Skitch - Snap. Mark Up. Send.

Skitch - Snap. Mark Up. Send.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Evernote
  • Compatibility: Android
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Skitch - Snap. Mark Up. Send. App

See something that sparks an idea? Use Skitch to snap it, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on in an instant. Your bold ideas stand out even brighter with Skitch. ———————————— People everywhere use Skitch to help them visually share their thoughts with others. Here are a few ways you can use it, too: FOR FUN Mark up photos of silly, cool, or inspiring things you see and share them via social, email, SMS, and more. FOR HOME Annotate photos of your backyard to plan out your vegetable garden. FOR SCHOOL Share a diagram of the earth’s layers and have students label it with you FOR EVENTS Capture a map, mark it up, and share it with your friends to show them where you'll be. FOR WORK Open a PDF and highlight changes to skip the lengthy, confusing email chains and give clear feedback. ———————————— Skitch’s PDF Markup feature requires either an in-app purchase or an Evernote Premium account.

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Skitch - Snap. Mark Up. Send. app reviews

  • Not Working with iOS 13 4/5

    By Johnhsee
    I am using iOS 13.2 and this app crashes every time I try to open a new picture to edit.
  • Changes 4/5

    By Patricia Lynne Duffey farmer
    I have only used this program once to create a flyer for my organization. It was not easy to make changes after the fact. But I love the program anyway. Thanks.
  • Sooooo funnnnnnnn 5/5

    By i can find a nickname whoooo
    It was supper fun to play with and it makes the photos look good
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sparkys652
    Works great! I use it often on my Mac as well as the iPhone.
  • Actualizar! 1/5

    By Hidekel7
    Tremenda aplicación pero sin ninguna nueva actualización para los nuevos iPad Pro....
  • So glad Evernote rescued this app 5/5

    By mr.human
    I was really worried a couple of years back that it had been abandoned. Absolutely one of the first ten apps I install on a new iPhone. Indispensable.
  • Great job 5/5

    By Fire 2149
    Three thumbs up
  • I use Skitch constantly 5/5

    By ianmmc
    On both mobile and desktop, Skitch is a go-to tool for me.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Battery Cleaner
    So far so good. Using it has been easy to learn!!! I been using it for my daily to do’s as a check off list. I Write my to do’s, take a pic of it and then use app to simply write a line across goal accomplished. Haven’t used it much more then that. But plan to see what other fun stuff it can do.
  • Love it But Confused 4/5

    By PSHouston
    I love this app, and it is an essential to my creation of step by step instructions for work. I don’t know why they haven’t updated the app
  • Only works when launching directly 2/5

    By Cpt'Merica
    I have to go to my home page apps and launch Skitch directly for any changes or edits to be saved. If I take a screenshot or have another app launch Skitch, nothing saves or can be shared directly from that edit screen.
  • App keeps closing out 2/5

    By picaGrafix
    Every time I try to connect to my Evernote account the app closes out.
  • T 2/5

    By Martharotti
    It Yep that’s a problem cu to surfing on tyf
  • Quick professional graphics COOL 5/5

    By Beanaree
    This app helps you create text graphics easy and quick. Has all the options to share, print, post. It’s been around for over a decade. Always reliable. Pretty amazing guys!!! As a professional with an expensive digital studio, THIS I still find my pocket “go to”. AWESOME💪🏼🇺🇸💜
  • Needs a bit of updating 3/5

    By asostack
    I’ve been using Skitch on my MBP (now a MBA) for years. I also use it in my iPhone on the go and it always seems to help me out with something. But with my new iPhone XS it’s just getting in its own way. Really need to update the app here to allow for the new screen size/shape. Many button and text prompts are incorrectly displayed and it’s a bit ugly tbh. Simple fixes though so I’m hoping to see some soon.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Electrical Guy
    It’s changed the way I document almost everything.
  • Arguably the best image markup app ever 5/5

    By VicCube
    Great app. Sadly they stopped development on this, glad that they kept it available on the App Store
  • Help me 3/5

    By 57 stone
    Need help
  • Please update!! Or sell it to someone who will! 2/5

    By HeyNeenz
    It’s been 3 years since this app was updated. That makes me so sad since it’s literally one of the most useful apps ever but now is basically abandonware. It still kind of works but it has not been optimized to properly fit on the newer phone displays. There are also a few bugs to fix. Won’t someone please save this wonderful tool?
  • Get my Point 5/5

    By Daddy two times!
    I absolutely love having this simple and effective way to identify to the person receiving the photo what exactly I’m trying to show
  • Blur feature doesn’t save 1/5

    By Ldhhfdf
    Wasted a ton of my time and 90% of the time the blur/pixelate feature didn’t save.
  • Impossible to save edits 1/5

    By bluemeanieface
    You forgot one thing developers. How to save the dang pics to your photos after editing. That is the whole point. press done and the image disappears forever. You have to export to iCloud. Stupid
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By paypaljonjavajones
    On of the greatest apps ever written for iPhone/Mac. Ads functionally like Cntl+alt+print screen or paint to IOS/MACoS. One of the first apps i install when I do a fresh install. Love it.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Ja'den jefferson
    Thank you for an amazing app 😀
  • اكثر من رائع 4/5

    By ابوعبدالله الفالح
    باختصار بعد استخدامه لعدة سنوات يمكنني القول بأن التطبيق سهل في تعامله ومتكامل في أدواته (لإنجاز غير احترافي)وعملي هذا هو احتياجي شكرا للقائمين على برمجته
  • Demand! 5/5

    By Patrick Singchi Wong
    Update and compatibility for iPhone X needed!
  • Skitch is kinda sketchy 1/5

    By badkitty_
    I chose annotate a PDF. It went through the motions like it was going to let me edit it, including importing the PDF file. After I imported the PDF file, it tells me that I need to pay money in order to unlock that feature. Skitch could have told me that before I imported my file. Also, I now have no idea what happened to that file, since it disappeared from view. I will be deleting this app.
  • Love Skitch 5/5

    By Micky Stew
    I've been using Skitch for years and it is the number one app I use to mark up images. Don't know what I would do without it.
  • Abandoned? 1/5

    By SuperBrown
    I just got a new iPad for Xmas 2018, went to download this app since its one of the apps I don’t use much but always think of as handy to have just in case. Then I saw it’s been three years since the last update. Yikes! And now iOS 12 has similar tools built right in. I guess it’s so long Skitch. 😕 You were great once.
  • Can’t log in - 2 factor bug 1/5

    By bindigok
    This used to be a great app. But the current version as of 12/29/2018 is broken. When I try to login, the 2 factor causes app to crash every time. Rendering it a useless app.
  • A great tool 5/5

    By Steve Barsanti
    This is very useful after the initial leaning process
  • Still like it. 5/5

    By Sylvester4
    These reviews are pretty old. I use it as first choice editor for quick mark ups on my iOS 12.xx devices. Just happened to read App Store reviews when I checked to recommend to my daughter.
  • A necessary app! 5/5

    By Czuque
    I have had Skitch on all phones and tablets I have used for many years. I often will take a picture (usually technical subjects) then “Skitch it” to annotate and emphasize the information that I am wishing to express. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a Skitched picture is worth 2000 words.
  • It never got better 3/5

    By Bordwell
    Nice tool for simply marking up a photo. I primarily use it for the arrows. That is probably because it is about all this app does well. They took it away from the desktop app too. Geeze. Now when I pull it up from the desktop app, it tries to call home, and fails.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kenny Bolt
    It is great for labeling things on the spot.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Fw sparkey
  • In my top 3 of over 200 apps 5/5

    By Lagrive333
    Awesome on every level
  • At a lost 3/5

    By jhginfbfbgvgf
    They force me to rate the App before I even used it.
  • Less and less functionality 1/5

    By EL31415
    Why oh why are you removing some functions?!.
  • App is forcing me to leave a review 2/5

    By MyFriendLucy
    App is forcing me to leave a review by not removing the “would you like to leave a review” pop-up when I select any other option except saying “yes”.
  • Versatile 4/5

    By allksjdhf
    Lost this app and then found it again buried in the back app pages. I had forgotten how quickly and easily this slices through web and PDF annotation. I wish the tool kit didn’t need to get opened each time (like the desktop version) but paired with an Apple Pencil this makes markup easy.
  • Much to my relief it's still in the App Store 5/5

    By Leonid Knyshov
    I recall that my favorite app got discontinued by Evernote, which was a sad day. Today I went to use it and realized I never installed it on my newer iPad 4. Luckily, it's still in the App Store and works flawlessly just like it did before. Some product manager at Evernote needs to revive this product.
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By ChuckHoffman
    I tried it, and I like it! I thought there want an option to save the edited photo to the camera roll, but I discovered that I can do that. When I tap on the X to close the image, the app will offer the option to save to the camera roll.
  • Abandoned app... 1/5

    By mac.hooke
    This app was sold off and abandoned. Not updated in years and no longer works on iOS 11 or later.
  • Needs update? 3/5

    By cetjohn
    In the past this has been a great tool, but more recently has been crashing both on my iPad and on the computer. I haven’t been able to complete projects before it shuts down. Is it time for an update?
  • iPhone X 不支持 1/5

    By lingaoyi
    iPhone X 不支持
  • 6-20-18 still the best iPhone annotating app 5/5

    By Agent619
    6-20-18 still the best iPhone annotating app. Use it all the time. Outperforms the native annotations for iPhone. 1-30-18 This app is still the best at what it does. Other apps just can’t seem to get it right. Skitch has been the staple of annotating on any apple device for me. I wish it was available on Microsoft Pc.
  • Update? 4/5

    By DJmichaelmoves
    Great Photos extension. Use it primarily for the pixelator. But no update in 2 years?
  • None 2/5

    By Not fond of Internet

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