Smart Family Companion

Smart Family Companion

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  • Current Version: 1.21.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smart Family Companion App

Get the most out of the Verizon Smart Family app when you pair your child’s device by installing Smart Family Companion. You will be able to: • Receive on demand device location & schedule location alerts • See who is calling and texting, and when • Block unwanted contacts • See the sites and apps your child is visiting on their device every day • Block apps & websites • Instantly pause the internet • and much more Don't worry if the companion app is removed from your kid's phone, rest assured, you'll be notified. If you haven't already subscribed to Verizon Smart Family you will need to visit to subscribe before continuing. SET UP – Easy as 1-2-3 With companion device in hand: Step 1 Send an invite text from your Verizon Smart Family app to your child’s phone. Step 2 Open the text and tap the link. Step 3 Tap the download button and follow the instructions that appear on your child’s phone screen KIDS This will help prevent you from seeing bad content and in case you ever get lost, your parents will be able to locate your device. Don’t worry! Smart Family does not let your parents read your texts! Smart Family is there for your digital safety. Important Information: Verizon Smart Family controls requests and uses Device Admin Permissions to ensure that the application cannot be removed from the device once set up (application can be removed at any time by parent.) Selecting the option to ""Get Companion App"" which will send a text message to your kid's compatible phone with a link to download this app.

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Smart Family Companion app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By great and awesome movie
  • this app wack ong 1/5

    By msmdmgmfmmffkmsdmdmndg
    I ain’t do nun wrong but momma said no mo snap so ima jus sit in my room and play dam uh retro bowl all day like I jus need snap for 30 mins to talk to my friends.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By jessica111306
    this app needs to go in the garbage and die
  • Absolutely invasive 1/5

    By Seadoo Gtx 21
    This app is the worst. Parents freaking out and trying to control their kids
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hgfhbgj
    My parents got this app for me because they don’t trust me even though I’m 13, I’m fine with the idea, but it limits so much stuff and I don’t do anything bad online. Plus I recently got the iPhone 12 and they couldn’t do anything because of this app! They had to take it in back to fix it.
  • Please fix this app 1/5

    By Doomie 72
    The Vpn causes longer loading on apps, and causes a lot of lag. The location bites too much of the battery on always allow. In it’s current state, it’s mostly good for percise location but is very greedy with battery percentage and takes too much of it when it’s always allow. The Vpn is extremely annoying and lags your phone. This app might be a good recommendation if you want your phone have a worser battery.
  • Tarnishes any relationship you have with your parent 1/5

    By JackyBoiMan
    Want your kid to trust you and continue to love you? Don’t get this app.
  • Horrible!!! 😡 do NOT Install 1/5

    By BoBY jOE 🤪
    This app is an invasion of privacy and will make your life a living nightmare!! Do not download and parents just trust your children to have integrity. I am a strait a student and wouldn’t harm a fly so I don’t need the app But nooo I have to have this stupid app because of my brothers wrong doings!!!! I haven’t done anything wrong and rate the app 1 star!!!!!!! Even though it deserves 0!!!!!😡😡😡
  • Pointless! 1/5

    By Mbckkkkkk
    This app is a joke. It’s inaccurate and a complete waste of time. Verizon needs to get it together, their service and apps are quickly loosing popularity. Definitely going to switch to another carrier.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 123747373727
    Biggest joke of an app I’ve ever seen. Ruin your children’s live while your at it
  • Not good 1/5

    By unicorn5090
    My mom made me and my sibling download it and i have no privacy at all and no freedom and this usually leads to kids being sneaky and less likely to stay close in the future
  • Destroys trust 1/5

    By Georgia Reyes
    This doesn’t work but parents also use it as a way to be a thousand times to overprotective. It also literally doesn’t work, in fact it works so terribly that we had to be on the phone for HOURS with Verizon to get rid of it, and all the employees we talked to seemed like they didn’t understand it and nobody did. It seems like this app was not ready to be used, and I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.
  • good luck :/ 1/5

    By earth🌎cat
    i’m 14 year old girl going into high school this year and my mom just downloaded this for me. she is convinced if i have even snapchat i will send nudes or be explicitly talking. i have never had a girlfriend and i don’t to think i like boys like that. i will not be able to use even music during studying time. my texts will be blocked so i can’t ask anyone for help. i don’t even have games on my phone that i would be using, and guess what mom? i can get on the internet on my school laptop if i want to anyways. and it gets worse. this is the first phone i’ve had and i’ve been teased about it since sixth grade (i haven’t told her that much about it). i feel that i am very mature and despite my adhd i can function in social situations and i would !!know not to send godd*mn nudes!! it makes me feel like she has no trust in me and we don’t have a very good relationship anyways, so i can’t really get a word in when we talk about boundaries and stuff. not to mention i have social anxiety and bpd on top of everything. to any other teens who have to live with this app, we can get through this. good luck.
  • So annoying 1/5

    By mellowyellow17
    I’m probably one of the most trustworthy people I know and guess how excited I was when they finally got me a phone? Newsflash. I have no freedom on it. Parents, if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your kids, then don’t control them, watch them, or restrain them. It will lead to fights which will permanently hurt the relationship you have with them.
  • Why 1/5

    By 'nbvcxxi
    I come out as pansexual to my parents and they put this on my phone….
  • mentally exhausting 1/5

    i got this app on my birthday (august 7th) and i cried for so long knowing that all my social life would be ruined. i have no access to social media. keep in mind i am 13 and old enough to have stuff like that. i just wanted a new phone so i could text but my dad has to approve numbers. i cant even get snapchat because “oh its for adults” along with youtube. every video is restricted including cocomelon. its so dumb and invades so much of my privacy. if your an adult reading this thinking to get it for your kid, dont. it literally ruined my teenage years knowing that i have absolutely no privacy at all.
  • no. 1/5

    By 🌹Cece🔥
    A couple years ago my parents put this on my phone, which you’d think isn’t so bad right? It’s just an app right? Wrong. I grew up having trust issues, having to hide my phone everytime I would leave it by itself (which I still do) and it’s not like im hiding anything, it’s just that it’s the only type of privacy I can get, yet my parents still look through my phone. Quite honestly having these trust issues it makes me sometimes want to end it all or run away. So parents before you go downloading this, do yourself a favor and don’t. Xoxo -random teenager on the internet
  • Bad bad app 1/5

    By lindamonre
    This app is horrible terrible and needs to be taken down from the App Store .
  • this app makes me want to run away from home 1/5

    First things first, I got a phone 1 year ago and when I got it, my dad immediately downloaded this app. I’ve had it with this app. It’s torn me and my dad apart. Don’t get this unless you want your son/daughter to hate you. It’s been one hole year of torcher. And I’m done. If I could rip this app off my screen, I totally would. ✌️
  • Worst app 1/5

    By M.i.C.Hster
    This is supposedly supposed to block out “inappropriate content” although it block out just about everything using the internet. You can’t even access YouTube through safari, on top of that it slows your phone down taking all the service when there is very little. It’s made the relationship between my father and I something unreal with how Poor it has become
  • Heck no 1/5

    By Jora duke
    My sad really doesn’t trust me lol -jb
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By X_RockHeart_X
    Idk if it’s just for me but ever since I downloaded this app my internet haven’t been working. Even so it’s probably just me having this problem for some reason I still think it’s a horrible app because it blocks things I didn't tell it to block. Horrible app, don’t download it!
  • Problem 2/5

    By Anjali Patel 11 years old
    I’ve never had a problem with the app and got used to it but my dad can’t unblock Funimate on my phone? It’s not fair that my dad has to unblock every message app so I could keep discord like discord is one app on its own. I had to reset my phone and now Funimate it’s not working and my dad can’t find it on the app. Please fix this I can’t deal with it anymore
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Maison Ellsworth
    I hate it,
  • don’t download 1/5

    By faviancls
    your kid is going to hate your guts and distance themselves stop being controlling
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By angel3272
    My moms phone says I was online at night but I was sleeping so I got in trouble for that
  • ruined my life 1/5

    By teeheeaddy
    it’s in the title
  • Doggie doo doo 1/5

    By jssjhsjsjhdjkajsns
    Parents should not be able to look at kids text messages because they should be able to trust us we should start a protest!!!!!!
  • Ruined my social life 1/5

    By jake5492
    Honestly this is ridiculous. Hyper controlling parents have ruined my social life.
  • From a teenager growing up with this app for the last couple of years 1/5

    By Justin Stephens 85
    I understand you parents out there that want to keep a good tab on your kids. But this app does nothing but build trust issues and make children feel like they are always being watched. I’m not saying let your kid get away with anything they want but i’m saying you should find a better alternative to this app because a kid can’t have a single thing on their cellphone without the parent being instantly aware and that just makes the kids feel like they can’t trust their parents and breaks bonds with your child more than protecting your child.
  • I literally hate this app 1/5

    By Jimmy Zander
    My parents got me this app a year ago I didn’t understand it at first till my screen time came up at 9 pm I went to ask my mom what this was and she said oh that’s screen time you can’t play or watch anything at 9 pm after a year having this I understand now why she did it she doesn’t trust me like why don’t you trust me and I have a code that she has to do if I want to play a game there is 15 min 1 hr and all day and she gets annoyed with it seriously she gets annoyed when I ask for the code and I told her hey you added screen time not me I literally hate this app because I lost the trust of my mom and screen time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mama likes her mikes
    I swear never get this I hate it with all my guts it’s just invasion of privacy and I really just hate it if you get this app have fun paying 10 monthly
  • Phone having issues 1/5

    By wings of fire savage
    My parents downloaded this app for me a few months ago, and there were some things we found immediately wrong. I had tons of space available on my phone (almost 6 GB) before this app, but within a week, I got a message saying i was out of space. When I checked to see what was wasting all the space, it was apps and Verizon Smart Family was at the very top of the list. It also restricted my iPhone to the point where I am not even able to text people without iPhones (androids and etc). My phone has been significantly slowed down, and I cannot text or call anyone past 8 p.m. if I’m not connected to WiFi. We deleted the app and our accounts a couple weeks ago, but my phone still sends me the message saying, “Verizon Msg: your phone has been restricted by the account owner. You cannot send or receive messages until the time of day restriction ends.” And I get those sometimes at 1 in the afternoon! This app has a lot of bugs and errors, and it’s very unhelpful. The call for help button isn’t any better than just opening the phone app and calling your parents. In short, don’t download.
  • horrible 1/5

    By Atia_yo
    this is coming from the child’s perspective. i’ve had this app since about november 2020 and i hate it. my mother and step father use it to control me. the app lies as well like saying i’ve been on blocked apps like snapchat, instagram etc. i understand location but when you give parents so much control over their child with an app it crumbles the child’s trust with the parent when the parent always assumes the child is lying becuase the app says otherwise. i am fed up. this is especially ruining my teenage years that i’m supposed to have fun with but can’t becuase this stupid app is lying all the time.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By swayway4life
    Literally makes it impossible to text people that don’t use Apple products it’s so weird would not recommend and if you are looking for something to “protect your child” their are way better options out there that don’t cost money.
  • This is why I have trust issues 1/5

    By Pheonix's flames
    I have had this app for along time and I absolutely hate this app!!! I get it that I'm 12 and they want to protect me but come on. When my parents put this on my phone I already had an app that took apps off my phone and I already screen time. Plus he turns off the internet at night. By putting on this app it shows me that they don't trust me and not to trust them. I keep snapping that them about this and they say "it's to keep me off my phone". I barely get time on my phone anyways. I can't text my friends at all cuse it blocks numbers. I needed my grandma to pick me up and I could even text her!!! I can't text ppl when I need them the most. They keep putting a bolder on my shoulder and by doing this it stress me out more. My phone is how I get away from all this stress and by doing this I'm just even more stressed. We are not "always on those phones" we use them in every day to day life to help with problems. I think they are on there phones more then me. This just shows me how much they don't trust me. They wonder why I do things behind there backs. It's cuse they don't trust me so why would I trust them!!!
  • F this app 1/5

    By boooohooooooana
    Whoever created this just wants controlling parents to piss all over their children and stalk everything they do, terrible, creates trust issues and teaches kids to be sneaky. Maybe okay idea for younger children, but when parents are using this to control their teens, it's too much. Terrible app bruh.
  • Just no. 1/5

    By gurlwhoratedthia
    I hate this app with a an passion absolute passion i hate having to go to my parents and ask them to unblock something or to unpause my internet this is just super annoying and in the way.
  • This ruins your trust 1/5

    By Geckobro
    Ok so I JUST found out that my mom but this one my iPhone 12 and Come to think about it I have never EVEN ran somewhere where my parents could not find me And I have never gone on inappropriate apps so there now me and my mom now have trust issues so yeah people just please don’t get this app….it will ruin your trust Sincerely Nathaniel
  • Disgusting 1/5

    By KerriganSmith
    Ruined my trust, privacy, relationship with my parents. I haven’t done anything bad on my phone even before this app, but because I have this app on my phone. I know my parents don’t trust me. And Ive noticed myself talking to them less. I don’t want to be friendly to people who don’t trust me. I’ve had this app for about a year and we still aren’t friendly to each other. It’s so hard because before this me and my parents would talk everyday about school and my problems and I trusted them with pretty much everything about me. I had a good relationship with both of them. But now, I can’t tell them about anything because I’m scared they’ll betray me somehow. I’m a teenager. I’m not a bad teenager though. I don’t smoke,drink,send nudes. And I get good grades. The worst thing I can possibly think of me doing is I curse around my friends (like most teens do) but that’s not a reason to add this to my phone. Now a couple of my relationships have gotten worse with my friends because we used to be there for each other. If they needed to vent, I was always there. But now, they can’t vent to me anymore or curse because they know my parents are watching. This would be fine if not for corona. I can’t see them in real life so for serious times I can’t be there for them. Just, don’t get this app. Have a talk with your kids instead. Tell them what not to do for their safety. If you get this app, they will assume that you don’t trust them (like I do.) and your relationship might be ruined.
  • Just bad 1/5

    By ricky 12956
    I can’t be trusted by my parents and it’s like I am being watched 24/7
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By harold harry
    My mom cut my phone off for about 30 minutes and cut it back on and now my phone doesn’t work outside WiFi
  • bad 1/5

    By Bonny Huckelberry
    very controlling and it feels like your being stalked by a device 10/10 no do not get
  • Okay 3/5

    By L3viGarr3tt
    Honestly this app is bad, I understand why parents use it, however life is truly hectic, and generally parents don’t have time to pay full attention to their kid(s) this app can totally help with that, but if you take your kids freedom while they are in their teen years, it will come back and bite you in the ***, your kids need freedom, and by taking their phone privileges away, what’s the point in having a phone? Most parents (millennials) say teens are lucky to even have phones because they didn’t, but with this day and age it’s not exactly a commodity, let’s just be honest, most kids 12 and up have a phone, and if they don’t their parents can either not afford one, or are overprotective. Let your kid be free and have a good life over their few teenage years, and make them happy, don’t go overboard and do stupid things, but let them have some leniency. (You can just delete the app, and it turns restrictions off)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jdubfhwmkdhbth
    This app tracks my activity without my permission
  • Bad app 1/5

    By AvalonWasTaken
    This app is made for torturing children don’t get it at all costs
  • Horrible 1/5

    By the pyroulis fan
    This app is the worst thing ever, it gives you family problems, parents if you see this, this is just another warning to not get this app, you get into your child’s life, and I’ve don nothing wrong I’ve been a great kid, and my parents got me this app and they peaked their way In my life, they said it was a app to keep us connected, but it was a stupid excuse to park into my life, not to mention THEY WONT EVEN SHARE THEIR LOCATION. I just hope that other people don’t have to deal with this app
  • It’s terrible 1/5

    By aubre nicole mcconnell1
    This is a horrible app. If you have children, especially children where YOU KNOW they are dealing with things DO NOT get this app!!! It makes kids feel like you don’t trust them and like they can’t do anything right and that’s the reason you have to be a controlling helicopter parent. You say it’s for the safety of the child but it’s not! You can still protect your child without and app that can literally take away your child’s entire social life in just a few clicks. You are making children feel imprisoned and you are showing them that you don’t trust them so they start to lose trust in you. Don’t be that bad of a parent!
  • this app is destructive 1/5

    By addisonseol
    this app will no matter what cause a separation between parents and their kids. I honestly have considered buying my own single person plan to get off of verizon. Don’t get this app, if you’re a parent just know that you’re ruining the trust between you and your kid, this app isn’t helpful it’s fraustrating and disgusting.