Sleep Cycle power nap

Sleep Cycle power nap

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  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sleep Cycle AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sleep Cycle power nap App

Feeling tired? Take a power nap! Let Sleep Cycle power nap wake you up BEFORE you fall into deep sleep - it uses our well tested and proven technology to gently wake you up feeling rested and full of energy. From the creators of Sleep Cycle alarm clock! == NAP MODES == √ Power nap - Rest up to 20 minutes, Power Nap will wake you up just before you fall into deep sleep √ Recovery nap - Rest up to 45 minutes and get an energy boost! √ 1 sleep cycle - Power Nap lets you sleep for one full sleep-cycle, and will wake you up in your light sleep phase == FEATURES == √ Select between 17 relaxing alarm melodies √ Power Nap has a snooze function if you should fall asleep again after your nap √ Enable Sleep Aid to let Power Nap emit a soothing sound to help you fall asleep == HOW IT WORKS == Power Nap uses the built in accelerometer in your phone to monitor and analyse your movements in real time to determine when you fall asleep, or are about to fall asleep. Sit down in a comfortable couch, select nap mode, put the phone in your pocket, close your eyes and drift off to sleep!

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  • No prevent sleep mode ??????????????? False advertising 1/5

    By duped coustomer
    No prevent sleep mode ??????????????? False advertising
  • great app 5/5

    By sybdrjnns
    love this app, been using for years now! i would take 3 hour naps if i could but sometimes i don’t have time but still need a nap. this app wakes me up by the time i need it to & at the perfect moment, it detects when your out of your deep sleep & wakes you up almost naturally
  • Helped me avoid crashing today 4/5

    By vg1ante
    I had an early meeting in the morning and a deadline in the afternoon. I really needed to focus, but couldn’t. I was crashing hard, eyes drooping, reading the same words over and over again. I love the Sleep Cycle app so decided to see if the same company had a nap app. Now 40 minutes and one nap later, I’m feeling totally rejuvenated and ready to take on this deadline. I would like if the two apps spoke to one another somewhat but that’s my only constructive feedback. Great app!
  • I love this app—can we optimize for current iPhones? 4/5

    By jeevenz
    This app is great! It’s simple and easy to use. I wish it integrated my Sleep Cycle data though. The UI could use an update too, to match the current design of the latest iPhones. I would love to see improvements to this app!
  • Works but… 3/5

    By PhelineCat
    Used 6/19 - I was disappointed with the lack of integrates with Lifecycle and lack of data. I shouldn't have to manually add my nap and be unable to have stats on how I feel. ---- wrote this around 2017 ----- So far I've only used this when I have been absolutely exhausted and had just had a minor medical procedure and I don't have anything could have awakened me. The functionality seems to be as promised but like so many other people I wish there were more stats available as well as coordination with the wonderful Sleep cycle. I hate napping because it takes me a very long time to go into a decent sleep cycle but if this can help me, even with marginal sleep cycling, it would certainly be worth trying some more.
  • Overpriced Timer App 1/5

    By TDoobs
    Just swipe up, click the timer button, and save your two dollars. I was really hoping this would track sleep time not clock time.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Nickolaos
    Don't bother using this app. It hasn't had any real updates in years. I think the developers are coasting on the yearly subscriptions from their other two (really good!) apps. There's no integration with the flagship Sleep Study app. The actual sleep measuring is terrible; it fails to understand when you are actually asleep or awake. Skip this and just set a half hour on the Sleep Study app for your naps.
  • Only until recently has it been a 5 star 1/5

    By Elitefoureddieb
    I’ve used this app for years and in the last week there has been two instances of a 4 power nap not ringing at all. Just woke up (on my own) an hour over!! one job.
  • Good idea, but power nap time is too long 1/5

    By Nickname Gestapo
    I stopped using this app because I usually nap for 10 minutes or less. If the minimum time is hard coded to 20 minutes, this app does nothing for me.
  • Upgrade the app 3/5

    By JPizzel DoJJ
    Please, upgrade the app for a new iPhones. Thanx
  • Makes my phone HOT 2/5

    By Vvave
    I don’t use this app very much, but when I do, my iPhone 7 get super hot! Every time I wake up and turn off the alarm, my phone is vibrating and making noise like when I use Sleep Cycle, but it’s so hot. So hot in fact, I worry about my condition of my phone. On top of that, this app does not show the data and/or share any with the Sleep Cycle app. So I just use my built in alarm clock or timer when I just want to nap..
  • Doesn’t record to the health app 1/5

    By Serendigital
    Doesn’t record to the health app. Contrary to other reviewers, I think it’s good that this a separate app from SleepCycle because I want to make that decision before I launch an app. Hence 2 stars instead of 1. It doesn’t even record it within the nap. Tha means if you want a record of the nap you have to do it manually. Put in health app sync and you get 5 stars.
  • Buggy, PLEASE UPDATE 1/5

    By internet_nico
    While the nap is active, you can’t interact with your phone at all. The screen goes black and it gives you a push notification every single time you press the screen. It’s incredibly annoying and needs to be fixed. This app does NOT integrate with apple health, which is strange. The app does NOT alert you when its time to wake up if your phone is on vibrate, which defeats the purpose of the app.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By D00DE!!!
    I just set it for a 45min nap and woke up after 82 minutes. It still said “latest, 8:12am” then showed the current time of 8:45am above that. I’ve used this app for a long time but can’t trust it after this. Also don’t understand why it asks for your wake up mood if it doesn’t log it anywhere.
  • Just get the free version 2/5

    By Ank Agarwal
    It's designed for old iPhones (doesn't scale up to even fit your whole screen) and you still have to pay for more features after the first $2. The free version that also does night sleep lets you set naps also (just set it to ~20 minutes).
  • Needs to integrate with Sleep Cycle 3/5

    By gbdenver
    Then it will be great.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Yoshi919
    Not sure how it knows when to wake me up before I enter deep sleep, but I can definitely feel that I’m about to feel groggy when the alarm goes off, and I end up feeling refreshed and rested. Nice app!
  • Does not support vibration 1/5

    By NoellaK
    Deaf person like me rely on vibration to wake up. Sound doesn’t cut it. Please enable vibration support. Thanks in advance.
  • Didn’t keep up 1/5

    By Misuteru
    So this app hasn’t seen any updates in three years which I’m going to assume that’s why it crashes upon hitting “start” on an iPhone 8
  • Integrate with SleepCycle 3/5

    By Ben Dairbefoe
    I’ve been using SleepCycle for several months and LifeCycle for just about a month as well. The integration between the two apps is phenomenal. I can see how well I’m sleeping through SleepCycle and how locations and hours effect my sleep through LifeCycle. The two are very eye opening together. Power Nap is a great app as well. A very smart idea for sure. But I’ve been spoiled with the integration between those two apps. If this app would integrate with SleepCycle it would be 5 stars from me.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By SexyDovahkiin
    It works just as well as SleepCycle and does what it promises but I wish data could be integrated into the SleepCycle and LifeCycle app since the same company makes this one. Strange they didn’t do that already. And it’s strange it doesn’t give you info on sleep quality like SleepCycle does.
  • Works 4/5

    By Jelkath
    Worked fine. Don't put it in your pocket like in the picture just put it under you or something. Otherwise power nap might not be active and you'll wake up a while later than you anticipated.
  • Abandonware 1/5

    By wasp604
    It's not getting an update, and it needs one.
  • Handy, but some shortcomings 3/5

    By c8lynlouise
    I’m fairly new to Power Nap, but i’ve been a user of SleepCycle and LifeCycle for several months and love them! I wish Power Nap could sync to the other two apps like they do with each other, and was expecting the same microphone tech and data analysis that SleepCycle uses. But it did help me get some really good naps!
  • Simple, but effective 4/5

    By Bham-Hill
    I have no idea how it works, and sometimes I feel like I never really fall asleep....yet magically I awaken feeling rested and refreshed. Pros: simple to use, doesn't require much understanding. Cons: doesn't integrate with either sleep cycle or Health Kit UPDATE 5/11/2018 (applies to both Power Nap & Sleep Cycle): Great apps overall. One major improvement needed, though: independent sound control. I use binaural beats apps and occasionally even use Apple Music or Pandora when going to sleep or napping. Your apps don’t do sound in the background well and don’t seem to have in-app volume control. Instead, your apps seem to override the iOS volume settings. The only way this works well is in Sleep Cycle, when waking in the morning. Otherwise it interferes with the UX. I like the background noises when going to sleep, but they are not subtle enough to allow other sound (which is at least possible to play at the same time as your app, so thanks for that) to be heard at a comfortable level. For example, when trying to power nap just now, I needed to use my binaural beats to help me eliminate a migraine before going to work. I’m in a noisy downtown area and it’s Saturday night. The binaural beats are great but the background noise from your app would help masking/drowning out the urban noises to make the 20-minute nap the most effective. Unfortunately, I have to turn the binaural beats up to max volume to be heard and this requires headphones. Your ambient noises are not designed / calibrated for headphones and cannot be comfortably played at maximum volume using headphones. Until the volume control (or perhaps calibration) is corrected, users will not be able to use the sleep aid background noises to help going to sleep if they want to also combine with other audio from the same device...especially when using headphones.
  • 1.5 Hour 5/5

    By brookesultan
    I love this app, but would love it if there was a 90 minute nap option!!
  • Update 5/5

    By Stitch1043
    This is a really good app but can we please get an update?
  • Is this ever going to be updated??? 1/5

    By Hassaan22
    Please update this app.
  • not working anymore 1/5

    By Imthedrummer
    even when I set it to 45 minutes it still wakes me up after 13
  • Trash 1/5

    By Softblkstarz
    I can i please have. My money back
  • Feedback 1/5

    By ssubra
    Please make all three options (Power nap, Recovery nap, and 1 sleep cycle) instantly accessible in the interface without scrolling, the current interface is inconvenient on my iPhone SE. Thanks!
  • What happened to waking up to your own music? 3/5

    By Stan-butstanwastaken
    I was able to wake up to my music on an earlier version. What happened to that capability? Two stars taken away for taking away the ability to wake up to music of my choice.
  • Frequently doesn't work 1/5

    By Ramplo
    I was woken up more times by people calling me 3 hours into my nap than by the app. The only useful part of this app would be if it would you up at the right part of your sleep cycle, but it rarely goes off at all.
  • Decent app, but needs up dating 3/5

    By mfermier
    This is a decent app, but they haven’t updated it in years which is sad because they have a good thing going. Add graphs, integrate it with Sleep Cycle. Add a Watch app. So many things could be done but hey don’t for some reason.
  • Please add microphone Motion Detection 4/5

    By Tripp12
    I enjoy the app, but I would like to see the microphone motion detection mode added like in Sleep Cycle. Also, the app needs to be optimized for iPhone X.
  • Great potential, disappointing 2/5

    By NasTrek
    I am a proud user of the Sleep Cycle app, and downloaded this on the incorrect assumption that they would be similar. They're not. I'd like to point out that this app does not have the microphone usage technology that Sleep Cycle has, it does not have any sort of memory and sorting that gives fun information such as sleep quality, time in bed or, time spent snoring. This bothers me considering this app costs money to use, whereas the much more developed and useful Sleep Cycle offers the basic app and basic previously mentioned features for free. This app is not worth the money that must be spent to download it because it's sister app, Sleep Cycle, can do the trick without the cost.
  • This + Sleep Cycle would work 4/5

    By dickinthedog69
    I'm liking the app because I work from 2am-6am and need that nap when I get back home. I used to just "nap" until 1pm, still tired as fucc. but with this I'm up at 9:30 ready to go
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By BaileyPaige
    This app has let me oversleep 3 times. I can’t trust it. The alarm doesn’t go off at all.
  • Needs Apple Watch support. 4/5

    By EternalCage
    I think that the Apple Watch would be the perfect platform for this app. The way the haptic work on the Apple Watch would really wake you up. Not to mention it already has fitness trackers and gyroscopes and such.
  • Still the Same. Missing Features 1/5

    By S2DH
    Still no way to block notifications like sleep cycle does with screen on. This should be an option. Data is not backed up and viewable like sleep cycle. Sleep mood asks ‘How did I wake you’ (or something like that) even if you woke up yourself and ended the alarm. That last one isn’t a big deal, but why did you program it like that? It irks me. TLDR. Overall it’s unpolished and missing many features including sleep cycle integration. Due to the annoyances that go along with this app, I don’t think it’s a worthwhile purchase.
  • Great app, but needs more 3/5

    By JElnur
    App is great, but: - It doesn't show graph of at least last sleep - It doesn't add sleep amount to Sleep Cycle And I wish there were 2 sleep cycles mode
  • Integration needed! 3/5

    By S.Pender
    This app currently is a standalone app. It definitely should provide some integration with Sleep Cycle or the Power Nap features should be rolled in to that app. If they are not, at a minimum this app should integrate with Apple Health. This app hasn't been updated in 2 years and some updates are now necessary to make this a valuable app.
  • Intégrate with sleep cycle 1/5

    By CodyMW2
    Data should be combined with sleep cycle. Should also have sleep analysis features of sleep cycle
  • Different Sleep Patterns... 3/5

    By Groggy Goose
    While I love the app I don't like that it starts counting once your body stops moving. I usually lay still for ten minutes before I even fall asleep so the 45 minute sleep cycle ends up waking me up 10 minutes early so I feel very groggy. It would be nice if it first gave you a quick survey to ask about your personal sleep patterns and adjusts accordingly.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By jen4k2
    I don't regret getting this.
  • I use it everyday 4/5

    By Loving grandmother
    Great app for a power or recovery nap during the day. The 1 sleep cycle did not work as well for me.
  • can't shut off the alarm 3/5

    By Quinton Williams's
    I really like this app. However, I'm unable to turn off the alarm once it sounds.
  • Perfect "timing"! 5/5

    By MILF_n_Cookies
    It really works! I've been using it for probably a year now and it is THE way to nap. I used to be one of those who slept for an hour, woke up more tired & groggy & suddenly it was a 3 hour "nap" and I'd wasted half my day. No more! Integrating into sleep cycle would be neato, but that's not the point of the app and my GOD how much data do you need on your sleeping self?!
  • Never gos off 1/5

    By TAZ!!!!!$$$$$$
    I watched it closely and it never makes me up.

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