Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies

Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies

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  • Current Version: 7.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Sling TV, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies App

The TV you love for a price you’ll love. Stream live sports, news, popular shows, movies & more. Get customizable channel packages, 120K+ movies and shows On Demand and 50 hours of DVR storage included. No hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Pause or customize your service at any time. Sports Sling has the live sports you can’t do without. Stream college basketball, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, MLS soccer, golf, NASCAR, combat sports and more. From college to pro, soccer to football, it’s all on Sling! News Sling keeps you up to date on breaking news with channels like CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and Bloomberg, plus free channels like CBS News. Entertainment Stream today’s most popular shows and movies live and On Demand. Sign up and start watching channels like Bravo, Investigation Discovery, TBS, TNT and so much more. Lifestyle Get your daily dose of gossip, home envy, competition and reality drama. Take on DIY projects with HGTV and satisfy your cravings for new recipes with the Food Network. Plus, get access to Hallmark, Cooking Channel, truTV, TBS, Bravo and more. Kids’ Shows There’s plenty for the whole family to watch with channels like Boomerang, Cartoon Network and more. International Sling TV is one of the best international streaming services in the U.S., offering programs in 22 languages, including Spanish, Hindi & Arabic. Watch More On Demand Choose from over 120K binge-worthy shows and movies On Demand. Access hundreds of titles available for On Demand viewing. Rent new blockbuster movies to watch On Demand and purchase the biggest live pay-per-view events to stream on your favorite devices. Record Live You’ll automatically receive 50 hours of DVR storage with your Sling subscription! If that’s not enough, you can upgrade to DVR Plus and record up to 200 hours of storage. Record your must-watch sports, news and shows, then, watch them on your schedule. Sling Free Stay informed and entertained with thousands of hours of FREE live and On Demand TV with Sling Free. No credit card required. Stream full seasons of hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Forensic Files, watch free movies and see what’s trending for paid Sling subscribers. Sign up and start watching today!

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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies app reviews

  • Delete This App NOW 1/5

    By CyndCyndy
    Do not give your credit card information to Sling. All i can say is I had to have my bank stop the charges. This is the worst app ever,
  • Fraudulent promotions 1/5

    By MullarkeyBG
    I signed up for a reduced price offer for a new customer to watch NFL football. I was charged full price for the package, not the promo price - the package offered only offered NFL network’s game day coverage. NO ACTUAL FOOTBALL GAMES.
  • Streaming Player is a hot piece of GARBAGE! 1/5

    By HomieDontPlayDat…
    Trying to maneuver around a show by rewinding or fast forwarding is literally impossible to hit the mark. While watching a news show on tv, its like they’re forcing you to watch commercials. What’s the point of paying extra for the DVR service, recording a show and not being able to skip commercials without spending five minutes trying to get to the right spot after a commercial break only to have the player lockup. Really this is like 2012 Hulu! Canceling after a couple months, don’t want or need the aggravation. By the way I have 5G internet an expensive smart tv. Save your money, sling BLOWS!
  • Guide lags 1/5

    By Jun2113
    Guide lags big time! Been this way for about a month after one of your updates. Please fix!
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Dorgi06
    Rip off. Might as well but satellite for the prices you get ripped off with here. Jesus Christ
  • So far I’m paying a lot of money to miss my two favorite teams every weekend. 1/5

    By Cjr8287382
    I’m a VT fan and when we played WVU a couple weeks ago, sling worked fine for 3 quarters…then suddenly just stopped working…in the FOURTH QUARTER. Wouldn’t come back on, no matter what I did. Now for the VT NC game, I try to login to ESPN to access the game on ACC network (because it doesn’t show up in the sling app), it indicates I’m successfully logged into sling, but when I click play nothing happens. No matter what browser I use. Football is the only thing I watch on TV, and Sling is doing a really great job of ruining it for me.

    By neal2008
    They can’t provide services they offer and then want their customers to do their jobs for them. If you can’t do your job to provide access to football games, quit and refund the money you are stealing.
  • Garbage service, got rid of ESPN 1/5

    By ncaa fan 13936
    I signed a subscription just to watch college football and now they have some type of dispute with them and i cant watch games at all. Total rip off, basically was useful for 1 Saturday and thats it.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By rbmanda
    Woke up on a Saturday morning to find out Disney (ESPN) was no longer available. No notice or announcement prior. I love sports and that's all I'm looking for in live TV. I understand that TV networks and the various streaming companies fight over access to certain channels. Not informing paying customers is unacceptable!
  • Trash 1/5

    By rottb6
    You can’t scroll down when using channel guide
  • Crash Happy Trash 1/5

    By seatdweeb
    App is constantly buffering despite high quality fiber internet. Even when it does work, casting to current gen Chromecast doesn’t work with the app open because you’ll just get evicted even though you’re only watching on one device and only using your app to control. If there is any other alternative available to you, DO NOT get Sling. It couldn’t possibly be a worse, more neglected app.
  • Good at first - now it’s trash 1/5

    By Ctt1955
    They claim to have so many channels yet they fail to tell you over 1/3 are duplicates, 1/3 are spanish and maybe, just maybe out of the remaining 1/3 you might actually find shows you really watch. The News channels suck… try finding one when there’s important breaking news… like a hurricane is about to hit your area, not going to happen..and did I mention these newscasters can’t even read a prompter. I really saw one (Atlanta Ga) and thought it was a spoof. I’ve had Sling Blue for about three (3) years. It was great at first, now the last few months it’s been issue after issue… took 3 calls to customer service for them to figure out there really were issues.. PS: 3rd customer rep looked at their own Sling acct to see and report that there was an issue. Issues: No sound - DVR not recording - DVR (when working) still records shows after I state “do not record” - DVR starts recording in the middle of a show , even if the show and record times are the same - LOT of buffering - excessive commercial breaks (CB) show starts you see CB, show comes on for literally 10 sec then a CB…crazy. I’m now looking for another streaming service… price is decent but the service you get is awful..
  • The Cesspool of online streaming 1/5

    By PexMan
    Zero stars if I could. Terrible interface and just trash.
  • Not iOS 16 compatible 2/5

    By Glubstermeister
    Just signed up for Sling and it works fine on iPad. However, the Home tab and On Demand tabs do not work on iPhone 12 Pro (iOS 16). Sling App on the App Store states that their v 7.0.3 “supports iOS 16” but according to a Sling Rep, this is not so and that I should downgrade to 15.6 I explained that the iOS update to 15.7 and beyond was a highly recommended security update which had been written up in WIRED and elsewhere (many security firms also recommended it). So I’m not sure I’d want to downgrade iOS just to make the App work. He then told me to “call the manufacturer about my device” - as if my iPhone 12 Pro has a hardware issue causing this error code within their app - an absurd assumption for him to make given that 30+ other apps work perfectly fine on my phone and iOS 16. Hope Sling gets the bugs worked out. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to report the issue to them. The Rep didn’t inspire confidence that he would do so either - it was basically Apple’s fault.
  • Be careful 3/5

    By wasfhjv
    I signed up for sling to watch the Olympics a long time ago and canceled immediately. Almost a year later I get an email that my account was reactivated without my consent. Luckily I caught it early and customer service was very helpful in getting me a refund but I’ve heard that others had to eat the monthly charge. Apparently they don’t sign you out of devices upon cancelling your subscription so be careful! If the Customer service wasn’t so helpful I would’ve given a much lower rating.
  • C’mon guys fix this app!! 1/5

    By JMaximoT
    It is horrible, when you are watching anything on demand let say your are on season 3 episode 4 When the episode ends first it does NOT automatically plays the next episode second when your come back to the show it takes you the last season let say season 13 but still showing the episodes for 4 on the list It is frustrating also that when you are watching on iPad etc then move to another devise it will NOT remember where you were in your episode. Let me give you a clue. Watch Netflix or Hulu how they do it, you can stop and episode in a device Then open on another ir knows where you stopped I am getting frustrated with sling app
  • Will no longer stream on Starlink 2/5

    By Music Officinato
    I contacted Sling and said my app stopped working. We have had Starlink internet service at our home in California for about three months now. All of sudden the sling app stopped working. After some trouble shooting I figured out that Sling changed something to not allow Starlink satellite subscribers to continue to use sling. I contacted the customer support via their chat and was told a fix is in the works. However no timeline was available, but my subscription fee remains the same, when service is not available due to their internal issues. It was working great, now they can’t seem to roll out the fix? No communication on when. Just left me to languish. I wonder will they miss me when I cancel my subscription? How many Starlink subscribers do you think must be thinking the same thing I am?
  • Good price but missing bells and whistles 3/5

    By Krisrmgua
    Great but missing things like clearing recently watched and Siri integration. I watch a show finish an episode and it goes to next episode like it should but later in the continue watching section show all the episodes I finished as like half watched and you can clear it or remove them. I have used other streaming services with my Apple TV and I love being able to say “watch CNN” etc but there is no Siri integration with SlingTV. Price I better then other cause I don’t need a lot of channels but you get what you pay for in a lesser feature packed service for it.
  • I like it…however 4/5

    By Woodworx
    When in PIP mode I can’t pause Sling in order to watch a video in say, Twitter for example. Sling turns itself back on and stops the video I’m watching. Over and over again. Why’s that? Can we have control of the stop and start of streaming PIP please?
  • Sling is commercial trash! 1/5

    By Dirtnacho
    Seriously though. Anyone who pays for this subscription knows what I’m about to say and that is I watch more commercials then I do programming. Back to back commercials from the same product. Same commercials day in and day out. No joke they put commercials in places the program doesn’t even break for a commercial on top of the normal commercial break. I have the $30 package and I feel like such an idiot to pay to watch commercials. I guess if the program I watch is in the free version then so be it but I only subscribed to watch NASCAR races. Thank god it stops airing on USA at the end of the month. If your thinking about a paid subscription just be warned that you will watch more commercials then you will an actual program. Side note you can cancel and still watch until your next billing date.
  • Cannot chromecast shows to your tv 1/5

    By Neel 0106
    Cannot chromecast shows to your tv
  • Poor service and false advertising 1/5

    By Spenje
    Service constantly was buffering, we have fiber optic and no issues with any other streaming service. Paid for the blue and orange (think that’s what it’s called) package for college and “Pro Football”. Pro football didn’t even come with the nation broadcasts for CBS or Fox. Want to cancel after less than 24 hours but they won’t refund.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Jk jk jk jkjk
    NFL red zone is not a valid claim to being able to watch NFL. No games at all for ABC, CBS or FOX - even though it was claimed to be able to with the blue and orange combination package. None of the games are accessible. What a waste of money. Complete garbage and waste of time.
  • AirTV Anywhere Kaput 1/5

    By Stillicidium
    The AirTV anywhere will not initially set up on this app. It won’t work via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or WPS. I’ve reset everything to factory defaults and still no luck. Horrible experience. Waste of $199.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Marc3465
    I got Sling purely to watch NFL games and for the second week in a row games were not streaming through my LG TV. After talking with customer service for 30 minutes I just asked for a refund so I could use a different service. I was then told they do not have the option to refund and immediately got an email that they canceled my subscription. Terrible service. I would recommend any other streaming service.
  • Terrible for sports 1/5

    By Medford4567
    Just go with Hulu or YouTubeTV. Poor quality and freezing streams
  • I’d like my money back 1/5

    By MattyVSquad
    Once I purchased the service I didn’t see the channels that I had expected and immediately canceled the subscription so I would really like my money back
  • Changing ESPN coverage 2/5

    By dws141414
    If you’re going to change a game from ESPN2 to some other ESPN channel (ie, ESPNEWS), you should provide access to that other channel. Not the service I signed up for.
  • Terrible 1/5

    Sling did all the wrong things to mess up my viewing the LSU vs Miss State game. I could not pause to piss or finish watching the game in the final 2 minutes as it just switched to another game. FUBO is much better!!!
  • Did work well until my phone updated to iOS 16 2/5

    By Tony89hughes
    The application did work very well till my phone updated to the iOS 16 now it either has video or sound when paired to a tv works fine while just playing on phone tho all my other video applications still work as normal while screen mirroring other then this one.
  • Nice, flexible service 4/5

    By AustinRobster
    Great offerings, intuitive user interface. Generous free DVR capacity. >>Would gladly give 5 stars if you would make it possible in the DVR to watch a program from the beginning that is currently being recorded! Please! When I’m recording a football game, would like to ‘Watch now From the Beginning’ so I can fast forward through commercials and time outs.
  • Horrible policy 1/5

    By KGB KGB
    I just ordered sling with the add on red zone . 50+15 1st day of redzone it doesn’t work and I have to order Hulu redzone so I can watch football. I ask sling if they will refund me my $15 for the month since they didn’t deliver the service I paid for. They said we can’t help you. So basically I paid for a service they couldn’t provide and kept my money. So I canceled my sling account and will stick with Hulu. Hope losing a customer was worth $15.
  • iOS 16 broke it 1/5

    By Johns227
    I am getting black screen on my antenna channels. Please fix!
  • OTA Live TV Channels & iOS 16 3/5

    By RingADingSling
    OTA live TV channels will not play after updating to iOS 16. Only get black screen. Sling has to update app to make it compatible with iOS 16.
  • It’s not what it seems 1/5

    By ZIMZIM12
    They butchered redzone on the first week of NFL, plus I had to buy an antenna to watch local games. They claim you can watch 4 screens at once but don’t tell you that only one can be from espn/abc. Leaving you with basically 1 espn channel and one fox channel. Nearly fraudulent. It’s not worth the price. Don’t do it.
  • Commercial Breaks in the middle of streaming games 1/5

    By Jigidyjames
    I keep getting commercial break screen constantly trying to load in the middle of the game. I have to reload stream and still the same issue. It also puts ad breaks right before scoring plays and the skips right over them.
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Rastamun88
    Scammed. No bueno
  • Buggy and unreliable 1/5

    By jj-9876
    The app refuses to play over Chromecast to my TV. It will display the video on TV but play audio on my phone, then display an message on my TV that I cannot watch there because I’m already viewing it on my phone.
  • Garbage, Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By 1coolPeeper
    Ordered sling the night before week 1 of NFL for NFL redzone, sunday came along and redzone was having technical issues. After 45 minutes of no football, I gave up and ordered Hulu live TV. Worked with no issues. Cancelled my sling sub and talked to customer service for 30 minutes the following day to try and get a refund. They gave me nothing but pre-written responses and refused to refund even though they did not provide a service.
  • Avoid for Live Football Streaming 1/5

    By DownloadLyft
    Signed up for the sole purpose of watching Redzone. App worked fine the day before and up to a minute before kickoff then received and black screen and cannot load message. Sling has acknowledged the issue via an email. If you want something reliable for a Sunday of watching football go with anything else.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By 1Reviewer32
    Great price for Sling TV, but I’ve tried it twice and I won’t get burned again. It crashes in the middle of your stream and I just missed the end of the US Open.
  • Dont buy for football 2/5

    By truth831
    This app works great for everything except for football they don’t have a single game except the Thursday night games. I have bought all the packages i can buy on here but can only watch the stupid Redzone and and and nfl direct they need to get the whole game
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By igcitxkyxkyc
    I just want to make sure anyone on the fence doesn’t choose Sling. There’s nothing good about this company.
  • What’s GOING ON 1/5

    By A-May91
    The only reason I have this app is for NFL Redzone and it’s not working this is ridiculous. Just sat on hold for over an hour and YOU HUNG UP ON ME ARE YOU KIDDING ME AND ITS STILL NOT WORKING I AM VERY UPSET

    Don’t believe the box this is the worst streaming service out there save your money DIRECTV stream is amazing
  • Terrible. A company that doesn’t want your money. 1/5

    By WillSLand
    Literally subscribed for NFL Redzone so I needed to add the sports add on. It won’t let you. Tried to just call directly to the help desk. They hung up before putting me through to a worker. The website just says something went wrong or just endlessly buffers. Tried from two laptops and my phone. Highly suggest utilizing a different company for your sports needs. I’m furious. Waste of my time and money guess I’ll watch tennis because that’s the only sport this thing offers off the bat.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By gentile8813
    I try to upgrade my subscription basically giving them more money per month and it will not let me, I click upgrade and it asks me to sign in so I do then it bring me to the beginning again so I go through it and it asks me to sign in again and this happens over and over and over , it’s like they want me to go to another subscription service
  • Red zone Fail 1/5

    By OKC31
    I got this service just to get Redzone and it won’t let me do that, because it’s unavailable or experiencing issues or won’t load. Such a disappointment they can’t provide the one thing you need it to do
  • I can’t delete my account 1/5

    By PrincessLauren87
    How is it that paying I’m paying 42 bucks a month for nothing if i can’t even get local channels i don’t even want this anymore ✌🏼