Smart Home Manager

Smart Home Manager

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  • Current Version: 2.2005.104
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smart Home Manager App

Check out the incredible new version of Smart Home Manager!   AT&T’s Smart Home Manager gives you more ways than ever to personalize and manage your home network. As an AT&T Internet customer, you can customize your home Wi-Fi network and get a complete view from your smartphone. You can troubleshoot with one intuitive, user-friendly interface that provides tips and tools in real-time.   Sign in with your AT&T Internet User ID and password to get started!   • Enjoy clear, technician-free troubleshooting  • Easily view and update your Wi-Fi network name and password • See what’s connected to your Network  • Personalize all your device names   • Create Profiles, set Parental Controls and downtime schedules to manage your family’s screen time at home  • Pause W-Fi access for any of your devices • Test the Internet speed to your home Wi-Fi Gateway  • Pinpoint weak signal spots throughout your home  • Check your Network health, get notified of issues and service outages, restart your Wi-Fi Gateway, and more!   AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. Feature availability based on Wi-Fi Gateway model. Limited to home Wi-Fi Network.

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Smart Home Manager app reviews

  • Not a happy customer 1/5

    By Im_Her
    I am not satisfied with This smart home manager update it is a epic fail. I can’t even pay my bill from this app anymore . I don’t like it should have been left the way it was I’m thinking about canceling with At&t altogether I have had so many problems from getting my WiFi box to getting it hooked up and working all the way down to the bill
  • Useless 1/5

    By Okiechoa
    This app is useless. Freezes always. Doesn’t show individual device usage. Only need it for WiFi management. Not helpful at all.
  • Poor application udate 1/5

    By Anl60
    Due the lack of fiber connection in my area, i used to open the app and reboot my modem very quickly approximately in 10 seconds but since they have updated the smart home application they have removed that future and you can only restart your modem and it takes more than 5 minutes. Means no internet in your house more 5 minutes but that’s not it, once you restart your modem and wait for 5 minutes it doesn’t help at all, connection is still poor. I wish they can brign the previous version and the future of the all back!!
  • So incredibly easy 5/5

    By ReeAppleStore
    Wow. I am blown away at how far AT&T has come along w the services, technician support, encouragement to get this app. This app makes it so easy to manage and understand the tech. Thank you!!
  • Removed Critical Information 1/5

    By kennyO8vi
    Why would you guys remove usage data? It was single handily the most critical piece of information especially when you cap data at 1 TB. The app is virtually pointless now
  • Horrible Update 1/5

    By Sac Reader
    AT&T the latest update for this app is awful. It looks like you hired young children to do the update. You know that you have been losing customers with DirecTv, you are also going to start losing your internet customers because this app has been sabotaged by your developers. The developers took away many good features that everyone loved about this app. When those of us cancel our internet service you can blame it on the developers for changing this app and taking away great features.
  • My wife and I love it! 5/5

    By rells89
    I personally love this app. I can manage my kids time online and check to so How fast my WiFi is working. You can create an account for all of your children’s devices. The app is great, good job on this one!!!
  • Problematic at the start 1/5

    By Vested Soldier
    This app freezes up when trying to set up a second profile or edit an existing profile. The speed is inaccurate when compared to other speed test apps and the amount of devices connected is completely wrong. For a wireless company, you would think that AT&T would get this right.
  • Good app 4/5

    By JerryWeis
    Could use some more features (e.g. more granular control over setting bedtimes and downtimes for kids), and periodically seems to freeze up. That said, it’s still pretty good. Easy to use, and more reliable than some management tools you’d pay for.
  • Version 2.2 is the worst. Please roll back 1/5

    By Xioxygen
    So many useful features have been removed. When I click “access classic smart home manager” it will jump to browser based version not app!!!
  • Lost features 1/5

    By runw1ld
    The devs decided to take away the extremely useful tool of seeing data usage over 24 hour and 7 day periods. Such a useful feature when you have teens.
  • Typical ATT quality 1/5

    By Erika CA
    There app did it’s job, then they “upgraded” and now I get alerts to scan channels and the option is gone in the app. The help bot is horrible and only good for resetting your system....that there’s a button for. The in app help takes you back to the bot that can only reset your system. No way to search for help on using the new app. Finally found a link to a website version of the old app and was able to resolve my own issue.
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By ugottobkiddn
    Att and the app designers are not very honest people. I have been with att for 7 hours and have spent 6 of those hours arguing with att on the phone because nothing works including this app. I can not log in on the app I have changed my Id and password and still won’t let me log in. Worst experience with a tv and internet provider ever. They have lied to me about the service and how comparable it was to google fiber and it is not even close more like worlds apart. I caution anyone who is considering a switch stay where you are this is not the way to go.
  • No icon change or detailed usage 1/5

    By unhappy y
    Lost the ability to change device icons, list 24 hr or 7 day data usage of each device.
  • So many features removed! 1/5

    By KBKowBoy
    Data usage features & network health features have all been removed. The application is no longer of any value.
  • Worst update ever. 1/5

    By ChefAroid
    Why do I have to open the browser to access advanced settings? Also the device names have been reset.
  • Absolutely unreliable 2/5

    By the.mckee
    Nice interface but only works about 20% of the time. I’m in a suburban area with the fastest internet possible and still have issues almost daily with streaming apps. I have the newest iphone and the connection is so terrible that sometimes i disconnect my wifi so apps load faster.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Kikiohater
    Do not update the app! They took away a lot of critical features that the old version had. Might switch to a different ISP because of this because I need to be able to control my router remotely. It is absolutely critical because of my grandparents. Due to COVID I can not visit them to help with their technology needs. This new update has made it more difficult for me to assist them. I do not want to put their lives in danger.
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By givittoome
    Useless app. Everytime I try to sign in there is a error message that states system error try again later. 2 months same message
  • Pointless 1/5

    By momsforall
    This app could be great. As a parent, it lets you create profiles. I can turn off and on wifi, but set time limits for how many hours a day they have for their devices. Please work on this and make this app worth having.
  • Since last update on May 20, 2020 the app became really bad 1/5

    By Guibur
    Since last update on May 20, 2020 the app became really bad. It was working much better before.
  • Extremely limited functionality 1/5

    By Jeffpn
    “Completely redesigned”. Blech. Most of the app’s useful functionality has been removed. WiFi testing is gone. Network Health Check is gone. It looks like all they left is the ability to rename your WiFi network. There is a place to select the Classic Smart Home Manager, but it just throws you to a website (by opening your browser) where you have to log into a web page. I’d ask them to bring back the old app, but big companies never do that.
  • Terrible upgrade 2/5

    By Kris Ti Mac
    I can’t see how much data is used by each device per day ... that was on of the perks of the other version. How do I roll back to the older version?
  • 3 steps back with 2.2005 release 1/5

    By Peter Pan Dora
    Why completely redesign an app that actually was intuitive and worked? Furthermore, why redesign it to dummy it down rather than further enhance it, why redesign it to make it less graphical, less color-assisted, less intuitive and remove any differentiation that AT&T can actually provide as insights into its own wifi device configuration, service performance or its own firmware settings for configurability? Now I’m deleting it because it’s a waste of space, until now I used it almost daily. AT&T had something decent going with this app, yet threw it out the window - mind blowing move!
  • Downgrade from previous app 1/5

    By hobbes202
    The latest release has taken away the only features that I used. Nothing is connecting, lots of errors. Lots of missing information. The old app design was fine. Roll it back please.
  • Smart manager app 5/5

    By Gusziel
    Una verdadera porquería
  • Hate the New Update 1/5

    By Pepe3055
    The new update of the app is horrible there has always been an issue where we needed to do a channel scan because the service was lagging and just not working. At least we had the option to do a channel scan even if it was every 5-10 minutes. With the new app there isn’t even an option to channel scan. Now it won’t even show that I have a wifi connection in my home. For an app that’s supposed to loan assistance it has been nothing but frustrating just like the Service.
  • New update is terrible!!!!! 1/5

    By bboyd0618
    This new update lags like crazy, mis-loads, and in general is 10x worse then it was before the update. Get it together att. Very disappointed.
  • Upgrade or downgrade? 2/5

    By NCite45
    Absolutely worst upgrade yet, app feels disjointed and incomplete. And way on earth would you remove the Network Health Check in Tools? That was one of the most useful and informative tools hands down! Please revert!!
  • Why did you remove data usage from app? 1/5

    By Shahed
    Please add back the tools such as checking daily data useage back into the app. That’s so dumb you would strip the app of this feature.
  • Update makes it nearly useless 1/5

    By josho131
    This is so like ATT. They take a good app and make it useless. The latest update strips most of the useful functionality out of it.
  • Why would you do this? 1/5

    By oranj456
    Why would you remove channel scan? Literally waste your software engineers’ time and probably tens of thousands of dollars to update this app only to make it worse, and ruin your users’ experience? So stupid.
  • Latest version lacks device data usage history 2/5

    By Bsoo920
    Device data usage history was a feature that I relied upon to understand what all the devices on my network have been doing, and when. It also provided a good historical view of which devices were connected at what time. The latest release did a superficial simplification of the user interface and at the same time took away the above functionality.
  • Upgrade is a step backward 3/5

    By BR_123
    I was pleasantly surprised when I found this app a couple months back. Great for identifying bandwidth usage down to each device and per hour. Good set of tools to manage things in my network. The upgrade in may 2020 took away that functionality. This feels like a step backward and a far less usable tool. Why did you dumb it down? Bring back the features you dropped. I want to see what devices are connected to the router versus extender, usage per device and overall usage per hour. I want to see a map showing all devices and their connection strength. All seem gone. Disappointed, this used to be so useful!
  • Worthless upgrade 1/5

    By Rcs66
    Software update is horrible as it eliminated all the useful tools used by customers to maintain their ATT Networks.
  • Why are tools GONE? 1/5

    By MrsCjw
    Why did you take away the ability to do a channel scan. My only option is a network restart? This update is AWFUL! Bring back the tools!!
  • Was a 5 star 1/5

    By jmmastron
    New may 2020 update stripped the app of all useful features. Usage info very limited and tools gone. Sad.
  • This app use to be good 1/5

    By CyclistP90XKev
    They took away all the good tools that made the app worth using like the channel scan and network health. I’d rather have those than an oversimplified slick user interface that is actually annnoying.
  • Recent upgrade is useless. 1/5

    By mmm06k
    The old app had many more features - some helpful and some not. The new update has neutered it to the point that you can see what devices are connected and that’s it. No usage. No 7 day or 24 hour usage. No connection web viewer. Deleted.
  • Updates Ruins the App! 1/5

    By Maikoda
    Update completely removes the Tools, which was the most useful part of the app! We used the “Network Health Check” regularly. It allowed us to determine that we did need a wifi extender, to place the extender in a good location, and to confirm that our individual devices had much better connections. We also were able to determine that our TV software had problems, not our internet. Please bring back Tools with the next update; your customers can’t troubleshoot without it!
  • Latest design looks like advertising 1/5

    By _SelW
    The app is very slow to load as always, but I was able to monitor data usage per device for security and other reasons, but the latest upgrade in the day or so changed design, the feature was gone, interface looks like advertising, apart from restarting the network, no use at all.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ThisNameIsTaken987
    App was redesigned and now does about 3 things that, if AT&T is working, are basically useless. Once again, they removed the “data usage” option that allows you to see the individual data usage for each device. This was the only reason I even have this on my phone. So, now it’s deleted.
  • Update ruined app 1/5

    By Alexq49er
    App used to be decent for its tools that were given. The new update removed the tools and now it’s pretty useless. Can only adjust name / password and isn’t helpful at all for network troubleshooting.
  • C’Mon 1/5

    By GBPD Lawdog
    Bring back channel scan. That was the most useful tool.
  • A terrible DOWNGRADE! 1/5

    By Bill & Patsy
    5/20/20 version turned a great app into garbage. The previous version had MUCH more functionality and features. For example, where is Network Health Check?!? I NEED Network Health Check! The new slick UI doesn’t justify this huge downgrade. It’s AWFUL! Bring back the old version!!
  • Don’t not update 1/5

    By mikeee L
    Warning do not update!!! This update never loads the app and crashes constantly.
  • Very slow WiFi 1/5

    By OneHairyGuy
    I am poor. I’m on SSI. I’m also a disabled veteran, so I qualify for low cost internet service. I have what is called, “Access” through AT&T. My wireless router is 3 feet away from my MacBook and my WiFi is so slow, it’s laughable. My AT&T customer service representative tells me to reset my gateway or to reset my router. They ensure me that this will fix most of my connectivity problems. This has not solved my problems. It seems that if you have Access through AT&T, you will have the lowest speed on your internet connection. Believe me, if there was another service provider for internet access, I would take it. However, this is the only service in my area and it is the worst service ever !!
  • New app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Spike 290
    The original app was fine. The update doesn’t work well at all. Although my network is functioning as it should, the apps WiFi test shows no results and it shows no connected devices in spite of the fact that approx 15 devices are connected at all times. The new version is worthless in its present state.
  • May 2020 redesign harder to use 2/5

    By kjjri
    It’s nice to be able to see all the connected devices, but the previous UI was much better for that. On the home screen it said how many devices were connected, which one had used the most recently, and had useful charts for comparison of usage on one click. Now, the devices are just a list with no usage comparison available easily. Sorry devs, it’s harder to use now in my opinion. The WiFi strength detector is cool.

Smart Home Manager app comments

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