Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker

Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker

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  • Current Version: 3.16.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ThrivePort, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker App

Sleepzy is a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns, wakes you up during the lightest sleep phase in a way that feels natural to get up, analyzes your sleep quality and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. It’s an essential app for everyone, whether you’re a morning person or a night owl. Use Sleepzy to: - Wake up rested to your fave music at the optimal time - don’t feel groggy anymore! - Set your Sleep Goal and track Sleep Debt - stay motivated to get enough hours of sleep - Track your sleep patterns - focus on sleeping not only long enough but well enough - Know your Sleep Quality - make adjustments to your daily habits to get your quality % up - Receive daily personal advice and explore worldwide sleep statistics with “Insights” - Get helpful weekly stats - Fall asleep to relaxing sounds - Get Weather Forecast at your location in the morning to plan the day ahead easily - Sync your data with Apple Health app Sleepzy + Apple Watch = More Fun Monitor your sleep with Apple Watch - the clear and easy-to-use interface will help you overview what was going on while you're asleep Please note that movement and noise from pets or a partner may impact results. Go Premium to: - Dive deep into insights with advanced stats and track your progress over time - Listen to your night sounds and find out if you snore - Unlock all sleep insights - Get rid of ads Start waking up stress-free at the best moment possible. Revolutionize your mornings! * Choose from different subscription options. Our standard subscription options are: 1-month Subscription with 7-day free trial 3-month Subscription 1-year Subscription * Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. * Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. For complete access to all features, you will need to allow access to the following: * Microphone – so the app can analyze your sleep and record your night sounds. * Notifications – so the alarm will ring. * Media Library Access – so you can set your own music as an alarm sound. * Health App – so you can export your data to Apple Health. * Location – so you can receive the weather forecast for your area. Privacy Policy: EULA: AdChoices:

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Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker app reviews

  • not useful and a paid app 1/5

    not useful at all thought app doesn’t ask to pay but after installation it will ask for payment
  • Stop with the alerts 1/5

    By Furikuchan
    It absolutely will not stop bothering me to get the premium version. Every time I opened the app, and it started sending me notifications that were advertisements for the premium version, which, by the way, is a predatory app-as-service subscription fee instead of a single purchase. Beware.
  • Waste of money!!!! 1/5

    By brian papenfuss from seattle
    There are way better apps out there that do what this app does and won’t force you into a year contract!!! I used the motion setting and my phone got so hot in the morning I thought it would catch my bed on fire!!! It’s trying way to hard to do too much and none of it is unique or exceptional.
  • More problems 1/5

    By Vomited
    The sleep graph doesn’t coincide with my sleep activity. The graph shows I’m awake when the recording has me sound asleep. I must have phone under pillow to record snore.
  • A little hard to get everything to work in synch 2/5

    By Jon Krewz
    I haven’t been able to record my snores once. I don’t really understand how to use it unless I activate the alarm. I’m giving a try to other apps to identify which one is the most thorough and user friendly.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By botuem
    Sometimes the records don’t work. The app close up
  • Wasted time with this app. 1/5

    By SashiCake
    It pushes a subscription service SO hard, to the point where even if I thought I could power through and do the 3 nights, when I thought I could finally see my sleep trends it immediately asked for me to sign up for a subscription. I would not recommend this app to anyone if you’re looking for a sleep tracker.
  • Deceptive 1/5

    By wt still
    First of all, they ask u to rate it like 10 seconds after you open it. I read thru the EULA and there was no mention of how to get out of the 7-day trial which I signed up for only to make the noxious ads go away. I guess all I can do is remove the app and hope I don’t get charged. As others have reported, I had my worst nights sleep in a month the first night I used it. Slept for 5 hours lightly and the app gave me an 83% sleep rating!! Shakey!
  • wont open! 3/5

    By Jan Warl
    Good evening, Please pardon any spelling or grammar errors as I am writing this late in the night just before bed. I quite enjoy this app. I have used it for some time to track my sleeping and wake me up when im in a lighter stage of my sleep. This app has been workings for me fine up until now. Everytime I open the app it either stays on the Sleepzy logo and then crashes or starts the spin wheel of death and then crashes. What does this app need to load that crashes it? My internet is clearly working fine as I can open the app store and even download an app. This is incredibly frustrating. I don't know what is causing this but I'm writing this review because I need it fixed very soon. Please developers see this and attempt to reduce resources needed to open the app. I will send logs if desired I just cannot function like this it's insane. I am now going to die in a hole alone. Goodnight
  • Sleepzy 1/5

    By BullwinkleMoose61
    I hate this app and can’t find the way to cancel it. Please help me...
  • Accuracy?? 3/5

    By JEckstrom
    I’ve been using this app for 12 nights now. The app hasn’t had any glitches or anything but it doesn’t seem very accurate. Counts time from when you hit start to when you hit stop but doesn’t account for times I wake up during the night...sometimes I’m even talking to my husband. It is also very inconsistent with sleep recordings. One night it did 33 recordings and was good because I could hear the different ways I snore but there were only a couple other nights (out of 12) that had any recordings and it was usually 2-4 recordings each of those nights...and I snore every night. I’m just not real confident in the awake vs rem vs light vs deep, so it’s not much use to me.
  • Doesn’t record sleep. Crashes 1/5

    By LethalCupCakes
    First night it worked. Second night I woke up to the app having crashed. No data saved. Def not worth paying for an app that doesn’t work. I’ll be looking for a different one.
  • It crashes 3/5

    By smily_face
    When I installed it on my watch it crashes when I open it
  • Scam alert 1/5

    By huntnoregon
    Just be warned this is a subscription service. I had no idea, don’t have any recollection signing up for it, didn’t get anything saying I was signed up, never even used the app. I just noticed a high charge from Apple and when I researched into it it was this app. I have requested a refund so hopefully that comes through but what a scam to just charge someone without their knowledge. I’m sure buried in the language somewhere there is something that says if you download the app you’ll be automatically signed up but a little email or something to warn people would be the ethical thing to do.
  • Great alarm 5/5

    By mit vee
  • 🤍🥥🦋 5/5

    By meahcassandra
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Neilec
    I used to have a Fitbit and I loved the sleep tracking feature. I added this onto my Apple Watch and paid for the premium. I don't like that it does not automatically track sleep, and there doesn't seem to be able to. Some nights the app would not launch at all. I will not renew when the time comes.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Hunter 22 rich33
    In less than one week this app has locked up. I had to delete and reinstall losing all my data. Not worth the price!
  • Enjoy this app when it opens 4/5

    By mjh294
    I overall like the app when it will open. I have owned the app for two weeks and 3 of the 14 days the app would not open to start the sleep tracker. I like the quality of sleep indicator and the sounds for falling a sleep and waking up. I however think the graph for sleep stages could be better. I did like my Fitbit sleep tracker app on my droid better for the sleep stages and times awake.
  • Doesn’t even open! 1/5

    By Kiwi Lover 10/30/11
    I downloaded the app. First, it wouldn’t even give me a “free trial” so I had to buy a subscription. So I do, because it looked like I had everything I was looking for, but then I tried to set it up. It let me open the first screen, set my alarm, but I go to the second screen and it wouldn’t let me click forward from that screen (which was just showing where to place your phone). I shut the app down and tried again. The same thing happened. So I shut my phone off completely and tried AGAIN. Nothing. I did this several times because I thought something must be up since it got so many great reviews! I deleted and redownloaded the app and still nothing! So I paid $19.99 for some crappy app that doesn’t even work!!! Total waste of my time, money and frustration!!! DON’T BUY IT!!!
  • After 6 months of using 4/5

    By olga.tsibulina
    I’m using this app constantly 6 months - it’s working pretty good for me. Wakes me up on time and the best part that I always feel rested after this alarm. With regular alarm I would feel tired and turned it off and continue to sleep. So this App is pretty good on waking up on time. But lately- today- it just not running on my iPhone at all. I’ve restarted and quit all apps it still not launching. Weird and annoying. Thank you and best!
  • Great...Except 2/5

    By RenThunderrr
    It’s hard to maintain a record when there are nights that the app crashes or won’t even load. Restarting the phone doesn’t help. Just won’t work. Frustrating because it had worked the night before. Just doesn’t make sense.
  • Not working for me 1/5

    By Ilovesoccerandchicken
    I use a fan at night and this app shows me never making it out of light sleep. I guess it uses the sound of movement solely to detect when you go into deep and REM sleep. I was hoping it would use my heart rate as well. My old Fit Bit worked better. Now I am stuck with a years subscription for nothing. Don’t use this if use use a fan at night.
  • Not Clear Cut 4/5

    By DcShake007!
    The version that I have is free. It status are great but I need more time with this app.
  • I love but wish it was free 4/5

    By anaraly
    Would like for it be to be completely free 😢
  • Lies The LIES 1/5

    By Tileaah Mesisor Annmaire
    To start off, this app jess is your Sleep cycle. I did an experiment with this app II LEFT my iPad in the loft and turned on the alarm. Then in the morning I checked It said I had 100 percent quality sleep and that dose not check out because I stayed up all night.
  • Review 4/5

    By joaquin curiel1
    Everything works great except the app starts crashing after about a week when I try to launch (iPhone 6 iOS 12)
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By newnsgsbaba
    10 out of 10
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Edward money
    Too many ads
  • Won’t play my recordings 2/5

    By CaliBoiFresh2010
    What is wrong with the new update. My sleep recordings doesn’t play anymore. It’ll record my sleep/snores, but it won’t play my recordings. Please fix! Thank you.
  • Security risk 2/5

    By Stephanie's phone
    The app itself is great! Unfortunately while I’m sleeping it allows completely open and unsecure access to my phone. No security required whatsoever to obtain complete access to my phone. Used to use this app all the time....unfortunately I won’t be using it ever again unless you correct the security issue.
  • Eh.... 2/5

    By Bōderōdder
    The alarm sounds are cool and so is the different styles of sleepy audio, but the app is way over priced when this stupid iPhone XR does almost the same things that the app does and it came already back b the phone. $4.99 /wk!? That’s $260 a year! Wow, very bold move Sleepzy!
  • Not Automatic 1/5

    By Happygal4300
    You have to remember to turn it on each night and it doesn’t track your sleep patterns like a FitBit. Very disappointed in the performance of it. It doesn’t sync to your Apple Watch to actually be smart enough to know when you’ve fallen asleep without you manually turning it on. And then if you stay awake watching TV for an hour or two it factors that time into your sleep score.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Lauriebogusz
    I paid 20 bucks for the premium and I can't get it to work. It should not be that difficult.
  • Can’t cancel the app 1/5

    By Mdog73 science
    Be careful this app wants to charge you 5 dollars every 3 days. Don’t get caught in a subscription you forget about. Seems very overpriced.
  • It’s super good, although... 3/5

    By layna1180
    It’s a very interesting app. It really does show you some cool and interesting things about your sleep. To get the full version you have to buy it, but it seems pretty worth it. The only complaint that I have is that it is so confusing to figure out.
  • Poor Design 1/5

    By kasdghjkl
    I could not find a way to cancel this app prior to being charged for a year. Was scared if I deleted it from the phone that would not cancel the inpending purchase. Used it twice.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By 〽️ichigainiac
    I didn’t wanna give it any stars since I haven’t used the app yet but it crashes every time I launch the app or tap start
  • Useless 1/5

    By hfrank20
    Have to pay for it no free version dosent actually track my sleep shall I go on!?
  • Sleep 5/5

    By larrys77
    I love this app it records when I wake up and my actions it’s gave me deep insight into my sleep problems
  • all good things must come to an end... 2/5

    By Jfsfht
    i loved this app at first. the original price was steep but the company reached out and gave me a better price and i couldn’t say no! i loved it and i loved waking up in the morning to listen to my recordings (i sleep talk so it was quite entertaining). but a few days ago the app started crashing, every time i opened it it closed out or got stuck on the load screen. so i deleted and redownloaded it. but before i realized there was no option for me to put in a email and make an account to back up my sleep data. so i had to start from scratch. then the same thing happened tonight as i was getting ready to go to bed. i’ve tried and tried with this app and i’m so disappointed it isn’t working for me anymore. please fix this bug so i can go back to enjoying it. and please create an option for users to create an account to store their data incase they have to delete the app or switch to a new device!
  • Worst Sleep analysis app on the market 1/5

    By Shake&speller
    I never write reviews but I am taking my time to write one for this app. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING THIS APP!
  • Free trial is bogus 1/5

    By SArleda66
    You can’t cancel anywhere on the free trial and you are stuck with the purchase. I want to cancel after one night but you can’t and if you don’t cancel it automatically charges your account.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By WTDuryea
    The free information is a waste of time. They are too anxious to sell features than to provide a viable app. Confusing, and inaccurate at best.
  • Sleep scores 3/5

    By patti smug
    I hate this app very hard to figure out. I never go to sleep higher than 60. No instructions to read about app
  • Sleep cycle is a better app for free 2/5

    By nola living
    Sleep cycle gives you more free data then this app does. I have run both apps at the same time and like sleep cycle more because of the data and trends it provides for free.
  • i hate this app 1/5

    By Olivia grace Presfield
    This is going to be short because i have nothing to say to this app. Let me start with, i hate it. it worked well for the first week, good for alarms reminding me to go to bed, but one night at 1am i knew i had to go to bed so when i tried opening the app it wouldn’t let me. i know this is not a problem with my phone because it’s brand new and this has never ever happened before. i waited like an hour and tried it like 20 times it didn’t work. i just want to say i don’t like this app anymore. keep this in mind i am an insomniac and this helped me for the first week. well not being able to open it doesn’t do thank you, so much.
  • Still trying to figure it out 5/5

    By messina mob boss
    Some parts I don’t understand but I’ll give it another try
  • Sleepzy 1/5

    By Linz1313
    Does not record my sleep patterns and you have to keep the app open all night even with that doesn’t record your sleep patterns not worth the money

Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker app comments

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