Slice — The Pizza App

Slice — The Pizza App

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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
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  • Developer: MyPizza Technologies, Inc
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Slice — The Pizza App App

Pepperoni. Sicilian. Buff chick. Deep dish. Find all the best pies and more in one place: Slice, the pizza app. Find the best food near you. With over 12,000 mom and pops and counting, we give pizza lovers like you an amazing selection of local pizzerias. Not only do you get delicious food for pickup or delivery, you support small businesses and restaurants in your community. Personalize every pizza. You’re not picky, you just like your pizza how you like it. That’s why we made it easier to build customized pizzas and other dishes, like mozzarella sticks and salads. Now you can add, say, mushrooms to one side and extra cheese to another without searching the menu or leaving special instructions. Small shops save, and so do you. Unlike other apps, we don’t charge restaurants insane commission and fees. They save with us, then pass it right back to you with exclusive pizza deals. Get them by turning on push notifications for promos and looking at the “Deals” section on every menu. Better yet, some shops surprise you with automatic savings at checkout. Reorder with one tap. Found a pizza you LOVE? Don’t search or build it again. Simply check your latest orders and reorder in a tap. Hungry yet? We don’t blame you. Download Slice to order from a local pizzeria. Remember: you can pick up the pizza or have it delivered to your door. When you do, rate and review us below. It helps pizzerias and pizza lovers near you. Happy eating!

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Slice — The Pizza App app reviews


    By Joe Tool
    In the past month SliceLife has experienced a massive IT security breach on their servers where patrons personal data has been stored. This breach has resulted in the leaking of personal information including names, addresses, credit card information and zip codes. My identity was stolen and used by a criminal to make 8 false transactions in 45 minutes. The charges from the false transactions were $498 dollars. Slicelife has not refunded the money not claimed responsibility for the data breach on their servers. Customer service connects you to a non-US person with a heavy accent that has no answers to important data breach questions. Warning to all users: think twice before using this service.
  • Don’t trust this app with your card info 1/5

    By ap0359
    This app got my card hacked, someone in new York ordered over $70 worth of food, I live in Florida and have never even been to New York!!
  • It’s dangerously easy to use 5/5

    By obi wan chenobi
    This is the first review I’ve ever given an app. This app is the bomb. First you only select basically local pizza places you already have your address set up and you pay with Apple Pay. You scroll through pick your restaurant. Pick your pizza. And pay boom can be done in less than a min if you already know what you’re getting and where you’re getting it from. Kudos to whoever did this for local pizza places that struggled getting their name out there cuz I’m getting pizza from everywhere I’ve never even heard of 😂😂
  • Pizza 5/5

    By Mehgan W.
  • Best pizza app 5/5

    By G.McClung
    If you love real pizza, this is your connection to every pizzeria around you.
  • Guessed my address wrong 1/5

    By Kidsamboo
    I’ve ordered off the app before always to the same address. Well this time it decided to change my address to across the street I didn’t notice it and my food went to another person. The guessing of address is the dumbest thing ever especially if you already have an account and have ordered before.
  • So Good! 5/5

    By SLamorie
    We love love love this pizza. And we are so thankful they deliver to Wood Lake. It is totally worth the wait.
  • Defaulted to last order, despite deleting and reordering. review font below is white (invisible) 1/5

    By aeg71
    Can’t read this, can you? see above
  • Order cancelled for no clear reason 1/5

    By iainmcclements
    I ordered from a well known local pizza place and delivery time was stated as 15-30 minutes. After I placed the order that was pushed out to 45-55 minutes. Ok, not terrible. Then the order was cancelled with no legitimate reason. Shocking service and I encouraged the restaurant to stop using this app. It reflects badly on them and soils their excellent reputation. Customer device then promised credit of 50 and only applied 15. Another reason to avoid this app. Support your local and favorite pizza shop and order directly.
  • You’ll get hacked. 1/5

    By Yesgrl72
    Don’t need to write a novel. We got hacked. Someone used our account to order food from across the country. DO NOT USE THIS APP.
  • Consistency is the key 5/5

    By Lostdave
    You guys at slice have it !!! Keep up the great work !!! Thanks
  • Overpaid for simple oversight in design 1/5

    By Mr. Di of Pa
    I used Sliced to oder from a local pizzeria. When adding the toppings, I wanted to change the size of the pie. The app didn’t notify me that when you change the size of the pie, you lose all of the toppings, so a small cheese pie ended up being $33. For something so simple, that makes the difference from being a great app to a crappy one.
  • Pretty good but 4/5

    By JD 6776
    It’s easy to use but by default the app is n the delivery setting, we want pick up. It takes a minute or two to find the spot to switch the setting but the app should be set for you to choose at the start.
  • Happy customer 5/5

    By old man on the road
    I ordered the 15 dollar deal it was enough to feed 4 , it was great way too much food for the price, salad was awsome had lots of fresh lettuce olives and tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, you guys are fantastic I will definitely be back, thank you very much
  • The neighborhood pizza guys 5/5

    By Cynjmon
    I love this place! It’s my neighborhood go to!
  • This is the best app in the world rn 5/5

    By QActual
    No text

    By musician_of_many
    Not safe. DO NOT store credit card info on this app. I never received a notification that my account had been logged into and ordered from. Contacting the correct authorities now.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mamabear0118
    We live the food and the delivery is on time and very quick!
  • Efficient 5/5

    By papizzaguy
    Never a problem with orders being mixed up, and I get updates from the restaurant
  • Unable to complete the purchase 1/5

    By JillRN1995
    I ordered pizza for pickup and my total was greater than $15, but the app refused the purchase with both Apple Pay and my credit card. The reason given was that my purchase was less than $15.
  • my pizza had ants inside the boxes. couldn’t eat them. 1/5

    By Quanaesha Knox
    He didn’t knock on the door when he arrived, nor did he answer when i called him back 2 minutes after he called me. due to this i had ants in my pizza n hot wings. will not be ordering from this app again, I’m so disappointed and customer service wouldn’t even give me a refund and giovannis didn’t give me 2 new pizzas.
  • Scam 1/5

    By supershows
    They hike up the price and add fees. Meanwhile one less person working so you can work their app and get charged
  • Needs more/better places 3/5

    By equap
    You need to get the better placed on
  • I’ve found a lot of good pizza with this app. Great way to find local spots. 5/5

    By Hines
    I’ve found more than 10 local neighborhood pizza spots that I would probably have never known about if it weren’t for this app. Especially great when I travel!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Edogg1234556
    Great for our local pizzeria
  • Slice is nice!!!👍 5/5

    By Ebaybea
    Whether or not it was a problem with the Pizza place you choose, The food or the delivery, The Slice customer Service will handle it ,ASAP!!! They are friendly and get the situation handled quickly! I like that they are always available. They contact the restaurant and find out what the problem is. You can get credit for a burned or cold pizza. Slice will also add $5.00 to your Slice account. I find that using the Slice app is the best way to order from a pizza type restaurant. Good work Slice!
  • Your credit/debit card is NOT secure ordering on this platform 1/5

    By Vintange1973
    I placed an order through the app last night. The only place I have used my debit card other than the bank. I was sent a fraud alert today and luckily my bank declined the numerous 30+ attempts that were made to make purchases with my card. Be very very careful.
  • Love it 5/5

    By bxtita

    By kystoday
    i signed up for this app to get a deal at my local pizzeria a few months back and saved my card and personal information in my personal account and TWICE I get two charges from two different states ordering from my account! Whether it’s the app developer’s fault or not, I definitely don’t trust this app!!! I had to cancel my card because now random strangers had such easy access to my personal information! BE SAFE WHEN GIVING OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION
  • I like the app but dislike paying a service fee to use it 3/5

    By claireintheqc
    I always try to order online or through app when I can. The app is easy to use but charges me a fee when I order. That’s not cool. I tried several times to call the store but couldn’t do so. Seems like a way to get extra cash to me.
  • Saved me from fraudulent charges 5/5

    By miamux
    I have used Slice a few times in the past and have always loved it. It’s user friendly and easy to order. Today was a different case though. Someone in another state attempted to order a large amount of pizza on my account. Slice caught onto this and called me to confirm if I placed the order (which I did not). They saved my bank account from being fraudulently charged. Good looking out, Slice! Thank you.
  • Salis pizza and Slice app 5/5

    By watchful_owl
    Very fast and convenient. Love it!
  • Decent app but fraud protection needs to improve 1/5

    By FactzB
    Someone across the country used my card to order $300+ worth of food. With that being said, don’t save your card information on the app.
  • Terrible App, $10 service fee, no live tracking 1/5

    By petersmithen976
    The app is terrible and way overpriced. I’ll stick to Uber eats and Caviar. Never using this again. DELETE.
  • Oakhurst Pizza- New Ownership 5/5

    My husband and I just ordered from Oakhurst Pizza. It is located at the far end in the Shopping center on West Park Ave. It has recently come under new ownership and boy were we amazed. We live right across the street in Hertiage Village so we went over to place a order. My husband was greeted by the owner who acknowledged it had and has made many changes. We had stopped going to the previous owner because it just lacked taste and quality. My husband was offered a slice to try he refused. He was offered again then look to me I said sure. Well let me tell you it was amazing nice thin crust, good quality cheese and taste. Then we ordered our dinners I got ziti with garlic&oil. My husband got spaghetti and sausage. You also get bread and a tray of salad. Let me tell you my husbands food was enough to feed 6 to 8 easy. Mine 2 to 3 . The food was excellent and it all came to 45.00. This place got very busy while we waited. The owners you can tell have a good client base to start and I know it will only grow in time. So if your looking for a place give them a try. They are located at 2001 Bellmore Street Oakhurst NJ 07755. Phone number732-531-4478 . I wish them the best Anne Okeefe
  • Great Service 5/5

    By GeniusGenetics
    Easier than calling - BOOM, your new slogan
  • Blu in PCB 5/5

    By BucProud
    We own a condo on the west end of PCB and have relied upon Blu many times and they have never faltered in providing OUTSTANDING food and service You will not go wrong - GREAT FOOD!!
  • Delivery 1/5

    By anothernuckname
    Why ask for an address, show us restaurants and then say out of delivery range? It’s a waste of time to go thru an entire family order to be told at the end that they won’t deliver. You should know that from the beginning once you have our address if we’re out of delivery range
  • Good customer assistance! 5/5

    By Kathies
    If there is an issue with the order the company is every easy to reach, very responsive, and corrects errors immediately. It’s refreshing!
  • Service Fee???👎🏽 1/5

    By Toshiyo
    Why charge a service fee to the customer?? It makes zero sense. This should be borne by the business. Might as well call the restaurant directly and avoid the service charge. I will not use the app again so that I can save the ‘fee’. Will just call the pizza 🍕 place myself.
  • Could be a 5 star 4/5

    By noula82
    Slice should run incentive like their new client incentive once in awhile for their customers who use their service. It is possible to call in the order and not use the app so an incentive would be appreciated. The app runs very smooth
  • My life is forever changed 5/5

    By Mike Godoy
    Thanks Dave P
  • Love it! 5/5

    By GamerGuy369
    During COVID epidemic I’ve been able to order pizza at the touch of a button from my local restaurants. Alice has an way to use interface!
  • Impossible 1/5

    By Paws2listen
    Downloaded the app even though the reviews were poor. Well they were right. Can’t set up an account after trying several times. I’ll just call the restaurant and order directly. Wonder how much business people are losing bc the app is worthless.
  • app completely unusable 1/5

    By Mclonganeckerski
    I downloaded the ap and could not get it to take a delivery address and it would not allow me to get into the ap without it. Closing the app and restarting came back the exact same screen wanting the address. After struggling for an hour I deleted it and just called my local pizza place.
  • I love pizza 5/5

    By GatesMaTates
    So I love pizza so an app that’s directly responsible for my laziness and just ordering pizzas all the time from different places with the tap of my fingers !!
  • Fun 5/5

    By jayredbull
    Like playing pacman
  • Quick, easy and convenient 5/5

    By sparker23
    This app makes pizza ordering simple and efficient!
  • App is confusing 4/5

    By Lesa1966
    When you go to order & it says small medium or large it doesn’t specify if it’s a square or round pizza you’re ordering. It could be more clear

Slice — The Pizza App app comments

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