Smart Family Companion

Smart Family Companion

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  • Current Version: 1.23.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smart Family Companion App

Verizon Smart Family is your partner in parenting, with location tracking, parental controls and driver insight features. Locate your child’s device, block content, filter websites, view device usage, understand your child’s driving habits and more. The Verizon Smart Family app lets parents set controls and tracking, and is paired with the Verizon Smart Family Companion app on their child’s smartphone. Verizon Smart Family lets you: • Set alerts to find out where your child’s device is at a certain time of day or when your child enters/leaves a pre-set geofence. You can also check the real-time device map anytime. (Premium only) • Childproof the internet with blocking features to filter social media, messaging, gaming apps and websites—plus set purchase limits for apps, games and music. • Detect driving events such as speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, hard corners, and phone usage. You’ll receive an alert with your child's location if they’re ever involved in a potential collision. (Premium only) • Monitor your child’s phone usage and activity with features that allow you to review texts, call history and their device’s battery life. • Review which apps users visit in a 7-day period, and the amount of time spent on each. For iOS phones, you can also access a list, by category, of URLs visited by the user. Get Premium and try all of the features for free for 30 days ($9.99/mo thereafter). Download Verizon Smart Family now and get peace of mind, knowing your child’s online experience is safe.

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Smart Family Companion app reviews

  • this is trash 1/5

    By abhagsbchddndvfbcn xbd
    I dont have no control over anything. my mom can track everything im doing no matter what i try. this app has ruined my life forever.
  • Gets me in trouble and doesn’t just block some apps 1/5

    By lils everie
    I know why was giving this app originally. I just switched phones and I haven’t downloaded any apps that were banned before. To make matters worse this app gets me yelled at. Hear me out. The app will randomly disconnect sometimes it will tell you and other times it won’t. After my parents made it impossible to get rid of the app seeing as I had to in order to transfer stuff onto my new phone bc the app is a vpn, it took incredible stretches of them deleting it and my parents still thought I was the one disconnecting it. How? I can’t delete it and I can’t log out. The app will block apps that have nothing to do with anything your parents have blocked. Like how is Spotify a threat? It messes with games and other types of apps such as tv apps like Tubi, peacock, Disney+ etc; in addition the app violates privacy and space. Parents shouldn’t need to know what friends I’m talking to, when I’m talking to them or even our texts or calls unless there is a valid reason. It goes through camera roll which for me is whatever I have a bunch of random stuff but that’s also really violating. This app has given me serious trust issues with my parents tbh, I never want to hear “why don’t you trust me” the question is I’ve learned my lesson why don’t you trust me? Parents if you get this app just know it’s not worth losing your relationship over or your trust. You might as well go in their room snoop around and read their journal or diary this is the equivalent in my opinion.
  • Only good at making your kids hate you 1/5

    By extremely disgruntled son
    My mom has had me on this app for 4 years going on 5. I am now a 17 year old that knows more than well enough that decisions i make are entirely on me when it comes to staying up late or anything like that. All this app has done is make me vow to never speak to my mother after high school. She is making me want to leave her behind more than ever with this app still being installed on my phone after YEARS of it messing up things.

    By Izabwella
    Okay this app is absolutely awful. I had a really old phone, an iphone 6+. BUT MY FRIENDS IPOD WORKED BETTER THAN MINE. Because of this app!!! It completely shut down my phone!! They couldn't get it fixed and me and my dad were at the Apple store or what ever for 2 HOURS. I couldn't call anyone, not even my dad or mom. All it said was a stupid 'welcome to verizon wireless' message. We deleted the app and I literally waited forever. Still wasn't fixed. Eventually was, but we did not risk it again. My phone couldn't even take software updates anymore. I was on I OS 12.5. Lord help me. I got the Iphone 11 Pro Max after that. Terrified me I thought i wasn't going to have me phone back. Also do not get the app if you want your child to love you back. No. They will hate you down inside. This app can see EVERYTHING. I get the trust issues. I get if you put this app on a 8 year old. But parents, putting this app on a tween or teen WILL RUIN THEIR LIVES. And yours. Can monitor every text, call, photo, post, video, FaceTime, Social media(which i get), screen time, contacts, downtime. GET A SCREEN TIME APP OKAY!!!!! BETTER THAN THIS GARBAGE. KIDS UNDERSTAND. BUT PARENTS DONT. EVERY REVIEW FROM A PARENT IT HOW IT DOESN'T WORK.!!!!YOU. DON'T. WANT. IT. TO. WORK!!! WE HAVE RIGHTS TO OURSELVES BUT WITH THIS APP, WE DON'T. DO NOT GET IT. IT WILL RUIN YOUR KIDS LIFE. WE NEED PRIVACY!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Ruined my life 1/5

    By ruining my life rn
    When my parents tricked me to download this app I thought that it only block bad stuff but it was wrong now the app CAN TRACK ME AND NOW MY PARENTS KNOW THAT I AM NOT SLEEPING AT NIGHT this app should be 1 star rated HORRIBLE APP DONT RECOMMEND FOR YOUR PARENTS.
  • Ruining my WHOLE childhood!!!! 1/5

    By nhrdvhhfd
    I am only 12 about to turn 13 and this app has completely destroyed me. My mom has so much control over my private life it's not even funny!! She controls everything I do, but I can't do the same to her. Just because she's the adult doesn't mean she should be able to over power me that much. I am not aloud to have any apps that are 12+ or higher without any permission because this app is making parents not believe there children more and more everyday. And for me to like this app anytime soon it needs to give children a little more privacy, like: what you want to share with your parents, and parents should choose a couple of things for them to see IF there are trust issues. I think parents need to start trusting there kids more and not just giving them one time to do something wrong. Parents should never control there child's life like this app is letting them do. Children need more freedom than this. This app is also why so many parents and there child/children don't have strong relationships. If parents would realize that if they stop controlling us we'll stop testing them as much. Don't get this app unless you want to ruin relationships!!!
  • I dislike this app 1/5

    By Your dads left kidney
    So recently i got a new phone i’d say at the end of august. my parents installed this app on my phone and my wifi isn’t working what so ever at all i cant use any app it’s happening on my dads phone too (the one who installed the app on my phone also the only one who has it besides me) and we’re both having problems. this started happening when i got the app. it gets super annoying as someone who has separation anxiety i can’t text my friends which has caused a few breakdowns like one minute my wi-fi’s working and next it isn’t?! oh and let’s not forget the privacy warning on my wifi.. i’m asking for a new app..

    By Jace♥️
  • DO NOT GET, READ!! V 1/5

    By iM nOt SuS i PrOmIsE
    If you download this app for your child not only does it break trust, but there is an even bigger issue for me. I am a teen, a minor who’s mom got this app. She then decided a few weeks later to get rid of it. She had screen time for me turned on. We tried getting rid of my screen time, apparently it was linked to this app, though we had already deleted it. We cant turn of the screen time now, I sill have it. We tried contacting verizon support and they said something along the lines of “oh sorry it cant be fixed” and basically hung up. We even tried using the correct password multiple times that my mom had set for the screen time. It didn’t do anything. Verizon, please fix this, we are NOT happy. Sorry for long review lol but I just had to tell anyone our horrible experience with the app before they download. So the conclusion is DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR YOU WILL REGRET, I promise!!!
  • Over the top 1/5

    By Averi/ player name blackknight
    My parents can always control everything my phone is my space I don’t think they should be able to control something like this
  • Easy to use app! 5/5

    By hp7quibbler
    Jesus loves you! John 3:16 God bless!
  • Bad 1/5

    By qasant
    Creepy tracking stuff
  • horrible honestly 1/5

    By ksjfjsksnth
    ruined me and my family’s relationship and allows my parents to be more controlling than they are already, it’s just useless and ruined families
  • Totally spying on everything I do 1/5

    By manny heffley fan
    Help we have rights to keep things in private on our phones
  • Absolutely stupid 1/5

    By laci review
    Who ever made this app, I don’t like you. This app ruined my relationship with my dad. If your a parent, don’t consider getting this app. This app can make your kid feel like they have no privacy, Un trust worthy, angry and distressed, and make them want to try and hide ever more things from you. Don’t get this app. Just talk to your kid like there an adult and make them feel seen. Strict parents raise sneaky kids. If you don’t want a bad kid that hides thinks from you, be a normal parent and TALK TO THEM.
  • This app is HORRIBLE!! 1/5

    By captainstoybox
    Sorry for the terrible review, but it’s TRUE!! So I just had this app for like 2 months or something, and it has RUINED my relationship with my parents! It makes me feel like my parents don’t respect my privacy. I first got it for staying out past my curfew. But I only did that ONCE. I NEVER snuck out of my house, I get A’s and B’s in school. And I’ve NEVER done anything wrong to deserve this. My mom has always been controlling but this was like a gift from the HEAVENS for my mom. And dad didn’t believe in this app, but now he’s as controlling at my mom. My parents always check on this app. It’s so stupid! Every app gets shut off at 7-8 (9 if it’s a holiday) and it turn back on at 6. They’re treating this app like a screen time. But they already have that and I only get ONE HOUR on that thing. So there’s no need for this app. It keeps track of everything you do. And to any parents reading just get a dang Screen Time. Don’t ruin you relationship with your child/children.
  • Doesn’t restrict access to blocked apps! 1/5

    By NinaAnn2013
    My son got his first phone 1.5 years ago. This app has been useless! Right now, all apps are blocked and his internet is paused. Yet we’re sitting scrolling Instagram on it!! We’ve done everything to disconnect and reconnect the app but it still doesn’t restrict anything except limiting to the 20 contacts. Which is a completely other bone to pick. He is supposed to be limited to 20 contacts. But that only blocks Android users. If someone has an iPhone it doesn’t matter if their one of the 20 safe contacts or not. I’m extremely disappointed in Verizon! Do yourself a favor and purchase Bark instead. We’re switching over to it.
  • This app is tearing the bond between my mom and i apart 1/5

    By Delores Bones
    My mom downloaded this app about a week ago because she thinks that i spend too much time with my friends calling them. I personally think that this app does nothing except make my social life worse. I miss out on all the fun things that my friends do together just so i could do something “productive”. I know that my mom downloaded this because i’m on screens to much but all it’s done is make me mad at my mom everyday. We used to have a way better relationship until the start of summer. I’m sorry, i’m bored. The worst part is i’m not allowed to have social media. it’s not that i’m mad about not having it, i’m mad because most of the inappropriate content is from social media. This app just shows that my mom has no trust whatsoever with me. she turns of the wi-fi for me from 10pm-12pm. I know that that’s more of a privilege than some other people with this app, but i still don’t think this is fair. I go to sleep on time (meaning 11-12 bc it’s summer) and do all my chores. Overall, this app should be removed because it destroyed the bond i had with my mom and made me hate her. (i know that’s a lot to say but it’s true)
  • Trash 1/5

    By ........,-.
    This app ruins a lot but I get the fact they wanna protect children other than that this app should be banned, you can simply turn on your child’s location. Using this app makes my phone COMPLETELY USELESS. And if there’s an emergency what can you do? Everything on my phone like Spotify and pandora are restricted even Disney+.
  • Same idea as smart family 1/5

    By WHFiveOH
    This is just as awful as the og smart family. GET RID OF THOSE AT ONCE. Can’t wait to finally to remove them soon
  • Worthless 1/5

    By jddolfan
    Biggest piece of crap app I’ve ever used
  • App just doesn’t work 1/5

    By and agdixjs sfd
    My Mom got this app several years ago in hopes of keeping my internet usage down. The restrictions have been in place for years, neither me or her can figure out how to remove them. The app declines passwords that are correct and the app is hard to navigate. Good way to make your kids mad at you.
  • Self deletion and the after effects 1/5

    By disappointedjester
    My dad gave me this phone with the app already on it just to make my mom happy and to make sure that I’m not doing anything illegal anyways this app tends to delete itself and when that happens I cannot connect to WiFi, it turns off my vpn, and it weakens my cellular to where I can’t even redownload the app, I’ve had to buy a new phone because of it last time and I don’t plan on giving up on this phone anytime soon. Verizon please fix this self deletion glitch

    By appleuser2922
    I know trusting a teen can be so hard in this world. Especially if your teenager acts up. But I’m telling you this app is so horrible. A little bit after we got it my whole family always argued and everything. My parents Knew everyone I texted, every time a text was sent, every website that I went on every app I used where I went and how long my batter life in phone and everything it even has a feature which blocks your child from deleting the app. This may sound great… but not letting your teen have privacy really hurts them. I reccoment life 360 because it’s for actual emergency and not just hurting your kids mental health
  • This app gives me the blues 1/5

    By nicki wicks 22
    I get the trust issue, but also my son has found a way to take the app off the phone making it very difficult for me to monitor his activity in the first place. I am getting so frustrated with this app you call Verizon and nobody seems to be able to trouble shoot and advise on how to get the app re installed. This is a huge headache
  • Ups and Downs of Verizon Smart Family 3/5

    By ..Cloop
    Ok, I’m just gonna say before we get into this, this app doesn’t really have a purpose. Especially with Apple devices there are indefinite ways to monitor your child’s screen time and communications. But here we go… I’ve seen tons of reviews on this and I get it. Kids are mad because they have relationships and friends and they cannot talk to them because of this app. I have this problem as well and the fact that during some webpages this app does not allow you to see any arrow emojis is just idiotic. Also the fact that your parents can constantly see where you are… this app has so many problems…
  • Really awesome 👏🏻 4/5

    By XExlover
    Recommend monitoring and track suspected cheating wive and activities at work. However some great app couldn’t grant all access I needed to detect and catch my wife red handed in her deceptive ways. It all started when I had a suspicion on her with some recently inherited behavior like staying out late nights after work, being clingy to her phones and so on. I came to the internet to find a lasting solution to solve my marital problems. Thank God, faz came my way after checking through positive reviews , how he helped a woman catch her cheating husband red handed. I reached him via his mail at Flashcyberspy (@) gmailcom and he requested for certain info such as my spouses phone number and phone model. Within hrs I got a notification popped up on my phone it was from Faz. he gave me a spy link which I accessed with my phone web browser there I was able to see all of his texts, call logs, WhatsApp, Snapchat, deleted conversation, social media shared pictures and videos etc as if I got her phone in my palms. It’s really a great opportunity to use the services of Flashcyberspy (@) gmailcom, if you got similar issues right now I’ll strongly advice you write him for an excellent spying and tracking services. This is the most highly recommended and genuine services that works efficiently than the spy apps. Really Great 👍
  • This app is trash. 1/5

    By bfhdhehdhdbxvcbsjjsjddjdr
    As a 12 year old boy with parents who pay LITERAL MONEY to monitor what I do, I feel like I Dont even know what the word privacy means anymore. I recently had to get a new phone, but to transfer everything I needed to delete both VPNS (including this one), my mom was very hesitant but I finally convinced her. She always talks abt it and we only recently re-downloaded the apps. Parents, if your seeing this. Trust your child, please.
  • absolutely terrible 1/5

    By luv it 💛💛💛
    honestly appalled by this app. would rate it 0 stars if i could
  • Just no 1/5

    By Kevins2ndbigtoe
    Great app if you wanna destroy your relationship with your kids.
  • Slightly miserable 2/5

    By Emmaawesomeness
    So my mom is probably going to see this, if so you are about to hear about my complaints on this app. So what my main problem is when ever the app offloads I don’t have internet so I can’t do half the things on my phone (Like search stuff, watch stuff, you know things that require internet) so I have to use my computer. My second problem is that whenever I’m not close to home it disconnects my internet so I have to use my mom’s hotspot thing. So it gets pretty annoying, very annoying. So tldr: When ever the app offloads or I leave my house it disconnects my internet.
  • Ruined my relationship with my child 1/5

    By namege
    I am a parent and downloaded this app. When my child was asked to download it, they did but stopped talking to me completely. Don’t download unless you want to ruin your relationship with your child.
  • Fellow Kids 3/5

    By Hugg1231
    Hi, I’ve been reading some reviews by other 11-13 year olds who’s parents made them download this app. I don’t agree with them. Before you get mad, yes I do understand that your parents are being EXTREMELY strict with this app. My mom hasn’t been. She downloaded it after I AGREED with her on it. The only thing she’s been doing that’s annoying me is checking when I text my friends and who I’m texting. For example my friend texted me but it didn’t go thru till 3 am and in the morning she got mad and said “ why are your friends texting u at 3.” She got so mad she threatened to block her. My friend didn’t even text at 3. I told her that and she just got mad at me and took my phone away. That’s what upsets me. Besides that I’m honestly glad she cares about me enough to download this to protect me and I’m sorry for the rest of u guys who’s parents are being rude and ruining ur life’s. Thanks for reading ❤️🤍 ( I bet anyone who reads this is gonna be like oh this isn’t a kid this is an adult look at how she types) trust me I’m 11 lol
  • Invasion of privacy 1/5

    By Linda Lauren
    I hated this app the second I realized it lets your parents see your web and app activities. I don’t care if your my parents, you don’t get to take away my basic human right of privacy.
  • Worst app I’ve ever had. Huge invasion of privacy 1/5

    By gueisk
    I’m a 17 year old kid and this app is terrible. Tracks every move you make and everything you do, this is just over the top!
  • LISTEN THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS APP 14yr olds perspective 2/5

    By Juice WRLD$$$$$
    OK so I get that idea of what this is going for Ookay an app so you can keep tabs on your kids all right so you could like look at it and be like OK where is my kid at and what websites have they been looking at is perfect for the ages like for like 10-13 OK but me being a 14-year-old this app is the worst I’ve ever had on my phone first off she can see what website someone what if I’m searching out some thing that I just don’t want her to look at Ryan don’t be like oh you’re probably gonna say that no I wasn’t I was certain of something that was about my phone and she got mad at me for it or she can also decide for what type of apps I have on my phone she can pick if I can ask for the apps or if I don’t have to ask what she makes me ask for the apps so much is that limits of my freedom to where I can’t download apps that I want to download OK that’s fine second tell me I don’t agree am I due I’m 14 right but I don’t agree with the fact that she can decipher which phone numbers I have so I also limit you right I can only have 20 phone number saved in my phone so I can call them OK well I can text anybody I want to I just can’t call people I want to so if I want to talk to my friend and they say I have like all my family members taken up all of the like spaces right all right well then that means I can’t call my friends because I don’t have enough spaces to keep my friends on there so they need to update that OK they need to have unlimited numbers third I think that all the parents were on here or the younger kids were here saying that is the best app y’all need to chill because we get it we’re just saying it’s making us teenagers think that our parents don’t trust us I deleted this app on my phone and I have a perfectly fine without it right so I didn’t like it so I just deleted it also takes away too much data I feel like I have no privacy when I had it and thank you to all parents who made me get frustrated who are Taylor saying this is the best app ever and we need to chill go touch grass I go outside every day and we also talk in real life do I need to chill because guess what I can’t because all my friends do stuff they go to cheer I can’t do that because I’m not I can’t do that kind of stuff right now they’re all my friends they live like summer far away from me and the other friend lives all the way in Florida all right I live too far that’s like a 12 Hour Dr. OK so y’all need to chill OK thank you (sorry for messed up words I used the speech to text)
  • Absolute crap. 1/5

    By stars of the night
    My mom downloaded this a while ago, and it was the stupidest thing ever created. Whoever’s idea this was, stay far away from me. If you are a parent who wants to monitor your kid at all times, then this is great if you want to ruin someone’s life. -Silver
  • bad app 1/5

    By 12946153819384728283929208192
    it is very inaccurate on the driving portion and it gets me in trouble for no reason. i absolutely hate it.
  • . 1/5

    By cajunpoptart
    My mom put this on my phone and my siblings phones. None of us can go on Google. Our cellular data won’t work and when we have Wi-Fi, it’s really slow. My siblings and I have to go really close to the Wi-Fi box for it to work. The part of the app where the parents can see the kids location is never correct. It would say that I’ve been at my friends house but I left awhile ago. Overall, it’s not the best app.
  • Bad 1/5

    By golden granade
    It does not let you do anything and it’s trash blocks everything and makes you ask for everything
  • No 1/5

    By whytheheckisthisathing
    Talk about trust issues... If you remotely want a relationship with your children do not download this app, they will resent you.
  • horrible 1/5

    By aisjdjdf
    I hate this app it’s so controlling my phone doesn’t even feel like my own anymore😐
  • My honest opinion. 5/5

    By melissa v b
    To all you brats complaining about not having privacy, This app is meant for parents to keep their kids SAFE on the internet. I currently have this app, and I actually feel lucky that I have this installed. If you think your parents are “torturing you” by installing this app, you are wrong. If they didn’t care about you, they wouldn’t have installed this app. This app prevents hackers from: •Leaking your address/ IP Address •Hacking your device •Blocks shady websites This app features: •VPN (Which stops hackers from getting any personal information) If you ARE mad about this, how about you GO TOUCH SOME GRASS.
  • 0/10 1/5

    By Vsco girl ⛈
    This app has only proven to me that my dad doesn’t trust me with using my phone. I am always angry with my dad for turning the internet off on my phone using this app. If your a parent and u want your child off the phone this app works but it just makes your kid angry at you.
  • Don’t waste your time on this app it’s not worth it 1/5

    By Jazz1638
    My mom downloaded this app to keep me from texting at school and she doesn't trust me to go to sleep without getting on my phone. But when she downloaded this app I was in a emergency so I had to delete the app off my phone to access my mom. When I did I downloaded it back and now my mom can’t change anything and it won’t let me text at all so don’t waste your time on this app I guarantee it’s not worth it!
  • too controlling 1/5

    By please fix. 926491
    i’m literally a puppet being controlled by my parents at this point
  • Good lord 1/5

    By E.M123456789
    My mom got this app for me and because of it it blocks apps that aren’t even bad. Apple doesn’t allow any developers to make inappropriate content why would you block fork and sausage. Fork and sausage is a cute game where the objective is to get the sausage on the fork. How is that 17 freaking plus? What is the fork saying the alphabetical order of curse words while the sausage is twerking? This app is really creepy and stupid. It tracks where you are and sees what you see. Stalker much? I had a game and someone said a bad word and I got a notification. That’s super creepy. I don’t trust apple. Face recognition, seeing what your doing, tracking. Well tracking is good in some cases but those things are all creepy. I hope they remove this.
  • no 1/5

    By GalaxyWolf0
    this app ruined my life, it makes parent be in overly controlling of their teens
  • 0/5 1/5

    By Georgia Reyes
    This app didn’t work at all, so my mom and I tried to uninstall it, but that didn’t even work. We talked to multiple people from Apple and Verizon and nobody could really help us. This app was clearly not understood by the employees of the developer and it should not have been released yet. Sadly, there isn’t a 0 star option,