Slots™ HD - Titan's Way

Slots™ HD - Titan's Way

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  • Current Version: 3.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: YUAN LI
  • Compatibility: Android
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Slots™ HD - Titan's Way App

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Slots™ HD - Titan's Way app reviews

  • Was great now trash 1/5

    By SGM Chuck
    Game consistently crashes whenever large jackpots are awarded you do not get your credits nod you must start all over again. Have notified the developers a number of times with no results. Piss poor support!
  • Used to be my favorite game 2/5

    By Pieter B
    I’ve played it for a long time. I’ve reached Level 1003. When I load the Silver Age II world, it advances to show all the games, but as soon as the last image (Iapetus) loads, the app crashes me back to the desktop. This has been a problem for months now. I’m running a brand-new iPad mini with the latest iOS, and I’ve restored the app from the save file. I’d really like to play the upper-level games.
  • Update 1/5

    By Sssssspppp
    Says my character is downloading even though it's at 100%. Been like this for weeks
  • 1 out of 5 1/5

    By EasternPA
    I used to enjoy playing but the last 2 weeks no matter how much I win the next time I play I noticed I lost all of the coins that I won playing earlier.
  • Boring 1/5

    By bill1548
    The game is beyond boring! Just started and can not play any other screen but beginning one! At level nine now and so bored don’t even want to finish! BORING game
  • It used to be great 1/5

    By Scott2017lock
    I've been playing this game for a few years now. It was amazing! Now some levels previously unlocked are locked in the enchanted world which was my favorite. The graphics seem to have been downgraded since the last update? The higher you get the longer it takes to get to the next world. I've been on level 63 forever. I'm about to give up and look at other slot games.
  • My earned Bonus Pool coins disappeared 1/5

    By Danusia1
    Playing the Athena game, I had earned 60,000,000+one day in Bonus Pool coins and when I stopped playing the game & returned later, all the Bonus Pool coins disappeared...back to ZERO! That’s not right & should be corrected.
  • De;; 2/5

    By Tolentino30
    Falla cuando da los bonus..
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By AndersonRi
    Keeps saying downloading, but after weeks nothing has happened. Even contacted them thru their game and no response, almost 3 weeks now. Been playing for years, not anymore.

    By Bhodi-Li
    I have been playing this game for a few years now. And I used to love it! It used to be one of the best games out there! But because of this most recent update EVERY TIME I START THE GAME the screen gets stuck at the beginning screen showing the "TOPGAME" trade mark logo and then automatically minimizes itself! And not matter how long I let the game stay minimized, just in case it were downloading something, the moment I maximize the game again the screen remains stuck on the "TOPGAME" trademark screen and then automatically minimizes itself again! IT IS INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING! PLEASE FIX THIS GAME ASAP! I KNOW ALL OF YOUR LOYAL PLAYERS WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO FIX THIS GAME FOR US ASAP! IF YOU DON'T FIX THIS GAME SOON YOUR OVERALL STAR RATING ON THIS GAME WILL BE 1 OUT OF 5 STARS AND ALL OF YOUR PLAYERS INCLUDING YOUR MOST LOYAL ONES SUCH AS MYSELF WILL JUST DELETE YOUR GAME AND MOVE ON AND IT WILL TAKE FOREVER FOR YOUR GAME TO GET BACK TO THE 4 TO 5 STAR RATING THAT I WOULD NORMALLY HAD GIVEN THIS GAME WERE IT NOT FOR THIS MOST RECENT UPDATE WHICH MADE YOUR GAME LESS THAN A SCREEN SAVER! PLEASE FIX THIS GAME BEFORE EVEN YOUR MOST LOYAL CUSTOMERS, SUCH AS MYSELF,ABANDON YOUR GAME FOREVER!
  • Downloading frozen 1/5

    By Mphocks
    Like others this seems to be a problem. I have had this same problem for a couple of weeks. I have played this game for a couple of years, I would like to continue if you can get it fixed The problem, it seems stuck with trying to download the king. That is also the message I get when I try to get into the wheel. It said the charter is loading...has been forever I have lost at least three free spins on the wheel
  • Fun and awesome HD images... 2/5

    By theRZman
    I truly like playing the games. Hopefully they'll consider music options in future updates. ✌️👍
  • The check-box 5/5

    By Pete44294
    After the new update, what is the reason to press the (check-box) in the beginning of app when getting your bonus coins, it's stupid. Take it off. Thanks
  • This game isn't downloading 1/5

    By ;4761mar
    The latest update caused a perpetual "games downloading" message on all games other than the daily free and gem spins. I notified them and they suggested I have a poor network. My signal strength is excellent and no other apps are having issues. If they don't fix soon, after being a customer foe a couple years, I'll be deleting this app.
  • Update - game creators know issues but don't care 1/5

    By SteveTL
    If there was a negative system I'd use it. Very shameful.
  • What happen to ad free playing 1/5

    By Amgmm
    These ads a so annoying. I've been playing many years but I am going to search for some new casino apps if this continues. Sorry but loyalty only goes so far.
  • Great game 5/5

    By ShepO317
    I have over 200 billion dollars but won't list my winnings in leaderboard
  • Titan slots 5/5

    By Jassygirl1967
    I love this game! So much fun to play. Winning lots of credits right here!
  • Eddie 5/5

    By Another older man
    Have been playing this slot for a long time and really like it!! I like the sounds and themes very much. Great app.
  • What's with all the pop-up ads? 3/5

    By ddv01
    Gave this a 3 but really meant to give it a 2 star. Use to love this slot but now it is so frustrating to play because every few minutes a pop-up ad for a different slot machine interrupts your game and then trying to get out of it causes more problems. After actually downloading one of these slots (Willy Wonka), every time I tried to play the Titan slots, the Willy Wonka kept coming up to download even after I already did it. I will probably delete this particular slot if it keeps happening because it really is no fun anymore with all the download interruptions every few minutes-I hope the developers of the game realize what a turn-off this is and I do mean I will turn it off permanently!
  • Too many Ads, some bonuses never show up. 1/5

    By motel6fan
    Way to many ads and at the wrong time. Just as I start the game I have to endure Arnold almost every time and many other games. I really think the payouts are the lowest of any slot games I have played, almost as if they are trying to get you to play some one else's game. I have played King game at least 200 times and not once has a bonus game up. Absolutely no fun anymore.
  • Too many ads! 3/5

    By Nanapegmikes
    I am tired of being interrupted when playing slots with ads for other games. I am going to stop playing this app because of this. So distracting and tedious!
  • Titans way 3/5

    By Mark 715
    Good game win some lose some BUT WAY TWO MANY POP UP ADS!!!!
  • Slots titian way 5/5

    By C.w.w
    It's a fun game
  • No good 2/5

    By Lyngu42
    Had over 4 billion points which were lost next time I went to played. Not happy!!!!
  • Caukho48 4/5

    By Caukho48
    12/22/15 I had this game before then suddenly I lost everything! I want to try again and see what happens. So far so good!
  • Fun games, but.... 3/5

    By Aphidsrbad
    Fun games and good graphics but too many ads, always during the game.
  • Rating 3/5

    By sandee12
    Not sure why reels 4 & 5 spins so long..can't get bonus on there..I notice they indicate a bonus on there..why???
  • Game needs work 1/5

    By Hershmanz
    I like this app and the slots and graphics are cool, but they need to up date there are way to many ads, and really it's not the amount so much it's that they interrupt my spins and other actions right in the middle of play...someone needs to check this out and fix the bugs...has the potential to be a great app, but for now, 1 star ugh
  • Bonus... 1/5

    By Sjones50
    I have wrote you guys, and wrote you guys! But to NOeffect, with no response... You keep taking back the coins and jewels I gain, then you take it... Your game though fun to play...YOU CHEAT!!!...
  • No support 1/5

    By My boy Vegas
    Games are fun - but I had a system crash on my iPad and could not get a restore - I had over $1 billion in coins (yes - billion) and over 2000 gems on level 104 - lost everything and no help or support to restore - not good
  • Crap 1/5

    By Shag Hennessy
    This game is stingy with its coins. I've been playing it for years and haven't gotten to collect any more then 100,000,000... Also, as soon as you collect a large amount the slots stop hitting till you loose everything... This game is bad.
  • Good 5/5

    By Tcbmg
    Love it.
  • Titans my way 5/5

    By Sae Lu
    Great game! It is difficult to stop playing.
  • Titan's way 5/5

    By Red KK
    I updated my game and it took me back to level 1 . I was at Hercules. I am very upset. I've been playing a year! Please correct this problem. Thank you.
  • Good game 5/5

    By TonyaCSims
    Waiting for the next update so I can go to level 50. What's taking so long?
  • Slots - Titans Way 5/5

    By Rlagera
    Love this awesome game. It's challenging and exciting. You should try it and have some fun!
  • Malendia 5/5

    By Malendia
    I am loving this game. The one game that I am actually winning instead of losing all my coins.
  • 👍 5/5

    By Braww69
    I love this game
  • Hilda 5/5

    By Sammy 123 3
    Great games lots of Nike bonuses. I enjoy it very much.
  • He Titans way 1/5

    By DrLopour
    The game in it self not bad Pros. None Cons. More pop ups in the game then gametime itself.payback percentage the worst in any game I've ever played.2 million points less than four minutes gone 1 five of a kind biggest win.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Vob-vinman
    Ads pop up and over lay entire screen. Blizzard king game bonus round not working. It you match tree spins with multiplier it will not give it to you. It should be removed from app store. If you bought coins request you money back.
  • Don't upgrade 1/5

    By Jhygffv
    Had 42 billion dollars. Upgraded and it reset me to 300k. Nice job. Time to find a new game.
  • 58 1/5

    By O G dog
    Since you changed to the new version I have gone from 25 BILLION DOLLARS to a near 45 million. I should be executed.... The new system is horribly can't expect us to pay out 100 to 600 gems to play a re-bet when there was NO increase .....I've been playing approximately three years and have many of my friends playing but they've encountered the same thing..... I'm going to finish out the game with what money I have then I'm going to put you in MOTHBALLS.... Thanks for the memories....
  • Latest Update 1/5

    By Rickey1946
    This latest update is insane. Instead of risking 2 gems to gamble on doubling your winnings, it now can cost over 600 gems to try again after losing on first attempt. If this is "the new norm" then I quit.
  • Titan Slots 1/5

    By TJMosh21
    Lost everything with the last update. I had unlocked about 7 Slot Machines, and had about 140,000,000 in coins and 625 Gems. It took FOREVER to get to that point, and lost it all. Also spent real money in the game. They'd better fix this!!!
  • Titan,s slots 5/5

    By AngeC4
    Best game in town!
  • Mr.B 5/5

    By BaDAdder
    Like the graphics. They always seem to pay well when the coins get low. Having fun.
  • Great game but.... 4/5

    By Slcanas716
    I really like this game, however it has too many technical problems. First of all, it does not rotate on my iPad. I'm tired of holding the game backwards. Fix it
  • Very entertaining 5/5

    By Jemmo76
    I find this game very entertaining and I enjoy playing it to relax after a hard day at work.

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