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  • Current Version: 1.0.35
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mattel163 Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Skip-Bo App

Skip-Bo™ is a fun and competitive card game for all card game lovers, and now officially available on mobile. This new take on the classic solitaire card games will get you hooked and you won't be able to stop playing! Whether you're new to Skip-Bo™ or a real Skip-Bo™ veteran you'll love the adventure! Hundreds of fun and challenging levels that will keep your mind active and train your brain are waiting for you to explore. Solve satisfying puzzles in this new solitaire variation by stacking cards in sequence and clearing the board to win. Classic for a reason! Skip-Bo™ is a fan-favorite and loved by millions around the world. Now you can play the official Skip-Bo game just the way you remember! Play offline anywhere at all! Or jump online to play with friends! Skip-Bo™ has fun in spades! Play and explore! There are hundreds of levels just waiting for you to beat! Cruise through a richly illustrated world as you clear levels and progress through the maps. Harvest bundles of coins along the way! In this farm adventure mode, it's solitaire showtime! Customize your adventure! Whether you’re new to Skip-Bo™, a loyal fan, a solitaire player, or just need a refresher, we have levels for everyone! New levels are added regularly and will challenge your skills in this strategic and fun card game. Clear the pyramid of Stock cards to win! Download and play today! Skip-Bo™ is the only official mobile game and available for free, to bring you a relaxing mobile experience that can be enjoyed by anybody, anywhere, and anytime. Play Skip-Bo™ with family and friends, this is a card game for every occasion. Follow us for more updates. Facebook: Instagram:

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Skip-Bo app reviews

  • DELETE 2/5

    By whateverusayiamiam
    Good game, but don’t expect to win when playing with four players. Played this game for weeks and never won. You lose, to buy more coins. DELETE.

    By Zodiac97
    If you’re interested in a game that makes you want to throw your device across the room because it is so unimaginably unfair—TRY SKIP BO! New from Mattel (the same folks who bring you unrealistic body image issues), SKIP-BO is here with all kinds of frustration! Join now to experience things like: the bot having all of the cards to get rid of their pile while you still have 10 cards—everyone gets a SKIP-BO…except you—a losing streak of 6 online games or more!! You’ll lose all of your coins and get mad at the makers of this game and isn’t that the online fun we’re all looking for? It’s like gambling but even MORE RIGGED! Keep your can spam responses to yourself because this is rigged—stop saying it isn’t. It would also seem you spend your time making “good” reviews for your crap game because all of the most recent reviews call this game out for what it is—a load of steaming hot crap. It’s high comedy that you would even suggest that I would be permitted to win games on a regular basis after leaving bad review after bad review. You have marked my account and so I will not win much at all. That has certainly been the case for weeks now. RIGGED. RIGGED. RIGGED. RIGGED. 3.5.23–Update—this game remains a hot steaming pile of garbage. Still rigged, no improvements.3.9.23–Update—this game remains unchanged and unimproved. 3.14.23–the ways in which you continue to RIG this game are endless. How convenient that someone else gets. 1-5 in their hand and a 6 on their stack when I have three 9’s and two 4’s. Still horrible. 3.20.23-Still completely rigged. A rude money grab. STOP GIVING CANNED RESPONSES TO THIS PIECE OF CRAP GAME. FIX IT! MAKE IT FAIR INSTEAD OF A RIGGED PIECE OF CRAP.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Aubree_dee
    You cannot play through the levels without random rng making you loose. You pay every level to play and only gain an extra 30-70 coins a level which is nothing when I’m paying over 700 a level for one chance. The ad free pay didn’t remove ads at all and any coins you purchase you burn through in like 5 minutes i don’t know why I let my self spend money on this game. I never review games but this was such a bad experience I had to share.
  • Skip Bo 5/5

    By HarLeeWalker
    This game is amazing tha I you for making it
  • Algorithms off 1/5

    By DTS1971.2
    Consistently I find myself getting 4 or 5 if the same card in an opening draw followed by that exact same card across turns. To confirm my suspicions I started counting. One game I got eleven blue 2s over 3 turns. Nine 5s in 4 turns, and seven 12s in 2 turns. That was all in one day. I’ve run some probability equations and that’s pretty near impossible in real life.
  • Adore Skip-bo but 3/5

    By PrincessSunshine
    I have been playing this game since I was a kid. I never get tired of it! I was so very excited to play this app version. The 3 star rating is due to how many coins you need to play the game and the stockpile limitations. I don’t mind being limited to a table of four players but having a stock pile of just 10 cards (or even less!) is crazy. There is hardly any time for the game to get strategic when it’s so short. I play high stakes to get to play with 3 others but too often someone hits a streak (which happens naturally) and the game is over. Hardly worth the 2k buy-in. Even when playing against friends, in our own room, the max stock pile is 10 cards. Why can’t we increase that to a higher number in private games? The solitaire style is fun. I was challenging myself to not move on unless I had 3 stars on each level. Boy, did I feel silly when I realized I wasted all my coins doing that! Why does it cost coins just to play the Solitaire portion? That’s ridiculous. I went ahead and paid for the chapter 1 bonus pass, got a lot of rewards…yay! I was going to save them for higher levels. Then I realized the game defaulted to having the pre-game bonus items ( skip-bos and tornados) checked at the start of the level. I didn’t get to save as many but I did notice and uncheck the options before I wasted them all. I was really displeased when I realized the options checked themselves again and I had even fewer of those saved up. As I progressed, the cost to even play each solitaire level increased. This is just silly. I have played a lot of games and haven’t seen one that costs significant amounts of coins just to attempt a level. I love Skip-Bo but the limitations and absurd coin usage required to play is going to cause me to delete the app. If the solitaire levels were free, I would be more invested in passing them and using coins, thus purchasing more if I ran out) when I’m in the middle of a level. Lastly, I don’t and won’t use Facebook. I’m signed in via AppleID. I can’t change my username or profile pic without linking to FB. The game reminds me to save my progress by linking my account. Funnily enough, it’s saving my progress just fine with the exception of the frame I unlocked for referring a friend. That disappeared so I don’t even have more than that unless I refer someone else and unlock it again, I guess? I hope the game mechanics get revamped to solve some of this. It is something I would love to enjoy with friends that are too far away for a traditional game of Skip-Bo at home.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Cherokeebat1988
    Games are obviously rigged. Computers or “user6867” whatever you try to hide it as- set up other bot players to win. It’s insulting you think players are stupid enough to believe they are playing against actual people setting each other up to win.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Gororogoro
    I paid to upgrade for no ads. Unfortunately, I started working on the adventure part and it uses up so many coins. You can get them once an hour, which allows you to try the level one time. Most levels require extra coins to complete and you also get charged coins each time you retry a level. I just played a level and lost, so I clicked “end game” and it offered for me to watch an ad for 4 more cards. So I did it but still lost the level because it didn’t give me the right card. I literally paid for no ads but need to watch them to complete levels anyways. I’m going to delete this app, it’s not worth it.
  • Rigged game 2/5

    By Anne6738902
    I love this game but I’m deleting it cause you clearly just want people to buy coins. The offline game is ridiculously fixed and not fun at all. At least make it to where you can win coins…even if it’s a smaller amount than online. This whole “gift” every hour so you turn around and play ONE rigged online game for them to be gone again is dumb! I can almost predict how every online game go and what cards will turn over for the others vs. mine. When I never hardly get a Skip-Bo but the fake players have them all in order and several Skip-Bos. At least don’t make it so dang obvious!!!! How about give 1st 2nd and 3rd…4th place winners coins instead of just one winner! So many things you could tweak to make this game better to keep people playing often, but the developers do nothing. I’ve been reading the same complaints for a year and nothing has changed.
  • Fun😀👍 5/5

    By Bettieup
  • I just want to play the card game 1/5

    By Fdsthvsghouhbdsxvhghjhfvvf
    This app has become more about a weird storyline adventure when all I want to do is play the actual card game. It’s annoying. I deleted the app.
  • Good Game BUT….. 2/5

  • Needs work 2/5

    By Lalajan83
    I love the concept of this game but it needs improvement. In the adventure part i can use the stack of cards and still lose because they don’t provide me with the numbers I need, even if I buy an extra stack it still doesn’t give me numbers I need. Offline is always a guaranteed win so when you play online you lose.
  • Developer rigged and shady 1/5

    By scorymom
    I spent $5 less than an hour ago for 8000 coins. I rarely do this, but I do enjoy the game and decided that amount to be worthwhile to spend once. The game must be programmed to cheat people out of money. In less than an hour, nearly all of those coins are gone. The system could have given me the necessary card to finish the level but in nearly every case it did not. I had to play levels at least 3 times to pass them - and these were mostly levels I have already played and passed!! Now I have no coins and lost $5. 🙄 It is shady.
  • the only game here 1/5

    By Julep pablo
    IS TO GET as much $$$$$ they can from you pricing is KooKooKOOk tried to OFF load so u cant collect anything from me it don't show up ... tricky ATE you just had to delete.. sad is bottom line
  • Skipbo 5/5

    By twinning76
    Would like to play larger deck. 20 cards
  • Caught you cheating again! 2/5

    By rising sun 6
    So I was playing vs the computer and I have 3 opponents, Olivia, Elijah and Charlotte. Olivia has been winning like crazy, during one hand there was a 4 on the board. Olivia’s next card up was a 7. How about she played that 7 right on top of that 4 and the game accepted it! Totally against game rules! I have a sneaking suspicion now that some of the online (real) opponents might be the computer as well but I’m still testing my theory on that.
  • To good to lose 5/5

    By Larcy 05
    I was just minding my own business when I get a text from my sister saying download Skip-Bo and I thought it would be boring best game every to good the lose
  • Great 5/5

    By T💜💚M
    A lot better than before keep it up with the new upgrade with idea it’s more fun than plain
  • Skip bo 5/5

    By cat garl
    Is a really fun game and if you like to think you should love it
  • Skip bo 5/5

    By sousouno1
    This is the best game
  • Rigged… 1/5

    By Zk15663267$3453:;
    Someone just went through their 10 cards in one turn bc they just counted up. That’s literally happened the last 20 games. I don’t have to win all the time by no means but this game is super messed up.
  • Fun, easy to play, just like the card game, and love the events they have!! 5/5

    By Pais2007
    Definitely a great game. Love it.
  • This game is rigged 🤬🤬🤬 3/5

    By bro what is this game
    This game is so annoying I played 10 rounds and every single time the other players got cards that they played out in 3 rounds it is just annoying and I couldn’t even play one card in the whole game 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😤 I still like it a lot but it still has issues but overall 👍👎 worth ⭐️⭐️ but since I’m feeling generous I’ll give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️stars in stead of two.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Sagemydog123
    Absolute trash
  • Rigged game, don’t pay money to play 1/5

    By tyejap
    The game is rigged, and is a scam to get you get keep playing and buying coins to play, don’t waste ur time, unless u wanna get frustrated, rigged game!!
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Mur 0027
    After playing this game for a number of hours over a few days I’ve sadly come to the realization that it’s rigged. The “Adventure” side doesn’t give you enough cards to complete the challenge without buying additional cards, and in the “offline” game, the opponents play cards that strategically don’t make sense so you win 9 times out of 10. Maybe the “online” part is better but I didn’t spend much time playing it because I never had enough coins. I love the IRL game Skip-Bo but I wouldn’t recommend this version of it, it’s not nearly as realistic as it could be. 😭
  • Lack of coins 2/5

    By Redsonja43
    I like the concept of the game but you spend coins very quickly then you can’t play. I’m not going to keep buying coins to play. Not enough coins earned,
  • Fun 5/5

    By “No emotion”
    Fun game I love “no emotion”
  • Please fix some things 3/5

    By Z Lowzy
    I want to like this game, nostalgia and fun however I can only play a few times a day now because I won’t spend money. You have to get lucky sometimes, but in adventure mode the cards aren’t all there then requires money. Give more options to making money or higher prizes. I would like to play the game for more than 5 min every hour.
  • Love Skip Bo 5/5

    By aob11412
    I love Skip Bo because it is a non internet game. But not just that you can also play online with friends and more!❤️❤️
  • Not worth the download 2/5

    By Stank lee
    The only thing that’s cool is the offline game. The online game is a setup. Yes the give you funds every hour but if you lose (which you sometimes lose within the hour) you can’t play online until that hour is up and they fund you or you pay to play again. Yes you get gifts but if the game is alway rigged (2nd half) you will only get to play once an hour not continuously. Do not download!! If you do it’s at your own risk.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Iamxmasbaby
    Love playing this game, but it wants money all the time. Coins do not last because you win very little and some options cost more than the coins you get for winning. I decided to stop playing entirely. Maybe someday when it is made to be more fair instead of a rip-off.
  • Skip Bo 4/5

    By TheClaireness123
    The game is fun and challenging but the ads are really annoying when you’re trying to make a move
  • Ads 1/5

    By Adifel
    It said any purchase would get rid of ads. It worked for about a day or two then I started getting ads again and it feels like even more often than before purchasing. It’s a let down because the game itself is actually fun just not when a 30+ second ad pops up after every round.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Rosibel1808
    Este juego es una trampa, nunca se gana, de 10 veces que juegas te dejan ganar 3 para que se te acaben las monedas y tengas que comprar mas
  • Scam 1/5

    By Girly2311
    lost every multiplayer came for a week in a row due to people getting cards in sequential order while i still have 7-9 cards, and the campaign game lots of levels are impossible to win due to not getting the cards needed the first time but suddenly really easy the second try around, game is suited to force you to loose all your coins and pressured to buy coins as the add for it bounces in your face with an exclamation point once you are low after loosing impossible to win games, advertised as a free game but is a money grab as usual stick with actual solitaire as you won’t spend any money and it’s not rigged to loose
  • GET THE APP 5/5

    By Savagegoalie
    It works well there is offline and online and you can even play with your Frieda just give them the code and have fun
  • ADS! 1/5

    By NLDillard
    I paid the additional $2.99 for the “No More Ads” and it did an update and I have ads again!
  • Lies 1/5

    By Asia4455
    My friend and I play skipbo together and we have both passed level 20 and didn't get our rewards
  • Game preview 3/5

    By kch2003
    This game is somewhat fun. Most of the time you don’t even get the cards you need. I can fail at a level because I need a certain card and it was never in the deck. If I take a break while waiting for coins, I play the offline version. It’s a joke. I always get a duplicate number of cards while your ig players always have cards they need. And the worst part is they will actually help each other just so you can’t go. It’s a strategy I know. I love when then they actually screw up. Anyway, work on the game. It shouldn’t be one where people have to spend a lot of money. Your events are really hard to attain and I’m one to never give up and it’s still hard. Not everything should be about money to get to a goal especially in a game. I’m probably going to delete the game and move on.
  • Totally rigged game! 2/5

    By LAB1967
    You play bots with stacked cards. There are very few ways to earn points and the cost to play is outrageous! Shame on you Mattel!
  • Addictive 5/5

    By prf465
    My friend and I play Skip - Bo the card game. This digital version is helping me improve with the cards. Remember to CONGRATULATE your opponents when they win. It’s only a game but a FUN GAME! 🥳😊
  • Freezing constantly 1/5

    By Mr. John Delpha
    It’s not that hard to do a little QA. Lazy.
  • Still getting ads 1/5

    By Iadesigner
    I do love skip Bo… BUT I have purchased no ads and they have not desisted!!!!! I have tried signing in but it NEVER allows me to. And while the Mattel site says to contact them through settings there is no option to do that when I looked. I expected better from an established company!!!!! So 1 star rating until this gets fixed
  • ;( 1/5

    By amya lanell
    When you get to the higher up levels your coins get you no where unless you buy some. Everythings too expensive i played a game with 11,397 coins when i finished i Had 3379 left. After playing another round i was down to nun. This is crazy!

    By TAJ Jay
    Great games please stop with the constant MBs of data updates. It’s a simple game that does need all that. I play offline anyway
  • Arnie 5/5

    By Raitru777
    A challenging game. I like it!😊
  • Lost all coins 1/5

    By Wyzcracks
    Been playing for a while, and besides the winning less than what was staked (2k when 3 players put up 1k each or 5k when 4 players put up 2k each) it was ok, until I finally built up about 30k and next time I logged in it had deleted my profile and I had to start all over. So I deleted the app