Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies

Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies

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  • Current Version: 6.2.4
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies App

SLING is a streaming service with the best of live TV, both free and paid, streamed to you on any device. And with 200+ channels, SLING has something for everyone. It’s the live TV you love for half the cost of cable. Plus, watch over 85,000 movies & shows on demand. Programming Available From SLING TV: With free channels like ABC News Live and premium cable networks such as CNN, FOX News and MSNBC, Sling keeps you informed while you stay safe inside. Entertainment networks like Bravo!, LIfetime and HGTV mean SLING TV has something for everyone. NEWS | Stay up-to-date and informed with plenty of news channels like CNN, FOX News, CNBC, MSNBC and Bloomberg. ENTERTAINMENT | Stay in & SLING in with entertainment for the whole family. Sign up and get Bravo, Freeform, A&E, Investigation Discovery, TBS and TNT. LIFESTYLE | With SLING TV, you can get your DIY fix with HGTV and satisfy your cravings for new recipes on Food Network. Plus, we have plenty of other lifestyle channels like TLC, Hallmark and Discovery. KIDS’ SHOWS | Keep the kids happy and the Saturday morning cartoon tradition rolling with Disney and Cartoon Network. SPORTS | Catch the latest news, analysis and feature films of your favorite sports on ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, and a whole lot more. INTERNATIONAL | SLING TV is one of the best international streaming services in the U.S., offering programs in 22 languages including Spanish, Hindi & Arabic. So what’s the hold up? Download the app today and start SLINGing. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software that will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies app reviews

  • Wow that’s dumb 1/5

    By jesusespinoza559
    No option to create account so how do i sign in
  • Predatory pricing, terrible customer service 1/5

    By Vivek Rathod
    I have used sling on and off many times. Their pricing models are not customer centric. Canceling is hard. The apps have bugs on various platforms. And the customer service is terrible. I had one rep start yelling at me when I was nothing but polite. I wrote to them and no response. Canceled and got Hulu live and not going to come back
  • Sling TV works well 5/5

    By Longmeir
    Works better than cable tv.
  • Sling 5/5

    By Erik Hernandez benetz
    So goof I recommend
  • Freeze 2/5

    By viewer nik
    CNBC channel will lock up / freeze during normal viewing. There are no volume control on the screen. There is no mute option on most of the app.
  • Good option! 5/5

    By Buiu
    Specially for international! God option to connect with the news and entretenimento overall ! I can wait for more options for channels to come to sling ! They will be fill with more diverse than any other one out there !!
  • Sling Is Best For Cable 5/5

    By Claudy Artist
    Sling is the cheapest Cable available and remarkably also the best Cable you can buy! You will not be disappointed....
  • Terrible app. 1/5

    By glenb2
    Unbelievable how Sling allows their service to be ruined by a bad app in 2020. Can you even imagine having to force quit Netflix or Hulu and restart their apps to get something to play? Never. Everyday for Sling app though.
  • More time loading than watching 2/5

    By inspbilly
    I am about to cancel but first I will see how knew router and extender works. Just order orbi. I don’t think it will make one but if difference. Always loading freezing etc dvr sometimes won’t let me watch, acts like no show available and wants to know if I want to cancel recording even though it’s a show I was trying to and was watching. I’m getting top line new router to see if that fixes but thing is Netflix works fine no constant buffering. Right now can’t get sling to even work at all for over last couple hours. Plus I just sign up a month or so ago and they already canceled two channels that I had so now they are both extra. I am not paying even more for something I can’t even see without getting ticked off
  • Hate it hate it 1/5

    By trupor
    Hate it
  • Like the service but UI needs work 4/5

    By tmbenge
    The app works well and Am happy with the device and value. I think the UI is cluttered and a little confusing
  • DVR issues 4/5

    By JC_2882
    There are times when the DVR function doesn’t record something I’ve selected. Also times when I’m unable to watch something that’s currently being recorded. I have to wait until the entire recording is complete to watch it from the beginning otherwise it’ll start playing from wherever it currently is. The DVR will sometimes organize shows incorrectly or out of order. It seems to happen mostly with sporting events. Also, why are we unable to pause live TV for certain channels/shows? Thanks
  • Continually resetting to beginning of program 2/5

    By capcomvalk
    When using that app on my iPad live programs reset to the start of the show urging or after commercial breaks. If I back out of the show and then renter it I can get back to the correct spot in the program. Very annoying
  • Forced Advertisements 1/5

    By a3595
    Paid apps should not have advertisements
  • Very flakey at best 2/5

    By Mr lobo
    I have the airtv2 box at home so I can watch over-the air shows anywhere. Well about 80% I cannot connect with this app, end even more often when I do, the recorded shows on the hard drive do not show up. I have the older slingbox m1 for my cable tv at the same location. That software connects every time so I know it’s not a problem with my 30 Mbps uplink. I hope sling can fix this issue soon. It’s getting a little better, but this issue is still like this for about 2 years now . And pause of live tv still doesn’t work. Even if I’m recording the show. You have to go to recordings, and start the show from there Over the air tv is still unwatchable with a 100mbps internet link. It constantly buffers, every few seconds . Other streaming apps don’t have this issue. Maybe the problem is the airtv2
  • Multiple screening issues 2/5

    By Maraha22
    Paying $70 a month and every time we screen more than 1 tv, even though we have up to 4, it’s knocks all the TVs off and signs them out. This needs to be fixed
  • Sling is a keeper but Where’s CBS!?! 4/5

    By AnITGuy
    Been a Sling customer for quite a while. They have the best A la Carte out of all the streaming services. I really like that when I’m not watching anything or sports are at a lull, I can shave off $20 for a few months. The one irritating thing is that I don’t have CBS in my lineup. It should be because it’s a local channel on antenna. I I’ll have to put up an antenna and run some cable but I really shouldn’t have to. Also, I wish MASN was available. I’m in the DC area and am unable to watch Nationals games. This isn’t The fault of Sling, but hopefully they are working on an agreement to bring that network on board.
  • DVR Records Only 1 min 1/5

    By i A P
    Something is off with the DVR and it records only a minute or so of 2 hours it should have recorded.
  • Sling 5/5

    By Netta Love Over All
    I love sling it’s the best, affordable and you get all the good channels.. 5 stars from me!!!!
  • I Love this app excellent!!!! 5/5

    By pelon Barza Fan
  • Sling review 3/5

    By Vitt1688
    I like sling because it has almost all the channels that I have when I have Cox cable. The problem that I have lately is that when I’m watching a channel lately it just freeze and move to the local channel. Sometimes it just don’t connect. And I I don’t think it’s the internet because I have the fastest speed I can get from cox. And that’s the reason I give this review a 3 star. I hope this will change otherwise I’m thinking of changing this service. I hope this is not cause by the Russian hackers.
  • Most horrible tv service rip-off 1/5

    By Wiseking777
    Worst rip-off ! They force commercials on you after paid services. Can’t pause or skip commercials - disgusting !!!
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Beaker809
    But I would wish the dvr would be bigger and the cost would be a little bit lower
  • Good internet based cable 4/5

    By Chrome2012
    I Wish in the packages they would offer more Channel’s between the blue and yellow package and not repeat so many channels between them!
  • Search capability needs lots of improvement... 2/5

    By frustrated three
    Hate the search functionality
  • Not great for sports 2/5

    By HNWL
    Overall the service itself is fine. But good luck finding the game you want to watch. The guide makes no effort to keep up with the games in real time. Basically you have to search elsewhere to figure out the channel your team is supposed to playing on. In 2020, to watch the MLB World Series, I need to know to select “Big Bang Theory” reruns. That’s happened several times in the playoffs and regular season. Sling could do better than this.
  • I love this 5/5

    By ThewristplAyer 4
    It’s the bedt
  • Best price for Fox News! 5/5

    By Shammytack
    Not only the best price for Fox News but so much more that I love. Super satisfied.
  • Twice the programming for half the price 5/5

    By Old Fogey60
    After years of increasing costs to access cable channels, I switched to Sling. Easy access, no commitment, and no rental box fees make this a no brainer.
  • No casting??????????? 1/5

    By Bigpeckersinmymouth
    They whole purpose of getting a streaming app is to cast... there’s no option to cast - are you kidding? No forewarning about this, so had to pay $40 for the pleasure of finding out afterward that it won’t do the only thing I got the app for.
  • Review 5/5

    By anawytt
  • Ehhh! 1/5

    By TJohnson730
    This company and its customer service is HORRIBLE! Half of the time it restarts while you’re watching tv or a movie. If you call in, you must get a call in code online first.. for them to give you some BS excuse to why it’s never working and to restart your TV! They claim they can’t give you a discount/credit for your services that aren’t working either! Looking for another streaming service because this is terrible!
  • Technology 5/5

    By Master Alumnus
    Awesome way to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV!! The ability to cast it to your smart TV for the full experience !!!
  • Terrible since latest update 1/5

    By Candyjas1
    I have a Smart Samsung tv and at the top of every hour when it’s time for a new program to start, the app freezes and closes out. Lately, i haven’t been able to watch 5 minutes of television without the app force closing. This is just ridiculous! Update: still freezing and force closing multiple times and now the dvr doesn’t work properly and I’m unable to watch shows that I recorded this week. For some reason the on demand shows keep cycling a sling commercial that says we’ll be right back 🙄. Where are the developers? Are they ever going to resolve these issues that your customers are complaining about? 2nd update: I’m an app developer and I don’t know how the developers for Sling feel good about themselves with this crap. One thing we are taught is to make sure that your app works across all platforms. You guys have completely just dismissed the Samsung tv because it’s virtually impossible to watch Sling on it. I can’t make it through 15 minutes before the sound goes out, the show freezes or the screen goes black. This is absolutely ridiculous and you all aren’t doing anything about it. I will definitely be canceling my subscription because I refuse to pay for something that I can only watch on my ipad 😡.
  • Lags and restats 1/5

    By AW Fam
    Movies restart in the middle of the show, LOTS of commercials and lags.
  • Sling freezes 1/5

    By mepaez
    Always freezes can’t get three one episode on demand does not work
  • News updates aren’t helping your app functions 2/5

    By Jae0802
    Whatever new updates have been made recently have made the app not function very well, even more so than it was before. Now each time I go into my recordings to watch a show I’m consistently receiving an error message about the show not loading and try again later. This isn’t MY WiFi or MY internet connection, as this wasn’t as big of a problem until just recently. I went the past year with this only happening on occasion. Now it’s truly each time I go watch ANY recorded shows I get this message on all my recordings.
  • Bs 1/5

    because even if I pay the monthly fee, I am obliged to watch the booflex commercial ????
  • Buggy 3/5

    By CJG RN
    Overall I like Sling. I like the selection mostly. I have noticed, however, that they’re buggy no matter what you watch it on. I have it on my iPad, iPhone, and Xbox one, and they all have issues (e.g, crashes). The MOST annoying issue (on ALL platforms I’ve tried) is when you stop a prerecorded show and it NEVER wants to play for you again! Instead you get the message “We’re sorry! Temporarily unable to load video. Try reloading or changing the channel.” Now, they use the word “temporarily” very loosely, because that show will NEVER load again. I mean ... I saved one prerecorded show for two months hoping it would eventually play, but it was broken across all platforms. Sorry Dateline .... guess I’ll never know who the murderer was in that episode! Ok, no other streaming service has this issue ... so figure it out ... please!
  • VERY Happy 5/5

    By Szana1951
    Oh my gosh ...when SlING first came out I wasn’t very happy, I told em an I canceled ...then sometime later they actually sent me an invite to give em a try again & I did an I was impressed😬 I been back for a while, but didn’t realize I hadn’t updated my review/comment & I feel bad...cuz they have grown WONDERFUL, I have ZERO complaints! for an App they have a good TV an movie selection that changes & rotates, yes there r some commercials but I don’t mind ...SLING is not the big name cable company (thank god🙄), & if ya can afford THEM then more power to ya, I can’t, I love the History Channel an I can access w/ SLING that’s my big happy...also their viewing selection is a nice buffet it’s great for me also an included w/ price is “💯” hours of record time I LOVE IT the whole “30 buck” pkg is perfect for me, disabled, SSI, an all I have to view on is an’s GREAT and even better I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS😂 SO Thank You SLING PS I have Apple iPhone an iPad I have ZERO connection problems Apple has Sling app for iPad an that’s shared to my iPhone ..once in awhile the only problems I ever have has been w/ Cox WiFi that I been stuck having to use an that’s been once in awhile I tex em they fix it
  • Love it 5/5

    By mercedesalexandria
    It’s just so simple and I’m the most simple person. It’s perfect for just me and my son and I loveeee that if we have to leave to go somewhere and he’s watching tv and wants to “finish his episode” I just put it on my phone and we’re out the door he can finish the episode in the car!!! Thanks sling for making my life easier!!!
  • 3 second delay 1/5

    By Cowboy De'Ore
    The sling app on my Samsung TV with Roku has a 3 second delay while people are talking. Its not my internet, my FuboTV is working perfectly with my Roku. Please correct this and I’ll change my rating.
  • Lala 5/5

    By alllllllcccccaaaa
    Very ice veiwing
  • Not worth it. Feels like beta version but full price app. 1/5

    By MsKelleyKell
    Way too expensive first off. For the glitches this app has since day one and then they charge what they charge? No. Sorry but no. This app has had major issues since day one and feels like I’m using a Beta version that you’re paying full price for. Not even close to worth it.
  • Should be much better; 10-22-20 1/5

    By BillKloos
    10-22-20, still a problem: The DVR is not consistent. Skipping forward through commercials often causes the app to lock up (Apple TV, gigabit connection) requiring a complete restart of the app. When starting to watch a show that is still recording the app goes to the live point in the show rather than starting the recording at the beginning. 10-22-20, still a problem: Why alphabetize the guide filters so My Channels, the only filter worth using, is now several rows down? Once a filter is chosen it should remain that way even after the app is closed and reopened. 10-22-20, still a major problem: can’t sort the guide alphabetically on an iPad; really? How this app has 4.6 out of 5 is a great mystery to me. Low standards from other viewers?
  • So glad we switched 5/5

    By Kaycjackson
    We love Sling. We cut the cable cord.
  • Requests to force close 10-100 1/5

    By Brian0009921
    I downloaded an update and it won’t start. I get an error that asks me to force close and wait 1 minute. 10-100 appears to be an error code. It won’t work now on my iPhone XS Max
  • Won’t connect to Xbox or Chromecast 1/5

    By I wanted TV, but I got Sling
    This service is no good. It won’t connect and therefore I don’t like it.
  • When App Store down and you still asking update 1/5

    By metro.dwz
    After repeatedly giving feedback the app can quit by itself on all Apple TV at home, it still can happen. Sling didn’t take it seriously at all.

Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies app comments

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