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  • Current Version: 6.20.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Skype for Business App

Skype for Business, formerly Lync 2013 for iOS, extends the power of Lync and Skype to your favorite mobile device: voice & video over wireless, rich presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface. Key Features: Initiate a group IM or video conversation and invite additional participants Join, rejoin and initiate a Skype for Business Meeting to communicate and collaborate on amazing ideas Simultaneously view shared content and speaker's video during a conference Control the meeting (mute or remove attendees) and know more about participants’ modalities Look at your upcoming meetings and join via one click Find your recent conversations and pick them up from where you left off Search your contacts by name, email, or phone number Enhanced security via Active Directory Authentication Library Anyone can use the Skype for Business for iOS app when invited to a Skype for Business or Lync 2013 meeting. However, you must have a Skype for Business or Lync account in order to use (and enjoy) the full capability of the Skype for Business app. Also, some functionality might require an update to Lync or Skype for Business Server or might not be available to all users. If you’re not sure about your account status, please contact your IT department. IMPORTANT: THIS SOFTWARE REQUIRES CONNECTIVITY TO VALIDLY LICENSED COPIES OF MICROSOFT LYNC OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS SERVER OR OFFICE 365 / LYNC ONLINE / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS ONLINE AND WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT. UPDATES TO MICROSOFT LYNC SERVER OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS MAY BE REQUIRED FOR PROPER PERFORMANCE. SOME FUNCTIONALITY MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE IN ALL COUNTRIES. IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT YOUR COMPANY’S LICENSE TO AND/OR DEPLOYMENT OF LYNC OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR IT DEPARTMENT. SKYPE FOR BUSINESS APP IS ONLY AVAILBLE FOR iOS 8.0 OR GREATER.


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Skype for Business app reviews

  • Keyboard is not working sometimes and App sync issue 1/5

    By yshanker
    In the Iphonex keyboard is not poping up and messages are not sync through the Mac.
  • No consistency across devices and bad connectivity 1/5

    By Rigatoni baloney
    Horrible messaging app that can't do the most basic things, like synchronize the messages that were sent/recieved in the desktop app, and it constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) loses cennectivity to MS Exchange which wipes away any conversation history instantly. The only thing it does well is sanitize my ongoing conversations. How could it possibly be this bad?
  • Skype: when big companies don’t care about the end user 1/5

    By Teabuu
    Many others have stated it but I NEED to state it again so that Microsoft/Skype will listen!! The simplest thing, and the only thing I ask of you, is to sync up the messaging on the phone and the computer. Talk to Apple for help because they’ve got it down. Another problem in line with my first comment, if I don’t look at the Skype message on my phone within SECONDS, when I click on it, it sometimes disappears. Which means my boss could have just sent me a to do and instead of sending hat message to my laptop it sent to my phone and instead of letting me read the message, it magically disappears. The ONE thing I do appreciate is being being to join a conference call on Skype from my iCal relatively seamlessly. Though I still have trouble with WiFi vs LTE connection when on the move. ALL IN ALL PLEASE FIX YOUR SYNCING. And while you’re doing that, figure out a way for us to save our chat history.
  • Can’t view missed conversation text from app 3/5

    By varzen
    When someone writes while I’m not actually having Skype for business as he forefront app, I cannot get to what the person said. I need to go to a computer and hopefully the text will have saved to Conversation History in Outlook, but even this is Hit and Miss. All notifications from Skype are turned on.
  • No computer sync 1/5

    By C at Work
    This app syncs SO poorly to my desktop (Windows). It will often fragment conversations into multiple threads. This is a messaging app that would have been a disappointment 5 years ago. Today it is completely outclassed. Infuriating. I thought Microsoft was supposed to be good for business....
  • Useless without ability to synchronize 1/5

    By Rmikkelson1
    Like many have posted, the ability to have phone conversations sync with the desktop and visa-versa is a basic necessity in business and if the regular Skype app has it why not this app? Please make this feature available.
  • Effective enough 4/5

    By ksx_kshan
    Does what I need
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ijdboarder46
    Previous messages get deleted once you close the app. Also, messages do not sync across platforms. Messaging apps have been able to do this for years. It should be trivial by now. This garbage is dumbfounding. I would rather send messages by mail than use this app.
  • Worst experience I’ve ever had with telecommunications app 1/5

    By Michael Tarleton
    The consistency and sound is bad but bearable. However, now I can’t even login to the app and there is no error showing me what’s wrong. My company now uses Slack to handle our inter-office communications.
  • I hate this app and wish my company used a different Messanger 1/5

    By Criejeoenbdjdknx
    1. Either receive my messages on my phone and not my PC, or my PC and not my phone. Or a combo of the two. This functionality has been broke for at least 1.5 years. I should be able to receive ALL my messages on ALL my devices. 2. Switched from iPhone 6s to 7 and now cannot even login. I receive the error message: “Failed to process request. Please try again.”
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By MoMcNasty
    Does not sync with computer or other devices. Crashes on open every time now, must reopen. Crashes often. Push notifications are spotty at best. Messages fail to you if you are not in the app or phone is locked. No message history saving. There is almost nothing mobile about this app unless you open it 2x and it remains your primary focus.
  • Doesn’t Sync Properly 1/5

    By Don_Ricardo721
    Waste of time and useless. Doesn’t properly sync with computers and only receive missed messages.
  • Works but chats are confusing 3/5

    By antoniofdz09
    This app does the job, but does not keep all the conversations in one chat and it's confusing... Only if this could be fixed would be excellent.
  • Never works 1/5

    By kjr3333
    Used to work but now it doesn’t. I get occasional messages about 8 hours late. Something changes in a recent update for iOS or Skype.
  • Needs 3rd party keyboard support 3/5

    By nmcneil
    I really wished this worked with Google’s Gboard. So I can swipe with one hand and not have to tap all the time.
  • Doesn’t Sync, so pointless to have 1/5

    By Gniphrz
    I have searched through all the blogs and tried everything that was suggested. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it multiple times. It still doesn’t sync with my calendar for Skype meetings which is its primary functionality.
  • Attachments and Multitasking 3/5

    By Gamer272739
    Please allow for attachments in chat and for standard iPad multi-window support.
  • Needs more QA and Love 1/5

    By Czar_1
    Great potential for a tool but you really need to invest some time on QA. The application crashes multiple times, it also doesn’t transfer calls when you’re in a Wi-Fi connection and then you jump into our area without the Wi-Fi, if you close the call and try to get back, sometimes you can see the screen being shared, sometimes you don’t. Basically multiple bugs that could make this tool much better. You really just need to invest more time and more resources and make this app little bit more bug free.
  • Can’t read Skype message doesn’t appear. 1/5

    By djajijij
    I would expect more from a Microsoft product but the company is start to be know as a crappy hardware and software developers (loosing there edge). They are making products that look nice like apple and are even at a high price but never even last a year. This app will send me a notification that some has Skyped me and part of the message but when I open the app and click on contact only their contact info shows up and no message. I don’t know what they said. Isn’t that the only function of this app?
  • Crashes 1/5

    By jj6992
    Skype for business continually crashes. Even when it does run, it sometimes cannot connect to the Exchange server. Terrible!!
  • Most Annoying Chat app ever 1/5

    By Hoo-ey1
    - No iPad Pro split screen support - Can’t read missed messages - Doesn’t sync up with desktop Skype
  • This app never worked 1/5

    By Hui.S.F
    Since when I installed this app for work, it crashes every single time when I try to join a meeting.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Mover.hh
    Better than nothing but far from good. Tiny hard to navigate user interface. Bugs within status reports. There is always one unknown recent call. Logs off frequently. The updates never fixed this.
  • Conversation History 3/5

    By A tribe called Jess
    I like the app and Mobile meeting features however If I am out of the app (still running in background) and someone sends me an IM and i don’t open it within a few minutes the message disappears and all I can read is the first words of the message in the notification. Haven’t figured a way to edit any settings in respect to that feature, if that was added would rate 5stars
  • Terrible connection issues 1/5

    By MynardDuPreez
    This app has constant connection issues when compared to normal Skype. Makes it unusable from my mobile device.
  • So bad 1/5

    By drnimrod
    I find it unbelievable this app has a four star rating with over 3k reviews. I can't even see my contacts. I will have numerous Skype conversations at work through the week from my PC client, and the one time I need Skype on my phone I open it and every single conversation (with no text of course) will be in my app which I then have to manually delete every one. If I'm on a call on the way to work, it constantly shows a notification that someone in the meeting is presenting video. SO ANNOYING. Basic functionality they just can't get right.
  • Over all very good 4/5

    By Stuart in CA
    Once in a while will have a few quirks but overall easy to use and reliable. Makes joining and participating in confernce calls a lot easier.
  • Horrid 1/5

    By Tylerdare
    It’s hard to understand how a product our business pays for can be so inferior to every free product of this type out there.
  • Not for iPhone X 1/5

    By misscourt_true
    This app used to work with my older iPhones but once I switched to the X it is non functional. It will never allow you to sign in. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I’ve tried manually typing in the server. Nothing works. There is nothing on their website to help with this either, just a thread of half answered complaints around this topic. If you have to use this for work remotely, and you have an iPhone X... it will not work. Im majorly disappointed.
  • Why is this app still running after shutting it down? 3/5

    By AbstractHH
    Skype for business is a handy tool to have on my phone specially on those high demand days. However, since I am using it on my personal phone I would love to be able to completely shut it down when on personal matters. But even after the double press on home button and swipe up to kill the app, it is still running and people are still trying to contact me when I truly am not available for work matters.
  • Can’t turn off audio 1/5

    By Ana70g
    I often attend meetings where slides are shared with the team online and not projected, meaning that I need to see the content and not join audio. Whenever I join a meeting with Skype it takes control of the mic & volume and does not allow for mute.
  • Horrible audio reliability 1/5

    By jmachacek1208
    Wow. Skype for Business works fine on my laptop on the same network. Connecting via my iPad was unusable—audio dropped out to the point of being useless. Needs work before this is useful at all. It’s a huge pain to switch devices systems in the middle of a meeting.
  • 🗑 App Formerly Known as MS Lync 2/5

    By Wm.
    Cannot join meeting when some organization sends a link if Skype is running. Skype forces you to login to your organization's Skype system. And if your organization does not use Skype, you have no login and thus cannot attend someone else's Skype meeting. By accident we found out that if Skype is not running prior to opening the Skype link, it will offer the ability to use your name only... and only once. You must kill the app and phone call to avoid the single option screen of login. Sometimes, and it is a rarity, after trying 5 or 10 times the screen changes and you can just enter your name and join a meeting. Then you get an otherwise substandard experience. Apparently there is a chat feature in MS Lync / MS Skype that desktops Windows users get but does not work in this half-baked mobile-ish product. Definitely the worst user experience I have ever had in a meeting technology. I have extensively used Fuze,, WebEX, Zoom, and a handful of others, all by far superior in terms of capability and usability. This is the meeting tech and the app to avoid.
  • Most pathetic app that businesses are actually paying for 1/5

    By daulatpalsingh
    Never syncs with other devices. Look at WhatsApp on my phone and WhatsApp web if you need some inspiration how they keep the messages in sync. For God’s sake get some sense in designing this application. This is simply and afterthought.
  • Terrible app, basic things don't work 1/5

    By Sirabbadon
    What kind of sh*t-tier messaging app can't even handle basic messaging functions? If I miss a conversation skype gives me a button counter of the number of missed conversations, but when you open them, none of the messages are displayed, only basic contact information. What the actual h3ll?! And even if you're in the app, sometimes it doesn't deliver or receive messages in a conversation if you're signed in elsewhere. Absolutely trash. Whoever programmed this behavior should be fired and blacklisted. This isn't a high bar, but lo and behold, you've failed to even offer basic messaging capability in your MESSAGING APP!
  • Latest Version 1/5

    By fpraven4
    The latest version doesn’t even give you notifications are send you messages unless you are actively using the app. Garbage.
  • Meetings disappeared 1/5

    By BTG & The Furry Bunch
    For the past month, I am no longer able to see my Skype meetings in the mobile app, but only when I’m online with Outlook. Trying to connect to meetings through the link in Outlook calendar is a dead end, as it never connects. Moving to Microsoft Teams, as Skype has officially died
  • Notificationa don't occur 2/5

    By Kevo
    I can't tell you how many missed conversations I have been the message is sent to my desktop client and the app doesn't notify on the lock screen or with a red bubble on the app with a count of missed messages. I have to constantly open the app to check.
  • Multiple crashes 1/5

    By Spongebrain
    Crashes while searching within contacts. Crashes while making an audio call. Virtually useless
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By ughblahblah
    Works great and perfect for working from home but wish you could set the availability set to available all the time like on desktop. If you are away from your phone for a few mins it goes into "away" yellow should At least let you set if you want it to show you away after 30-60 or 90 mins or longer but literally after like ten mins it goes into away mode and we have no control over it oh and it also shows people that are connected through Skype on “mobile” so very pointless and frustrating ..other than that It’s an okay app but needs more
  • Waste 1/5

    By Gauravpandey
    Crashes frequently.. LYNC was flawless.. SfB is useless.
  • This Ap is corrupted 1/5

    By unhappy3456
    I have to REDownload every time I need to sign into my exchange server. The Ap will not process my credentials and is a complete waste of time. My IT support is also useless and MSFT points fingers at them, they point fingers at MSFT. No accountability.
  • Unable to even log in 1/5

    By Spson66
    I have an iPhone 7+ that is up to date on its ios. I have loaded latest Skype for biz (6.20.2) and I can not even sign in using my companies credentials. I am signed in fine on my pc. A co-worker has an iPhone 10 and is on 6.20.1 and he signed in easily.
  • Needs to sync with computer 2/5

    By EngineerProcess
    It is frustrating that the computer and mobile app do not sync. At times I’ll end up with 4 different conversations with one person across the different devices.
  • Messages don’t sync between devices 1/5

    By jvivas
    Only reason 1 star... It doesn’t sync messages between ipad/phone/computer. This is basic functionality in a messaging app.
  • App doesn’t sync to computer...ever 1/5

    By GP0325
    All this app needs to do is sync to the computer. That’s it. But I’ll get messages through the app that don’t show on the computer and vice versa. And not only that, but the messages on the app will pop up and disappear or several threads will be started with the same person. It’s not hard. Other apps sync up perfectly. And Skype for Business has been a mess for YEARS. I doubt anyone at Skype is reading this or cares, because again this has been an issue for YEARS. Slack can do it. Why can’t you?
  • Push notifications not working - iOS very as bad as Android now 1/5

    By anup99
    May2018 Someone decided to port the Android version to iOS and now push notifications for Skype messages do not work until you launch SkypeForB. One of the main reasons to keep a smartphone is for important communication purposes and these should work flawlessly ... it is the App’s core reason for existence. I wish the Product Managers understood this :( Every time the app is launched even if running in the background it has to reconnect ... showing the ‘Connecting’ message. It should be perpetually connected and push the notifications like all other messaging apps. May 2016 - Mute not working !!! Basic functionality for any calling app especially a business meeting app. Mute intermittently does not work. App shows unmuted but no one can hear on call. Have to re-login to meeting to re-enable voice.
  • Jumble 3/5

    By bgmcc907GET
    At least half the time, my screen will freeze. Either that or I will join audio over a phone connection and video through my pc. The video will tell me I have been dropped, but my audio over the phone is fine. I click to rejoin so I can see what is being presented, and I then have audio through my pc at the same time I have it through my phone.
  • Doesn’t synch with PC properly 1/5

    By cadillacfanaticy2k
    Get this fixed and stars will go up.
  • Can’t sort by Status 2/5

    By dlfleish58
    Really would like to be able to Sort by Status like on desktop version.

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