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Sleep++ App

Use your Apple Watch to AUTOMATICALLY track your sleep! Sleep++ takes advantage of the motion and health monitoring capabilities of your Apple Watch to measure both the duration and quality of your sleep. The better you understand how well you are sleeping the more you are able to make changes in your routines to benefit your rest. My goal is to provide every Apple Watch owner with a free automatic sleep tracker that is simple and clear to understand. For each night you get a straightforward report of how long you slept and how restful you were during the night. AUTOMATIC MODE: Simply wear your Apple Watch overnight and each morning Sleep++ will analyze your sleep and give you a report about how long and restfully you slept. MANUAL MODE: If you want to have more precise control over the start/end time of each night recorded you can also use manual sleep tracking. This is also useful if your nightly routine makes it difficult for Sleep++ to determine when you went to bed. 1) Wear your Apple Watch while you sleep. 2) Tell Sleep++ when you start sleeping. 3) Tell Sleep++ when you wake up. NOTES: Sleep++ integrates with the Health App providing you a safe and private way to share your activity data with Sleep++. This data is used for automatic sleep tracking. You can also optionally have Sleep++ save your Sleep Analysis into your Health database after each night.

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Sleep++ app reviews

  • Needs to be fixed 2/5

    By Great-Phoenix
    I used to like this app but lately it started to add lots of fake sleep hours to my health data. I had to disable its access to write in order to avoid this mess. I hope the developers fix this issue asap.
  • Reassuring 4/5

    By waci123
    The graphs and summaries are indeed reassuring, each seemingly correlative with subjective feelings the following morning of restedness
  • Stopped working after a month. 2/5

    By fredvinc1
    Seemed to work then it suddenly stopped working. No idea why.
  • Works When It Wants To II 3/5

    By Nurnberg77
    As stated in a review above, this App works when it wants to. Never more than 3 or 4 days in a row. Doesn’t seem to “pull” sleep data from Apple Health consistently. Currently looking for a more consistent, reliable App...
  • works but not great 3/5

    By Leannjoy
    i found sleep because i missed how my fitbit would track my sleep, this app does the same but not as well. it will say i slept through points of the night when i was awake or using the bathroom. i just wish it was a bit more accurate.
  • Not as accurate as Fitbit 2/5

    By Hate it⚠️⚠️🚧🚧⚠️⚠️read
    Would be great if showed sleep stages. Light, REM, deep and awake. There have been many nights I get up for a minute and this app doesn’t recognize it as awake. Needs improvement
  • Did absolutely nothing 1/5

    By texan0772
    I tried to use this for a week and it didn’t track any sleep at all. I gave up and deleted it.
  • Automatic doesn’t work 3/5

    By Bike Hauler
    Doesn’t seem to work most of the time on automatic. Have to use manual mode to get a sleep report. Even then not very accurate at all
  • Fake 1/5

    By hunterkassapides
    This is a fake app that lies. I found this out on accident; I forgot to turn it off for a week. Sleep++ thought I slept for a week but it only said I was restless for 34 minutes. And this is when I realized that the app always says that I’m restless from 0-40 minutes every night. I have a feeling that is app lies and is programmed to show you sleep, are restless, and awake. During the week I forgot to turn it off it only says I was awake for 23 minutes!!!! But I was biking, running, and doing all kinds of awake activities!
  • I must be a ghost 1/5

    By s_.Breezy
    App is useless and only tracked for 2 nights. It didn’t even work the 3rd and 4th so I will be deleting it
  • Syncing 4/5

    Needs an update or something, sleep/wake seems to merge even if up for a few hours, a quick app search doesn’t show via name of app.
  • Poor UI, but works 3/5

    By BNC54
    It works. Definitely detects sleep automatically and can tell when I’ve woken up. It does a poor job of recognizing restless sleep as it claims to be able to do. And the user interface for reviewing the sleep and wakeful moments is not all that friendly. It does send data to the health app, and the user interface is better there. Overall the app is functional, but lacking some features that other apps may have. But it’s free, and works.
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By maedchen0324
    The app does not accurately track whether I’m asleep or awake. It shows I sleep the whole night through even when I get up multiple times.
  • auto-stop feature makes sense 4/5

    By vice-president-asia
    great app, pls consider adding auto-stop (by detecting heart rate elevation while wake-up) feature in the manual mode because it’s very easy to forget pressing stop button in the morning rush & then sleeping hours got summed as 20 some hrs when you find it by going to bed again.
  • Too many glitches 2/5

    By tiredsahm
    When this app works, it works well. Unfortunately, it kept malfunctioning. The suggestion was to delete it and then reinstall it. This would fix the problem temporarily until the app decided to go down again. I’m tired of reinstalling and losing data. I’ve deleted from my phone and will try another app.
  • Not so good 1/5

    By R.Alvarez
    It doesn’t work all the time. ☹️
  • Not very accurate 2/5

    By SmithyGirl77
    I wanted to track my sleeping patterns because I occasionally sleepwalk, and I would like a log of these events. I noticed that this app is not accurate. One night recently I got up and was wide awake and moving around the house, and I even got a end sleep notification from this app. After going back to bed and waking for the second time, I went in to see how I slept, and the app logged sleep straight through, with only 9 minutes of awake time. That’s a pretty serious discrepancy, considering I was up and moving around for three hours. There have been several instances of getting out of bed that never log as awake.
  • Tracks time in bed, not time asleep 2/5

    By briddreamr
    This app consistently tells me that nights spent lying awake, still and staring at the ceiling, are spent deeply asleep, with only about 30 minutes of restless sleep. I would think that access to my heart rate would make it more accurate than that. It does figure out pretty reliably when I go to bed, and when I start my day. This seems like a good tracker for people who sleep well and easily, and whose goals are to spend more time doing so. This is not a good tracker for an insomniac or anyone trying to determine what helps them sleep more soundly.
  • Ok 2/5

    By ronalde744
    Used to be great now it constantly skips days Have reset everything and it continues to skip days
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Rudley1979
    I have used the app on and off for over a year. The results are always within a percentage or two of 97% restful sleep. I’ve gotten up in the night, and it registers that I’m asleep. I don’t believe the app does anything.
  • I don’t sleep well 5/5

    By One Ohm
    Looking at my nightly tossing and turning finally got me to go to the doctor and do a sleep study. I have sleep Apnea. Now I have a machine, I sleep MUCH longer at night. But I still toss and turn.
  • App Crashes On iOS 12.1.2 3/5

    By X.Static
    App is now crashing 100% of the time on iOS 12.1.2. New fix coming soon?
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By CatSonger
    Disappointed in this app. Does not track my sleep accurately. When I wake at night & actually get out of bed, the next morning it tells me I had never been awake 😳. My Fitbit Versa is way more accurate. I have this a try but will wear my Fitbit to bed to track my sleep.
  • Cute novelty app but not accurate 2/5

    By TimeaMMM
    I was super excited to try this app. But two nights ago when our 2.5 year old woke us up at midnight, at which point we got up, and then kept us awake between 3-5am (awake but in bed) and the app said I was awake for only 5 minutes not only that, but a portion of my best sleep fell in the period I was getting poked in the eye, etc, well... that was the last time I used the app. I’m pretty fit so my resting heart rate is probably low, which is why I’m guessing the results were what they were but still. Come on. Not accurate. At all. 😢
  • Misses nights 3/5

    By Certified Dental Assistant
    It does not work every night. I wear my watch to bed every night and some mornings when I look at my watch it does not have how I slept that night. It’s happened several times.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By PrincessAlorna
    I was so looking forward to seeing the results this app had for me after my first night using it!! Unfortunately, I’m not able to trust anything it calculated because it says I was awake for 5 minutes during the night & really I was up for about 40. Like out of bed awake, so....
  • Good app when it works 3/5

    By Lake Superior Diver
    Intermittent success with automation - sometimes it works for several days and then you need to use the Manual start... frustrating!
  • Grossly inaccurate 1/5

    By Battlewithin
    In automatic mode, this app doesn’t know sleep from awake. I have an infant that wakes up in the middle of the night. The app says I was only awake for 6 minutes. If only that were true! The truth is that I was awake for more than 30 minutes. Also, the design is ugly and boring. And it lacks any real detailed sleep analysis. Instead of showing light, deep, and REM sleep, it just says “restful” and “restless.” This makes it truly useless as any sort of useful tool or tracker. It’s a real shame because other apps by this developer are actually nice and usable.
  • Not happy so far 2/5

    By isavem
    Tracker worked for 2 nights. Now I just get a solid blue line.
  • Pass on this one 2/5

    By miss mis
    Somehow, this app opened and kept running for four days. I’ve been active and working every day but it reports I’ve had 104 hours of restful sleep and only 1.5 hours awake. My guess is this app just starts and stops on command and makes up any data. I don’t think it truly tracks anything.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By delgl1234
    I have had a few nights where I slept very poorly and was awake for several hours and up moving around. This app did not detect any “awake” periods and primarily recorded restful sleep.
  • Yikes 1/5

    By Alex John F.
    I’ve used a lot of sleep apps over the years, but this is the first that I have used with an Apple Watch (series 4). Most of them I had either had my phone on my bed or on my nightstand and were overall pretty accurate. This app was beyond inaccurate. One would think that for two hours while watching TV and even thinking, “I should move my wrist so it knows I’m awake” that I would not be considered sleeping. Oh well. There’s a million more out there. I’ll just try another.
  • Automatic tracking sleep 5/5

    By rylanevans
    Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Pretty dang accurate too. Thanks!
  • Doesn’t a seem to work at end of any month 3/5

    By sherryhogan
    Some reason mine won’t automatically record sleep from the 30th to the first
  • Totally unreliable 2/5

    By Jess18511
    I have a newborn and decided to download this to see how much sleep I got. The automatic tracker said I got over 9 hours and 0 hours awake... Any parent knows that’s crazy. My fit bit caught 6 hours with 28% awake.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By TimothyGray
    It is perfect. I love how I don’t have to do anything to see how I slept other then download the app. I would highly recommend it for anyone with an Apple Watch
  • Not at all Accurate 1/5

    By jonro2242
    This app does not capture your sleep quality accurately at all.
  • Not accurate for awake times 1/5

    By Ktbhhj
    I’m used to the FitBit where it uses your heart rate to analyze when you are awake and when you are asleep. This only shows you awake if you are up and moving. Chances are if you are up and moving, you know you’re awake. I want a sleep app that mirrors more like the FitBit showing my different levels of REM sleep and also how long I’m awake each night. Don’t bother with this app, it barely tells you anything.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By king_kush420
    I have an apple watch series 3 and was interested in seeing how i sleep... after pressing “start sleep” on my watch and going to sleep, i wake up in the morning and hit “stop sleeping” and it tells me i did not move at all through out the night... and i tried it 2 nights with the same results. Basically all it’s good for is telling me exactly how long i was asleep.
  • Stills shows too little data 1/5

    By jfh_007
    I initially stopped using this after after a week or so due to the minimal data that it provided. After reading the release notes for version 3.0, I was eager to try the new build. Unfortunately, it still fails to display light and deep sleep periods, although the algorithm supposedly measures said periods. You only get 'restless' and 'best sleep' now. Hopefully, we'll get more granular data in the future. If not, I'll just stick with Beddit. Update: I tried using Sleep++ to record a nap yesterday, and was once again disappointed with the results. While I was awake the entire time (67 minutes), the data was as follows: Restful: 47 minutes Restless: 20 minutes Essentially, I wasn't moving much for 47 minutes, although I was very much awake and restless. Sleep++ provides minimal, rather meaningless data. Beddit provides far more granular data and is thus much better for my personal needs.
  • Quit working after 2 months 3/5

    By ds77386
    Downloaded this app based off the reviews and it worked fine for two months, then suddenly quit working. Restarting the phone, resetting the toggle buttons, nothing helped. I’ve since downloaded a new sleep app.
  • Automatic Sleep Tracking 1/5

    By Hec_every nick name is taken
    The Auto feature has only worked once since buying it. I even upgraded to the 1.99 ad free version and still hasn’t tracked my sleep since that last time
  • Completely inaccurate, almost worthless 1/5

    By SpeedQuest
    Seemed like a great app the first few nights I used it. However, after using Manual Mode and forgetting to turn it of on multiple days the app recorded me as sleeping for 17 hours and only 25 minutes was ‘Restless’. So how can I be awake and active for 17 hours and the app records me as only ‘restless’ for 25 minutes? I guess the app was worth what I paid for it.
  • Fully functional now - Problems fully resolved 5/5

    By Dfom
    I retract my previous 1 star rating. This app is now fully functional on my IPhone XS and my watch v.4. The app provides very useful profile information on my sleep patterns.
  • Horribly inaccurate 1/5

    By Beu2fool80
    After only using for one night, I can tell you that this is inaccurate as it didn’t account for the times I woke up to my children getting up during the night. I think they still have much to do with this one. It says that I had 98% restful sleep, I’m not sure how that works when I was up and about 4 times in the night. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Great but needs improvement 4/5

    By Yenieyen
    So having the iWatch not have its own sleep tracking is pretty disappointing so I am using this app to track how I sleep. I have a Fitbit and it’s very accurate when it tracks my sleep. This app has the automatic sleep track but it’s not very accurate. I would just be laying down and not sleeping and it thinks I am. I like it so far compare to other sleep apps.
  • Auto sleep doesn’t work 2/5

    By mon_vi
    First night I manually set the watch to sleep, and it recorded 2hrs which I’m pretty sure I slept more than that. Auto sleep worked for the second night I had the app on the watch, then the third and 4th did not automatically record. At first I thought the watch wasn’t on tight enough, so I made sure the third and fourth night it was snug.. I had high hopes but ehh🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By elmo5676
    Why is manual sleep not sent to the phone and health app?!
  • Counting sheep 5/5

    By AlexLee62
    Great app for creating good sleep hygiene

Sleep++ app comments

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