Sketchar: AR Drawing App

Sketchar: AR Drawing App

By SketchAR

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Sketchar is for you if, you want to improve your drawing skills, express yourself through art, impress friends and family with stunning artwork, collaborate with peers, relieve stress, or become a Pro. We have merged AR and AI together to speed up your learning experience and make it more entertaining.  Here are the unique features that can only be found on the Sketchar app:  1.COURSES 550+ drawing lessons based on characters you love. You can start with a beginner set or delve deeper into a specific topic to improve your artistic skills, for example, in creating portraits or anime.  2. PERSONALIZED PLAN Based on AI to speed up your creative growth 3. DRAWING TOOL Powerful toolset to create stunning art in minutes. 4.CONTESTS Join the community to collaborate with peers. 5. AUGMENTED REALITY for drawing  We invented that in 2012. Through your smartphone camera, you can see an AR sketch on the surface in front of you. Just take a pencil and follow the virtual lines on the paper step-by-step. This function is also employed by professional artists to scale sketches onto surfaces like walls. Use carefully and follow the video guide. and many other features.  Btw, practicing art helps relieve stress. Download Sketchar now and learn to draw like never before. ---  In-app purchases: Sketchar offers four paid auto-renewable subscription options that give you unlimited access to the app's premium content and features.  1-Week Subscription - $7.99 / Week 1 -Month Subscription – $14.99 / Month  1-Year Subscription with 3-Day Trial – $69.99 / Year  1-Year Special Offer Subscription – $34.99 / Year  Prices may vary across countries. Prices are equal to the value that Application Store Matrix determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in USD.  We are always interested in your opinion, so please email us at [email protected].