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See why millions of fans choose Sleeper for their fantasy football leagues. - Ultimate gameday experience with real time scoring and mascots. Taunt your opponents and watch your mascots react to plays - Dynasty, Keeper, IDP, Superflex, 2QB, etc - PPR, 0.5 PPR, Points per first down, Tiered PPR - Free agent blind bidding (FAAB) - Multi-team trades - Next level player research center - Sleeper Draftboard - the ultimate draft experience with draft pick trading, slow draft support, and mock drafts - League History - Taxi squads - No Ads! 100% Ad-free. No banners, overlays, pre-rolls, etc. - Open 365 days a year. Unlike other apps. ... and much more Whether you play in our leagues or are just here for fantasy alerts, you'll always feel connected to your league mates due to messaging being at the core of every feature. - New Draftboard chat UI for live and mock drafts - Mascot stickers and reactions. Express yourself. Taunt your opponents, celebrate plays, show despair when your star players do not come through. - Buttery smooth league, group, and 1:1 messaging - League chat - Blazing fast load times - Waivers process in seconds, not hours and waiver bids show up in league chat for ultimate shaming. Also check out the fastest fantasy football alerts: - We offer the fastest notifications in the industry - See pinned messages as they come in for expert analysis on each alert - Chat with millions of people in real-time about breaking news. - Ask a question about your team and get answers instantly. Sleeper (formerly Sleeperbot) is the ultimate platform for the fantasy football player. Visit us on the web at

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  • Cool 5/5

    By Swaggy John
    Haven’t used it yet but seems cool.

    By wolf_bray
    Ladies... Gentleman.... if you’re looking for a source of Fantasy info and pleasure, you’ve found it. Sleeper lives up to its name with plentiful amounts of info and sources, as well as a great setup for leagues. Thank you so much sleeper, and thank you fantasy football.
  • iPad App 4/5

    By Spiegs311
    Very excited to migrate my main league over to Sleeper this season. However, I really really wish there was an iPad version of the app. I’d really like to be able to stand my iPad up on gameday and just watch the scores without the screen being pixellated and portrait because it’s an iPhone app. Please!
  • Love it 5/5

    By zznappytop
    Best fantasy app. They keep updating it by taking in consideration user reviews. Minor change I wish would be allowing a max position draft in the mock drafting.
  • Best Fantasy App 5/5

    By MitterSlice
    Just finished our first dynasty start up draft in Sleeper. It was everyone’s first time using the platform and every single member of the league commented on how awesome Sleeper is. 5 stars! We will be converting our 2 other leagues over soon. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Offline draft 3/5

    By CTsince86
    Cool app but would be better if you can make teams. My drafts are offline 🤷‍♂️
  • It’s the best! 5/5

    By prem_4tw
    Constant updates, modern design, multi team trading, no ads, and the fastest notifications! Sleeper is the best fantasy football app out there and I’ve moved all my leagues to Sleeper. Stop wasting your time in fantasy football with bad apps and experiences like ESPN, Yahoo, etc. Great job Sleeper team! You all have earned it!
  • Great App, review FAAB? 5/5

    By steelg2
    Overall, the best Fantasy Football app out right now. I love the customization aspect of it, can really make your league your own experience. One suggestion I’d like to make is regarding the FAAB system. When bidding, there needs to be a “bid up to” component, sort of like how E-Bay works. It doesn’t make sense to have to pay for a player for the max value of your bid when the next closest bid was lower, when $1 more would have gotten the job done- if that makes sense? It’s something my league has discussed ad nauseam. Would help stretch your FAAB and not over pay when it’s unnecessary. Love the app!
  • They saw my review and implemented my request in 24 hours. 5/5

    By MatthewFinch
    How can you advertise as the best platform around when you don’t even have a custom draft ranking feature? Well, I’ll tell you how - CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Sleeper saw my critical review and gave me my feature in less than 24 hours. Thanks!!!!!!
  • This is what other apps should be doing! 5/5

    By Stello193
    This app is so helpful, with the news and alerts.. about players, teams and etc. Not only they have those things it’s FAST! I don’t get notifications like this from ESPN, Yahoo, NFL Fantasy. Even with breaking news they sometimes even beat out the Fantasy Life App. But this app is not just about news. It’s about the Fantasy football leagues too, this is the first app I’ve used to start up dynasty leagues. The Fantasy Football Chat tab is very helpful with the community giving ideas, asking for advice and posting leagues for people to join. Inside the actual leagues there’s so many different settings and scoring, the chat in the league works really well. However the chat inside the draft room sometimes doesn’t function. Sometimes I would be able to type out a message but I can’t send it. Other times once I used it the app would crash. If I wasn’t using it at all the app would crash as well. But I got a new phone and the app barely crashes when I’m in the draft room. So it was weird. But other people that I draft with, sometimes they would say their app would crash too especially if the timer was less than 5 mins. Now I’m worried about this because I’ve already switched a couple of my leagues from other fantasy apps to this app and a couple of them are redrafts/keeper leagues and we aren’t going to start drafting until August just before the season. My friends in those leagues have tried to do a couple of drafts in other leagues and they have said that their app has crashed as well. I’m not sure what phones they have but I had an iPhone 6+ and just got a XR and no problems since I got the new phone. I have sent my issues to the support team and got 2 fast responses. I haven’t downgraded my rating because of those reasons. Everything else has been great and keeps me coming back to this app every single day.
  • Keeps Getting Better 5/5

    By aceragoff
    Sleeper listens. Sleeper adds new items. They didn’t pay a guy to develop it 5 years ago and sit there. 2 years ago I didn’t switch because they didn’t have a feature I wanted. The next year it was there and we have switched one league over. Now I just need to get all my other leagues over.
  • The best fantasy football platform 5/5

    By istonian
    Sleeper is the best streamlined app for fantasy football. Support for keeper, dynasty, and redraft. A message board built in. Easy to find fellow fantasy football addicts. You can customize almost everything. Only complaint is lack of auction draft support but they are still relatively new so hopefully that will be added.
  • Drafting Player Issues 1/5

    By Billionaire Bankroll Bentley
    When drafting some players are no where to be found unless you type the name in
  • Great app 5/5

    By jax1243
    By far the best for dynasty
  • Losing Direction 2/5

    By mtngrwn
    Been in love with this app since it launched due to it’s simplicity, focus on football, user friendliness, and smooth operation. All of that has gone away with a new focus on cartoon graphics and other gimmicks which has made the app so glitchy, you can’t even load your league a third of the time.
  • Complicated 2/5

    By rmitchel001
    I have used a lot of different types of sites for FF, seems complicated to set it up for an auction
  • Update trades 5/5

    By Jspringer1996
    I love the sleeper app platform! It’s amazing all my leagues are on sleeper. I’m a huge fan of how user friendly it is, however I would love to be able to counter trades from the offer page. It would make things much easier to be able to make adjustments and then send the trade back
  • Love it 5/5

    By jayeljefe
    Love everything about Sleeper! Can we expect an iPad version soon?
  • Can’t Join a League 1/5

    By Dhdmsy
    I cant get in this
  • Great App 5/5

    By J. Hargrove
    Love the setup and very easy to use! Recommend for all fantasy fanatics!
  • Like the app almost 4/5

    By worgnne
    Love the app, notifications to swipe away could work smoother. Biggest is the mock drafts. I despise the CPU auto drafting up to 3 QBs. There should be a limit of only one to see where value potentially is in the back half of the draft.
  • Best of the Best 5/5

    By ceemac1986
    This app is hands down the best fantasy football resource and league platform on the market.
  • Cheat sheet 4/5

    By mick1417
    Is there a printable version of the 2019 football cheat sheet?
  • Good app...but not on iPad! 1/5

    By dissapointedipaduser
    I’ve enjoyed Sleeper so far after my league recently switched over. Unfortunately, the iPad experience has been miserable. There is no decided iPad app, only a stretched version of the iPhone app which is vertical only. To make matters worse, their desktop site does not work with either Safari or Chrome. Parts of the text get cut off and is rendered unusable. Even when I request the desktop version of the site. I really want to leave a good review, but I’m posting this here to try and get visibility to the devs.
  • Random 3/5

    By Sisnab
    Be nicer to be able and customize more team pictures avatar etc.
  • iPad support is lacking but beautiful app altogether. 4/5

    By Rydog900
    Sleeper is an absolute beauty. Easy to follow, use and customize. My only complaint is there is no iPad support and what I mean for that is the app isn’t optimized for an iPad. I’d like to have a larger screen to use the app instead of my iphone.
  • Please add IPAD support! 3/5

    By rishipatel313
    This APP is great, and i would love to use it for Fantasy Football this coming year, but without proper IPad support that is going to be very difficult for me to chose. PLEASE ADD IPAD SUPPORT!!!
  • Clean up 5/5

    By 8jr88
    Easier to manage through the app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kyle-813
    Works great for dynasty
  • Good for basic leagues. 4/5

    By ardoddsjr20
    This is fine for standard leagues. Other sites offer mor customization in scoring and rules. IDP needs improvement, would not recommend anything more then very basic IDP.
  • Almost flawless 5/5

    By Brycer84
    This app is near perfect and light years ahead of the competition. Two things for dynasty that I wish they'd add: the actual pick number (2.05) instead of who's pick it is. And I wish there was a way to automatically pause a draft over night for slow drafts. Other than that it's amazing. They responded and said they're adding that stuff this summer, should be great!
  • Inexcusable glitches 1/5

    By Tate-76
    Numerous things go wrong with this app - for example we just finished up a dynasty draft on Sleeper - A couple players including Cooper Kupp were nowhere to be found throughout the entire draft - sometimes it doesn’t allow me to move stuff on my roster which is costing me adding guys from the waiver - additionally there’s no draft queuing which is absolutely ridiculous - The ranking system is so flawed until they paired with someone actually legitimate casual users are totally hosed - I am not a casual user but having to manually search for guys that should obviously be at the top of the list is a absolute pain - how do you not have Rookie summary’s and breakdowns? Not even a photo of these guys for Rookie drafts - this should be hands down the best app for fantasy but if is definitely NOT - on top of it all when you do have an issue - there “help” has gotten back super slow and without explanation - Thanks for reading my rant - moving my league back to ESPN
  • Decent 5/5

    By Milw zombie thrash
    Best free dynasty app. They respond to emails about settings a preferences. Hoping for a better version for iPad or browser. It seems to be getting better data but functions between pages a quirky. Overall good service.
  • GREAT and free football news app 4/5

    By chendoge
    Even if you don’t do the fantasy stuff you get free NFL news. You can see all the drama, trades, picks and more. ALL FREE!!!
  • Bomb. 5/5

    By KimbaKid
    Best fantasy football app.
  • Good app, what happened to drafting against computers? 4/5

    By Flex aster you
    Really enjoyed the app last year and drafted against computers a ton. Can’t seem to get that to work now. Am I missing something or is that feature gone? In order to draft by myself I have to manually click let computer auto pick for the other slots which is annoying
  • Very user friendly 5/5

    By Bogs208
    My first time starting a league and this app makes it super simple. They are constantly adding new and improved updates and very good and answering questions
  • No code? 1/5

    By Leematoad3
    I’ve gotten no code and I put my email in right
  • Love the app but it would be nice if 5/5

    By Rome702
    Love the app and support but really wish they made iPad layouts. The extra screen real estate is nice when there is a lot of data you want to look at along side one another.
  • Need iPad Compatability 5/5

    By TJDull
    I am writing this on my iPhone but I have this on my iPad also and I hope you guys are developing an iPad compatible version. One that can be used in landscape view, etc...Love the app otherwise though and can’t wait to see what comes next this offseason!

    By Succcessisneveradoubt
  • Wonderful phone only app 3/5

    By AP541UO
    Seriously, great app on the phone. Unfortunately there is no iPad version which is a huge bummer. Hopefully they change that before the 2019 season. Also when I click on chat notifications and the app loads, it gets stuck loading. I have to quit the whole app and reload it to see the chat stuff.
  • New update 2/5

    By Bj85Brush
    So I use to love this app, but the new update is crap. What happened to the “my feed” option!? I get trying to promote your leagues, but now I can’t just mindlessly scroll and get all my information. This thing is pointless to me now.
  • Going on to the 3 year on this app 5/5

    By Flako084
    Loving it! Teams loves it. Quick response to an6 issues or wanting to add a feature. Only complaint my teams have is the option to veto a trade. It would be nice to have the option to turn it on or off. Other than that the app is great and I wouldn't use ESPN or NFL app anymore. Keep doing what u guys are doing!
  • Best news Alert app out there 5/5

    By shipzilla
    I’ve put off of getting them a 5 star review because there always the first with trades and injuries and any other updates. And also because I don’t want my league mates to find out. But this is the best app out there for all of fantasy sports
  • App 5/5

    By Eeeeysha
    Greatest app ever !!
  • Too many notifications 3/5

    By Txtornados
    Great app but hard to find which notifications keep popping up. Usually would only receive notifications when app is opened, even when off, it is blowing up my phone. I set it up then it started chirping like every 5 seconds with notifications. It is hard to which notification was the culprit so I turned off ALL notifications.
  • Fix the chat 2/5

    By JT Bounds
    It's impossible to type a message on this app because it auto-corrects mid-word. I can't type a single word correctly because it'll automatically replace letters or randomly capitalize them. How has this not been noticed? Almost every message by me or my league-mates is utter garbage because otherwise we'd have to spend 10 minutes trying to get a single sentence out. How can this be messed up this badly?
  • Fastest News, but some issues. 4/5

    By ScubaStacy
    Push notification consistently deliver news faster than espn or nfl. Can ultimately be alittle tricky to navigate. Love the year round functionality. iPad support would be greatly appreciated.

Sleeper App app comments

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