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Skype for Business

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  • Current Version: 6.25.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Skype for Business App

Skype for Business, formerly Lync 2013 for iOS, extends the power of Lync and Skype to your favorite mobile device: voice & video over wireless, rich presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface. Key Features: Initiate a group IM or video conversation and invite additional participants Join, rejoin and initiate a Skype for Business Meeting to communicate and collaborate on amazing ideas Simultaneously view shared content and speaker's video during a conference Control the meeting (mute or remove attendees) and know more about participants’ modalities Look at your upcoming meetings and join via one click Find your recent conversations and pick them up from where you left off Search your contacts by name, email, or phone number Enhanced security via Active Directory Authentication Library Anyone can use the Skype for Business for iOS app when invited to a Skype for Business or Lync 2013 meeting. However, you must have a Skype for Business or Lync account in order to use (and enjoy) the full capability of the Skype for Business app. Also, some functionality might require an update to Lync or Skype for Business Server or might not be available to all users. If you’re not sure about your account status, please contact your IT department. IMPORTANT: THIS SOFTWARE REQUIRES CONNECTIVITY TO VALIDLY LICENSED COPIES OF MICROSOFT LYNC OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS SERVER OR OFFICE 365 / LYNC ONLINE / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS ONLINE AND WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT. UPDATES TO MICROSOFT LYNC SERVER OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS MAY BE REQUIRED FOR PROPER PERFORMANCE. SOME FUNCTIONALITY MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE IN ALL COUNTRIES. IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT YOUR COMPANY’S LICENSE TO AND/OR DEPLOYMENT OF LYNC OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR IT DEPARTMENT. SKYPE FOR BUSINESS APP IS ONLY AVAILBLE FOR iOS 8.0 OR GREATER.

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Skype for Business app reviews

  • Skype call 5/5

    By Texas Finest
    Pretty clear call. Video reception great. Able to have Skype meetings from anywhere.
  • Call quality is good 4/5

    By vish5185
    Call quality is good but sometimes facing issues in joining meetings
  • VPN 1/5

    By decemberpei
    Can not sign in if VPN is connected
  • Skype for business Mobil is fantastic 5/5

    By Overweight needing to lose
    Works great, never experienced any issues. Allows a connection to meetings anywhere anytime.
  • Awesome Voice clarity and screen sharing 5/5

    By Vikash Ranjan.
    The voice and Screen sharing on phone is just getting better & better. I feel Microsoft is planning to retire Skype and move to teams, but I wish if they can retain Skype.
  • Why can’t I remove my previous business account? 3/5

    By ALovelyAphrodite
    I find it really annoying that I can’t remove my account from my previous employer from this app. Uninstalling and reinstalling this app doesn’t solve for this. This is a giant bug that needs to be fixed.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Asmoran
    Use this for work and have no complaints.
  • Smooth the Transition: Outlook to Skype 4/5

    By DC/VA Commuter
    Call quality is usually excellent. I’ve had little difficulty connecting and the ease of use between my phone and computer has been fantastic. ONE COMPLAINT: Why can’t I launch a Skype for Business call directly from my Outlook link? If on my phone, I’m taken through a launch/permission access page on my browser before Skype will open! 👎
  • Does not sync conversation with desktop app 1/5

    By Aaron Nguyen
    Title said it apl
  • Straight to email.. 1/5

    By KC1974
    Everything goes straight to email. Whether the Skype app is open, open in the background or neither, every IM, every call goes straight to email.. “XXXX sent you a message in Skype for Business” and I go back to the app that’s sitting open on my iPhone and think - “what the eff”. What is the point of this app?
  • Effective business tool 5/5

    By RL amazed
    All across the globe Skype for Business has never let me down. Customer interaction is effective and has helped accelerate programs. The ease of use and the straight forward menus make it easy for first time users. Integration with Outlook makes it easy to schedule meetings. World class solution!
  • Commercial Leader 4/5

    By HaliadeX
    Generally quality is good but occasionally quality is poor not sure how to ensure consistency
  • Doesn’t sync well with windows app 1/5

    By Qazmlp1029
    The mobile app has terrible bug that sometime when they message you does not show up in the windows app and or in the conversation history in outlook although you are logged in on both at the same time.
  • Multitasking??? 4/5

    By jtypo
    Please allow for multitasking it would make everybody’s skype experience that much better.
  • So disappointing 2/5

    By Bcom822
    I use this app everyday and am extremely annoyed with it. IMs show up on my phone but not my computer. The whole IM does not show up so can’t read the message. There is no online support and the Twitter account does not respond. I see screenshare on my phone for meetings but it will not show up on my computer. Shame on you Microsoft
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By Bkdoc57
    I use this app on my phone to contact my clients at their business. The only problem I’ve ever encountered with Skype for business is usually due to my clients’ companies’ firewalls and security protections which sometimes preclude my ability to call them directly. Aside from that I’ve never had any difficulty with the app.
  • Unstable, terrible support 2/5

    By Mitch910
    Yeh, lots of issues. I see others already enumerated them.
  • Nowhere to get any support 1/5

    By ktkruszka
    I need this for my job. I have been trying to set this up for nearly a month. We have 2 IT departments and both are befuddled why it won't work. All settings are correct yet I can't coordinate with the "Developer" to get to the root of the issue. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE YET AGAIN FROM MICROSOFT.
  • Keeps kicking me out of meetings on mobile app 1/5

    By RichLoveland
    • Every meeting every time multiple times • I have to close the entire app every time and start over • Made me search for different solutions
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lady Ree
    A great alternative to my desktop. I love that I can remain connected when I’m running behind for calls, or just need to step away from the desk. I can receive all of my IMs and join in on calls with no problem. Skype definitely gets better with time.
  • Does not sync across devices 1/5

    By rnathkdev1
    Why do I have hundreds of unread chats on my phone when I don’t have any on my PC!
  • Not a great app in functionality 2/5

    By lkr234
    I downloaded this app to try and get my work Skype messages on my phone. Almost every time I got a message, it would delete itself so I couldn’t see what anyone sent me without closing out the conversation. On top of that, it did not connect well with the Skype app on my computer so when I switched back and forth it almost made it impossible. Deleted the day after downloading it.
  • Loses audio, have to completely reboot to get it back 1/5

    By justin.slay
    This app is beyond worthless for meetings. Several times it will just drop audio. Speaker phone won't work. Force closing the app and rejoining the meeting doesn't work. Must reboot the entire device to get audio working again. Happens daily. For months. Several reports. No fix.
  • Dropped calls 4/5

    By RJKhtx
    Only concern is that when I use Skype to call my cell, and then go back to skype to check things like participants and presentations, the call drops.
  • Slack > Skype 1/5

    By KDTrew00
    I gave this app more chances than it deserves, but honestly it is total garbage. How can you have a messaging and voice app that doesn’t sync to what you have done on your computer? That seems like the most fundamental building block of an app like this. In comparison, Slack sync’s in near real-time, allowing you to seamlessly continue a conversation from your computer onto your phone. If my company didn’t use Skype as our only option this app would be deleted faster than this app takes to randomly sign me out for no reason.
  • Don’t install this 1/5

    By Hoffyev
    When I installed it, the software totally messed up my Windows 10 computer setup. Now, each time I reboot, it changes my default apps and other things. I attempted to uninstall, but it said that it would uninstall parts of my Microsoft Office in the process. I’ll never install this on any of my computers. It works fine on my iPhone however.
  • Beg your company to use AT&T Connect 1/5

    By brandont6
    Skype constantly drops calls. I’m consistently amazed how poor this is compared to other Microsoft products.
  • Needs lot of fix 1/5

    By Balaji Thiyagarajan
    Every time app asked for user name and password, i need to enter configuration details every single time I login.
  • Call 5/5

    By Snowmobile Snow
    Call and video were of good quality today.
  • Won’t login 1/5

    By Mato9999
    Update was supposed to fix the login problem but didn’t....
  • Excellent 5/5

    By bobcrz
    Good app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By SantoshSah
    First experience was awesome, no issue at all.
  • Great 5/5

    By jgrje
    I can skype my meetings anywhere. Amazing to do this on your phone!
  • Yuck 1/5

    By mkebrewers
    Terrible App for business needs. No synchronization between computer and phone.
  • Won’t let me sign in as of yesterday 1/5

    By @stunn_ing
    Please fix!
  • Iffy service 3/5

    By BatGirl from OB
    Interface remains problematic—often when I first join a meeting, others cannot hear my audio although I hear them fine. This requires leaving and re-entering the meeting. Also, when leaving and re-entering the meeting, I do not get the pop up window to select the Skype for Business app and proceed—I hit a dead end—meaning another complete reboot (exit Skype altogether and start again). Loss of time and frustration.
  • Poor integration 2/5

    By viky45826
    If you are logged in laptop as well as iOS app.. it creates multiple messages thread.. with one message each. Some message come to laptop... some to iOS. So frustrating...
  • Horrible at syncing 1/5

    By drezzzzy
    This is a messaging app that doesn’t sync between mobile devices and computers hardly. This is a deal breaker for me. Having to manage different conversations on separate devices is extremely annoying.
  • Skype for business review 3/5

    By juva1
    Of course connection and conversation clarity depends on local comms infrastructure, but sometimes the app does not work properly on my laptop, phone or pad and I need to switch between them to get to the call which is annoying. On video calls, we usually make introductions and then disconnect video as connection is rarely good. That’s on voice/video calls. On messaging, it’s annoying to have every conversation’s phrase separately saved in outlook instead of the whole chat at once. Hope this helps on any planned improvement.
  • Works well but it must be supported properly 5/5

    By Shacker
    Skype, for better or worse, depends on the IT department that implements it. Ours, for instance, has a ton of restrictions when it comes to mobile use so Skype is hit or miss. But I give it 5 stars because it works very well when I connect and even on smaller screens, the display is fine. Conversations are clear.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Yasmeenie
    Super easy and convenient. Sound and video quality very clear.
  • No clear all messages? 1/5

    By Stopher2475
    I get hundreds of Skype messages a week at work. Microsoft has decided that you have to slowly clear one by one from your phone. It’s obnoxious. I wish my company used a different product.
  • Skype Notifications 1/5

    By bjd1216
    I would like to be notified when users I tag have a status change. This option exists on the office version, but not on the app. Please add this enhancement.
  • Server settings changing ever few minutes automatically 1/5

    By BerndR32
    Since the latest update it disconnects again and again.
  • Current version Sign-in Issues 2/5

    By Blondie_81
    With the last two updates, the app will no longer allow me to sign in, thus making it totally useless. Please fix!
  • Meeting issues 2/5

    By KAUS_Flyboy
    The app works ok for normal scheduled meetings, but has limitations when : A. Another user IM you and want wants to convert to a meeting sharing screen - app doesn't allow that. B. When there is a virtual conference meeting that include live video, you don't necessarily get the videos. C. With same virtual conference, shared app/desktops are almost never being displayed on iPad. D. If video is on with virtual conference, you can't select to see shared content.
  • Completely stopped working 1/5

    By Marty's Momma
    After the last update the app crashes when trying to open it. Deleted the app and now it won't reload from the App Store.
  • Why not support multitasking?! 2/5

    By Bobby Hapali
    The app by itself function all right when you are actively using it. But this is developed for business and business users may be working on documents emails or spreadsheet while wanting to use this at the same time. Who wants to stare at a messenger all day or miss the IMs while doing some work? Please work on supporting multitasking on iPad like the rest of Office 365 apps.
  • Messages Don’t Sync 1/5

    By Scott4023
    iMessage, Hangouts, and other messaging applications all sync messages to your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone. Not Skype - I get random messages on any device signed in, so things are out of order and out of context.

Skype for Business app comments

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