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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: SIRIUS XM Radio Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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SiriusXM Radio App

Welcome to SiriusXM. Hear the best of the best anywhere you go. The widest, deepest variety of music. More sports than anywhere. The best entertainment coverage around. Every kind of comedy. And the most complete news coverage, period. Plus enjoy it all while easily discovering new channels and shows recommended for you based upon your listening preferences. Here’s what’s new: * ForYou home page is filled with your favorite and recommended channels and shows. * Easy ways to listen to live and past programs with “Jump Back In” and “Episodes You've Missed” carousels. * Recommendations automatically update based on your listening preferences and history. * A sneak peek at Howard Stern video * Tabs for Music, Sports, News, Talk, and Howard providing easy access to channels and On Demand content * Favorites page for quick access to your favorite channels, shows, and episodes. * Mini Player to seamlessly browse content while listening to audio or watching video. * Updated Now Playing page that displays related content, more from that channel, or additional On Demand episodes.


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SiriusXM Radio app reviews

  • Hate the icons 2/5

    By Pfstrikes
    The previous list of stations, whether favorites or recents, is now a barrage of square icons. Less efficient, clunky, less representative of the order the user has placed the lists in. Just a disaster all around.
  • Going to Spotify 1/5

    By gabknight123
    This new app is the coup de grâce for my SiriusXM online subscription: terrible GUI, lack of customization, and rising prices. Going to Spotify.
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By Cleo AZ
    They went backwards with this release. Took away landscape mode (I use this on my ipad every day) and took away the ability to customize the channels. Also deleted any favorites I had already saved. Please fix this!
  • God help you if . . . . . . 1/5

    By Queenbeedlg
    Like me, you use your iPad in landscape mode. I’ve changed every relevant setting I can think of to get this app to load in landscape mode (as it once did prior to one of the latest updates) but, alas, to no avail. This is so much of a problem that saving the $20 a month I pay for this service is under serious consideration. It’s too much money to pay for the inconvenience of having to turn my iPad 90 degrees to read the app. I would have given it less than one star had that been possible.
  • The worst 1/5

    By Suzikreamcheese
    Why not make this 2018 app user friendly for the iPad!! Come on it doesn’t rotate...REALLY..NOT good.
  • New version works great 0% of the time 1/5

    By TheMarbleFaun
    Not sure where things went wrong. It was a pretty good app the last couple of years. In the last month or so it was updated and the attempts I’ve made to use the app are great and the success I’ve had using the app satisfactorily is nonexistent. Goodbye Sirius. Canceling my subscription.
  • Falls Short Of Expectations 2/5

    By Jobflusher
    Latest software version is still quite buggy and the ability to customize a channel’s music has been removed. Learning to use this new app has a bit of a steep learning curve especially when it comes to rewinding a channel backwards to hear previous shows. iPad users may find the current inability to change between landscape and portrait modes a true annoyance. New users won’t know what they’re missing out on so they might like this latest version. Ignorance is bliss, or so they say...
  • App NEVER Works 1/5

    By kitchennnnn
    Fire everyone who has worked on this app. It has gone through so many iterations and never works. Can’t download anything and it keeps cutting out. So so buggy. Stop with all the bells and whistles and just make it work. You literally have to scroll through 8 menu options just to listen to the newest episode of Stern
  • App Update is terrible 1/5

    By HFF1956
    You ruined a good app. The update is not user friendly. So unhappy!!
  • Love xm but wish there was an iWatch app! Other competitors (free) have great watch apps. 4/5

    By khouchin10
    Love xm but wish there was an iWatch app! Other competitors (free) have great watch apps.
  • You call this progress??? 1/5

    By Muskyhound
    Before I updated to the latest version of the SiriusXM app, I used to be able to easily choose from several recently played shows when listening to Radio Classics - Channel 148. Now, it is very cumbersome if not impossible to navigate back through several hours of broadcasts. VERY FRUSTRATING! SiriusXM Listener Care is no help, and it's virtually impossible to revert back to the previous app version. Roll it back and give Stern his own app.
  • MyMix is gone- Do Not Update 1/5

    By Steve1892
    The latest versions have removed the MyMix option. Do not update if you like MyMix like I do. I will not be renewing my SiriusXM subscription.
  • Nice job on the update! 5/5

    By jhuse
    Much appreciated :)
  • Finally a quality version of the app 4/5

    By Patrick in Eastie
    I’m so glad the developers have addressed several long-standing problems in this new version. The app is beautiful now, more user-friendly, with awesome new video features for Howard fans. But there are still numerous bugs, so don’t stop now, developers! You’re doing important work that your paying customers really appreciate. I hope the Apple TV app receives the new design and video features soon – that’s where I really want to watch Howard.
  • Won’t rotate on IPad 3/5

    By jardennis
    It is frustrating that this app won’t rotate to landscape mode. Come on SiriusXM. THIS IS BUSH LEAGUE.
  • Too much Howard, not enough other content 4/5

    By ncrit1
    Siriusly (couldn't avoid the pun sorry), the categories are "for you", music, sports, news, talk, and Howard. And Howard is also an option within the For You and talk sections, so actually 3 of the 6 tabs feature Howard Stern prominently. For an app trying to portray itself as having a lot of content, that's not a very good start! And while it does have a number of decent stations, other apps have better selections of music, sports, or radio. The only reason I give 3 stars is if you want an app that is mediocre at a lot of things (as opposed to multiple apps that specialize). Also, the sound quality is great, so by all means use this app if it has content you actually want to listen to.
  • New App Is Fantastic 5/5

    By True-Ha
    Great work guys. Really like all the new content and updated look.
  • Big improvement 5/5

    By Mad bonerz
    Had the old app and Sirius for almost 12 years total. This app is a Massive improvement. Good work Sirius!
  • A pain to use 1/5

    By Zenshi
    For some unknown reason the “genius” app programers decided to force portrait view and deleted landscape view of the app.. Landscape worked fine before the most recent update. Some of us use this on our iPads not iPhones and portrait is very awkward to use when everything else I use I want in landscape. Its a pain to use flipping everything about if I want to change channels or something else on the interface. They broke Sirius on demand. I keep getting errors when I try to view recent program shows and stream them on demand. This is one of the main reasons I used the app.
  • What happened? 1/5

    All the sudden the format that worked fine was changed! Now I have no control over anything I’d like to watch!!
  • Update is frustrating 4/5

    By NightOwlFan
    Update: As of today there is a listing for shows that aired Earlier Today. I’m much happier with the app now. The latest update is frustrating. I used to easily see the show lineup for several hours and could easily find the shows I wanted to listen to, even in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. Now I have to use the time bar and slide back or the 15 second rewind. Not good when your brain is tired from lack of sleep. Ease of use is a good thing.
  • You have got to be kidding me 1/5

    By Raphaeld27
    This update from 3 days ago 5/15/2018 is an ABJECT disaster!!! Bring back the sideways view. Don’t assume my iPad is just a big iPhone it’s NOT!!!
  • Was a great App!!! 1/5

    By Rocking in NB MI.
    This was a great app. I could scroll thru my favorites and see what was playing. This all changed after the latest update. What’s showing as playing isn’t even close. 80’s on hand playing Slayer, hand of doom. Liquid metal playing AC DC. Please Fix the issue!!
  • IPad users: think before you switch.... 1/5

    By Padre Dave 1
    Be advised that the new app does not support landscape view in your iPad. I have an iPad Pro 12.9” and it is really annoying that it is stuck in Portrait mode. I have written to SiriusXM several times and get the standard ‘we have referred your issue’ to ‘yes it does, check your iPad.’ Well, this is the only app on my iPad that does this....
  • Fix the screen bug PLEASE!! 3/5

    By LTT10
    What the heck? No landscape view on iPad? That stinks!
  • This update finally fixed CarPlay 5/5

    By Roninj
    I was thrilled when SiriusXM offered CarPlay support to their app so I no longer needed to switch between the two while driving. However, it was always buggy and would inconsistently work. This update has substantially upgraded the CarPlay experience and just plain works. Thank you for the wonderful update!
  • No more my mix 3/5

    By Cbrunner11
    I loved this app, but with the new update they removed the my mix option. I prefer more rock in my mixes but now I’m stuck listening to more pop because that’s what the stations I listen to regularly play. 😖
  • $$$$ for this App ????? 3/5

    By Lhkhjgbncz
    I have Sirius in my car and had this app for a few months listening to everything Over the weekend a couple of months ago +/- they decided to start charging for this app I’ve already got a paid subscription!!!!
  • Don’t like it. 1/5

    By burk 727
    I liked the ease of going backwards to listen to my favorite shows on classic radio. This new update makes it VERY difficult to navigate previous shows, ie. The Jack Benny Show and so on. I hope you fix this please.
  • Unusable at the moment! 1/5

    By scruzer123
    Lots of errors logging in, forgetting my credentials, favorites not working. App should not have been released in this state. Call me when it’s ready again.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By JPrzy
    I wish the same video upgrades on the app would make its way to the Apple TV app. It would be awesome to watch HS interviews sitting on my couch.
  • Works somewhat 1/5

    By party_central
    1) I had it disabled over wifi in the iPhone app settings but after I turned cellular back on it still says there’s no internet. Stupid. 2) For downloads, why must I start playing the episode in order to hit the download button? It worked fine with the previous version. And the download manager is buried in the settings?? 3) The play and skip buttons are too too small just like almost every other iOS streaming app. Hello, it’s an audio app (mostly), I don’t need all the extra garbage on the screen, just need buttons that work.
  • Version 5.0.2 - Still Awful 1/5

    By Amber Starfield
    Why was my past reviews deleted? This app still looks terrible and does not rotate to landscape orientation for iPad. - update: email response from SiriusXM was the I have to use this app to continue listening. Funny, my old app on Android still works fine. Seems to me that the people rating this app 5 stars are only using it to watch video of Howard, or they are SiriusXM employees.
  • Can you please add this to Apple Watch? 5/5

    By AshW2018
    I love Sirius XM. But I would love it more if I had it on my I watch!
  • Highly Recommend SiriusXM, ESPECIALLY the Radio Classics Channel 5/5

    By wolfbyte
    I’ve used SiriusXM radio virtually since it’s inception and the iOS app since it became available. I listen to several stations, but I enjoy the Radio Classics channel the most. Everyone I’ve spoken to who’s old enough to have listened to these programs when they were young and knows about this channel loves them as much as I do. If you fall in this category, reward yourself by checking it out! There’s a very handy feature called “Earlier Today” in the app that is especially handy. This allows one to jump back up to five hours earlier and listen to programs that played before one started listening.
  • The new version of the app needs work! 3/5

    By Linkerone
    The app doesn’t sync into landscape mode like the previous versions! Why! The app doesn’t have a volume control feature like the previous versions ! Why? The app has significant latency when changing mode like from playback to live like the previous versions! Why! The app doesn’t respond quickly to any changes like the previous app! Why? Bottom line too many graphics & unnecessary features for a listening app! Why?
  • Bring back portrait mode 1/5

    By WVU Grad
    The new version forces you to use it in portrait mode. That’s fine for mobile but makes no sense on a tablet.
  • Needs work for iPad 3/5

    By Abxmech
    No volume control for iPad and no landscape mode! Big misses for the new version of the app. Fix these and I will revisit my review.
  • Come on Sirius - QA your app before releasing it 1/5

    By AZTreeser
    Don’t release your app to production with such glaring defects. You must be outsourcing your development. What a black eye. Reading the reviews from the recent update...guys get with it. Interns could would produce a higher quality product. How long before you fix this stuff? IHeartRadio is looking better and better.
  • Not possible to download anymore 1/5

    By At2989
    With new update you can’t download an episode and listen to it offline!!
  • Best app update ever 5/5

    By Trixiemc5000
    I've been using the app for years and this latest update (May 2018) is probably the best update of any app I've ever used! I didn't have a problem with the other version, but this makes it easier to find and use features and it's nice to look at too. I didn't have to relearn how to navigate the app; this new version makes things easier! If you're hesitant, I'd recommend going ahead and updating.
  • You’re app developers are terrible! 1/5

    By a-dizel
    Why would you have a feature to download shows that doesn’t work right at all? I don’t get it....... First no matter what setting you have it on they take at least a half a day even if the shows at small. Then it takes another half of day After it shows that it’s fully downloaded to complete and make it listenable or for the check mark to appear. Then after all of that the will not play. When you click on it it will take you to a different blank screen where the circle around the pause sign will spin bit nothing happens. I need to download shows because where I work cell signals are weak. This is unacceptable. Every time you come out with a new update there are a crazy amount of bugs that make this app useless. Does anyone test this before you guys but it out?????
  • No Landscape View for iPad 1/5

    By nodamidis
    I use this app to listen to the radio at work. Because my phone goes wherever I go, I listen to the radio through the app on my iPad, which sits on my desk all day. The new app ONLY has portrait mode. This definitely needs to be addressed for iPad users who want landscape mode.
  • Not good 1/5

    By tee2k
    This is the most unreliable app on my phone
  • Terrible update!!! 2/5

    By 1429nicksmom
    The older version worked much better! It’s takes far too long to download a show.... and you have to listen to the show you’re downloading while it downloads!
  • Give me back the old app 1/5

    By Jddodd51
    Since the update my favorite channels won’t save when I rearrange them, my favorite on demand shows are no where to be found, it takes forever to load when the channel is selected, and the app randomly crashes.
  • More 3/5

    By corvetteman141
    Your app is good but could be better LANDSCAPE MODE 😳 for iPad would help a lot don’t you think ?
  • Looks different yay 2/5

    By 2thEater
    I like the new layout! My only wish, and this is minor, but it would be cool if the audio played when you selected a program to listen to. The error message is alright, I just miss listening to the radio I’ve subscribed to.
  • Update Has Some Issues... 2/5

    By doUreallyWant2HurtMe
    For starters, all of the user defined favorites have mysteriously vanished. Next up, the copy (text) is truncated, so, for example, when listening to a sports game if you go to check the score on your phone’s screen the user is unable to do so because the text is clipped off screen—and there’s no way I’ve been able to find how to reveal all the text or cause it to scroll. The biggest missing feature, however, is the ability to rewind/forward. Whereas, prior to the update a user could tune into a sports game a bit late while the game is still on and rewind it to the beginning (or close to it), now the option isn’t even there. Hopefully this is a bug and not intentional, as it would be a real Busch league move. Step it up boys, you dropped the ball here.
  • Typical 1/5

    By New iPhone 4S User
    With the new update it won’t allow you to play on-demand programs. Why is it every time Sirius updates there’s always technical difficulties?

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