Sling TV: A La Carte TV

Sling TV: A La Carte TV

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  • Current Version: 5.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Sling TV, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sling TV: A La Carte TV App

Sling TV is A La Carte TV, the #1 Live TV Streaming Service that lets you personalize your channel lineup and save. Start with the service best for you, then pick Extras in your favorite genres: sports, comedy, kids, news, movies, lifestyle, Spanish TV & more. Change your service online anytime. Over 100 live channels available to stream instantly on all of your favorite devices. Watch your favorite live sports including college football and NFL, hit TV shows like The Walking Dead, This is Us, SportsCenter, plus 10,000+ hours of on-demand shows and movies.  A La Carte TV means you can get both TV and Cloud DVR on your terms — add it when you want and choose when you watch, for just $5. Stream anytime, anyplace on TVs, tablets, phones, computers, gaming consoles, and other devices. This is TV on your terms. No paying for useless channels, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, easy online cancellation. The Sling Orange service offers 30 channels for just $20/mo – including ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, TNT, TBS, CNN, A&E, History, and many more. The Sling Blue service offers 40+ channels for just $25/mo – including FOX and NBC (select markets only) HGTV, FX, History, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and many more. Interested in Latino or International content? Sling TV also offers the #1 live international TV service in the US, offering 18 languages including Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Brazilian, and more. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information. #1 Live Streaming Service is based on number of OTT households as reported by comScore as of April 2017


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Sling TV: A La Carte TV app reviews

  • Horrible stream 1/5

    By Sgtmstchief
    I have my wireless at 200 MB and all channels lag. It happens very often. Not happy with this service
  • Expensive 4/5

    By Alex333.
    Good service but to expensive for just a specific number of Chanel
  • FIX THE DVR updated 1/5

    By Thelaaq
    This could be a great app if the DVR didn't go missing every two weeks and then take three days to fix. Also, using the app on the iPad SUUUUCKS. With the Roku it's a little better. But this DVR issue is a joke. Now, on the Roku, it doesn't matter if you have something set to record all new episodes. The DVR apparently chooses what episode it wants to record and when. FIX. THIS. ISSUE. UPDATE: DVR still needs work. I pay for DVR not only to record my favorite shows but also to fast forward through the commercials. Why am I paying for this if on many recordings that's not an option? And HOW is that not an option?
  • You can’t watch videos in landscape mode? 1/5

    By JamasonJ
    You had one job.
  • Sling tv - Air tv 4/5

    By Michaeld100
    Cut the cable cord 2 months ago and couldn’t be happier. Sling tv works well - except for integration with Air tv. Air tv allows one to stream an over the air antennae signal for local channels to all tv’s via one’s WiFi network. To do this one purchases an air tv box. Both air tv and sling tv advertise that air tv can be integrated into the sling tv app, which has the advantage of using only the sling tv app. Unfortunately I have been unable to get this integration to work and have to use the separate air tv app for local channels. Sling tv needs to update their app to make this work. Hope that this occurs soon
  • HD channels 5/5

    By Gringa1911
    Love that all the channels are HD and you don’t have to pay more for that
  • Best service ever!!! 5/5

    By Jtuf
    Sling has given us everything we could ever want. Plus we have it on the go. They have saved us tons of money. Thank you Sling. You are doing such a great job!!!!
  • SlingTV is King! 5/5

    By SF Delivery
    I switched from Comcast Xfinity to SlingTV over 4 years ago and never looked back. They are the best way to cut the cable and still keep everything you love about cable. They’re the best!
  • Buyer Beware 2/5

    By Imb7777
    It’s useless without an amazing, strong and flawless internet connection.
  • Payment options 1/5

    By lunafett
    I was pretty excited to sign up for sling and then when I went to put in my billing info, I was informed you guys don’t accept prepaid debit cards as payment. Oh well, I guess I’ll just stick to Netflix for half the price and also accepts my prepaid card 🙃🙃🙃
  • 🤬 1/5

    By Crazy4life15
    Extremely aggravated that the apps don’t tell you if they cost anything or how much they cost until after you start installing them. I already pay a monthly fee for the services now I have to buy the app never had to do this with Netflix or Hulu apps
  • Bad streaming 1/5

    By Chava R
    The live streaming it’s to bad, freezes often
  • I Tried 2/5

    By Shaytuck05
    The first couple of months were great. I have the channels I need and use hulu to supplement the ones that are not on sling. Recently I cannot get through a show without it crashing. At first I thought it was because I started using roku so I went back to the fire stick and it’s the same thing. Fast forwarding is not even an option anymore since that will instantly cause it to lag. So what’s the point of the DVR option if I still have to sit through commercials? It’s not recording shows I’ve selected to be recorded although the recording symbol shows up on the guide and there’s plenty of DVR space. I’ve tried to pause the show before settling in to watch it to let it buffer. I’ve called my ISP to see if it’s a network issue but based on the other reviews I’d say no. I want to like sling but they’re messing up! The two stars are here simply because it was cool in the beginning. If this issue doesn’t get resolved I’m moving on.
  • Great alternative. 5/5

    By GMCoolG
    I very much enjoy life without the cables.
  • Commercial volume 4/5

    By RoeChamBoe
    I like being able to customize my service and get the channels I want, but it drives me crazy that when watching things on demand, the commercials are twice as loud as the program I’m watching. Isn’t there an FCC guideline for that??
  • Doesn’t work consistently 2/5

    By Uhgigo
    I tried Sling again and it’s just not worth the money because the app bombs, cuts out, and buffers too much. It’s frustrating.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By jan4jesus
    We have been Sling TV subscribers now for about a month. We decided to cut the cord and get rid of DirecTV. Even though we have fewer channels with Sling we don’t miss the ones we don’t have really. The only complaint we have is that sometimes the programming doesn’t work effectively. It seems as though Sling Sometimes has Internet issues. Other than that it’s been great.
  • Join now 5/5

    By Jejejennebejwjwbehejej
    Love it - CNN live coverage - breaking news - watching the downfall of the WH better than any daytime soap! Don Lemon is the best!
  • Money saver 5/5

    By Dsantiago282
    Get what you pay for. Love that I can watch on different devices
  • Full Screen Video Only 1/5

    By mandyself
    Any video app that doesn’t support playing in a window on iPad is an automatic 1 star rating from me. Supremely inconvenient. Please get with the tablet times Sling.
  • Great Service! 5/5

    By RCRussell
    So far, my family and I are really enjoying this service. In my line of work, there can be times where there is absolutely no work and so I have the time to watch a show or two. While there are a few glitches while watching, I hardly ever come across these issues. For what it is as a whole, I couldn’t be happier with this service. I know there are a bunch of negative reviews, but honestly I think there might be something wrong on their end of the spectrum. As with any company there is always room for improvement on quality. Besides the rare glitch that I have noticed, I have no issue with this service as I have had with certain cable companies that charge the hell out of their customers. We don’t even have upgrade channels and still paying almost $200 a month. Keep up the good work Sling.
  • Best TV App 5/5

    By comenaveed
    So glad I cut the cord for Sling. Amazing value. Have to put a little more work in up front to get EVERY show I want, but so worth it. DVR could use a little more bells and whistles, but is completely sufficient as is anyway. Won't be going back to cable any time soon.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ckcen
    Great app.Cut the cord and get sling .If I was on a tight budget And I had to choose one paid app to add to my Roku it would be SLING.We watch the live news daily and I have never been disappointed with the service.I can watch SLING on all my devices ,in the bathroom while getting ready for work,on the patio while BBQ ing or doing gardening.Love the portability.
  • Slow app 1/5

    This app runs slow on all of my apple devices. I can look left at another family member on Hulu, Netflix, amazon prime, etc and they are streaming fast. Meanwhile my sling stops every two minutes or so to buffer. This happens on everyone’s device in my household. Only streaming app that has issues. This the worse video service I’ve ever used.
  • Just plain horrible. 1/5

    By Tainangel
    I'm sorry... I don't know why anyone would find this app useful on your phone. It's just a horrible experience... buffering, freezing, out of sync every single time without fail. And don't tell me it's my network because 4G lte, Comcast wifi or ATT Fiber all will have the same experience... it craps out. I honestly don't understand how this app is on iTunes given Apple's quality standards. Sling (dishTv) hire some folks from Netflix or Hulu or the even the guy that invented the flash light app and redo your mobile app... please! Work on your UXD while you're at it too. To be fair, the Apple TV version at least works.
  • I love this 5/5

    By CelticMonster
    I have never loved an app more than this and I don’t have to pay high prices for only a few channels that I want to watch.
  • AMAZING 👏🏽 5/5

    By Lizett ❤️
    Love sling ! Watch it everyday & also gives option to watch from beginning or live
  • Good idea, bad execution 1/5

    By Tykal
    Don’t cut the cord just yet. Sling is not up to the task! Also, horrible customer service.
  • It is very nice 4/5

    By jose miel
    so far i am happy with the service. sling is nice. i love the ability to watch past programs and not just live if i missed it
  • The best option 5/5

    By Jerritobonito
    Only the best
  • Didn’t really offer any extra sports channels. Besides pay $$ for replay TV? 3/5

    By MikeyP1024
    Was looking for ACC coverage. Didn’t find any. So my Roku WatchESPN app offers ACC Extra coverage. Don’t mind commercials with sports since most live sports take commercial breaks. What’s the difference a blank screen during a commercial or a commercial. Have to wonder why I should pay for streaming sports when is just replay TV. All other streaming sources measured is 45+sec behind broadcast TV.
  • Great App 5/5

    By EdgardoEUseda
    I Love the idea of having the chance to get the channels I want and how many. Love it...!!!
  • Some Suggestions.... 3/5

    By Great Skate
    I recently signed up and noticed that the On-Demand feature on the Hallmark Channel doesn't have pause or rewind. Even worse is the fact that it won't hold your place if you are trying to resume later (even a few minutes later). Not practical for people in the real world! I can't sit for 2 hours uninterrupted very often to watch a movie - most people that work and/or have families can't)...please fix. (The movie goes right back to the beginning and won't even let you use the scrubber bar to find where you were).
  • Missing network 5/5

    By Mrcobraman
    I really enjoy Sling TV however Im missing my favorite network Velocity, if there is anyway we can get Velocity on that would be awesome! Thanks sling TV!
  • Sling features 4/5

    By MMG india
    I found Sling very good giving many programs which are very interesting.
  • Flooded with ads 1/5

    By Rochyto
    Wow i used to love Sling. Now its just unwatchable almost an hour of ads !!!! They just won’t stop playing ad after an ad !!! I will cancel my service soon its rather obnoxious to be watching a movie or a show and have the same time of ads as the movie.
  • Sling!!!! 5/5

    By Bernie G.
    You’re tv the way you want it!
  • Good app overall 4/5

    By AnaSal123
    I really like the Sling service, and the app works well, for the most part. I have had a few issues with being able to record programs, especially when I want to record a series. Some series offer the option of recording all or new episodes, but some only let you record one episode until you accumulate two or three recorded episodes, then they let you record the series. I also get "hiccups" in streaming from time to time or the app crashes, but overall a solid service and app.
  • Great Product 4/5

    By The Rich House
    I would have given it 5 stars if local affiliates were standard. Once it gets ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS, it will takeover. Would also be nice to get TVOne and OWN.
  • This app doesn't even open 1/5

    By TCBinFlash
    Every time I click on the app, every day for the past 2 weeks it states that its temporarily unavailable 2-6. Then it says reboot it and try again. I've done that a million times and I've deleted and re downloaded, it doesn't work!
  • Love the concept - don't love the buffering 4/5

    By TV Junkie,too
    I got rid of cable. I really did not use it but to watch on demand shows. I love the idea of on demand TV and sling does provide that wonderful option. Negatives - at times image freezes and/ or takes forever buffering... Last weekend I had to reboot every single devise. TV, modem, router, Amazon TV -(even power strip. Hopefully this is just temporary... Please don't make me go back to cable!!!
  • Its great when it works 3/5

    By Godly Pinga
    Some days i can connect without flaws on the computer. But on mobile one day it opens and works fine. Other days it says error or app just wont open. Very annoying. I restart the phone, erase the cache, make more space on my phone and nothing. I have to stay reinstalling the app i pay 50 a month for since i have blue and orange. Even on my android tablet the same thing happens. Other than that, its well worth it. Good service. Would give 4 of they improve the app on phones. And 5 stars if the quality of the channels were better than standard more often than not. Sometimes as in 4 out of 10 nba games i watch get pixelated and a bit of a pain to watch. However it comes and goes away after a while. If you got the money, you are better of with this than cable in my opinion.
  • Spoiled by Netflix, Amazon, and tivo 1/5

    By Galileopan
    Leaving aside the annoyance of paying for TV with as many ads as free broadcast, the app is annoying as hell. Any attempt to skip forward or back, particularly while Chromecasting, results in a huge delay and jumping to a spot different from the one previewed in the timeline, or simply locking up with an error ("try again later"). It does reliably replay ads any time you try to move forward or back. I have given up trying to replay dialog I missed or show my wife a good scene later. Lesson learned: when I finish this season of the show I'm watching, cancel sling and wait for the DVD or Netflix for anything else.
  • It used to be good 1/5

    By Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    The app no longer works and keeps telling me to reboot it It doesn’t work, useless
  • Total disappointment 1/5

    By Kkdidkekcixk
    Heads up to anybody wanting to get this service, i hated it, it crashed all the time, on demand didn’t work past the free trial, so i cancelled my account in January, and just got notified by my bank that they charged me for March, i didn’t open the app or even do anything. So i called, they wouldn’t give me a refund, so i asked them to delete my account and all my information, she said she did, but to try to push the refund she needed my card #, AGAIN, the one i had just taken off, lol. So i said forget it, but basically I’m finding out that even if you want to cancel your service, that doesn’t matter and they charge you anyway. Just thought y’all should know.
  • Enjoy but interruptions 4/5

    By HaoleFeet
    I really like the idea of sling and use it a lot. 2 drawbacks: only one device at a time unless you want to pay more and interruptions in service in the middle of programs. This is especially frustrating while watching sports. I do love the choice and the price compared to traditional cable.
  • Constant buffering 1/5

    By Wigberts
    I pay extra for the news package - MSNBC has been impossible to watch lately because of the constant buffering. It doesn't matter if I use my Amazon Fire stick or Roku. I do not have the problem streamlining Amazon Prime or Netflix - the problem is Sling. Also on one of my televisions I can not get all the channels- they come in on all the other devices the sling engineers are still working on this one
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Malagueña74
    Finally an app and service where I get to choose what I want to see for a more than reasonable price. I can see my favorites cable channels for barely $30/month. And the quality is exceptional! I can watch it every, IPad, phone. Sling is great!!
  • Review 4/5

    By Chcsong
    Overall, I love the sling service, but have been very frustrated with the app. Nearly every time I’ve tried to play a recording from the dvr component, I get an error message (10-402) “temporarily unable to load.” Will this ever be fixed?
  • Spanish add on 4/5

    By Rocco0720
    Please add Telemundo to the Spanish add on channels. You are doing great. Excellent service

Sling TV: A La Carte TV app comments


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