Smart Family Companion

Smart Family Companion

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  • Current Version: 1.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smart Family Companion App

Get the most out of the Verizon Smart Family app when you pair your child’s device by installing Smart Family Companion. You will be able to: • Receive on demand device location & schedule location alerts • See who is calling and texting, and when • Block unwanted contacts • See the sites and apps your child is visiting on their device every day • Block apps & websites • Instantly pause the internet • and much more Don't worry if the companion app is removed from your kid's phone, rest assured, you'll be notified. If you haven't already subscribed to Verizon Smart Family you will need to visit to subscribe before continuing. SET UP – Easy as 1-2-3 With companion device in hand: Step 1 Send an invite text from your Verizon Smart Family app to your child’s phone. Step 2 Open the text and tap the link. Step 3 Tap the download button and follow the instructions that appear on your child’s phone screen KIDS This will help prevent you from seeing bad content and in case you ever get lost, your parents will be able to locate your device. Don’t worry! Smart Family does not let your parents read your texts! Smart Family is there for your digital safety. Important Information: Verizon Smart Family controls requests and uses Device Admin Permissions to ensure that the application cannot be removed from the device once set up (application can be removed at any time by parent.) Selecting the option to ""Get Companion App"" which will send a text message to your kid's compatible phone with a link to download this app.

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Smart Family Companion app reviews

  • 0/10 1/5

    By klynn1344
  • Should be 0/10 1/5

    By BeAsTyCaRd
    This app has ruined me and my parents trust. This app is basically your parents trying to take your social life away.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ruby Nibbles
    This app slows my phone down so much and wastes my battery because it’s constantly tracking me
  • Don’t get this app! 1/5

    By _Samantha_.
    Before my parents installed this app on my phone and my siblings everything was fine and my phone worked perfectly along with my siblings phones. But once my dad installed this app on all of our phones it’s like we have no freedom anymore and he doesn’t trust us because everything is so restricted in what we do. This app also slows everything down!!! And it’s really annoying. The VPN makes it so you can’t search anything up on the internet and it completely locks down your WiFi on your devise the app is on. All of our other devices without this app work perfectly fine and there are no problems. So before you get this app for your kids I warn you not just your kids but you will have problems with your phone too! It will slow everything down especially social media apps and other apps that need WiFi or cellar data. It will make everything take a while to load or it may never load. So I warn you before you get this app! DONT GET IT!!!
  • horrible horrible horrible horrible 1/5

    i hate this app so much
  • It hacked my phone 1/5

    By why6097
    This app hacked my phone. It won’t let me call anyone and pauses my cellular and WiFi. My parents turned all the filters off and deleted the app but it still is on. It also ruined my family and caused so much stuff. Just don’t get it so your phones don’t get hacked and just trust your kids and teens.
  • Such 1/5

    By Caroline 🤩
    A stupid app
  • Ya going down 1/5

    By 69420Noobmastur_

    By a concerned trans guy
  • Stupid 1/5

    By UwU15
    This is a complete abuse of power
  • worsened my mental health problems 1/5

    By Jgihvbnkj
    have had horrible mental health my whole life. i struggle a lot with outburst and feel very unloved. this app made me feel like an object. my mom could scuttle fr my friends delete this app
  • Parents Don’t destroy your kids life 1/5

    By lacarruth04
    I’m 16, have a 4.3 GPA and have never done a drug or been to a HS party in my life. I’ve never stolen the car or driven illegally. I’ve always been a great student in school and gotten good sleep at night. My parents put this on my phone “for screen time limits only and to find you when you’re lost”. Even though it’s an extra $10 a month on our data plan. My mom can already do both of those from her phone if she wanted to. If my friends are going through anything after 10 pm I can’t help them through it or talk to them about it bc my phones shut off. If I receive a text from my boss while my phones off I’ll never get it and if he really needs something for the next day or weekend I might never get the text. This won’t just destroy your own trust and relationship with your kids. It will most likely destroy or mess with all your kids relationships that they’ve established on their own. DONT DO THIS IF YOU LOVE YOUR KIDS AND WANT A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM.
  • This app is terrible. 1/5

    By am695
    My mom made me get this and it is absolutely ridiculous! It is a complete invasion of privacy! The fact that someone feels the need to stalk your every move is absurd. The person who made this app obviously has trust issues. Grow up and put some trust in your kids! It’s not even like i’m a bad kid, I get straight A’s, do my chores, don’t sneak out, don’t cuss, etc. Yes, I like to stay up because i’m constantly busy during the day and want to enjoy some me time during the night! I can sleep in and run my own sleep schedule. Shutting their internet off and controlling them like an animal is absolutely abnoxious. I told my mom about these terrible reviews and how bad it’s hurting our relationship and she replied with, “ I don’t actually care because i’m your parent and it’s my decision. “ Don’t be that parent.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By hannynanners
    This app is disgusting. The parents that use this will get their karma one day. Your children are NOT objects. I cannot believe verison made a WORSE version of Life 360. When will you start to trust your kids like normal parents? They will learn to resent you and probably won’t talk to you after 18. I’m absolutely terrified for our future because of apps like this.
  • This app should not exist 1/5

    By Valerie0136
    My mom downloaded this app on my phone a few months ago. We have never been so distant. This app ruined our relationship. I cried every night because this stupid app made me feel like I can’t be trusted. I get all A’s and B’s, don’t sneak out, don’t do anything bad on my phone, always listen to my parents, keep a descently clean room and I never did anything wrong. I have servere anxiety attacks and because of this stupid app when I had one I wasn’t able to call for help because this app doesn’t allow for you to call anyone. Not even 911. My parents blamed my SINGLE F IN MY WHOLE LIFE on my phone when the real reason was because of my anxiety attacks. CAUSED BY THE FEAR SOMETHING WOULD GO WRONG AND I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO GET HELP BECAUSE OF THIS APP! And even tho I deleted the app and the restrictions have been removed because there is no more school THE RESTRICTIONS WILL NOT GO AWAY! This app should not exist. Period. If you want you’re kids to get along with you and trust you. Don’t download this. It’s that simple. Don’t.
  • please read 1/5

    By ur momlolol
    this app literally destroys children. please keep rating it 1 star
  • Family companion 1/5

    By Stephany Conors
    I his is an awful app I use it for my children and they have just been mad at me and ruined our relationship. My Neighbora kids don’t use this app and their relationship is great they just send a text when they are at theirs destination and they trust each other.
  • No privacy 1/5

    By content is okay
    My parents made me get this and I feel like they don’t trust me. This is a complete invasion of privacy. I would rate it 0 if I could
  • doo doo app 1/5

    By Emma Sites
    i now dislike my mom a little more and i can’t stay up until like 2 in the morning vibin on tik tok😤✌🏻
  • BOO 1/5

    By K&X'sMom
  • terrible 1/5

    By frida🌈
    this app is absolute garbage
  • justice for kids 1/5

    By avery🥦
    my mom put me on this app and now i have depression
  • This app ruined my life 1/5

    By hewnleugs
    Not only does this app limit the phone it’s annoying. My mom literally blocks my internet to where I can’t do anything and that includes calling. Honestly why would she give me a phone if she was just gonna block everything anyway. IF YOU CREATED THIS GO TO HELL

    By ben writside
    I hate this app with all my heart, it does nothing but cause anger and hate towards everyone in my house. I haven’t had a regular conversation with my mom in 3 months. Our family is getting torn apart, all because this app. My parents don’t have an ounce of trust left for me and my 3 siblings. And just to throw this out there, I am 18 and about to move out of the house. This is the absolute worst app on the appstore.
  • Annoying app 1/5

    By not known author
    this app was terrible my parents act like they don't trust me this app made me cry a lot i hate this app
  • This app is just as bad as a hacker 1/5

    By your average teenager :)
    My parents(my mom) can see everything I search, every app I have, every text I send, every number in my contacts, they can listen in on my phone calls and face times without me ever knowing they’re there. Don’t be that parent. Don’t be a helicopter mom. Let you kids live, if this is your idea of protecting them, you’re very much wrong. You’re probably making them depressed. No privacy, no trust, no social life. Let them live, you can’t shelter them forever. And if you do, they’ll really struggle in the real world.
  • how to ruin relationships 1/5

    By kyleシ
    my mom took my phone and went through it already and today she took my phone and installed this app on it I already have trust issues because of her. I know this app is gonna cause so many fights and problems just by looking at the reviews, I hope my mom reads the reviews. Who ever made this app must be insane!
  • This is terrible it doesn’t work half the time and is easily able to be hacked 1/5

    By poppyseed19
    They need to take this trash off the apple store it is no good and doesn’t work and my kids can turn airplane mode on and it’s gone or delete it and everything is gone
  • Do not get this app 1/5

    By BunnyBlossom
    This app practically stalks your child, and the program itself doesn’t delete after the app has. All this causes is stress and anxiety on the kids. I don’t recommend the app.
  • So bad 1/5

    By dhdhshdhfuefdievfiebdjrgduebd
    So bad
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Charlie Mason Johnson
    Worst things that’s ever happened to me.
  • Don’t get this app 1/5

    By walrusfarts
    Just talk to your child and build an actual relationship with them and you won’t need to waste your money on this app. This is a sorry excuse for parenting.
  • 0/10 1/5

    By dino snack
    This is such a dum app it just ruins people relationships and makes them super sad and not want to live with their parents because you can even open a app so it is pretty much pointless to have a phone and who ever made this app had some very bad trust issues it is just soo dum I get how parent want to monitor their kids but this has gone to far and who ever thinks it is good to get this for your kid it is just a waste of money and may ruin your relationship with your mom or dad and it makes some people want to die or just run away from home it is kinda mean because you literally stalk your kid and I don’t care about writing this because I just want other to know and my parents that it is to far and all the other kids that think the same way you are right
  • Breaks trust and ruins relationships 1/5

    By madds2006
    To be honest I hope my parents find this and read all of the reviews because they are all true. It’s just makes me mad because my parents know that I am not the girl or person to send photos or search up stuff. And they could have a pro person to look into my phone to see even before I got the app that I never did that stuff and it just breaks my heart that my parents think I would do that. Also it also makes me mad that they don’t think I am reasonable enough to go to bed at a appropriate time with a phone of with out. It just makes me feel like they don’t trust me and they say it’s to protect me and I understand tracking me or whatever but stalking me and limiting me on everything. This app makes me feel more like a prisoner than a regular teenager or daughter. I also understand my search history and stuff but everything else is down right stupid and unnecessary. And makes me insanely sad that they don’t trust me when they know that I’m a responsible teenager. Also it’s not like they made mistakes when they where teenagers, they were able to be regular teens, and this app takes away being a regular teenager.
  • horrible app 1/5

    By clem420
    this app is child abuse

    By Kitty leslie
    i don’t understand the purpose of this app. all it does is ruin relationships and put you in bad situations. why would anyone even make up an app like this ? like i understand you want to protect your child and see what there doing but there is always misunderstanding and apparently technology doesn’t lie. this app can make you look like a bad person. this makes us feel like we are not trusted. DONT GET THIS APP! ALL IT DOES IS RUIN THINGS!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By hahe HEY
    A couple of months ago my mom downloaded this app in my phone and there is good and bad to it! Yeah it makes me go to bed sooner and yeah it helps me take my mind off my phone but I also think that this is awful parents should try to put a little more trust into there kids to get off there phone
  • this app is so awful 1/5

    By a mad kid with strict parents
    this app turns off all cellular data and service. my mom turned off my service and life 360 stopped loading. then she got MAD AT ME BC OF IT. UMMMM OKAY SORRY LADY
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Nerdyeditor
    Do not buy this app unless you want your child to have trust issues with you. You dont need an app to stalk your child
  • terrible 1/5

    By 1BigMoke
    invades privacy and trust
  • APPLE PLEASE!!!! 1/5

    By inhat turtle ecscape
    Take this off the apple store it honestly it’s a terrible invasion of privacy and it has made my parents not trust me and my mom agrees and so does my dad
  • protect teen privacy 1/5

    By theoneandonly spiderman
    we deserve privacy too we are human and deserve the same rights that includes privacy
  • Invasion 1/5

    By i cant belive youve done this
    This is an invasion of privacy parents shouldn’t use this to spy on their kids it makes the kids trust them way less Like my mom puts time limits on everything. It doesn’t build a healthy relationship with the kids it makes a negative one.

    By Ggirl123456789😃😃😃😃
    It is so horrific. They can shut ur internet off whenever they want. They can basically do anything. Eventually they will realize how much power they have and make it so u almost have no time on your phone
  • Promotes distrust 1/5

    By sofjbehfisjf
    This app is very inconvenient and promotes distrust between parents and their child and vice versa
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Emma Kate Appleton
    This app makes me have trust issues with my parents. I feel like they are monitoring everything I do. It totally defeats the point of having a phone. I cant even text anyone without worrying that my parents are looking at my conversations. I am constantly being stalked by my parents!!
  • Bad 1/5

    By aaksjsnsnsjah
    Such a bad app, ruins everything 🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢
  • really bad 1/5

    By _turnip_
    not good
  • Thanks a lot 1/5

    By Kylllliiiiieee
    Have fun destroying your life with your kids. when i go to college i’m definitely not going to be staying in contact with my parents.

Smart Family Companion app comments

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