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SkidStorm App

SkidStorm is a global multiplayer realtime drift racing game, free of charge and with simple graphics. You can challenge others online or play alone offline. It offers the smooth control which is really easy to get the hang of! In the game, you may drive the cars and drift though all kinds of tracks, swipe your fingers to experience the thrilling races. You may also fill up nitro tanks to speed up or overtake in the corner to become the champion. How to play: - Simply click the button “Left”, “Right” to control where the car goes, and fill up nitro tanks to speed up, and overtake in the corner to win the game. Feature: - 24 maps for you to choose from and enjoy the multiplayer realtime racing to the limit - 17 different types of cars - 12 skins to customize your cars as you want - 5 upgradeable parts: engine, turbo, motor, nitrous and tires - Form a clan to play with your friends and share the glory - Leaderboard: win the trophies and get on the top of the chart - Various game modes: global multiplayer realtime matching mode, single player mode, Career mode, AI mode... - New content coming soon! Tips: - Carefully maintain your drifts to fill up nitro tanks and earn more chances to speed up - Chicane is the key of how you overtake the others - Use your nitro wisely: straight paths or the home stretch is the best The most latest drift racing game made by Cheetah Mobile. Go give it a try! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our game. You are invited to join us to improve it together. More updates and surprises are coming soon. Stay tuned! E-mail: [email protected] FB: @SkidStorm Privacy Policies:

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SkidStorm app reviews

  • Great game.mad65 4/5

    By holyskid
    I’ve been playing for 2 years and I really love this game however I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game I have the newest car the holy light and we haven’t had an update in 4 months when I run a time trial in my new car that cost 500.00 it does not show up on my best time ,I hope this game isn’t dying off it seems as though the developers have abandoned us I sincerely hope not please save our game
  • Pay to win. Not skill based. 1/5

    By pigcoder4
    The game is completely pay to win. If you have money to spend, then there is nothing stopping you from buying crates and cash, which allows you to easily level up and get more cars. If you level up this way, then you have an extremely fast car when playing against people with only a few thousand trophies, which pretty much makes you win every game. I see clear evidence of this when I am playing any match. I have 5750 trophies and I am using a quicksilver, but everyone else always has a fusion or a titan. Only occasionally will there be someone with a Sabre. I generally can drive without any problems, but these people go way off the tracks and still do way better than is possible with my car. They only win because they have higher speed and nitro even though they don’t even know how to control their car. I rest my case.
  • eh 3/5

    By oofwefweboosaz
    game isnt bad, but getting the newer cars are too tedious and the best car costs about $80, so paying to win isnt a good thing. Not being able to reach a level because i dont watch enough ads to upgrade my others cars for the levels is dumb (such as the titan which requires either 125 levels or 125k exp) so dumb
  • Skid Storm 1/5

    By nickname555555555
    Early and midway through game is Super Fun. And as Many games today, Hackers are taking over. Read several reviews and many don’t realize that when game gets glitchy, means that one or more in that race are hackers. Hackers jump here and there, or stop and go. When it happens, I leave that game. Further in game, the more the hackers. I’ve read that developers don’t allow hackers. I don’t see anything being done. I always wonder why games like this can’t keep hackers out. Maybe a red flag system where players could red flag each race. If a large amount of people complain about the same race. Developers could trace them, And disqualify and black flag that IP address, or web address. Door Slammers 2 & 1, started great and do nothing to stop hackers. Game is worthless now. Skid Storm is a blast. 5 star game. Shame to see it headed same way. Oh well, guess they are still making money
  • Really great! A few suggestions though 5/5

    By J10blue
    Ok so this game is AWSOME. I love it. I recommend it. However I do have a few things to ask. Number one is could u please change the tutorial lady’s outfit? It is kinda inappropriate. I think it would be cool if u added like a avatar u could be. And motorcycles that would be cool! Also pls restrict the keyboard! Thank you! This is a great game but please add the following!
  • Fix it please!!! 5/5

    By hawkplabon
    It was working few days ago now it’s stuck at loading screen btw I’m using an iPhone 6s Plus. Fix it soon
  • Simple Controls, High Skill. 5/5

    By TheBugDoctor1
    This game takes the easiest mechanics to learn and puts it into a beautifully deep game. From the way you manage your boost to the lines you take to maximize your boost, it all rewards skill and strategy. The only problem I have is the way you earn the cars. Spinning for parts with no guarantee of a getting new one, or any for that matter is kind of annoying. If basically forces you to spend real money or grind out diamonds. Rather than that, the gameplay is amazing.
  • Rampant cheating despite claims 1/5

    By JimJohnMarks
    Almost every pvp race I am in, players are using levels of boost I can’t earn, cars are going backwards (there is no reverse), pushing you off the course despite you having a much larger vehicle, &c. Every race is won by a guy in the (premium only) AE86 with cheating boost who knocks everyone systematically into a corner until he wins. Their API has more holes than a wet paper bag.
  • So far so good a lot of fun 5/5

    By tackett2005
    Been looking for a Super Sprint, RC Pro Am, Mario Kart style racing game for a while. This doesn’t have the weapons but that’s probably for the better. It does really well as a racing game even if it doesn’t have a brake pedal. You don’t have control over what upgrades you receive, but they seem to come plenty enough to stay competitive. Good variety of tracks, nice range of vehicles. Going to take some grinding to unlock everything but that’s alright. What app game isn’t a grind? Haven’t touched on the clan/club aspect yet, still early on in this but it all seems promising.
  • This game is out of the world!!! 5/5

    By Boomator902
    I played it then I accidentally deleted it and my mom won’t let me download it 😭😭😭 :(
  • Not much to say 4/5

    By Claywarrior187
    Great game
  • Best RTS multiplayer game on the App Store 5/5

    By emmydx
    First off, I don’t write reviews ever. This is actually my first one, I think. I’m a pc / Nintendo switch gamer who loves Mario kart, rocket league , and super smash bros m. If you’re a Nintendo fan or > champ on rocket league this is the game for you. It takes just as much skill to play this as it does to so Mario kart time trials at the highest level. If you want a drift style racing game this is the best out there on all platforms. That’s saying something considering that you play this game on your phone. Also the arena pvp is unlocked after about 5 mins of career tutorials. I almost quit before I noticed it. And it it has a trophy system that is based slightly on the grind , however I played about 5hours my first day and got to arena 8 so it’s not pay to win in the slightest. The trophy system does favor a slight 1 day grind to encourage new players to play but once you find your rank and stop winning every match (around 2500 trophies) the system acts like any other mmm trophy system out there. It’s actually really smart, and the more you progress in the arena the more super difficult maps become a staple and there is probably 20 or so maps total so it doesn’t become crystallized knowledge until probably 100 or so hours in I imagine. And then at that point you still have to perfect your run and adapt to different car changes that become available the more you progress in the game. Also don’t forget about career mode because the ai seem trash in the firsts couple games or so but after about 20 mins of time spent in career mode they become straight gods to train against with better rewards than arena alone can provide.
  • Zero stars for the developers.... 1/5

    By stupid people rule the world
    You see review after review of disgruntled players complaining about cheaters and hackers. I am among them. The cheating is so rampant and so blatant I’m starting to hate this game. Clans like bOng and VUDU are full of members that ruin the fun of the game. Such a shame that some people can’t handle a level playing field and have to cheat to succeed. Good luck in life losers. And the developers just let this behavior continue. They say they will stop it and “optimize” their anti cheating systems and reporting but the reality of it is they couldn’t care less. Just as long as people keep pumping money into the game. New players be warned. Frustration lies in your future with this game unless you want to hack and cheat and become part of the problem.
  • Had it since the beginning... then this happened 5/5

    By GoldenGun05
    I got on the app after the titan update and it was pretty cool but for some odd reason I couldn’t buy or collect anything. So I will never be able to advance from my max level Renegade but I still play even though I won’t progress because it’s a really fun game.😢
  • Waste of time of money 1/5

    By 房pei沛沛
    When I first downloaded this game on my old iPhone I kinda liked it, and I spent month unlocking cars, upgrading it, and I even put real money in it. However when I tried to play it on my new phone, the game not only deleted my original record, it didn’t even let me restore purchased item!!! Not to mention that the rules are changed and the whole game is now a VIP system based, and everything depends on how much money you spend or how many ad you watch. unless you wanna waste 3 days of your life to unlock one upgrade that doesn’t improve your cars performance at all... Just go play Reckless racing. It’s old, but it has better graphics and it doesn’t require internet access.
  • How do I get my progress back 4/5

    By how do i get my progress back
    HOW DO I GET MY PROGRESS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💔
  • Serious glitches 5/5

    By scaf9
    Quite often lately, I have been encountering a lot of error disconnect. This has been going on for some time now and it’s extremely annoying and frustrating to get a disconnect because of error. I love this game. But this is extremely aggravating. Please fix. Thanks
  • hate this game 1/5

    By shhhbgfcd
    i keep seeing people cheating
  • Great Until... 1/5

    By JoshMBell
    ...these new a-holes took over the game and ruined it! The new devs are only out to get money and aren’t even fixing the bugs that exist. I still play because I love the multiplayer aspect, but they are failing on their part to keep up with player requests—god forbid you type something to them personally because they just ignore you! Get your act together CMT!
  • Ads don’t work 4/5

    By I firesord
    Great game but the ads to get more car parts don't work and the ads for the special chests don't work forcing you to spend your diamonds on the chests to free up the slot. Please fix this issue
  • Dumbest 2/5

    By troll lord 27
    I love the game but it crashes every time I try to change my car. I have been addicted to this game for about two years. happened BOOM. I think it is some type of glitch!
  • Used to be fun... 2/5

    By GiftedCashew56
    This game used to be great, until the devs ruined it. It’s now pretty much pay to win and so laggy it crashes all the time. I don’t feel like writing any more for this horrible game.
  • sign in 3/5

    By jmerideth
    i love to be able to sign in so i dont lose my progress thats like really important for me cuz what happens when i have to get a new phone cuz i dropped it in water or somethin, oh i guess i restart and u guys take my money🥴
  • This game is great but still need to fix 5/5

    By Universkillers
    The ad doesnt pop up so the arena 12 chest cause I don’t want to waste my gem so I have to watch ad but I can’t it doesn’t let me. Please fix this

    By Pilut1721
    This game used to be pretty neat till this last update. What the hell is with all these cards? I have a ton of “USELESS” cash laying around that I can’t use because I don’t have enough bloody cards. But I can watch ads for more. Nothing but an ad raping machine now. Latest update did not remove the “bug” that ad rapes my phone, which I don’t have to watch anyways as I force close the app and restart it. Takes less time than the ad anyways. Also, don’t bother reporting cheaters...they don’t do anything about them anyways. I am sick of getting plowed across the track and flipped over while others blaze ahead unscathed. When I hit them I stop on a dime and nothing happens. Someone comes up behind me and hits nitro and knocks the crap out of me but if I do the same nothing happens. This game is infested with cheaters and I’m done with it!!
  • Cheating 3/5

    By JoJo the dog
    When you beat some of the high ranked players they disconnect and don’t loose any points. Tell me how that’s fare???
  • It won’t let me get in to SkidStorm 3/5

    By my man dookie
    I keep going out and opening SkidStorm again but it keeps saying logging in to game center but I’ve had open do like 15-20 mins
  • Not fair racing levels 1/5

    By scott_bub
    At first, racing was for like level cars. Now, my level 40 car is consistently racing against 3 level 63 cars....most of the time they beat me by so much I don’t finish the race. Why ?
  • Match making 5/5

    By x vibes
    You guys need to work on your match making, might I suggest using an algorithm that Matches players with similar times to create a more fair and competitive race!
  • A thing I want too add. 5/5

    By SKI44-TOP
    This is a very fun game and I think it’s one of my best games. But I want too add a thing I want there too be a mode where You can choose any car at max upgrade. Yes all the cars in the game. Any ways I hope hope the Devs read this and it gets added. :)
  • What the hell is this 1/5

    By _saucieee_
    Missing resources file????
  • SkidStorm 5/5

    By lakssbrbjedhdbdbdbdbddbdbdbd
    This game is fun please continue to make more cars please
  • Ridiculous game mechanics.. 1/5

    By guss67t
    2nd playing and notice some ridiculous things. 1 game orientates only on one side on the iPad screen and won't rotate.. 2. Cars can steer in the air.. There are some other things I noticed but not worth the time to describe..
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Scuba..Steve
    Been playing this game for over a year, but the most recent update made it impossible to unlock/upgrade cars.
  • I wish I could play this game without crashes 3/5

    By straightnt
    Honestly I love this game. It’s great for the kind of racing I’m into. The only problem I have with this game is it’s crashes after 30 mins of playing this game. It might be because I have a iPhone 6, and if it is can you please make it so that it’s optimized for my phone model.
  • Great racing game but about progression..... 5/5

    By DaSAVage0ne_
    This game is the best racing game I have ever played on an iPad. The community in the game is awesome and it has so many tracks! But......... with the new progression, i have been stock piling coins and not getting enough parts to upgrade my cars. I’ve stuck with the same car for a while and i’m at level 28. I have 8 cars but i still need more parts to upgrade some of them. Other than that the game is great and should have more players....thanks for adding Route 66.
  • No punishment 2/5

    By MJ2K000
    I’m around 4,900 trophies and I feel like when ever I play I’ll be driving perfectly and some guy who can’t drive for his life will come along and miss turns boost off the map and will get first just because he has a better car. There is no punishments for terrible players because they consistently get first.
  • I need help on something 3/5

    By Yolo Yaga Yeet
    Developers if you could help me get something worked out, because when I enter the game it loads but then how to a new loading screen saying it is trying to access the GameCenter? If you could reply and help me out that would be great.
  • Fun but glitchy 1/5

    By The true spork
    Fun to play but the game steals a place from you much of the time so you finish fourth instead of third, second instead of first for example. Even when you are clearly ahead. They keep you playing with in game rewards which are pretty good, but much of the time the ones that make you watch a video fail to deliver the promised reward. Also they sell a $9.99 car at low levels that consistently is much much better than much higher level cars, even when those are maxed out. Meh downgraded to one star from two, it's just super annoying having to deal with all if this kinda too bad, nice game.
  • Great game BuT 1/5

    By Kostas_Mich
    At some point you do get tired of placing 1st and having the game register you finishing 2nd. Or being 2nd and having the results come up with you being 3rd. What the heck is that? It has happened over 20 times during the 10 days i have been playing the game... You guys blew it with the last update. On top of everything else now i am facing guys that are maxed in lvl while i am only 38 and even if it’s a crown calculation for the matchups these guys have at least 800-1000 more crowns than i do. How the heck are we supposed to deal with these guys? Sad
  • I would love to spend money but 1/5

    By Clankershaft
    The bots in this game are ridiculous. They smash you all over the track and when you get ahead they suddenly appear in front of you. The bots seem to be on a pre determined time. Completely unfair and unrealistic. For this the game deserves 1 star. At peak hrs you can’t get a fair race. The developers can’t seem to get this right and make changes mid season. I’m done with this game. You have a highly addictive and great community behind this game but fair racing should be the priority and it is not.
  • Crucial Suggestion 4/5

    By StealthPool
    Although this might not seem like much of an issue, it really should be addressed in order to make the game that much more fun. Please consider giving the player options to change the controls or the position of the controls. I am having difficulty playing this game with the steering in the corners. With devices going full screen that means that my thumbs have to reach to the inside of my palm in order to play. I am really loving the game and it’s amazing concept. Adding this feature though would attract more players who complain about the controls.
  • Latest update ruined my game 2/5

    By dude11111535
    In the newest update it says I need 5,000 xp to level up, but it only gives me 4 xp when I win a match. The game needs fixing.
  • 5. Star review 5/5

    By plankey1234567891012345678910
    Dope or nope if you do this game your in luck and that you to come people
  • The Greatest 5/5

    By StillElement
    This game has really simple yet fun controls. From the different modes to the online gameplay it continues to challenge you as a racer which is cure for boredom!!! Just Addictive.
  • Dont get it, it doesnt work 1/5

    By 206josh
    Game doesnt even work on my phone it just keeps saying its connecting. I’ve reinstalled it twice and it still doesnt work.
  • Tutorial 5/5

    By jfish007
    My Only thing is the tutorial takes forever when all I wanna do is get out there and race but other than that it’s a great game
  • Fun game but... 2/5

    By Wavydavy67
    I really love playing this game, but I am so sick of coming in first or second, only to have the game say I came in a lower place than I was. It’s incredibly frustrating, and it happens WAY too often. I’m done until they fix this issue. It’s a deal breaker for me.
  • Great game...if it would work. 1/5

    By Stakedriver
    Been playing this for months. The multiplayer competition is excellent. After recent major update, game crashes repeatedly to the point where it’s unplayable. It just will not stay running and will randomly close. Too much hassle at this point. I was looking forward to going deep into building a clan and climbing the ranks, but now just searching for the next racing game to past the time. Was hoping the latest update would address this problem, but just opened the game and it crashed out in less than 10 seconds after the DL. Very disappointing.

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