Skylanders Lost Islands™

Skylanders Lost Islands™

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Skylanders Lost Islands™ App

Portal Masters, we want to thank you for being valued fans and let you know that as of November 1st, Skylanders Lost Islands will no longer be available to play. ***More than 4 million downloads!*** Capture Evil. Unleash Good. Find new Trap Masters, other new Skylanders and Trappable Villains now in Skylanders Lost Islands™! Play for FREE as you explore the Skylands, build your own kingdom and embark on incredible quests with your Skylanders in this amazing new adventure. More than a simple “builder” game, Skylanders Lost Islands™ is all about collecting and evolving your collection of Skylanders. As you progress, build up your islands to unlock Skylanders and then send them on exciting quests and adventures to increase their rank. What’s more, bring your physical Skylanders figures into the game! Unlock them and add them to your in-game collection for even more adventuring fun! Skylanders Lost Islands™ is easy to pick up and play, even if you haven’t played Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure®, Skylanders Giants™, Skylanders SWAP Force™, or Skylanders Trap Team™ . KEY FEATURES: o Build, evolve and customize Skylands islands of your own design o Unlock over 160 unique Skylanders and rank them up to help you in your goals including the brand new Skylanders Trap Team™ ! o Welcome new Companions to your islands and Trap Villains to unlock their unique gameplay perks. o Help characters on your islands and earn rewards along the way as you send Skylanders on amazing adventures and feats! o Explore many islands full of surprise and mystery o Level up through the game to unlock new items and customize your islands o Supports your physical Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure®, Skylanders Giants™ Skylanders SWAP Force™, and Skylanders Trap Team™ toy collection — import them into the game to bring them to life in Skylanders Lost Islands™ o Amazing art and HD graphics optimized for the Retina display o Play with your friends via Facebook and Game Center to get exclusive rewards* o Play in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages o More features added all the time! o Play for FREE! *Due to privacy concerns, some features are not available to all users. Skylanders Lost Islands™ is completely free-to-play, but some in-game items can be purchased using real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. Visit the Official Skylanders Lost Islands™ forums at: Note: Version 2.0.0 and beyond not supported on iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1, or older devices. Be sure to also check out Skylanders Trap Team™, Skylanders Collection Vault™, Skylanders Cloud Patrol™, and Skylanders Battlegrounds™! ©2012-2014 Activision Publishing, Inc. SKYLANDERS LOST ISLANDS, SKYLANDERS BATTLEGROUNDS, SKYLANDERS CLOUD PATROL, SKYLANDERS COLLECTION VAULT, SKYLANDERS SPYRO’S ADVENTURE, SKYLANDERS GIANTS, SKYLANDERS SWAP FORCE, SKYLANDERS TRAP TEAM and ACTIVISION are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.


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Skylanders Lost Islands™ app reviews

  • Does not work 5/5

    By thedcbat
    I almost deleted every app on this phone but it still says that it needs more space but other then that I love the Skylanders series
  • Awesome but some problem 5/5

    By zachtheguy345
    It needs to be able to work with iOS 11 and there are other games then trap team there are new stuff update it besides that it is an awesome game
  • It has memories but 5/5

    By Ardit berisha
    Update It on iOS 11
  • Please update 1/5

    By Jr2316
    I have played with my family forever and now I can’t because I got a new phone with iOS 11 and it won’t work please just make it iOS 11 compatible
  • Update 5/5

    By Alanfnaf
    Please update this to work please! I am begging you!
  • UPGRADE 2/5

    By 田中っち♡おつかれいなー
    Help! Needs to get updated to work with iOS 11 PLEASE HELP
  • R.I.P 5/5

    By Page the panda
    Please tell why this cannot be played and fix it
  • iOS 11 5/5

    By P.A.C.F.L
    It would be more grateful if it would be on iOS 11 i would be more than grateful but I want battlegrounds
  • Why can I not play this game? 5/5

    By docymalocy
    It keeps on saying that kaos has damaged my storage
  • IOS 11 Please! 2/5

    By XpaoloX
    I love this is game, I really do! I don’t really care about the real world cash I eventually had to use when I played it, but then I got the new iOS 11. Turns out this game isn’t compatible with that update and it doesn’t let me download it cause of that. It’s not much all I ask for is for you developers out there to update this game once more just for the sake of new update users out there that feel the same!
  • Make this game work plzzzzzzz 2/5

    By Prehistoric nerds
    Please update the game so it can work pllllllzzzzz

    By Lol bro✌
    This game does not work anymore after being opened.
  • Really 5/5

    By hannahw7000
    Really itz like Club Penguin, a great big platform then you shut it all down. Like why would you shut down your biggest platform? Description says "4 million downloads", so why wipe everything out and focus on what's important to you.
  • Rip 1/5

    By I need help ugh
    Can you plz plz plz update this game ive been playing this game since i was a game i love it plz update it
  • My Brother Is Annoying 1/5

    By yuliana86
  • Help 3/5

    By Hodoe
    I am locked out help
  • Update 2/5

    By redheadracer48
  • We love this game 5/5

    By KLEvelo
    Love the friends feature. Do you need a friend? Add flashywings. I have read some comments on the app review page, just thought I would share some thoughts. Add friends and get gems. Don't have a lot of Skylanders? Use the web codes from skylander characters. If you don't have them then call a friend and check if their kid has some. My daughter shares with her friend. They just swapped codes. Each of the characters to go on "sale". Everyday a skylander goes on sale at 10%off so they are easy to get. Play the mini game to get free ones. I find this to be one of the best games out there that rewards you for playing. Good luck and see you in the clouds.
  • Available 1/5

    By DogeyMastey
    No longer available... I guess I never could play this game ever again.Just to let you know why is the original Skylanders the only thing I can play that is a Skylander game?I just wanted to download this on Nov. 27 and I looked at the description and I saw it was not available to download anymore so I just got the original Skylanders but it was fun I was just still thinking about Skylanders Lost Islands and the name is kinda weird and it was cool until I read the description.I was kinda sad that I couldn’t play it anymore but I did not cry.
  • Don't download 1/5

    By Superbro98765
    Doesn't work
  • Cool 4/5

    By Hate Game Shakers
    This game needs to come back I links all the guys excluding the variants with a Trap Team portal that is wasteful. The good aspects about this game are On the 2nd download I was excited after linking all of the other guys that were there on the 1st download I saw more Knight Light, Knight Mare, Spotlight, Blackout, High Five, Rocky Roll, Echo, Bat Spin,Flip Wreck, Fling Kong, Short Cut, Thunderbolt, Enigma were now there on my 2nd download On my 1st download My IPad wipedout for a couple of days and deleted a lot of stuff on my first download it had the newest guys of Blastermind, Kaboom, Tuff Luck, Cobra Cadabra, Trail Blazer guys like that. The bad aspects are I played this game from March 2014-February 2015 on my 1st Download and my 2nd download May 2015-August 2017 and as if November 1 2017 it is gone Can this game come back
  • Dear gamer 5/5

    By kawii chocolatechip
    Why can I can’t play the game
  • Bring it back 3/5

    By Samistheonlyreker
  • Please 4/5

    By Buabar
    This game is great but there are two issues. 1. Why did they stop updating after Superchargers. 2. It is not compatible with iOS 11. Please update it
  • Updates 2/5

    By 06elm
    Great game but you need to update it I had to reset my iPad and want to re download it kaos can't cause this many errors I can't even start the download😐😡😡☹️
  • Why 5/5

    By Must read right now
    Why did you end this game I love it so much please delight more souls and bring this game back
  • Pls 5/5

    By Jimmy and the best
    Pls update
  • Why game? 1/5

    By Critacal thinking
    This game dosent even load... And the thing I'm mad at is that I just got new IOS
  • Abandoned, forgotten, and broken 2/5

    By Mr. Wynaut
    This game was my favorite for a long long time. I had it on my iPad, but then I left it on a plane :p. I got a new iPad and forgot about it. One day I was like "hey, whatever happened to lost islands?". I went to get it, and then I saw it hadn't been updated since 2015. I downloaded it anyway and then when I knew. This game had been long forgotten and they trashed it and it wouldn't work anymore. I guess they really are the lost islands. I honestly think that this is the best mobile skylanders game ever. They really need to come back to this and fix it up. This game may be gone, but never forgotten
  • Don’t bother folks!!! 1/5

    By 4kidsdaddy
    UPDATE: Years of hard work gone with one OS update. Don’t bother folks. IOS 11 is unsupported. Great job Activision. Sorry to do this to you activision but I've been waiting for almost 3 weeks for an email update on my support case I opened 3 weeks ago. Ever since I got an update back in September my cloud data has not been able to be downloaded. I've spent about $25 on this app and I've lost it all. Their data syncing is very buggy. It's not the first time this has happened to me either. Luckily I was able to retrieve my cloud data again. But this time it fails. I understand they can't store that off locally but still, you need to be able to retrieve backups of people's games when you're working with cloud saves. Fix that and this game is worth every penny.
  • Very improtent 5/5

    By Uyhhhchh
    Pleseeewwewww update I had this 7 and I can’t play becuse of iOS 11 and know I’m 11 please update
  • 😭😭 3/5

    By Tina B-E
    Can you please update to 11 Pretty pretty please I will be so happy
  • Would not even let me on 1/5

    By History not reality shows
  • Rip 1/5

    By mastahbatz
    I was a young little kid when this came out. This used to be the best game I ever played. But stop , I used to remember the classic times of sky landers giants during Christmas and getting a new sky lander game every chrtismas. The skylanders Lost Islands are now... forever LOST.
  • Ios 11 5/5

    By Jose Dominguez11
    Love the game but not ios 11 compatible
  • Skylanders Lost Islands 5/5

    By Daimian15
    Update the game please. I love this game. Please please please please
  • Can you update the game. 5/5

    By Doggy blaze awesome1
    Hey, app developers the game hasn’t be updated for years and the I can’t play the so I was wondering if you can you the game now, hope you guys can do it right now,
  • great game 5/5

    By rlumley29
    Love the game but no longer can play it. It does not work with IOS 11. You need to update it or you will loose a lot of players and not get any new ones. Love the game but cant download it successfully. I get a message saying something about Kaos and to download it again. I have redownloaded it about three times and still get the same massage. i have now lost the game on my phone so i am going to delete it and try to reinstall it. if that dont work i will delete it on all devices.
  • Why won't it work!! 1/5

    By 🕷🐠🐋🐂🐐🐀🐕🦂🐟🐊🐄🐏🐁
    I've tried to log on to the game but every time it says I need to retry butt I have plenty of space and good wifi!! Please tell me how to long on
  • Updating 3/5

    By Jefa1
    Ok, it seems that if the developer doesn’t update I can’t play. Developer, can you please update so I can continue with my game. This is my favorite game and believe me I don’t have a lot of games because I’m very picky. Pleeeease Update! Thank you 😊 PS: I promise I’ll up the stars when you do😊
  • Not compatible with ios11.. 1/5

    By Sp1000000000
    I gave been playing this game for years and now I have to give it up as you won’t update it to be compatible with Apple products on to this I will not get any of your games beings you don’t care about your customers.
  • It does not work 1/5

    By lemonforever yee
    It does not work at all the only way for it to work is to delete all of your games that's why I give it a one star
  • Carter Pifer 1/5

    By Coifed got some kill
  • Why? Why must you remove it 1/5

    By Grrgeorge
    Please just don't
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Mason1002
    I have 3 iPads for my kids. This app works on 2 out of the 3. All same versions software. Says "Kaos is messing with the download. Re check the connection". Yet I could download from the App Store. I've refreshed. Restarted. Deleted. Reinstalled and still won't work. Any suggestions?.?
  • This game doesn't work 1/5

    By Kalgon7
    Look I know that this is probably an awesome game. But this thing popped up that says chaos is at it again please make sure you have enough iPad space and make sure you have a stable internet. And I literally tried everything me and my mom could think of. It didn't work. Then I ask my dad. None of his ideas worked.So I'm glad this will not be available on the first day of October. Game I would give this zero stars. No negative 9999999999999999999999 stars.

    By (Noah escaped the island)
    EVERY TIME I TRY TO PLAY IT SAYS failed to download AND THATS AFER THE FACT I DOWNLOAD IT FIX IT PLEASE ⭐️ for now when it is fixed I will do ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
  • Please fix bug 3/5

    By devon2764
    When I try to download the game when I open it it says I don't have enough storage witch I have more than enough. Also it says or there is something wrong with my internet connection which is wrong also. I like this game but please fix this bug so I can play it again.
  • Didn't load 1/5

    By LGC LichLordYT
    This game wouldn't load for me
  • Game must fix the retry bug 2/5

    By ink_selveon
    Hate to say it but this game had to get deleted due to the retry screen coming and won't stop coming, I had enough data for it, but it just keeps showing it. Can you fix this bug?

Skylanders Lost Islands™ app comments


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