Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup

Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup

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  • Current Version: 3.28.0
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  • Developer: MyPizza Technologies, Inc
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Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup App

Order delicious, authentic pizza and support your favorite local pizzeria anywhere, anytime with Slice. Say goodbye to subpar chain pizza. Slice lets you instantly order real, handcrafted local pizza from your favorite, hard-to-get-a-hold-of, mom-and-pop shop. Slice is dedicated to making it easy to order delivery or pick up conveniently and accurately from your favorite local pizzeria. You can browse menus, view deals, access exclusive promos, and reorder your favorites all in a tap. Plus, unlike online other online ordering apps, Slice doesn’t charge restaurants high fees, which means every order you place helps your local shop stay in business — now that’s having your pie and eating it too. App Features: Quick & Easy Ordering ** Effortlessly order from your go-to pizzeria ** View menus from pizzerias near you and select the one that will satisfy your cravings ** Checkout instantly and pay with credit card or cash ** Reorder your favorite pizza from your go-to pizzeria in just a few taps Build Your Perfect Pizza ** Create your perfect pie with our pizza builder ** Select the size, choose toppings, and customize special instructions to create your perfect pie Save Money ** Get great local promos and discounts, and find exclusive pickup & delivery deals from your pizzeria ** Invite friends and get $$$ off your next order Why Everyone Wins When You Order On Slice: Local pizzerias prefer that you order from them on Slice. While other online ordering apps charge restaurants up to 30% per order, Slice only charges a low flat fee, while giving them free marketing, business tools, and access to customers like you. ** Pizzerias don’t have to raise prices, so you pay less for pizza ** Our shops can afford quality ingredients to make delicious, authentic pies ** Pizzerias get more orders, but spend less time taking them down (focus on hand-making pizza) Download Slice today and get your favorite, delicious local food delivered fast! Love ordering and supporting local pizza on Slice? -- Please take a second to rate our app!

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Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup app reviews

  • NOT a slice of heaven! 1/5

    By azzipsmom
    This app is the worst! I have struggled to order from it for almost 2 hours and for nothing more than a coupon I can’t use unless the order originates from the app! It’s WAY past my family’s dinner now and with a 50 min wait to get pizza delivered from just calling, it won’t be until 9pm when we eat! NOW, I’m sure you’ll sell my email and I’ll be even more frustrated with this bad experience! HORRIBLE APP!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Shanoid24
    Easy to maneuver, not a fan of the adding a side menu that combines salad/dressing/drink as one option. It takes too long to look at.
  • Best app 5/5

    By cindybabs237
    So easy to use and perfect for my family
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Jonny725
    Do not ever order from Spacoli's via the "Slice" app! After waiting roughly 80 for my family's meal to arrive I finally called Spacoli's to ask where our food was at. The employee then said their delivery driver stopped at our house as well as called me to say he was here (We have a Ring doorbell so either the delivery driver went to the wrong house or he didn't stop by anywhere at all). When I asked for a refund, they simply told me that wasn't possible. One of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had.
  • Good app, great pizza 5/5

    By S7ephen
    Great service! One piece of feedback: as someone who frequents a favorite spot (Randazzo’s on South St), it was confusing when I tried to order from there while outside their delivery range. It’d be nice to see that status displayed rather than completely hide those restaurants from the list of search results. Cheers! 🍕
  • Orders 5/5

    By wb2181
    Just an idea. Every 10 orders give a free slice
  • Great pizza and wings 5/5

    By Vic’s C
    Brick Pizza is located behind the strip mall, so location isn’t great, but the pizza and wings is fantastic! My family now only wants Brick Pizza.
  • Happy I got it. 5/5

    By joba2010
    Love this app.
  • Banger and a half, total slapped 11/10 5/5

    By Devil dog604
    Love that the app reminds me to order or lol, always need pizza.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By luke 567891
    This was the second time I ordered using this app and for the second time my food was horrible. I understand that slice is not directly responsible for food quality, but the reviews are misleading. The second time around I started to wonder; how a 5 start pizza place could make such a bad dish, and i started to google. I found that the place I just ordered from is 3.5 stars on yelp and 4 on google. I was surprised by this discovery, so I decided to contact slice. I asked how can I leave a review for my order and their response was to leave my review on yelp. If in fact slice was using the reviews from yelp the place I ordered from would show 3.5 stars and 134 reviews instead of 5 stars and 900 reviews. How can this app Even claim those reviews, if there is no way for people to leave them. ??? I think slice caters to the restaurants but not the costumers. Please check reviews on the internet before you order.
  • The best app! 5/5

    By al1839
    Slice makes it so much easier to try all the local pizza place near us. We had one bad experience with a pizzeria and the customer service contacted them for us and fixed it, they were really great! Much better than the big delivery apps.
  • Don’t believe the one star ratings 5/5

    By Flamingoz322
    This app is very convenient and makes ordering from pizzerias extremely simple.
  • Problem with order 1/5

    By etmwright
    I used this app to place an order with local pizza place. I ordered a sub with no onions in the comments since I’m allergic I always put no onions. Somehow it didn’t get on my order or get sent to the pizza place. My husband picked up the order & once got it home I realized it had onions. I called pizza place & they refused to remake it or give a refund. I contacted slice & they wouldn’t help. Both passed the blame to the other. Really how hard is it just to remake the order. Some advice Slice, make it on the toppings part of an item where you can remove the item completely & not rely on a comment to go thru or be seen. Now I’m out $9 & have to order dinner from somewhere else. I won’t use this app again
  • Good 3/5

    By LanieNibble
    I like the prices better compared to other apps. However, I have missed items more with this app and never was refunded. So I give it a 3
  • It Makes Sloth Night Easier 5/5

    By KB552
    When you want to be a worthless piece of $h*t and it’s too much effort to speak on the phone or order online, this is my go to app! Love it!
  • Slice app 4/5

    By Wallabyguy
    Great app. Easy to use. The only issue is often the menus are inaccurate regarding some items and pizzas sometimes don’t show all the options or toppings
  • Easy as Pie 5/5

    By jclark8510
    I love the ease of at my finger tips delivery
  • Apparently No Good In My Area 1/5

    By Nikki22192
    Live in Northern VA and my first order through slice had to be cancelled after an hour past the delivery window. CS informed me 10 minutes after the window expired the driver was en route but they never showed up. I promptly deleted the app after my second conversation with no explanation.
  • Delicious Pizza 5/5

    By 1clevergrandma
    Slice App is awesome. Easy to use. Delivery fast,driver extremely courteous! Pizza is awesome.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By chaserbaser
    Recommended for all pizza lovers
  • Great Concept and Great App 5/5

    By Metwoyew
    Used it several times now and it is awesome. Great customer service too very prompt to reply and very accommodating.
  • Works great 4/5

    By cmxgowan
    Works great, but I can no longer see the estimated delivery time in the app. The text is cut off. Happened about a month ago when I updated the app. I’d be grateful if someone could fix this. Thanks!
  • This is awesome 5/5

    By Frosty304
    This app is the easiest way for us o order from our local pizza place. It keeps our last order on file and it only took us 20 seconds to order and pay for it.
  • Gayle 5/5

    By Fcstch
    We Have ordered several times from AJs . The food is good, they always get our order right. Delivery is usually earlier than stated with courteous drivers.
  • No responsibility for restaurant not delivering. 1/5

    By Deyawper
    Twice, using different pizzerias, the order was somehow not received or prepped. After 20-30 mins past delivery, I contacted support via their chat. They informed that they contacted the restaurant and the order would ‘arrive shortly.’ Despite asking for an ETA, they repeated ‘shortly.’ 30 mins later I contacted support again and was told the same thing. At that time I cancelled the order and had to fight to get my money back. Two times. Exact same situation. The second time I was offered a $3 credit towards a future order. Nah, brah. Deleting this app and just using the standard food delivery apps.
  • Misleading offer SCAM 1/5

    By Mr. itstheprincipal
    Looking for a pizza for dinner at Romeo’s in West Palm Beach and when ready to order I saw an offer saying if I download this app I can get $3 off the first order. So I did just that. Then when I got to checkout the $3 wasn’t off, so I elected since it was a p/u to pay cash and sort it out at the pizzeria. Well, the manager told me that he gets charged for the app order and wouldn’t honor the discount. So I tried to explain to him I wouldn’t even be there and the app drives people and sales he would not usually have at a cost. So I got a hold of the app people and they said I had to pay through CC to get the discount. I didn’t pay through the app to begin with because the DISCOUNT WASNT APPLIED TO BEFIN WITH. It’s just a scam. But if I were the pizza manager, I would’ve done the right thing and honored the discount anyway. Now I deleted the app and will never use the pizzeria again, all for the ridiculous price of $3.
  • Brownie’s Pizza 5/5

    By Prozak44
    I love the using Slices to get Brownie’s pizza. Fast & convenient way to get my favorite pizza!
  • Information is not up to date, customer service could use some work 2/5

    By FatheadiousRex
    I placed an order with the slice app for delivery. Put in my credit card information and submitted. Moments later, Sliced provided an email with confirmation and a delivery time of 35 min. After the estimated delivery time came and went by, I checked my email and the pizza company canceled the order about 10 min after Slice sent the confirmation. I called the pizza place to figure out what happened and they informed me that they only deliver through grub hub. I called Slice, because the cancellation email instructed me to do so, informed them of the situation and was put on hold. The Customer Service rep came back and told me he place the order for me on my card and it will be another 35 min 🙄
  • Slice ... 5/5

    By PizzaLuvs
    ... so easy to use, remember my order and support local businesses. Yum! 🍕
  • Best thing since sliced bread 5/5

    By moviegirl77
    I LOVE this app and my local pizzeria. It is so much easier than talking to someone on the phone. My food is always ready quickly and the order is always correct. This is an amazing app & all pizza shops should start using this kind of service.
  • Why? 3/5

    By Laser99x
    I’m confused as to why I would need this app. All the local pizza places near me offer there own free delivery.
  • Nope! Never using Slice again!! 1/5

    By I'mYourSponge
    First time I used the app, pizza place sent the wrong food. I opened a chat with Slice to get help, and had my chat ended - seems *I* have to wait on a support person to show up, but they don’t have to wait for me to respond? Second chat, was told it would be “a moment”. 10 minutes later, no response to questions about a resolution. I want my money back! Don’t use this app unless you have money to burn!
  • Lousy app. 1/5

    By mapsann
    No response to tracking q’s. Use grub hub.
  • Quick and Easy! 5/5

    By nspara17
    The slice app is really simple to use and place an order! My pizza came really fast and tasted amazing! Love the promo code feature and the discounts from the pizzerias! Would definitely recommend downloading this app and supporting local pizzerias!
  • La Scilla Garfield Nj 1/5

    By Jad0818
    I am a regular customer at this restaurant I’ve been in there many times with my girlfriends having dinner. In addition to that I’ve ordered food when I’ve had clients come to my office for lunch as well. However tonight I went on the menu and ordered off the menu fillet livonese with Penne and vodka as a side dish or artichokes and grandma’s pizza. When the delivery came I opened a dish to find out that the fillet with the Livona a sauce had clams and mussels being allergic to clams and mussels I called the restaurant immediately they told me it was the fault of the delivery company for listing the menu wrong and that I had to call them to have them come and pick it up change it or refund it. There’s no such number online and I’m very annoyed that it cost me $25 for something that I could not eat and did not order and the restaurant that I’ve been a member going to for a long time would not help me. And nor did they have a phone number they told me to go online and find it there which of course is never possible. I will never do business with this delivery service nor with the restaurant ever again that was poor business
  • Amazing pizza 5/5

    By tdowns32
    I’m one of the biggest connoisseurs of pizza around- and I have to say that this place is up there with some of the best I’ve had! Top notch.
  • Ordered a pizza and it never came. 1/5

    By str8bacardil
    Waited two hours then called and the restaurant said they thought it was carry out. E-mail clearly said delivery. Got an old pizza, late, and the price we wrong. Not a good app.
  • First use last use 1/5

    By kr3456
    Used the service and very disappointed. Not only do I not have dinner they are refunding my money in 3-5 business days. The pizzeria is out of cheese pizza why allow me to order...I would hope they do not keep doing business with a place that can not supply really the only food they serve pizza
  • Must have app for all pizza aficionados 5/5

    By Scudberries
    This is a truly great app that not only connects you to the best pizzerias, but also has a stellar support team that’s always been helpful whenever I’ve needed to reach out to them. I don’t use any other food delivery service anymore, and I love that the app is designed to help small local pizzerias compete with the big corporate brands. Support your local pie house , get the app
  • Bait & Switch 2/5

    By Jesse Gehring
    The app works as good as anything else, simple and convenient. However, the when they email you offers for “up to” $5 OFF and it turn into $2... I’m like, ahh, the good ol’ bait and switch. I see you, Slice.
  • What an amazing app! 5/5

    By moraistelmo
    Great interface and options of pizzerias in the neroghborhood. Congrats to the team!
  • Cancelled order within minutes 1/5

    By ARohner
    It was my first time using this app tonight. I should have listened to the bad reviews about delayed or cancelled orders, but I gave it a chance anyway. Not sure what is going on, but I’ve never had a pizza shop cancel my order for pickup. Going back to ordering the old-fashioned way so I can actually order pizza.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Doggie dee
    All of the pizzerias that I’ve used are delicious. The fees are cheap and you can include the tip... when pizza is delivered you just grab the pizza!
  • Easy and Simple to use!!! 5/5

    By Sanchez_Lives
    Would recommend. One stop shop, very smooth experience.
  • Pizzas that don't get delivered 2/5

    By RahulBee
    Ordered a pizza. Never made to my house. Got a refund from slice. But it was a major inconvenience as I slept without having dinner
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By rmaymie24
    I wouldn’t give this app a star at all if I didn’t have to. I placed an order whole out of town and put in the address to my hotel. When my food was to be delivered the man (who was EXTREMELY hard to understand) kept saying he was in the lobby when I didn’t see him. Come to find out, the app had changed the address to my hotel. For reference, I’ve typed this address for WEEKS without any issue so I don’t think I changed from typing 4299 to 4343, very unlikely. When I tried to apologize to the man for the mix up because of the app, he kept shaking his head ‘no’ like I was lying to him. If I hadn’t already paid for the food, I’d have told him to shove it. I’m completely disappointed in this “service” if you want to call it that. You don’t have to worry about me wasting my time on this worthless app and company again.
  • New favorite app! 5/5

    By lorenlovespizza
    This app is great for ordering pizza! It’s so much better than trying to order online and easier to navigate than other food delivery apps. I can’t wait to use this more regularly for pizza pickup and delivery!
  • Poor customer service when it’s needed 2/5

    By Trial user
    I ordered a pizza via slice from Delveccios in Weston Florida. After an hour had passed I contacted support via the chat. They responded quickly BUT They assured me they contacted the restaurant and said my Oder was on its way. I’m only 7 minutes away from the restaurant. I waited thirty minutes and then reached out again. I then reached out to slice and now a different chat bot operated came on and said they the restaurant was super busy and it’s still being prepared. called the restaurant directly. At this point, They told me “ the computer deleted my Order and would deliver it in 40 minutes. Had me repeat my order and address. I reached back out to slice and they said sorry, we will give you five bucks off on your next order, really, why would I ever order from here again. After an hour passed I called the restaurant again, they said it’s on its way??? 2 hours and 45 Minutes after I placed the order it shows up at my door, cold! Then the delivery driver says I have to sign the receipt, which was not a credit card receipt it was a store created receipt. He refused to give me the food until I signed???? During the argument the delivery driver called the store who then went on to tell me he found my receipt and while it’s not the one I’m signing just needs me to sign... so he didn’t loose my order after all??? This is a scam! There is no way to speak to anyone directly at slice and they point the finger to the pizza company and there is no guarantee that I will even get my food and slice the payment processor will it give me a refund. The store offered me a 10 dollar voucher for the future.. what I want is a full credit on my order a delivery that is 2 hours past promises time should not be charged all all and the payment process should follow up but they take no accountability.
  • More inconvenient than anything 1/5

    By Jahworks radio!
    Super annoying to use.

Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup app comments

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