Sky Rusher

Sky Rusher

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  • Current Version: 2.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
23,995 Ratings
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Sky Rusher App

Welcome aboard to your spaceship! Avoid obstacles and go as far as you can in this highspeed tunnel. Are you Ready ?


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  • Very good and very awsome 5/5

    By Jakeeeeeeee10
    The graphics is just awesome, also the game has nice shape and great color fog. The beginner plane is kinda cool and nice but the obstacles start to get harder for me.
  • Lag 2/5

    By the dystroyer
    Yo everybody you can agree that when it gets to like level 24 or 25 it gets so freaking laggy I can’t even get HALFWAY through lvl 25 pls patch that up because I would really like to get to lvl 26 just pls patch that up:) (I live your game in general though)
  • Trash game 1/5

    By skyrusher is doo doo
    It’s fkn trash to many dam ads and I was just in a game and in the middle of it an ad popped up ur game is trash
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rides and Slides
    Great app
  • Remove the adds 5/5

    By 855$;;
    Good game. REMOVE THE ADDS!!! People will pay for that!!!!
  • This game is crap 1/5

    By no crack sore
    Shuck my buck
  • Horible 1/5

    By Serpent123453214
    It glitches up so much I can't play it
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Drink7uptwice
    I hate playing with all the ads every 30 secs
  • Good but an issue 3/5

    By melanie reyes lopez
    Good at first but then it starts to freeze and you can’t play the game
  • 3 3/5

    By Hart3291
    Don’t get me wrong it’s a fun game but I could get past level 28. Literally the game is glitchy and it won’t let me get past. After I finish the level it shapes me an ad then bring me right back to the start of level 28
  • I love it 5/5

    By Jevey
    It so fun just more practice for me and I be good love voodoo games 😄
  • Fun but problematic 2/5

    By SarahTheShorty2002
    This game is fun but there’s just wayyy to much lag and ads. It’s so frustrating, annoying, and makes me want to delete the game. It’s sooo bad!!!! Please get this fixed!!!!
  • Cool cool cool cool cool cool 5/5

    By noah 145542
  • It’s fine every one is lying 5/5

    By Johnny Buck
    The game is fine their are ads like other voodoo games so I’m confused why it has poor reviews!
  • Guess I’m legally skilled now. 4/5

    By Enders_ender
    This game is ok, but the ads are more cancerous than cancer itself.
  • a theme among Voodoo games 3/5

    By LastPanda419
    As I’ve become a fan of Voodoo apps in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a common theme among them and it doesn’t bode well. I went on to their website and read some of their mission statement finding that they don’t develop most of their games, rather they buy them from smaller designers (which explains the diverse variety comparing vs SkyRusher, for example). This isn’t a bad thing necessarily. Voodoo are essentially producers giving exposure to people who can’t get their apps off the ground due to funding on their own. Also, I’ll add that they’ve got great taste. Here’s where I have problems. We’ll start with “SkyRusher,” the fourth game of theirs I’ve tried. There’s one; the issue of the name itself which implies flying through, well, “sky” when in fact the entire game takes place in a tight corridor likely conceptualized by the Rebel attack through the belly of the 2nd Death Star in Return of the Jedi thus there’s no SKY in which to RUSH through. But that’s the part that makes the most sense. It’s as the Japanese say “tekitou” meaning “eh, good enough.” Then there’s the problems with the gameplay itself like the inability to change to inverted flight making it difficult to control until you get the hang of retraining your brain. The lag do to ad interference is the worst of any app I’ve seen, recently. You’re doing fine and suddenly Rocket Mortgage appears at the bottom of your screen which lags the game and reconnects you a moment before you smack into a wall. There’s the award system which is obviously established for one reason only; to keep you invested yet, exactly like in both and Helix Jump, these “level ups” are entirely arbitrary “skins” (if you will) and do not affect one’s game play. In this game’s case, the skin varies your flying air ship. Your default is an artistic (and royalty free) rendering on the Millennium Falcon. But you can upgrade with earned in-game-money to other ships designed from pop-culturally significant shows and films. There’s a Naboo N-1 fighter from the Star Wars prequels, an Enterprise-C and the Cowboy Bebop Swordfish to name just a few. Right now, I’m using what I believe is based off a WW2 Navy Hellcat fighter. The thing is, collecting all would take a lot of work and none will change the way the game is played. They’re in effect, skins, as I stated earlier. There are no faster, nor more maneuverable upgrades. This is the same in the case of “Helix Jump,” another Voodoo game, that allows for the user to switch the type of ball. It’s pointless. Levels: as you progress through, you will discover nothing about the stages but the color changes (and even the colors will repeat by the fourth level). They don’t become any more difficult either, per say. But they extend the length of the corridor by 50 relative meters lengthening each level by about 1 second. What I would like to see is a the ability to shoot down the white money cubes (rather than fly through) and a way to use ailerons to roll the aircraft rather than only rudder controls. Also, upgrading airships should mean controlling speed, maneuverability and add strength. Especially considering how long the levels become. As it stands, there’s no legitimate incentive to level up! This is the theme continuing through Voodoo games. If only they would stick with one app and work on updates and improvements rather than developing three or four mediocre ones, they could really keep the gamers’ interest. I would personally be willing to pay the 3 dollars for ad free gameplay if I knew I enjoyed the game enough to keep it on my desktop a few months but something tells me Voodoo is better served having you lose interest, find another game generating more from you via ad revenue.
  • If I’m gonna pay for no ads...I expect no ads? 2/5

    By Alfonso poopoo fatty the third
    Almost a great game. Free version is garbage, but that’s to be expected these days with developers trying to turn a profit by bloating their work with more ads than game. Regardless, I immediately could tell the game itself was enjoyable enough to splurge the 2.99 and remove the ads, but that apparently only includes the ads that keep you from playing the game itself. What’s incredibly unfortunate is that you spend your three dollars and still have that constantly rotating banner ad at the bottom of your screen. If I pay for your product why on earth are you STILL trying to sell me more garbage!? Super weak and a total shame considering this game’s potential, but the biggest upset is how much of a distraction that stupid banner is to the gameplay. You made something relatively spectacular...thanks for being greedy and ruining it. Overall disappointment.
  • Easy but to much adds 5/5

    By hdhehhehheh
    I got to level 39 or 40 in one day make it harder and when you finish there’s an add.
  • OK 4/5

    By makybb
    It was fine
  • It’s rate botted 1/5

    By Robbomolay
    They made fake accs to rate 5 stars
  • LAG 1/5

    By Tera62
    Ok, so my gameplay is fine right? Until I get to lvl 16 my game starts to lag like crazy. I can’t even finish the level because of it. Also, voodoo, you make TOO MANY apps! All your apps spam me with ads, how greedy. I would give a better rating if you fix this. 😡
  • Great game but some things a so annoying 2/5

    By Sarahvina_Grace
    This game has a great concept from what I can tell, but there is so much lag that I can barely play without hitting something. My phone is very new and there is lots of storage so it is nothing to do with my phone, this game is simply laggy. I have seen some other people are having this problem.
  • fix this 3/5

    By Shitttty game 8==D
    too many ads ffs its nonstop spam going in my rear
  • I 5/5

    By lopiuytrewqasdfgghjkmnbcxz
  • Too laggy 1/5

    By Kidrauhl Belieber
    This looks like a really fun game but I can’t play it because it’s so slow. As soon as the ship takes off it crashes into something because I can’t control it. Fixed the lag please.
  • Lag lag lag 2/5

    By derpmazing
    I love this games but it has a lot of lags when I was about to beat level 5 it lagged and I died plsss fix this
  • This is so laggy 1/5

    By Z0mbi3_kill3r_49
    This game is good it’s just not ready it needs a lot of improvement with lag and speed
  • Jfee 4/5

    By rppanters07
    A pretty challenging game with cool levels
  • Lag is AWEFUL 5/5

    By Yoloooooooh
    Sorry but I was sooo close to finishing a level AND IT LAGGED AND I CRASHED! A little is fine BUT SO MUCH LAG? Just please try to fix this error. Also I literally avoid the video revive button and then when it’s supposed to go back to the main screen, it plays a video and I don’t get saved! Please just fix these smaller details, and it would be a game worthy of five stars.
  • Cool Game! 4/5

    By IshYaaBoi
    First of all, this is an amazing game! All it needs is more content. The only problems I have are these huge lag spikes in game.
  • Hard 1/5

    By hdbtfvh
    It is a really hard game
  • No inverted flight controls 1/5

    By Coldplay everyday
    Adjust controls
  • Masterpiece 5/5

    By Ant Aristud
    This game is a masterpiece. The graphics make it such a great and entertaining game, the intensity and quick pace of the game make it even greater. Definitely recommend for anyone who likes challenges.
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By h❤️e🧡l💛l💚o💙
    It glitches a lot.
  • Pretty fun,needs updates 4/5

    By ShkdjrgekebehdbbenUsb
    The game is pretty fun, but it still needs updates like bug fixes and maybe new game modes. Overall it’s a pretty nice game.
  • Love this game. Plz ad more 5/5

    By JMMJB
    I’m obsessed. Please add a leader board. I wanna see how far other people are getting. Also, can you add more detail to some of the ships?
  • Please see this !!!!!!! must see 🙏🏼🙏🏼 4/5

    By conitsendembor
    IT is a great game but it has a lot of glitches and a lot of ads i prefer that you don’t want to download this game but just so you know you can download this app but you have been warned.😁👋🙁🙃😁😩😂
  • Lag and ad spam 1/5

    By VinnymARGOO
    The lag is so terrible that it ruins the game.......
  • Really Fun Game - How to get rid of ads 4/5

    By RYRYOO7
    This is a really fun game but it has a lot of ads, but.... you can just turn of WiFi and cellular instead of buying the no ads.

    By deadsincemonday
    It’s lags soooo freakin much. I could move my finger a centimeter and the thing would fly across the screen. Soooo many ads. And oh yeah, IT LAGS SO BAD, it’s impossible not to hit an obstacle. Absolutely bad, don’t download this game. The soundtrack was cool though
  • Super fun! But.... 5/5

    By Fluer DeLacour
    It could be harder, it’s kinda easy. Otherwise I would totally recommend this!
  • Stamped 5/5

    By Yeahhhgirlllllll
    Certified by Ny Cambridge
  • Adware 1/5

    By GreatPumpkin1313
    Plus, no inverse controls in a flying game? Cmon. Nonstop Ads.
  • LEVELS 5/5

    By Eli. Don. Peopl.
  • Laggy 1/5

    By bigWstylz
    It lags, then you crash because it lags. Then you have to look at advertisements. One wonders whether they consider this to be a bug or a feature.
  • Great game 3/5

    By Accio_Hayden
    This is a very fun game to pass the time with, but the ads cause lag and glitches. I keep losing rounds because of these glitches.
  • Ads 1/5

    By AndresHinojosa
    Ads don’t let you play at all. Each try you have to wait for the ads to pass.
  • Too much lag 1/5

    By xjbx24x
    Could be fun, but the game “skips” and you crash into everything because of it. And no, I’m not in a sketchy WiFi area; I’m at home, right next to my router. Maybe work out the bugs before releasing it. Pity.

    By Ken -Z- Pen
    This game is the best.
  • 3 stars off for lag 2/5

    By @MarkDragon_
    This game is a 5 Star game with a 2 star rating simply because the advertisements make the game laggy and unplayable. Throw airplane mode on and you’ll actually enjoy it, but if you’re waiting on a call or text this isn’t something you can do for a long time. When the phone has internet access the ship skips around the screen and crashes into nothing.

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