Smart Family Companion

Smart Family Companion

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  • Current Version: 1.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smart Family Companion App

Get the most out of the Verizon Smart Family app when you pair your child’s device by installing Smart Family Companion. You will be able to: • Receive on demand device location & schedule location alerts • See who is calling and texting, and when • Block unwanted contacts • See the sites and apps your child is visiting on their device every day • Block apps & websites • Instantly pause the internet • and much more Don't worry if the companion app is removed from your kid's phone, rest assured, you'll be notified. If you haven't already subscribed to Verizon Smart Family you will need to visit to subscribe before continuing. SET UP – Easy as 1-2-3 With companion device in hand: Step 1 Send an invite text from your Verizon Smart Family app to your child’s phone. Step 2 Open the text and tap the link. Step 3 Tap the download button and follow the instructions that appear on your child’s phone screen KIDS This will help prevent you from seeing bad content and in case you ever get lost, your parents will be able to locate your device. Don’t worry! Smart Family does not let your parents read your texts! Smart Family is there for your digital safety. Important Information: Verizon Smart Family controls requests and uses Device Admin Permissions to ensure that the application cannot be removed from the device once set up (application can be removed at any time by parent.) Selecting the option to ""Get Companion App"" which will send a text message to your kid's compatible phone with a link to download this app.

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Smart Family Companion app reviews

  • Never Install 1/5

    By 💡🚫
    awful. it tears trust down between parents and family, even worse than life 360.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jcrox123
    Ruins the family
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By just my opinion😐
    I think that this app is good for parents to make sure their kids are safe. I understand the controlling part of the reviews I am 15 years old but I also understand that there are dangerous things in the world and your parents are only trying to keep you safe! The only reason people complain is because they do bad things for say. The only thing I have a problem with is turning off the phone during the school day, in my case I use my phone for school and get good grades so I see no reason that my parents turned off my phone during school. But this is me one reason parents should turn off your phone during the day is for kids who get bad grades. I understand that teenagers want to be teenagers, but believe it or not your parents love you so much they don’t want you to die haha .
  • 0/10 1/5

    By dnsoakenrbsbs
    disgusting i hate life now
  • Absolute trash dont do this!! 1/5

    By Aiden Niksich
    Never do this with your family tears everyone apart
  • Good idea but very annoying 2/5

    By cookiemonster908
    So this app is overall very good. I enjoy being able to send my parents location check ins and stuff along those lines but it’s really annoying as a child. Most children are on here ranting about how much they hate it but I don’t hate it at all! It’s just annoying to have. Today I went to download Snapchat. A app most kids have now a days. But it won’t load it won’t allow me to message or do anything. And I hop onto google and it said vnp can cause these problems, I was just going to simply turn it off set up my account and then proceed to turn it back on, because again it’s not a bad app and I do not mind it at all. It won’t let me switch it off. I get why it does this but really. And when it turns off for like the split second it shuts down Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular data. It’s also annoying because it notifies my parents when I arrive home. It just gets annoying when my mother and father scream their daughter is home when I arrive home. It’s a good idea but I just wish I had a little more freedom. But I do recommend for younger children!
  • i don’t recommend 1/5

    By wifey#1💍
    i really don’t like this app it totally make me dough everything like my trust in my parents and just little things like that and yeah i get it incase of an emergency you can know where you kids are but come one one you tell your kids you just being “overprotective” or your just “looking over them”your not you just making your child not want to explore the world cause you making them feel spied on and your just controlling your kids like that and the list of things goes on but if you want to break you child’s trust then install this app.
  • Die 1/5

    By vdhjvc
    This gay plz stop

    By jfjfurjdjdbjd
    don’t buy this app. please.
  • trash 1/5

    By Tuh yung gamer
  • Why? 1/5

    By trust me z19485848
    Listen, ima kid. I’m 14. I’m a freshman in highschool, I have a life socially and online. And I have this app. Because of this app. I can’t sleep at night without knowing I’ll never be like everyone else. I’ve thought about this a lot and I’ve come to a solution. Parent’s- YOU CAN TRUST YOUR CHILDREN. DONT GET EM A PHONE. YOU DONT NEED TO GIVE THEM THIS APP. YOU WANT AN OVERPROTECTIVE PHONE. MIGHT AS WELL GET EM A LEAP FROG.
  • This app is literally the worst thing ever 1/5

    By melikesdoggos
    Do not get this app. It is a stalker app
  • It’s as it sounds 1/5

    By sadboitotheextreme
    I can’t watch porn
  • Parents and Children, please read 3/5

    By artistsanonymous
    Ok. All the reviews on this are either parents who believe that all kids are irresponsible or kids who think they should have no boundaries. Hate to break it to ya, but neither of you are right. Kids should absolutely have boundaries, but that doesn’t give adults the right to assume that all kids are irresponsible. This app is good for monitoring, but I agree that it should be used in moderation. If your kid has had issues, then go ahead. But you should NOT be snooping around kid’s personal lives unless you actually think that they are up to something. It is EXTREMELY psychologically and developmentally hurtful and if you still think it’s ok, just know that you’re raising kids with trust issues, lack of respect, resentment, anger issues, abandonment and privacy issues, and the lift goes on. If you’re a child who feels violated, remember that your parent is only doing what they think of best, although it may not always be. If you’re a parent who is going to use this app, please remember that your kid may not always be as “bad” as they seem and that being more restrictive will only make them more likely to misbehave. The more rules that are implemented, the more likely somebody is to break them.
  • The easiest app to bypass/also kills battery 1/5

    By ehyyyyyyyyy
    Well needless to say yes I’m a child who has this app and both me and the parent hate it because well it can easily be bypassed by downloading another VPN and the VPN doesn’t even need to be on so this app is already pathetic so yea to the kids reading these reviews get a VPN also to the parents who are saying this isn’t creepy grow up and monitor your own child’s phone. Thanks, also my mom hates the app because it’s drained my battery so much I can’t contact her most of the time so if you want your child to lose communication with you download this app. Well this app is for the parents that are lazy and to the parents who want this app don’t get it get something a bit better and actually trust your child because an app is a lazy way to do it and just makes you a hypocrite for trying to prevent laziness with laziness do something better then screw over your child’s life
  • This app in dumb 1/5

    By jsjdbndhdj
    This app is dumb because it makes you fell that your parents won’t trust you. It’s dumb and annoying cause all i get is 200 million text messages in the morning saying i can’t text 🤦‍♀️. This app needs to be deleted now.
  • SAD BOI 1/5

    By BeagleBoy265
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 5/5

    By Percy lover 3000
    The reviews above crack me up.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By btshsjs
    My mom downloaded this and now it’s just getting me mad because she doesn’t trust us I also agree with all the negative reviews because our patentas bought us a phone and they do pay the phone bills but honestly the person who made this app HAS SOME SERIOUS issues
  • this app is disgusting 1/5

    By najeejkaisix
    i hate it and now my parents are going insane trying to control me. i’m 14. i should be trusted to do my own things. they started with life360 and now this crap. it’s ridiculous and this app should be removed. my mom can see and track my every move and it has made me so sad to see how she doesn’t trust me. she says it’s because “i’m on my phone too much” it’s life it’s my generation technology is a thing.
  • ok boomer 1/5

    By The legendary watermelon
    if you hate your kids definitely get this creeepy app. boomer
  • Why 1/5

    By Dark Anonomouys
    I have read all the reviews and by this point my parents are forcing me to have it it seems abusive and controlling i would never recommend it
  • Nothing but problems 1/5

    By Asriel13
    I know that most of the other one star reviews are just kids venting their frustration about the fights and trust issues caused by this app and maybe I’m venting a little too. Since I got it, it hasn’t solved anything and only made things harder for me and my parents. We mutually deactivated it after just a week of use and I hope whoever reads this doesn’t fall victim to this waste of money and time.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By Doggo productions
    I just felt like rating it 1 star

    By get away from this app asap
    Ok so I understand how parents want to “monitor” their children but this isn’t monitoring its more like stalking. They watch your every move and can see all your deleted and regular messages, photos, apps, and history and track your location. It’s not like I take bad photos and watch terrible stuff on the internet or sneak out every night. I have straight A’s in school and I sleep fine every night. Even though sometimes I’ll text or call my friends late, I still sleep fine and do well in school. With this app I cant do anything anymore at night or talk to my friends. It makes me feel left out and depressed and it causes fights with the family. With this app you can’t socialize and be a regular teenager. It restrains you from having a normal life and I don’t even do anything wrong. Also the app never lets me get texts back so someone might’ve texted me something and I’ll never get it so it ruins your friends relationships with you also. If u are a parent, spare your child some peace and don’t get this horrible app for your kids. And if you are somebody with this app on your phone, I’m terribly sorry for u and welcome to the left out depressed club. Also with this stalking app my mom will probably see this too and get me in trouble lol
  • A serious problem 1/5

    By Dyler👌🏾💎
    I ligit hate this app it stops me from doing basically anything my parents told me that they were getting it for “location” purposes which didn’t even make any sense because you can use the find a friend app and they already forced me into the family sharing thing on my iPhone so they should already be able to block whatever they want limit my phone time and whatever.But going so far as to CONTROLLING MY DEVICE legit taking my internet away,watching who I text and such are you serious.Ifyou see your parents talking about this app warn them before it’s too late or brace for impact cause it gonna be one BUMPY ride.
  • actually the worst app ever 1/5

    By aestheticdog444
    Please do not get this app if you trust your child. This app has made it so I don’t even see the point of having a phone because it’s always restricted time wise, call and text wise, app wise my parents obviously got this app because they don’t trust me and want to limit my happiness and free time. It’s embarrassing being the only one in my friend group with strict restrictions or any at all and they are also unnecessary I am an honor roll student with very good grades, and I have never done anything bad enough for me to deserve an app like this. Things like this make me wish that I lived with my mom, who trusts me and wouldn’t put such an evil app on my phone like this. If you’re a parent reading this review, I beg you to please not get this app for your child, it only shows you don’t love them enough to trust them. And if you’re a child reading this, I’m so sorry your parents did this to you. I had to use my own limited amount of screen time to write this so thanks for reading :(.
  • Not worth the trust issues :/ 1/5

    By HappyCat😺
    Being able to restrict your kid from using wishbone or Snapchat or apps like that isn’t worth the strain it will put on the relationship between you and them. Also, it makes my phone glitch out sometimes and prevents me from using my data. Not very cool.
  • Doesn’t work at all. Will destroy your internet 1/5

    By 756375882947372 fandom
    Quick Summary for parents wanting to get this app: 1. Don’t. If you really are too scared to trust your kid, at least get an app that works or use screen time Anyway, This app is straight up broken. It requires you to have a VPN on 24/7 to collect the work and be of any use. 9 times out of 10 the vpn will drastically slow down your internet speed regardless of you’re on cellular or WiFi, or it’ll just straight up disconnect you from the web. Once the VPN is on there is no way to turn it off unless you go into advanced setting and turn off the auto switch on. But even then every 5 minutes the app will somehow reconnect the vpn even if everything is off, and it’ll probably crash your internet once it does this too. So you’ll have to go through the whole process of disconnecting it again just to use the internet again. Only solution is to completely delete the vpn. But then the app is useless I’m seeing a lot of reviews talking about how it allows parents to control their phones, track location, and turn it off whenever, but that’s not something I have to worry about or deal with, so I can’t speak for that.
  • 🤡 1/5

    By tiddy224
    This app blows
  • Don’t get this app please for the love of god 1/5

    By for the love of god please
    If you as a parent get this app you will immediately ruin your relationship with your child. Your child will now always feel forced to be around you and forced to be good instead of learning from their mistakes and being good as a person by themselves and I guarantee you the second they become a adult they will do bad things because they never got to learn to avoid them at a young age due to being constantly watched and expected to be perfect
  • NikoMKlarkowski 2/5

    By NikoMKlarkowski
    Well I got this app for my son and it doesnt do that much, he can turn his location, and his vpn off whenever he wants. It isn't what I expected it to be.
  • If you care don’t buy 1/5

    By Matthew-__-
    I’ll go right out and say yes I am a teen. But a teen who is responsible, good grades, never grounded, and trustworthy. This app will make your kids think you don’t trust them. At all. I still want privacy even if I’m doing nothing wrong. It ruined it. I feel like I can’t be trusted now cause of this. Don’t buy if you care. If you care then pay attention to your child. They will tell you if something is up. They will admit to their actions
  • Don’t 1/5

    By bdbxjsmd
    It’s a TRAP
  • This app is BS 1/5

    To any kids and teens out there, if you have to download this app I’m truly sorry for you. You have lost any aspect of trust that your parents may have had in you with the ability to track and manage all your apps. I’m sorry but this app is absolutely stupid and I cannot stand it. I’ve been on it for a while now and it has results in major trust issues between my parents and I
  • Response 1/5

    By opened door
    I am writing this as a response to the parents reviewing this app. You are not creating a “health household” with this app, you are keeping your kid from having a life. Also, wouldn’t the people affected by this app be the best ones to explain why it is bad?
  • ): 1/5

    By Baby Giiinaaa
    So annoyed this app gives wrong info of where my location is, causing trouble for however long it takes to show the correct area or for me to confirm over a text or phone call where my location is. This is trash and I hate how uppity my parents are with knowing my location constantly.
  • Ruins Childhood 1/5

    By i have bad parents
    In the era that humans live in, we have phones. Phones have brought a lot to both parents and children. I agree that children shouldn’t be too addicted to phones. But phones are a big part of our lives and it’s no fun having a parent taking control of that, it proves that they can’t trust us from our day to day lives, and if they don’t trust us, we won’t trust them. If they tell us to do something, we won’t do it. And like many trashy parents out there, the common response is "HAND YOUR PHONE OVER RIGHT NOW” us, helpless kids, will hand it over without thinking because our phones won’t really mean anything to us if they just stalk us on it. It would make me, as a child much more comfortable if they could just let us do what we want ( not bad things) and not constantly get stalked. Whatever creepy, untrustworthy parents get this re-think that, and ask yourself "do I trust my kid?”
  • 💩 1/5

    By bob carl 3
    Worst app possible
  • 🤣 1/5

    By ghgffhii
  • 😒 1/5

    By suckmydic123
    this app is annoying.
  • This should be stopped 1/5

    By hydroflaskgoorl
    I’m just a normal kid. But apparently my parents are not very normal, they download this app on my phone and it feels like they’re stalking me. Yeah yeah I get the point - your parents need to know where u are, I don’t mind that. But them seeing what I text, my search history, basically everything, is uncomfortable to me. Any other person who has this app must agree. I absolutely hate this and I’m going to delete this app p.s. if there was a zero rating option, I would give it that instead of a 1.
  • Real Parent Review 5/5

    By HarvillFamily
    I laughed out loud when I saw the kids on here posting reviews! I’ve been using this app for as long as I’ve had Verizon. It works just as it’s supposed to. When the time limits are active, my kids can’t even use the WiFi or the data on their phones. I couple this with the downtime feature for IPhones and it works perfectly. I can even limit ALL social media if I feel that is necessary. I highly recommend the premium feature. It’s well worth the monthly fee, especially if you have teenagers who drive and you want to know exactly where they are.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By TristanYeets
    Worst app ever created
  • Do not get this app 1/5

    By omg Qi ehh xbd
    This app is terrible it allows your parents to see everything on your phone and I am a teen like this stupid I don’t have any freedom on my phone and look at the ratings it is trash like what the heck
  • A 15 year old High School Student 1/5

    By ThatOneBlackWeeb
    If you want your kid to be socially awkward this app is for you
  • Rip my phone 2/5

    By SCREWthis28
    I can’t do Jack crap with this app and screws up my phone
  • hate it 1/5

    By Nooooooooooooope baddd
    whoever made this app must have had trust issues with there kids or something ? like maybe if it was more reasonable like there is so many unnecessary things in this app .. your making our parents go psycho so the point where I feel embarrassed..
  • Just got my phone wish I hadn’t now 1/5

    By hot dog 1234326
    Just get life 360

Smart Family Companion app comments

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