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SkyView® App

SkyView® brings stargazing to everyone. Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more! Over 2.5 million downloads. App Store Rewind 2011 -- Best Education App “If you've ever wanted to know what you're looking at in the night sky, this app is the perfect stargazer's companion.” – CNET "If you’ve ever been looking for a stargazing app for your iPhone, then this [is] definitely the one to get." – AppAdvice “SkyView is an Augmented Reality app that lets you see just what delights the sky has to offer.” – 148Apps Editor’s Choice You don't need to be an astronomer to find stars or constellations in the sky, just open SkyView® and let it guide you to their location and identify them. SkyView® is a beautiful and intuitive stargazing app that uses your camera to precisely spot and identify celestial objects in sky, day or night. Find all 88 constellations as they fade in and out while you scan across the sky, locate every planet in our solar system, discover distant galaxies, and witness satellite fly-bys. Features: • Simple: Point your device at the sky to identify galaxies, stars, constellations, planets, and satellites (including the ISS and Hubble) passing overhead at your location. • Sighting Events: schedule alerts for upcoming celestial events. • Apple Watch: see what objects are visible tonight and how to spot them using your Apple Watch. • Today Widget: brand new iOS 8 today widget lets you quickly see upcoming celestial events. • Night Mode: Preserve your night vision with red or green night mode filters. • Augmented Reality (AR): Use your camera to spot objects in the sky, day or night. • Sky Paths: Follow the sky track for any object to see it’s exact location in the sky on any date and time. • Comprehensive: Includes thousands of stars, planets, and satellites with thousands of interesting facts. • Time Travel: Jump to the future or the past and see the sky on different dates and times. • Social: Capture and share beautiful images with friends and family on social networks. • Mobile: WiFi is NOT required (does not require a data signal or GPS to function). Take it camping, boating, or even flying! What a fun way to teach yourself, your children, your students, or your friends about our wonderful universe!

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SkyView® app reviews

  • App 4/5

    By KN6JHC
    It’s awesome !!!!😎👍👌
  • I love it except… 3/5

    By nixl
    … That it never appears to be accurate. It’s not just this particular time but right now I’m looking up at the sky and I see Jupiter and Saturn easily hand apart in the sky. The app shows them one on top of the other. Every time I look up I see some thing that is different from what’s on the app and I don’t know why…
  • Support 4/5

    By 19470722
    Love the app, but support has not contacted me on how to turn on family sharing. That is the main reason I purchased the app.
  • Camping fun 5/5

    By bobsbest52
    Great fun for the family on camp trips, very educational
  • Super cool 4/5

    By PhoenixFish
    Fun exploration with nice music. My only complaint is that there is no way to modify the font size, location or color of the planets. I can barely see them in the corner.
  • Skyview 5/5

    By Frogfoot169
    Simply outstanding!
  • Peaceful ,Rlaxing and educational my favorite site. 5/5

    By HalOdyssey2001
    Imagin some Real Time information on Events.
  • Moon Phases Not True Astrological Positions 3/5

    By Love2ClearClouds
    I have been studying astronomy most of my life and astrology the past 12 years. I am also a student of esoteric knowledge. I have discovered the Farmers Almanac and original astrology sources have the moon phases accurate, while this app has the moon positions 2 days earlier in each sun sign. If you are an esoteric student, you know the importance of abstaining from sex during the 2.5 days the moon is in your sun sign...”christ” in the “tomb” 2.5 days. Being that this app appears to be affiliated with NASA, and that NASA was started with nazi Germany scientists who infiltrated America in Operation Paperclip, I seriously question WHY this app is incorrect in the moon positions. Being that the nazis’ only true concern is world domination and destruction of all truth, I can only surmise that the intentions in this app are either of ignorance, not knowing NASA’s true intent, or just another means of keeping people in the dark.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By dcamt
    To be honest with y’all I was very excited when I first downloaded this app maybe because it was during daylight..... anyway when the night came the sky was super clean no clouds at all and I was super excited until we start seeing objects either satellites or debris that was not on the app. We saw at least 5 or 6 in at lapse of 3 hours. I want my money back !!!!
  • Very fun! 5/5

    By Duane Cook
    This is a fun tool. Very creative and educational!
  • Not tracking SpaceX Demo 2 ☹︎ 3/5

    By Vulcanipad
    I wish it did
  • Excellent 5/5

    By vandenolas
    One of the best apps around, I’ve had this for years and never tire of it .
  • Needs work! 3/5

    By NeedzWerk
    Cool little sky map app, but the sound/music failed after the first use. On a new iPhone 7 Plus, first app installed. Update: Very poorly designed GUI. The fine print instructions are impossible to read, unless you screencap and enlarge. The text is too dark to distinguish from the background.
  • Little disappointed but still love it 4/5

    By rukiddinnnnng
    The information is from wikipedia and not up to date eg Hubble.
  • It’s good 4/5

    By VinnyV504
    I like it for the most part I just think they could give more or better info such a list of brightest stars or good objects to look at with a telescope.
  • Fantabulous! 5/5

    By Syncrobeast
    Great app. Makes it easy to identify what I’m lookin at... and thru the search function guides me to features I’m lookin for! Ch
  • Locked on draco 1/5

    By LoganSchofield
    Loved this ap for years. Paid for this ap. There is no support. No way of contacting support. My screen in the ap is permanently locked on Draco. Cannot move and scan. Have tried to recalibrate. Have reset defaults. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing works. Should be able to contact support through the ap. Very disappointed
  • David 5/5

    By det 44
    More detail than I thought it would be. Love it. Even the most basic knowledge that I have has been enhanced by this app
  • TreyShafer 5/5

    By Rymi619
    I have to go through the next life family family I am so excited to have family and my life I am so excited to have family.
  • Compass will stop working with magnetics case 4/5

    By Giancarla
    First off, I’m revising my review yesterday after I bought another sky app and it also was frozen in place and my iPhone compass was also frozen. This app is very enjoyable and informative. Well worth the money I paid for it. If you have freezing issues, meaning the app is stuck in one location, check your phone compass. If that is also frozen, check your phone case. If it has any component that is magnetic (mine did from the snapping back), try taking it off. It fixed the freezing issue. If it still freezes, then I’d write a review to inform others.
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By Chapisjj
    This app is really great! I love being able to see all planets and star’s name! I only wish it would give us a little more information on planets, the sun maybe some important stars.. i don’t know maybe im asking too much! I just like space things! Lol
  • The best aid for viewing the sky!!! 5/5

    By goodgumby
    Very helpful for identifying what you see in the night sky!!
  • SkyView Rocks!! 5/5

    By 4thCoop
    What an incredible insight to the world around us. SUUUCH a great app! I’m constantly wondering how you guys have done this but in the end, I’m just so grateful you have. Nice job! Thank you!!!
  • SkyView 5/5

    By cowboyhoudini
    Excellent app really works great!
  • Fun app, showing its age. Useless for Starlink 3/5

    By Mike.Claussen
    A fun app for basic stargazing. If you’re interested in satellites, this app has limited data (even with the paid satellite upgrade). Many satellites are missing, including all of the Starlink sats.
  • Very Good 5/5

    By Vondiddy74
    I love the background music and the paid version extras. I hope you will be adding the Starlink trains though. I saw Starlink with my own eyes but they didn’t appear in this app.
  • No Starlink satellites 4/5

    By WayneSMT
    How could you guys not put those in? I saw them up in the sky. Figured for sure SkyView would show them too. Nope. Come on guys this is a real easy one.

    By dabmom69
    I initially was okay with spending a couple bucks on this app because i was excited to be able to scan around and see the stars real time wherever I was. It seemed to work just fine for a while, functioning just like it said but now the app doesn't scan anything- it just stays frozen in one place, not viewing any skies. I've tried adjusting, readjusting, waiting for updates and it's been "broken" for what seems like several months now. At this point this app is a scam for a couple bucks as it doesn't function for any star gazing at all anymore. I really hope the developers can see and fix this issue because i'd love to be able to use this app again!
  • Great night time fun for the fam. 4/5

    By aholabigoo
    Grab your family and head out with SkyView. We star gaze often and now we all know just what we’re looking at lol.
  • Love it 5/5

    By !23JR23!
    Great app!! I love it as much as my daughter does!!
  • 5* app 5/5

    By Buburuzele
    No subscription Great app
  • I love SkyView!! 5/5

    By River01wood
  • Used to be great fun, now always frozen 1/5

    By HoboWriter
    At one time, this app was amazing. Now it appears the creator is no longer supporting the app... it merely stays frozen in place and no longer moves with your phone camera view. As others have noted, I also emailed a inquiry a couple of weeks ago, but no response. Same prob on both the Lite version and paid version. Fwiw I have an iPhone 8+ running iOS 13.4
  • Just get it 5/5

    By Tarzanofmars
    Well worth every penny
  • Not supported 1/5

    By Superlative girl
    Well, it looks like they aren’t supporting this app anymore. I used to have the SkyView lite and enjoyed it enough that when I opened it to use it and the screen wouldn’t move I figured I’d spring for the paid version thinking they weren’t supporting the free one anymore. Silly me, it looks like they aren’t supporting any of them because the screen still wouldn’t move after installing the paid version. After some digging I found their website and the last blog entry was a few years ago during the big solar eclipse so it looks like the developers have given up on this one. Don’t waste your money. Which is too bad because it was a great app when it still worked.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By popguy69
    Just moved from the city to the mountains in the middle of nowhere. Soooo many stars I’d never seen. This app is great to see everything about them! Only thing I can think that could be added would be narration!...Maybe James Earl Jones?? ❤️❤️
  • GET THIS APP! 5/5

    By Grldlewis
    If you have even the slightest interest in astronomy, and you must have to be reading this, then this is an absolute must! Get it.... My description will not do it justice!
  • Not working on my iPhone 11 1/5

    By PortnoyF
    Ever since I got my new iPhone 11 Pro it stopped working. The background sky does not change as I move my phone. Tried to install/uninstall and that didn’t help. Very disappointed
  • Cannot get music to play 2/5

    By robb234567890
    Had the free version and upgraded to the paid. No music now???
  • View Never Changes..! 3/5

    Program works perfectly on my iPad but the sky view won’t change on my iPhone. I’ve written to the developers twice with no answer to this problem. Rocket bodies and satellites rotate but nothing else works. I cannot recommend this for an iPhone. I don’t want my money back; I just want the app to work..!
  • ISS location is incorrect 4/5

    By smbaber
    I tried a couple of times and it showed the wrong location of ISS. I could see ISS myself from earth but this app shows ISS on the other side not even near by.
  • Won’t work on IPhone 11 1/5

    By NQK
    Worked fine on my iPhone X, but it doesn’t on iPhone 11. Open it up and it’s just stuck on the same constellation. I’ve emailed the developers over a month ago but never got a reply. This used to be one of my favorite apps. :(
  • Wow 5/5

    By Arhkenstone
    I’m impressed. I can finally learn star patterns with awesome augmented reality.
  • Nothing is in sync.. 1/5

    By nkawtg
    Over the last several months objects are not where the app says they should be. For example the International Space Station is so far off with timing/position it’s often hours off. There’s no method in the app to report issues/bugs such as this.
  • Amazing app!! 5/5

    By Tevin67
    As someone who took astronomy in college, this app is insanely accurate at identifying objects in the sky with your camera. I was able to identify a UFO with my naked eye, then use the app to find out it was the body of an old rocket.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By ibikeride2
  • I love this app 5/5

    By cadgan
    I have had this app for years and it still never gets old.
  • Celestial Calligraphy! 4/5

    By PaintnPaper
    I love taking my grandkids out at night and using Skyview to help them find the stars! The app is wonderful .
  • Recommend it highly! 5/5

    By conseler
    Use it often. Love it and already recommended it to many people. Great app. Would LOVE to see a few changes, enhancements, such as ability to better see MY VUEW, that is, sort of bring my perspective into focus and filter OUT the stuff I cannot see. This would help me learn MY SKY and I could then go deeper from there. Since I see nearly EVERYTHING through the App view, I often have difficulty pinpointing the name of EXACTLY which star, comet, satellite I am actually observing with my little eye. I want to know what THAT LIGHT I SEE is, so I can think on what I am looking at more fully. Sometimes I cannot be sure, since once the app screen comes on, we’ll, some further away lights become brighter than the one Zi am actually looking at without looking through the app viewer. WHEW!!!! Hard to explain. THANKS!!

SkyView® app comments

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