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  • Current Version: 3.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Compatibility: Android
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Six-Guns App

For the first time ever on iPhone and iPad, you can explore a truly enormous and open frontier in a Wild West full of mystery, bandits and more…unnatural enemies. Play it for free: Make your enemies pay! Buck Crosshaw never shot a man who didn’t deserve it, but now he’s an outlaw who had to fake his own death and escape to Arizona. But in escaping one evil, Buck is about to face another, for an ancient and wicked force stirs in the hills of this mysterious region. A WILD FRONTIER Freely explore an open world set in Arizona and Oregon full of events, mystery and challenges for you to discover as you become completely immersed in the story and the action. But don’t be fooled by this land’s beauty - outlaws, vampires & many other unnatural foes lurk in every shadow. ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE Take on 40 missions with a great variety of tasks for you to overcome. You’ll race horses, take out robbers, fend off waves of enemies and more along the way! SADDLE UP In this kill-or-be-killed land, you’ll need to unlock all 8 different horses, 19 weapons and a wide selection of clothes, ammo and other items to help you on your journey. PLAY FOR FREE It costs you nothing to download and play the game to the end! _____________________________________________ Visit our official site at Check out the new blog at Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: End-User License Agreement:


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Six-Guns app reviews

  • Hype 1/5

    By Skynner McGee
    Doesn’t live up to the hype. Ok, but definitely not a “gotta have it” kind of game. Uninstalled
  • Need new characters 3/5

    By Killer 80
    The game is amazing but we need new characters also the lottery cheat and give you whatever it wants please fix
  • Controls is just TRASH 5/5

    By Mark_Sanchez (Montclair)
    Y’all should let us customized our character and just fixed the controls. Place them in place, the controls is all over the place 🖕🏼
  • Best mobile game... EVER! 5/5

    By Keivil
    This game provides lots of fun for gamers who want an open world RPG with lots of shooting action. Fun for paid content and points-grinding. I only wish there were more titles this cool! Download this game and “saddle-up, pardner!”
  • Question 5/5

    By Nunez235
    Can you use a PS4 controller to play this game?
  • Six Guns 5/5

    By PK Poe
    I been waiting for event but the event not active anymore why?
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Diamondfox36099
    Good game and time killer , graphics not so much
  • Good 5/5

    By ابوفهد العسيري
  • Amazing Game, but all the new adds..... 3/5

    By Atamsk
    This game used to be an EASY 5 stars back when I played it on my good ol’ iPad 2, but since re-downloading it on my new iPhone 7 Plus, max, ultra or whatever, I am constantly BOMBARDED with advertisements. I know money is needed, but seriously there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. Please tone down the adds. This is a great game, but your ruining it. You guys are already awesome for making this badazz RPG western game, don’t mess up my mental image of you all by becoming like all the other greedy jackasses out there. One final word, please raise the amount of gold received for completing the more higher difficulty side quests. Do those 2 things and add some more cool gear and this game is easily back to being an easy 5 stars.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By TheWKing
    I played this game for a super long time now since this game first came out in 2012. I was scared at this game at the time but then I got used to it, I will all ways remember this game from the amazing graphics with old timey place! This game was my favorite game ever so I started downloading it again today! Thank you for making me feel like I got on a pc game or console game with the graphics! Thank you :)
  • Good but... 2/5

    By Blackman gamer
    Why can’t they be a black cowboy or a cowgirl.its not really fair it’s only a white man.Im not racist but it’s always a white an why can’t we choose what we look like
  • What the heck 1/5

    By stdtggh
    Played the tutorial then did 2 missions at the barn and get off and when I get back on the game throws me back into the tutorial and game glitches since the quest is not on my map anymore so I lose 200 coins every time I get on and I had to start a new game after actually getting a good gun from the lottery (that’s probably why).
  • Hackers,Money Making 3/5

    By NiGgaThOt9000
    First of all bunch of hackers in multiplayer makes it impossible for new players. Second of all making money is hard.
  • Update plz 5/5

    By xyyle
    Drop another huge update I passed all the story mode and is getting boring
  • nice 5/5

    By Nerd T.V
    improve graphics and horse
  • Update? 5/5

    By PlatinumGamer
    When will y’all update the game
  • Six guns review 5/5

    By ljmacdaddy
    It’s a action packed game, that’s for sure but it could def use some kind of way to make stars free of charge.
  • Six guns 2 4/5

    By Danielgsgshsh
    Should make a six guns 2 :)
  • Awesome, but I have a question 5/5

    By vxduo
    This game is a very good example of the Wild West and its cowboys, but is the theme song, “Barrel of a Gun”, on iTunes? I really love that song, so I want to download it.
  • Needs work 1/5

    Horse is stuck and makes noises close to saloon plz fix
  • Make a Six Guns 2 5/5

    By MexicanSwirl
    I’ve enjoyed your games for so long but it’s 4 years old now and it was really popular back then. Please make a second version of this wonderful game. Thank you
  • انا احب العابه فقط اريد النجوم 100 5/5

    By انا احب العبت
    اريد النجوم 100
  • Do not ever spend money on this game. 1/5

    By Geoff2002
    This game does not save your progress. If you ever delete it and redownload it it will start you over from the very beginning. If they update it and allow progress saving it would be ok.
  • Gucci 5/5

    By Dhabshan
    Great game ive played it multiple times and beat it multiple times in different ways I would keep playing but the graphics man, I hasnt been improved in any way, when the graphics get better I’ll definitely go back
  • Valoración 4/5

    By Ansel kronno
    Mola mucho pero deben crear el Sixt guns 2
  • Grbij 1/5

    By moigsfc
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  • It’s a scam 2/5

    By Diggy123boy
    It glitches me out and I bought stuff so I had to delete stuff
  • Wonderful game 5/5

    By TH 2014
    I love this game.You might have to use a dollar or so every once in a while but it’s worth it.One request I have though is pls update more often.I understand if updating is hard but it’s getting boring using the same things again.Its been 3 years since you’ve added something.Pls add at least 1 thing per month.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By franklin jr 3
    The game controls are trash the overall graphics trash I’m the end the game is bad
  • Great game in the past. Changes are the worst 1/5

    By Undi Gamer
    What have got into me for the first time playing Sixgun for years was the mechanics of the game, the storyline and especially weapons. I quite spent months to grind money for guns without paying but pricy it was and it still the same till this day. The highest amount of gold you would get on the best mission which is the Eagle-Eye is 4500-5000, this is a high accury mission so headshot is the best option. However, talking about changes especially weapon, it seems like new weapon are not really that great but with a ripoff price with worthless damage and weird, whoever play Sixgun for a long time know some best weapon that just requires you to farm only like Flak Cannon, Demon Thrower, Doom Bringers and Witch Impaler. If you get any of those, you can beat anyone in multiplayer. Or you can save your sheriff stars earning for every story missions, I bet you can buy a great gun with it. Things you should careful about this game is not to lose yourself because of those pricy stuffs but importantly is to keep on farming and farming like a farmer. Lastly, new armors are jokes when those you have to buy with Sheriff Stars, 3 of my best outfit that you can get with either coins or chest (just free chest) are Full-Metal, Muertos and Gunslingers. They changed alot as they put most parts of every armors in Silver and Gold chest and again ripoff your dearly pocket. They were used to be bought with coins but high price and thats ok because you can farm. Well i guess farming now is a bit worthless... But if you dont farm much for armor, the Witch Hunter is good in multiplayer. Unless they change the protection rating... Please fix the multiphayer system because I cannot join in any games! This id the worst if Gameloft.
  • Six guns 5/5

    By Tiburon Buckeye
    It’s a great game a bit laggy and has some glitches. But great graphics and gameplay
  • Good-ish 4/5

    By Black_Husk_15
    Good but keeps “deleting” so if that doesn’t happen it’s good but can b annoying like in my case.

  • Six Gun 5/5

    By jml67
    This is great it's not expensive like blood and glory that robs you of all your achivements......but in multi player when I'm winning it has connection problems.....also recently there haven't been new events it's getting boring.
  • Six guns more like six stars I love this game yes haw 5/5

    By 👉Mckenzie👈 loves my boo
    This is a good game I love it
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Pixel Gun fun time
    I was so fun that it can ride a horse and huge maps
  • ممتاز لعبه 5/5

    By عمر بن دليم
    العبه من عم 18870
  • Six-Guns is the be e e e est 5/5

    By Maricopa Mom
    I would love to play for you gameloft sorry if I spelt it wrong I like cowboys and I know about plague doctors
  • Broken but slowly being fixed 3/5

    By Ultra nova
    Awhile back when the game was pretty new (maybe a year old possibly 2 years old) the game was pretty enjoyable sure I had to make some new accounts, lose some really good gear but I love the game but over the years the game slowly was degrading and now the multiplayer is nearly impossible to use and there are many glitches and I get that with the new IOS it can be hard to catch up but I just hope they manage to make this game great enough to be better than it’s golden days and not just suddenly disappear like brother in arms2 did. So please fix the multiplayer and the game does try to get your money (spent well over $50 sadly) but the game itself is great. Single player has a few touching up to do but the multiplayer needs a lot of TLC.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Drewsaffur14
    I love the game but I do suggest having an online feature!
  • Needs new content 3/5

    By Wolfmaster9945
    This game has been out for more then 3 years and the only resent updates are only bug fixes nothing new has come up for along time, like from 2years ago
  • ❗️❗️❗️❗️LISTEN UP DEVELOPER PLEASE ❗️❗️❗️❗️ 3/5

    By Cherrisoy
    Developer, many of us love the game but we would like to see some changes in the game to make it fair for everyone 1. Increasing the money earned from missions There are skins and weapons that cost up to 100k in gold and you earn about 50~200 in gold if it’s like a first time mission I would and I think many other would like to see it go to maybe 1000~3000 gold and also an increase in experience. I know it sounds like a long shot but think about it. It cost 150k to buy just a shirt (general) and plus the mission are getting more harder as you go. I’m getting revived for 50 hp and getting mowed down the minute I get back back up which brings to my next reason. Lowering the damage dealt from bots in mission. I’m getting hit from 7 shooters dealing 17 dmg all over and dying again. Also there should be missions earning you stars too. I feel like you have to be rich in order to play this you pay too much to have general fun to play this game and is not fair. It’s weather you increase money in missions including stars too or lower your prices for the skins and guns and horses. The damage you deal during missions sometimes is ridiculously hard and challenging. It took 10 minutes to finish a wave of mechanical demons with my dual pistols barely doing any damage at least try to make the game fun and less boring. Also you should start with 100 hp not gradually. We should have more missions and land to explore not just Arizona and Oregon they all look the same. Maybe you should add winter and forest and oceans. We should also have animal companions with us that fight along if you know what I mean ;). Overall I really enjoy the game a lot but over the years of playing this it has gotten very hard and boring because it just too difficult to earn money to buy new equipment like guns and armor and horses to fit my needs for the missions. I’m constantly dying because all I have so far is dual pistols that barely do anything when playing further in missions and it’s just getting too difficult. Thank you if you are able to read all of this. Please respond and make the change as soon as possible to make the game more enjoyable for everyone not just the rich. :)
  • Can’t restore purchases 1/5

    By Rivotril86
    I used real money to buy a few stuff and I can’t restore it, I sent a message to costumer service and they wouldn’t respond.
  • awsome 5/5

    By zen breeze
    its a really fun game like all the games by gameloft its great for people who like open world games but not modern ones
  • Get banned 1/5

    By Yusofzai
    I get banned every time for downloading the game
  • None 5/5

    By Chikyya
  • Great Update Idea For A Great Game 5/5

    By shadow tubet55
    I love love love this game it’s amazing but I was thing you can steal people’s horses but why not be able to catch wild one as well as buy one like the real Wild West you could go to the horse section buy a rope for like 350 coins and find a herd and wrangle it get on stay on and it’s your horse please add this as an update!!
  • I love it 5/5

    By ChoppyChopChops
    I love six's guns it's so awesome I love it so much I give it 5stars

    By Six Guns TV
    You guys should make a app storage for this game. Example when you delete the game and then you want it back you will still have your progress and clothes etc. Please make this in the game I tried restoring purchase but I don’t work. So I would like for a in-game storage system. I lost all my progress....
  • Asome asome and asome 5/5

    By O.K K.O
    Fantastic game gamelot is jenius

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