Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues

Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues

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  • Current Version: 14.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Blitz Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues App

Play in fantasy leagues with your friends, completely free! FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUES - Compete with friends by managing a team of real NFL players - Experience a beautifully simple drafting interface - A next-level matchup interface, featuring mascots! - The fastest scores and stats - Mock draft, research, auction, and chat! FANTASY LCS - Draft professional League of Legends players - Strategy: Pick & Ban champions every week - Play in Mid-Season Showdown and Playoff Pick'ems FANTASY BASKETBALL LEAGUES - Get your friends together for a full season of hoops! - We've re-invented gameplay to be strategic and fun every week - Enjoy redraft, keeper, and dynasty leagues - The fastest scores and stats in the business BRACKET MANIA - Invite your friends and co-workers to play this popular college basketball game - Pick teams you think will win in the NCAA tournament in March - Up to 10,000 people in a pool w/ customizable scoring options CHAT - Blazing fast modern chat for every league and group - Send gifs, images, and more! - Direct message anyone, anytime Sleeper is where friends hang out around sports.

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Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues app reviews

  • This is a great app for the LCS 5/5

    By ComplexGio
    I’ve been using sleeper since the spring split and I love it. It’s easy it’s clean and great for fantasy although there is one thing I would change Friday-Sunday LCS plays for the summer split and the pick ban system should refresh per day and not stay locked through the weekend cause there are times that the meta changes and your pick at the time was good and not it’s not because game updates so you miss out on the chance to ban points from your opponent and gain points Other then that it’s a great app
  • Always improving 5/5

    By ZDL88
    The team at sleeper is doing their part to make it the biggest fantasy platform. The only suggestion I have currently is to be able to filter the forums by league size, roster options or buy-in when searching for leagues to join
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By Kevinkaw14
    Phenomenal app, incorporating more of the social aspect of being a fantasy sports fanatic. They need to add fantasy baseball next for sure. ALSO, More game modes for fantasy hoops? Game pick mode is cool and all but cmon, we need the traditional scoring formats too! Keep it up y’all👍🏽 Fantasy baseball????? Soon?
  • Love sleeper - always room to grow. 4/5

    By Pmazz65
    Would love some new features to mock drafts. A lot of us make pre draft day pick trades, so I feel there should be an easier way to set up a mock draft board to accommodate our accurate draft picks, as most of us almost never completely drafting from our one draft position. Outside of the new feature idea, on mock draft, recently the “team” section doesn’t fill up correctly. It will only add select players not all.
  • Would be 5 stars but… 3/5

    By FrigginSA
    This app is great! It gets me ready for drafts each year. I would give 5 stars but this latest version has a major problem. I cannot mute the sounds! The sounds are pretty obnoxious and I cannot listen to music or a podcast while drafting. I click on the mute sounds and it doesn’t work. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and Muting still doesn’t work. PLEASE FIX THIS! Once this is fixed I’ll give 5 stars.
  • App layout is somehow worse than the yahoo app design 1/5

    By Rambeezi
    Just a terrible app to navigate. The only thing the app succeeds at is the race to the bottom. Trade layout is nonsensical, making me think this was designed by a blind person. I thought it couldn’t get worse than the yahoo changes a few years ago but humanity surprises me once again with its ability to sink even lower.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By TheFantasyTurtle
    I love sleeper. I know some prefer MFL for the insane customization possibilities, but sleeper is the best app for 99% of leagues. They are also adding more options all the time. The ability to import league history is a great idea. Have a few old ESPN leagues that we didn’t want to lose the history for. Now that sleeper is adding that feature we will be moving those leagues over this year.
  • Great app BUT 4/5

    By Ravens573
    I love this app! Awesome for dynasty’s. BUT ADDD BASEBALLL!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why 4 not 5 stars!
  • Favorite fantasy app 5/5

    By BennieOP
    Truly the best fantasy app out there. Is it possible to add a trade market like yahoo where you can see trades that have been made across all leagues? Could be cool.
  • best platform for fantasy! 5/5

    By Brickna$ty
    i’ve played on them all, this one is the most fun and has the smoothest app design! keep up the great work sleeper team! - if you guys could build a 12 team playoff option my 24 team league will love you so much more! thanks for everything, Andy
  • Sleeper Mock Draft 5/5

    By ffhitmon
    Love everything about the app, except one thing I notice is when I’m doing a mock draft and scroll left to see the projected stats, it’s cuts the stats in half and makes it hard to see the projected stats. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and don’t know anyone else is having this issue. I would appreciate it if there’s a fix to this.
  • Good app, but has a lot of bugs. 4/5

    By FudgeCake 68
    I really enjoy this app, one of my favorites for fantasy football. it's very interactive and bring a whole different atmosphere for fantasy football. my only complaint is that it's pretty buggy, about a week ago pictures started disappearing. all of my rookies just have a blank spot, there's no back button anymore so i have to guess in order to get out of certain pages, and all of the emoticons are just blank spaces. not sure what caused this or how to fix it but it's definitely a problem and it's very annoying.
  • ?? 1/5

    By appuser1234321
    The most confusing and busy app I have ever opened.
  • Sleeper Support 5/5

    By TrumpBack4More
    Sleeper support is the best in the business. Spoken to Kevin on more than a few occasions, and he goes above and beyond. Up with birds and burns the midnight oil. If you need help, Kevin got you. Sleeper needs to pay that dude whatever he wants.
  • cool app but 5/5

    By lejonah
    cool app but can they add a chicken mascot
  • Dynasty 3 Years Strong just would like minor tweak 5/5

    By Feral_Grin
    Sleeper is honestly the best thing to ever happen to my friends and I. Our dynasty was born in sleeper and we couldn’t imagine moving anywhere else. We talk daily year round in the chat. That’s probably the one thing we wish was a bit better. The voice chat is awesome. But the chat feature should be more interactive in the sense of posting links and playing videos in the chat. We have issues posting youtube video links of highlights. Think the abilities of Groupme plus the amazing stuff sleeper already offers.
  • Best there is! 5/5

    By Gmillertime33
    Best fantasy football app there is, period! Don’t hesitate to switch over. Still can’t believe this is free. Best part about them is that they listen to feedback and act on it to make it hebest experience possible.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Talan K
    My only real complaint is the fact that you cannot create a separate thread for transactions and the league chat. It leads to a lot of clutter at times and makes it easy to miss things/messages.
  • Love It - 5 Stars 5/5

    By WildChild916
    Smooth and easy
  • Great iOS app - horrible desktop/“web app” 3/5

    By CykoPathe
    Sleeper is an outstanding fantasy service. Amazing information, great user interface, I’ve integrated all of my leagues here. Could not be happier except for ONE detail: the desktop site: this was recently updated after months of hype for a far superior product. The chat is incredibly small and what little bit appears cannot move, be expanded, or anything a typical user might want. It is beyond frustrating. Enlarging images within this comically small chat means you cannot see 25% of the image. The chat should have an option to expand to a full column/panel. ALSO, NBA functionality has been non-existent on the desktop version and it’s ridiculous that they’re paying a web developer to not only make their UI worse, but not even make NBA functional. Truly ridiculous. If you’re looking to do just fantasy football and predominantly on your phone, 1000% recommend
  • Best fantasy app 5/5

    By Chodey Rivers III
    For years my friends and I have had a text group chat to keep each other updated on NFL games, trades, news, etc. We made the transition to Sleeper over a year ago and it was the best decision we ever made. The in app chat feature singlehandedly destroyed our text chat which we didn’t expect. Sleeper conveniently has everything you need in one place. I could not compliment Sleeper enough. Ditch those cruddy ESPN and Yahoo apps, it’s Sleeper time! PS, give the NBA game mode a try. It is innovative and exciting, especially the dynasty mode.
  • Stop leaking the picks 1/5

    By trgeorge
    You’re the only sports app leaking the nfl draft picks early. Stop it.
  • Great but...... 5/5

    FANTASTIC APP/COMPANY!!! Hoping to get the analyst tag this year off the SFBL
  • Could use more 4/5

    By Killersam775
    I get why they do it this way but I really think there needs to be a better way to join leagues. A lot of people don’t have enough friends to fill a league and finding players in the current setup is very difficult and frustrating. I would really like to make my own league with but sourcing the players through Sleeper is proving to be very hard. I have to actively market my league in channels on the app instead of people being able to see open leagues. If possible I would also like to see the possibility of paid leagues built into the app as opposed to having to collect and distribute fees/winnings elsewhere. I’ve heard great things about the experience of this app but I might not even get the chance to use it because filling a league is so difficult.
  • They do not care for their customers. 1/5

    By Raidernation71
    Stay away from this app unless you like to be frustrated and ignored. They “way” they have rewards but that’s a load of BULL! Their reward system stinks. They don’t explain their own rules well at all. I won their bracket yet I never got my reward. Took them 3 days to respond I’m and it was automated. No cares for the customer. Never got the reward. I deleted the app after dealing with their so called customer service. It’s a joke. Not worth the aggravation. Pass the word. Tell everyone you can. Stay away from this app. I tried it and totally regretted it.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Texhornsaj
    Love the App, it’s great overall. Not sure why, but over the past few days it keeps crashing or bugging out. Also please change the reaction emojis, they are really bad. Other than that keep up the good work
  • Bring Back the Old Reaction Icons 5/5

    By sandiegospirit
    Great app, amazing fantasy experience all around, but the new reaction icons look absolutely horrible. Please bring back the old ones or go back to the drawing board.
  • Very buggy 1/5

    By tonyDDDDD12345667
    This could be a great app, if not for the bugs making it useless. Most recent bug is it doesn’t let you move players to IR if you have too many players on your roster. Of course, I would no longer have too many players on my roster if I moved one to the IR, but sleeper doesn’t seem capable of this.
  • Finally iPad support. 4/5

    By supernsa
    Looks like they finally added decent iPad support. Will update review shortly…
  • Great but no MLB 4/5

    By Bwise12
    I’ve been using Sleeper for NFL for 2 years now and the whole league loves it but we are still forced to use yahoo for MLB. Would be great if you guys added all major sports.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By LCS>Worlds
    Giving me and the boys a chance to play LCS Fantasy this past split was amazing. We had a blast from start to finish. It encouraged us to all get together on discord every weekend and watch some games together like a football Sunday with your local friends. Wouldn’t change a thing but would like to see two things added: 1. A trophy case on your profile(so a profile in general) to show off your weekly trophies, such as lowest points in a win and all those, as well as a gold silver and bronze for the playoffs. 2. We decided to have everyone buy in $5 before the draft and winner take all so just having the option on the app to have a buy in before the season starts would be awesome. Especially since we all enjoyed it so much we are upping our buy in for next split
  • App Tries to be Too fancy 3/5

    By cubesolver541
    Please make it clearer how to add a second bracket in March Madness. Our whole group had trouble figuring out you had to swipe the bracket image to create a new one. Just make a small plus icon on the right of the first bracket you create or imply you can swipe left and right with a micro animation. The little tiny dots and tiny tiny plus icon is impossible to see. You have to accidentally swipe to figure out that you can add another bracket. Also please add a Full Desktop version next year. When we are doing research and such, would be way easier to just fill out the bracket in the browser. Another issue is getting into the settings. When you are a few screens into the settings you can’t quickly return to the Home Screen at all. Needs a small home icon or dock on the bottom of the screen to navigate back to the main bracket and pool page. App could be great but the developers really need to do some UX research and testing. App is actually overly complicated and confusing.
  • Cant get a notification to go away 5/5

    By Trentttrrert
    Get rid of the red number 1 on my screen, For real @Treilly7 I deleted the app and re installed it and it follows me
  • Best Fantasy App out there, but still waiting for a few features 5/5

    By rystuv
    I have used this app exclusively for my fantasy leagues now for about 3 years and I love this App! It does everything I need in a fantasy football app it provides great information on players and the interface is the amazing. I enjoy the characters that they use as it makes the experience feel more interactive and the customization available for scoring, roaster sizes, etc. is second to none. I am still waiting for a a few key aspects to this App though, the two I am really waiting for are auction drafts and a tablet App. I have herd for a couple of years now that Sleeper is going to implement auction drafts and each year I am left disappointed. When it comes to a tablet App I have not herd anything new on that front and am still waiting for more information. This App is still amazing regardless of the few shortcomings it may have.
  • THE BEST 5/5

    By CLesleyy
    Sleeper is 100% the best fantasy football and basketball app currently, I don’t see any other app being better anytime soon. Aside from a few bugs every once in a while, the app runs super smooth and is very easy to navigate. I love how each league has its own chat, makes it very easy to communicate with the league. Also the real time updates are as fast if not faster than any other app. It’s also great for March madness fans because you can create a bracket pool on sleeper as well and don’t have to download any other app. Best fantasy sports app hands down.
  • Horrible with fantasy basketball 1/5

    By IamaHatr
    I have used sleeper for two seasons of fantasy football and this is my first season using for basketball. It is the worst app to use for fantasy basketball. Sleeper prides itself on being up to date on keeping you informed on the football side of news. Always sending push notifications for an injury update. THIS IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE FOR FANTASY BASKETBALL I HAVE NOW LOST 2 GAMES IN A MONEY LEAGUE, due to a late scratch and no notification from sleeper about it... This app is the worst for fantasy basketball it won’t alert you if your players are suddenly out, I’ll probably lose a couple hundred dollars because of the lack of notifications it gives on fantasy basketball...
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jones23452345
    Use to love the APP for fantasy. Nowadays its click bait headlines that are irrelevant. Had a NCAA tournament bracket update for fantasy football. I joke about this helping me dominate next years fantasy football and get banned from making comments...thin skin people running the site. Fantasy football life gives breaking news much faster and should be used as the source for fantasy football updates.
  • Fantasy LCS..... 3/5

    By A user of many apps
    Dear sleeper, I love doing fantasy league of legends. We were so excited to find your app. You would have a solid 5 star review from me if it were not for one thing: forced picks/bans. Every other piece of functionality for the app is amazing. Forcing us to do picks/bans without an option to turn them off made me never want to use your app for fantasy league again. Our entire group did not want to use picks and bans. When they started changing outcomes for the weeks (who wins and looses) no one felt good about it. The experience of loosing only due to picks/bans makes the loss awful. Winning only due to picks/bans is not satisfying. On top of all of this, not picking/banning (allowing the app to auto-pick) is more reliable than putting in time and effort. In essence, this makes going into the app each week completely useless, thus defeating the purpose of not allowing us to turn picks/bans off. The people in our league who don’t ever check in on the app are the ones who won from picks/bans rather than the base points. If you ever allow us to opt out of picks/bans, I will gladly use the app split after split and enjoy every minute of it. Sincerely, I feel as if my experience was ruined
  • ??? 3/5

    By Dilpickld
    Use the sleeper app for football fantasy awesome app. Decide to use it for fantasy basketball. They have to do better if you don’t even have to set your line up or pick to your game to win which makes no sense..
  • Good 5/5

    By 12134429575373855936759275
    Very good
  • Longtime ESPN user here 4/5

    This app looks great. Main issue I have with it is the lack of customizable playoff options. I run a 12 team dynasty league and we really want a 7 team playoff like the NFL. Also we have a 24 team 1 year league we want to start, however we can’t because the playoff options only go to 8 teams still.
  • Good app 4/5

    By willrc9
    Me and my friends used sleeper instead of espn or yahoo or something like that this year and we love it. News up to date, news is on player profiles, notifications given to channels you subscribe to, easy to navigate and learn the app. Only gripes i have: We tried out the fantasy basketball league this season, and its a blast. Would love it if this expanded to baseball like espn and yahoo have. Glitches happen on the mobile app during drafts. Its small things like the draft not updated when someone makes a pick or something similar. Auto draft is not up to date and never was through the season. It just went off of preseason stats even after this years nfl season. This isnt a big deal though, its just autodraft.
  • Helppp 5/5

    By Kaneeee2408
    I already have an account but I got a new phone number and when I go to log in it is sending a verification code to my old number but I can’t get in to change it and my email is not working
  • Injuries pick 2/5

    I recently had a player injured on Sunday which means I can’t pick any other games so I would recommend that if you have a player injured you can pick any game of that week so I ask please add this feature in.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By cyterious
    This app has so many issues with crashing and displaying the wrong information on players scores.
  • Cool, but has some problems 4/5

    By Jcb15655
    I really enjoy the app, but it definitely has things to improve, but most are minor. Scoring tends to lag behind even sometimes 15-30 minutes after the play is over. The notifications are kinda random, particularly clearing them (my app still shows 20 notifications even though they are all cleared), but overall its great. Very enjoyable. Would knock it down a bit for it being a blown up version of the iPhone app and only working vertically, but they are supposed to be fixing that in the near future by releasing an IPad version of the app, which I’m super excited for.
  • Pp 1/5

    By Akpatino
  • garbage app for fantasy LCS 1/5

    By WL 111
  • Does not respect the players in running a fantasy league 1/5

    By monoentropy
    We decided to create a fantasy LoL draft league with the sleeper app, and things looked good at the start. However, the enforced opinionated design and the lack of ability to customize the fantasy league (to enable trading or remove pick ban points) is condescending towards the users of the app, and makes me not want to recommend this to anyone else. If this was not the case I would give this app a 5/5.