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Smart Home Manager

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  • Current Version: 2.2209.176
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smart Home Manager App

Check out the incredible new version of Smart Home Manager! AT&T’s Smart Home Manager gives you more ways than ever to personalize and manage your home network. As an AT&T Internet customer, you can customize your home Wi-Fi network and get a complete view from your smartphone. You can troubleshoot with one intuitive, user-friendly interface that provides tips and tools in real-time. Sign in with your AT&T Internet User ID and password to get started! • Enjoy clear, technician-free troubleshooting • Easily view and update your Wi-Fi network name and password • See what’s connected to your Network • Personalize all your device names • Create Profiles, set Parental Controls and downtime schedules to manage your family’s screen time at home • Pause W-Fi access for any of your devices • Test the Internet speed to your home Wi-Fi Gateway • Pinpoint weak signal spots throughout your home • Check your Network health, get notified of issues and service outages, restart your Wi-Fi Gateway, and more! AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. Feature availability based on Wi-Fi Gateway model. Limited to home Wi-Fi Network.

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Smart Home Manager app reviews

  • Garbage app 1/5

    By RunawayShae
    This new update didn’t fix the issue that the last update caused. It still shows my gateway being offline even though my internet is working fine. Because of this, I am unable to check connected devices and usage. Very frustrating!
  • Just not good enough 1/5

    By ajdwl
    I will never use at&t again. I can’t believe that I am having trouble playing hearthstone with the 50$per month Wi-Fi, the Pasadena public Wi-Fi is even faster. The app only tells me to keep resetting with the application but nothing is getting faster
  • It was working fine but the last update messed it up 1/5

    By BrianMosorio
    The app was working good but ever since the last update the app hasn’t been working for me. My wifi is one and running good but when I go to app, it shows that my wifi is offline. I called att several times and all the can think of is that the app is the issue. Not sure when they’ll come out with a new update but I sure hope it’s soon. Either that or I get my own router. UPDATE: I have rebooted the router plenty of times and it’s still the same. Not sure why the issue is occurring, I’ve tried contacting att and I haven’t been given a solution.
  • Never works properly 1/5

    By memyselfi25
    SmartHome app shows my primary device that I’m using right now to type this as not being online…. That should tell you everything you need to know.
  • When I was a young whippersnapper… 1/5

    By Miq2u
    It used to work once upon a time. Back when dragons, fairies, and princesses ruled the land. Now it seems it only works if I pay corporate directly to manage and operate everything for me. I am thinking I may hire a butler. It would be more efficient, actually do more than half of what I ask, and would probably be cheaper and less of a haste in the long run.
  • Missing basic feature please fix Att! 1/5

    By toocoldinmia
    I spent over an hour and a half in a chat with a real person regarding trying to delete devices no longer on my wifi “previously connected”. I have 12 unknown devices under “ previous connected”. Some of these are from friends that came over and needed wifi and so they hopped on. I don’t need to keep it. I want to delete or hide these unknown devices no longer connecting to my network. I cannot. I also want to remove school iPads that will never connect to my network again. I cannot. I want to delete devices that will never connect again like a printer I gave away. I cannot. Apparently after over an hour on the phone ATT only “ real” solution was to erase my router and start from scratch which was not an option as I have over 20 devices connected at all times. They claim to have cleared out the these inactive devices on their end but they remain after several reboots and logging out of my app and browser for device manager. All I can do is block them which is annoying. I had to delete the list I made of unknown devices to even be able to do that!!! Why Att?? Give us the ability to hide it if you don’t want us to delete it for whatever reason. C’mon 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Fix it!
  • Not good 2/5

    By ongdh ugdd
    Please update this app. It’s not that great. Yes you can turn off the internet and set up profiles. But when a device is connected it doesn’t tell you what it is exactly. Well some do and some don’t. There’s no way to set internet limits for profiles or devices. There no way to set up internet schedules for the profiles or devices. All you can do is turn the internet off. There’s no way to set parental advisory. This app needs lots of updates. Not to mention it’s so slow.
  • Not working 5/5

    By redd005
    The app isn’t connecting to my Wi-Fi so I can run test. I’ve been on the phone with AT&T all day and still nothing
  • Useless 1/5

    By jen32073
    No longer shows devices connected so can’t set time restrictions. Wasn’t great to begin with but now it’s completely useless.
  • Only thing it does is say I’m connected. 1/5

    By Coach loria
    Is this for real?
  • Known issue 1/5

    By Store#12
    App worked for about 1 week. Then says Gateway Offline even though AT&T rep says my system is fine then shares with me that the app has a known issue. Please get this fixed
  • Network not connected 2/5

    By Buttery nipples
    I’ve not been able to use this app for months. It always says my network is offline but my network is working fine. I’ve done everything, power everything off for a while, uninstalled the app and reinstalled.. says the same thing everytime
  • It doesn’t work. Useless 2/5

    By CJYMoneyent
    It doesn’t show my speed test it just say I’m not connected to my main WiFi. I only have one WiFi. It also doesn’t show what devices is connected by name ( Xbox or cellphone, iPad, etc) This app need much more details & definitely need updated
  • Network 2/5

    By custmoer1200
    What is going on with app? It was working perfectly for about a month after I downloaded it. Now, it keep saying my network is offline and it is not. At this moment I am ranking it a two. However, when it’s working properly rank it a 5.
  • Need to be able to set multiple downtimes 3/5

    By Oldthinker
    This has been a requested feature for years and they won’t do it. Profile downtimes should have the ability to set different time windows on different days. For example, downtime starting at 9:30 on a school night and at midnight on Friday & Saturday. In every discussion about this exact topic in the AT&T support forum, support personnel start by pretending to misunderstand the question followed by eventually just saying it’s not currently a feature & urging the user to submit a feature request.
  • False Error No WiFi Network 1/5

    By Rogers MEM
    Says No WiFi Network but my WiFi Network is working fine. APP does not work. Smart Home Manager not working, APP is completely useless.
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By Jlf001
    Since the last update, there is no longer an option to pause internet security! Unbelievable! Edit: Is it time to change providers? I’ve about had enough!
  • After Update Doesn’t Work Again 1/5

    By dyduran
    App not working again? You give us an app that doesn’t consistently work.
  • Slow 1/5

    The internet is slower than a snail I hate how slow it is it’s stupid paying money for crappy internet service I might switch to a different company
  • Continuously Unreliable 1/5

    By Sarah1599
    This app is always great for like a month after each update, but then it stops working again. Can’t connect to my modem once again, please make it work. 4.8 stars bc of fake reviews.
  • Pausing Options 3/5

    By Fuschialove2
    There definitely needs to be MORE range in the pause options. Really who came up with 30 minutes, 2 hours and jumps to 24 hours. There should have been more options been the later two. Please look into that. Thanks.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Hyrulepowncess
    It never loads I only get a blue screen. Call customer service and they re direct me to the app. Our internet goes out and they tell me to first go to this app , which won’t load. Avoid att if you can. Sadly it’s the only thing I can get at my house.
  • Abit buggy but it’ll do 3/5

    By Vin7ag3
    It’s good when it works. Downtime schedule sometimes works…
  • Says Offline but my internet is working 1/5

    By Fixed Wireless user
    Used to work, then stopped. Reboot, uninstall, reinstall, log out, etc… nothing fixes the app. Used to use it to rescan channels. Can’t find support # for this app…
  • Overall good but unstable 3/5

    By Tswuared
    Been using this app for about 3 years now. I have enjoyed using it when it work. I really love its features. It is glitchy though. Some Wireless devices show as cat connected. About 15% of the time it can’t pull up my network hardware and connected device list. Got to the point I called AT&T about it. They are aware it’s glitchy. Well, fix it.
  • Smart Home…should be Dumb Home 1/5

    By glnuser
    I can’t even load my new replacement router on the app. I’ve wasted 2 days!!! The support was pathetic!!
  • cant book an appt 2/5

    By Can in Am
    Im having slow internet and able to use this app to test. It then finds out that the Ont box needs to be looked by a tech but when it brings up all the appt times i cant click on it to reserve a time. The app just gets unresponsive. please fix
  • What is going on?! 1/5

    By Sheacotton
    I have been without internet now going on a week and a half! No reps can seem to fix the issue. I just received my new modem and still no internet, this is horrible! Weeks worth of homework with no internet connection. HIGHLY UPSET
  • Great when it works. Useless with no internet. 2/5

    By Speedracerindy
    I feel like I’ve lost years of my life with this app. Whenever there is an issue worth you’re internet connection you’re steered toward this app. If you’re internet is up, it’s great. You can customize a lot of settings on your home network. I like that. When your internet is not functioning correctly it’s useless. The app won’t even function when there is no internet connection. Kind of defeats the purpose of fixing a connection issue if it won’t work without a connection. I’m currently having a lot of internet outrages at my home and every time I try to use the app to fix it I get “we seem to be having trouble” restart the app and try again. Over and over…. The best part is that I have to reset my ATT password EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to log in when the internet is not functioning.
  • Terrible after update 1/5

    By fjbckd
    App used to work smoothly and without any errors before the update. After the update, it takes forever for it to work properly. I have to restart the app several times due to errors such as saying I have no wifi network.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Trandall81
    I’ve had this app for quite some time and I can no longer log into it. It is stating that I have an error 403.400 It worked great before but Incan no longer use it.
  • The app crashed 1/5

    By Steve & Onnie Breland
    The Smart Home app crashed and has not been able to find my gateway. My wi-fi works perfectly fine. I have followed all instructions that AT&T has given to no avail.
  • Doesn’t work after update 1/5

    By miguelxxZx
    After I updated it recently it hasn’t worked again.
  • Unstable 1/5

    By KDG2849
    Works about 40% of the time - usually end up having to login directly to router…but I should expect it as all AT&T apps are wonky.
  • Worst & most useless app ever! 2/5

    By Sorzy
    Can I see my network? Sure! Can I see the devices connected to my network? Only when this horrible app doesn’t lose communication with the hardware! But when it does work, which, it rarely does because it keeps losing communication with the gateway hardware, but when it does show the devices to my network it only lets me pause or block, not get rid of previous devices. So it’s a huge cluster %&?k of a mess of devices! I’m to the point, I don’t even bother with it anymore! I mean, every device I currently have is connected to the internet and yet this app can’t communicate with anything!
  • App is broken, use web interface to install router 1/5

    By Iphoneuser123456789012345
    [aug 2022] Two routers were shipped from att, both “failed” setup through the app, even though the power and broadband lights were green on both routers. On the second router, I plugged in my pc over Ethernet. I opened a browser and was redirected to an att router setup page. I finished router setup in chrome with 0 frustration and was online over Wi-Fi in under 5 minutes. In both cases the app “failed” to recognize and register the routers. You are given an email with instructional video, a separate sms link to install the app register the device and once the device arrives, a QR code to scan on the router itself. Because these have duplicate steps and because both links lead you down a multiple choice path, It is possible I did some step out of order. (SMS link says run registration before receiving box, video assumes you have box for registration. Also in the app you can choose to log in or not before registering the device.) Total waste of 3 days of my paid service. Now I need to return the first router to usps, on my time. For those experiencing issue, I think after you register your router and plug it in (power and otc ) everything is automatic. The router is correctly provisioned remotely by att in a matter of minutes and probably useable. During the app’s router install workflow, you will see the router blink and the fiber box DATA light blink. The app will say still waiting or will say install failed. Either way, if you see both POWER and BROADBAND lights stay solid green for 10 minutes, you are probably set up. All you need is the Wi-Fi ssid and password. The app is supposed to report a success and supposed to let you configure Wi-Fi. However, likely the app is just broken and will claim you need to ship a new router. Wait! Don’t accept a new router yet. Since I had an Ethernet cable, I could do some finishing steps through the pc connected to the router. You may or may not need this Ethernet / browser based registration step, depending if the registration link you were texted worked the first time. Assuming the device registration worked, go into att website, log into your account, and check for your accounts and devices. Under the NEW router device you just set up, you’ll see an option to view or change the ssid and password. Write them on the att sticker and attach to router. You are done. If you don’t see the router after the registration finishes, wait a few hours and check the att web site again.
  • Randomly Blocks Devices 2/5

    By mommybeth2007
    Didn’t have wifi on my phone for almost 12 hours. Luckily, it’s not the only device in the house and they weren’t all blocked. There was nothing in the router to show any devices were blocked, so no way to solve the problem from there. My phone was connected but had no internet. I was able to turn on the guest network. Then I could use the app. Then I could find my phone in the previously connected devices. Then I could unblock it. There was no way to unblock my phone without the app and no way to use the app without a wifi connection (app didn’t work w/LTE). I HAVE NEVER BLOCKED ANY DEVICE USING THIS APP! It randomly blocked the only device able to use it. This app should not be replacing functionality in the router settings. My situation proves the point. Anything the app can do should be accessible directly in my router. I couldn’t even prove my phone was blocked without the app that wasn’t working. Now if only they could fix the router firmware update 3.18.5 so my laptop could find the network again…but I’m probably asking for a miracle.
  • Crashes and locks devices out 2/5

    By Bla976421(?&):;
    The program crashes and there is no way to unlock devices. The only saving grace that it does count out the time limit even if the app is crashed and you’re unable to log in.
  • ActiveArmour not ready for use 1/5

    By rntfxhd
    ActiveArmour will randomly block sites. It will redirect you to the Smart Home exception list to unblock the site, but Smart Home doesn’t have a working exception list and the “exception list” window can’t be edited. I had to call AT&T to have them disable the service from their end. Even AT&T can’t unblock a site once Smart Home decides to block it.
  • Capabilities 3/5

    By rarsee
    The app is overall very good and very helpful. Recently i started using custom filters in profiles. But there no tech support how best we can utilize these filrers. I cannot create more than 5-6 profiles. That is down size. I have like 10+ devices. I believe there shouldnt be any limit. Therr are flaws with profile. I created a profile, next I saw my kid device has a new device name and profile isnt working with downtime and everything i set up failed. I also like to aee feature to allow ir not allow a device to ve connected with out my permission. Hope this feedback will taken positively.
  • App doesn't even work 2/5

    By The tuner654
    Had this app for years and just recently doesn't work. Can't log in and adjust my settings. Very disappointed.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By 5drumsweeps
    Had the fiber network installed this morning and have been trying to log into Smart Home since 11am, it is now 8pm with no success. The app would not scan the barcode off the side of the modem, nor would it allow me to log in with my att account. Pretty useless and aggitating.
  • Can’t pause security 1/5

    By Deafalla
    With the new update can’t pause security and att doesn’t allow some of TV
  • Can’t use the app 1/5

    By D:&9sgtko
    My app also says it cannot find my network! I just joined AT&T fixed internet and the technician had a lot of problems getting me online to start with and I am not about to do any resetting of it when it is actually working as far as internet services. App is no good. I just need to know how many gbs I’ve used. Also the att app doesn’t work either even with the new update says the same thing, that I am offline when I am not.
  • Needs some refinement 2/5

    By MacFX
    First there is no landscape mode in iPadOS. This is annoying since I generally have my iPad in a Smart Keyboard. Second app tells me that I have week Wi-Fi spots, but the scanner never works no matter where I am in the house. Also some annoyances with the Security scanning. It may flag something as an vulnerability, but does not provide details as to how to fix. For example it said I had an exposed password on my Raspberry Pi, but it didn’t say what user id it was. Not bad but not fully baked either.
  • Constant issues with the app not connecting 1/5

    By Jaimiee 1984
    Apparently I’m the only one having issues with the app saying my gateway isn’t connected (even though it is) but I’m in able to use the app because of this. I’ve spent hours on the phone with no results and only hearing they haven’t received any other people with this issue. 🙄
  • Totally useless for non-default Wi-Fi setup 1/5

    By really long nicknamr
    This app is totally useless. It only works if you are using the Wi-Fi capability of the att router. If you are using your own Wi-Fi setup (e.g. if you want Wi-Fi 6), this app won’t let you change the SSID or Wi-Fi password - it’s expecting to use the settings for Wi-Fi on your router. It’s a chicken and egg scenario. These settings can only be modified in the app if it can connect to the gateway. But since it won’t connect to the Wi-Fi, the app just complains the router is switched off and gives up.
  • Down as often as my AT&T internet 1/5

    By la bellaluna
    The concept is great; however, the app is about as reliable as my dsl internet with at&t, so it’s not worth the weekly - yes, weekly!! - phone calls (a minimum of an hour and a half per call) to let *them* know *their* app is crap, *again*. Speaking of, for a communications company, AT&T is the absolute *worst* entity to communicate with in my universe, & that includes an ex-husband and a teenage son. An hour and a half on hold for tech support, listening to that inane recording inviting us to use our currently out of commission SmartHome app for all these issues to avoid that pesky hold time 🤦🏻‍♀️ edited: no, I will not, as my issue is not with my profiles, but with the app itself, & AT&T’s seeming inability to successfully manage/run or develop an app that works for longer than a week without locking me out of everything because your app has crashed, on a friday or saturday night *again* - Remove it from the market until your devs have proven in beta it can run uninterrupted for at least 30 days.
  • Getting kicked off 2/5

    By inthecorner
    Everything was working great for 6 months but currently just about for two hours it kicked me off and won’t let me back on. I removed the app and rebooted it and nothing. What the heck is going on????