I still want to feel connected. This app is the best app I have EVER downloaded. You write an anonymous journal entry (prompts are given but you don’t need to follow them), and strangers respond with advice, shared feelings, anything. I’ve always struggled with journaling every day, and this makes me motivated to do so (I don’t want my family and friends to read my journal but when it’s anonymous you get real unfiltered advice and responses which makes you motivated to share your feelings to see if others feel the same way, you’re overreacting, etc). I am so excited to get my letters every day. I also love how they limit you to 3/4 so that you actually get excited (instead of it being endless and you don’t appreciate it anymore… endless cycle of tiktok…). This app reminds you that people are also struggling, and you are not alone. It’s real people and real stories and real feelings, much more refreshing than traditional social media will ever be. It helps me really reflect on my life and reflect on other peoples lives. I feel refreshed, grateful and grounded after I use this app. Instead of anxious depressed and sluggish. Download this app. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • My Rating 5/5

    By Heyitsgiselleglol
    I'm not a professional but this app helped with my issues a lot because I got to talk to people my age who get me and get my issues i love this app and will always continue to use it❤️❤️❤️
  • absolutely amazing 5/5

    By lyla.l
    i love this app SO much! i found it on tiktok through an ad and when i looked through the comments to see almost completely genuine, happy reviews, i checked it out. it was a bit weird and confusing at first but after figuring it out, i fell in love with it. it's so nice to be able to anonymously rant, vent, and just let things out. also being able to try and help others when they need advice is amazing. (i was on like a 30 day streak a few times but accidentally messed it up, gotta love having a bad memory) i genuinely love this app and i still recommend it to my friends. from HoneyBoy💛 (yes this is my Sincerely username, it's become my new favorite user)
  • I love ittttt 5/5

    By Lola 😔😭
    So good
  • This app = my mental health, Health, and productivity 5/5

    By cufkutc
    This app has literally helped me so much I’ve had some of the worse days ever and I’ve been at my lowest many times and this app helps so much to get whatever I need off my chest and shoulders it’s really my safe place and it feels so healthy idk where I would be with out it seriously being able to talk to people that actually know how communicate and not just say “same” feels so good and people don’t understand how much there responses help even if it’s just an “I’m proud of you🤍”
  • Almost perfect app 5/5

    By shelb-dawg
    I really like this app, but once you write your letter and answer the 3/4 letters you get, that’s it for the day.. maybe if there was something else you could do in app, maybe friend people, have like a virtual journal with prompts, be able to write more than one letter, and read more letters, i say no more than writing 3 letters per day
  • Good with potential. 3/5

    By NINfan1999
    I like this app so far, it reminds me of the old page group hug. I would like to request the developers make pronouns optional, as I do not participate in self identification. thank you.
  • I love this app already 5/5

    By •EmiMoon Star•
    i just got this app and i already love it, i just have one suggestion. maybe something like a password for the app, my mom often goes through my phone/ipad and i don’t want her to be able to go through my more personal stuff. i hope it’s not too big of a suggestion, just it would be very helpful.
  • I love this app. 5/5

    By dnjdndksmsi
    I love this app. It is an amazing place, filled with amazing people. It’s a great place to vent, ask for advice, share recent thoughts, or just talk. You can share music as well. The people on here are so nice. I’ve been trying this thing to wright daily, and this app has really helped. I’m so glad I downloaded this and will definitely being using it for the foreseeable future.
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By k0dzul0i
    i really love this app, its honestly the best way to vent without judgement.
  • great app for venting or journaling, devs actually listen to users 5/5

    By k a m i i
    Sincerely is a great app for venting or journaling. The report system works well and there are only a few bugs, but they get fixed quickly. The devs actually listen to the users and take suggestions. This app has made my life a bit better :).
  • amazing app 5/5

    By emmy1717171717171771171
    i’ve been looking for a FREE app like this. it lets me get so much off my chest and makes me feel so great. i love venting and helping others and this is exactly what you do. thank you to the creators. no complaints at all from me!
  • love 5/5

    By pococutie
    this is probably one of the first apps that i love, being able to write and connect with people is so cool and fascinating. i love being able to give advice or help when someone may need it but it stays anonymous. the amount of people on there including myself being vulnerable and open is so beautiful and lovely to see. it’s healing a part of me knowing that i am not alone when dealing w some thoughts and knowing there’s someone behind there that’s willing to help makes me so much more meaningful <3
  • Why does it make me send to a friend before writing now? 3/5

    By akashm1234
    I used to love this app, especially responding to people and feeling like I was doing something good with my time but I hate this new update
  • Review 5/5

    By Connor Justin
    This app is amazing 😍😍🤩🤩🥳 It helps stay anonymous and you get to help yourself and others.
  • Love 4/5

    By rene42417
    I love this app I genuinely feel like it is helping alot of people, only downfall is nobody seems to pick “your” or “my” message by o respond too. The short simple ones i see get more of a response rather than a long rant or question
  • Was good until the share button. 1/5

    By xoVioley
    What’s the point of having an app based around anonymity if people can share my letters?? That’s so redundant and honestly a bad move on the developers. I, as well as many people, have poured my heart out into letters and now people can share my deepest secrets with others😐
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Kiera Laney
    This App is perfect, I love having a place to vent where nobody knows who I am!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By The real 🍀
    I needed this
  • bad 1/5

    By hElLoOOoO00000hhh
    I couldn’t even log in. I was excited because of the reviews. But I used my email and ebenerer in the correct code and it didn’t even work. trash app
  • Ts is 🔥 5/5

    By Bigkittyjohn
    u can vent or wtv n help ppl n its anonymous🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  • Monitoring 4/5

    By teedeelgie
    It's a good app. You can vent and people there will try to make you feel better and even change the way you view things. But I feel like there should be monitoring, because I'm receiving insults from trolls. And opening your heart at your lowest point and receiving comments like that could be harmful.
  • This is so good ! 5/5

    By an1110000.
    I’ve been helping so many people in here and telling them advice some people ANWSER too ! It’s really the best to vent bc you don’t know anyone there and people can help you
  • really nice app for people who want to get their feelings out 5/5

    By azsanecollins
    didnt think id like the app as much as I do but here i am, checking it every day, reading peoples letters, writing my own, all of that. its just a nice little community where *most* people are extremely nice :)
  • More letters 4/5

    By 👻Bobbysworld013
  • I enjoy this app! 5/5

    By 🖤💛Rae_Hufflepuff💛🖤
    I really enjoy this app! I love being able to help others and getting help from others. I just have a few things you could add there small things that would make it better (imo)! So first, I was doing the question of the day and didn’t know what to put for a tag so adding a tag for the question of the day would be cool so it’s easy for people doing it to pick that as a tag and to not sit there and think for a bit to see what fits it best. The second thing is making the option for putting a trigger warning a bit bigger/in a different spot so people don’t accidentally click the send button and put a letter out there without a trigger warning. Just saying this again I really enjoy this app those were just a couple of things that would make it a bit better but I’m not complaining about it I really enjoy the flow of the app!
  • I ❤️ THIS APP‼️‼️🫶🏽🫶🏽 5/5

    By nickinaos
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Bella1433
    I love this app so much it gets me get things out of my chest and I love me some free stuff and no adds and this app is amazing I love it cuz you can help people out and they can help you out and everyone is so nice and caring love the app

    By hadley! :)
    there’s so many cool and kind people on here. not only do you get to vent and write letters about yourself, but you also get to read 3 (or 4) letters each day and encourage others. it’s amazing. there’s so much positivity on this app :)
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By Andrea potato
    I think this is such a nice app and that everyone who doesn’t feel like they have someone to talk to or who doesn’t want to reach out to someone they know in fear of what they might, has to get this app! It’s pretty chill on here and I hope more people join so we can have our own little safe space💯💯
  • Finally 5/5

    By dleila136
    I am old soul infatuated with the way communication used to be… letters are so lovely. This succinct app had my high fives already.
  • great! but one thing 4/5

    By coleybear🤭🤭
    this app is great. i get many responses and i get to help others mentally. the kinky thing i would change is the share button. i think that this app is about privacy and i think sharing random people's letters is harming their time to share? idk but i am not a fan of the "share" button.
  • Sincerely app 5/5

    By aneix3
    day 4 and i alr love this app. the ppl on here funny ash, really relatable, u can meet new friends on here.