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SmartNews: US Breaking News

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SmartNews: US Breaking News App

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 25+ million readers in 100+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now. SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and more. *** Reviews: “Better than Feedly or Flipboard. Love it!” Jack C. “Much better than the new version of Apple News.” - Polidoc “Been using Google News but this is better. Much easier to share.” Eddie H. “Literally one of the best news apps… It ranks with the likes of BBC News.” -lightspeed12 “Browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.” - CNET *** Features: Breaking News Notifications for breaking news stories. Trusted News 250+ top US & World news publications. Offline News Fetch trending news and read news offline. *** Awards: - Best of 2013 (Japan) - Apple - Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google


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  • listen up, complainers 5/5

    By iq2
    the app tells you right in the description that it does top trending stories. the top stories tend to be what some people call liberal. why? because the real majority doesn't sit around brooding on conspiracy theories and cheerleading for cons (conservatives). thats why. if you don't like that, download fox or something. sheesh. this app is well made and does just what it says. it even lets you hit a button for a quicker view. you are giving a bad review because you are upset with whats trending. review the app, not the trends.
  • Great NewsUpdate 5/5

    By Banditt/Dupie
    I helps me stay up a little bit on world News
  • All in one convenience 5/5

    By Matt Turpin
    I’m addicted to news. I used to have about twelve news apps on my phone- CNN, Fox, WFSB, NPR, Democracy Now, RT, Al Jazeera, BBC, Reuters, AP & France 24. I was able to free up a ton of screen space and add dozens more news feeds in one go. 5 stars.
  • As unique as a grain of sand at the beach. 1/5

    By Shannonb76
    So this website takes a hard left on 90% if it’s articles. Don’t believe otherwise. Which means it shows “mainstream” media. There are a million places to get liberal news folks. I see it’s 24th under the news category. So if you hate the first 23 news apps you have tried, know this one is here if you are a lefty and just have some sort of desire to read a bunch of stuff you can find at least 23 other places in a better format.
  • Block Fox News and other propaganda 1/5

    By The Dude is taken
    Needs to have the ability to block news sources. So sick of seeing Fox News and other garbage right wing propaganda in the feed.
  • Dark mode please 3/5

    By JaneDoe789
    I love the app, but dark mode will significantly increase my love! Btw, I saw the Japanese commercial of this app, and let me just say that it’s not a very effective commercial since I have no idea what the girl was supposedly saying in English...
  • Pierce 5/5

    By twiggs.lp
    Clear , concise & to the point ..
  • Smartnews 2/5

    By Spkrdctr
    I opened up the app and it had anti-gun, anti-NRA articles. There is a very large bias to the left in articles. I would be very careful as it sells itself as having no fake news. The last antigun article was 100% fake news. Oh well, most news media has a severe leftward slant, this is another one.
  • Top stories and push notifications 1/5

    By MacAmyforChrist
    Almost all of the top stories and pretty much all of the push notifications I see are from very left-leaning news sources. If I want news from other sources I have to dig.
  • App Isn’t Smart 1/5

    By SmartNews Isn't Smart at All
    SmartNews still lacks end-user designated filters that allowed Zite users to avoid propaganda ‘news’ sites. SmartNews often lists multiple articles on the same subject from heavily biased sites. Next up, delete SmartNews app from each device.
  • Fox News 3/5

    By Anellah
    Fox News is fake news. I want to be able to delete Fox News stories so that they don’t show up in my feed at all. Otherwise I will not keep using the app.
  • Very Good News App 4/5

    By Clickadeedoda
    This is my everyday, go-to app for news. It's easily customized to your interests. It would be 5 Stars if I could keep fox "news" from showing up in general news feeds. Another problem is too many headlines link to sites with pay walls.
  • Discerning garbage 1/5

    By Romancing_the_vine
    Was disappointed that this app advertised a ‘non-bias’ news referral service...unfortunately, all the news seemed to point to was mostly ridicule of one political view. I’m not looking for right or left, I’m looking for accurate information about what’s happening. This isn’t it.
  • Go-to news for me 5/5

    I enjoy the custom presentation of news and the attention to detail & current information within the subjects that most interest me. Thank you everyone who supports this app!!
  • Offensive fake news ads throughout 1/5

    By Beowitch1
    I’ve used this app for many years, but after I post this review I’ll be deleting it. I can’t believe how offensive the single ad was that ran from page to page, multiple times on a page. I’ve no problem with ads, but this was too much. BuhBye SmartNews. There are other less offensive and less unbiased news readers out there to choose from.
  • Biased, left leaning 2/5

    By Pjhedley
    This is not impartial news. The main news that pops up seems to be partial to democrats and you have to search for opposing views and when I do, I’m not finding the important things, which just makes it more biased. To think I was actually hopeful for impartial news.
  • Topics at a glance 5/5

    By forego ed
    I just like the different topics. On what mood I’m in it’s nice to choose. I have choice here.
  • Ms Marylou 5/5

    I’m impressed with the content. Keep it up.
  • Liberal Bias 3/5

    By Juliemntx
    There are multiple sources here which is good. But where is Breitbart? I mean, they are a highly ranked news outlet, read by millions of people but yet you pretend they don’t exist! You almost mellow dramatically push liberal anti trump stories to me. C’mon guys - give some real conservative viewpoints, too!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By MarkMagill
    I have been using this app for a couple of years now, and completely enjoy it. I like how I can easily configure it to present the topics that I am interested in, and delete others. Also, the suggested news articles that it presents seem to have "learned" what I like and are always relevant. This is a very nice application.
  • Super bias 2/5

    By Drew Steffen.
    I actually fell on my left side. That’s how hard this app leans. (Response to developers) I understand that there is news from both Democratic and Republican websites, but you market this app as being unBias. I have seen you respond to many people saying the app will eventually start giving you more results of things you prefer to read. Unfortunately in my experience it’s about 17-1 liberal to conservative ratio. So how is someone supposed to see both sides of the news if most of the time you can’t even find a competitive story from a conservative stand point. I don’t know if you are genuinely bias or if you need to rethink you algorithm. But I had this app on my last phone a while ago and I didn’t see this much unevenness in the app. (Also I would like to say I’m generally very middle of the road as far as politics go. I just don’t enjoy when people lie to you about what something is . )
  • Still uses fake news for resources 1/5

    By Dsmart5873
    Was pretty excited to use this app until I downloaded it and saw it used sources such as cnn, huffington and Washington post. Worst possible sources to believe.
  • Ok but no ability to exclude sources 3/5

    By Rubberducky__007
    Lots of variety, but there is no ability to filter or exclude news sources. Way too many I have never heard of and wouldn’t consider credible. There are too many clickbait- type headlines that make me roll my eyes. It’s a nice concept, but not well executed.
  • Liberal crap 1/5

    By Kpeed off
    I downloaded this app again ti give it one more chance. Deleated !! Again! Same ol liberal one sided anti President Trump in my push notifications.. When are you guys going to learn news organizations cant be one sided. I believe in fairness fair you ain’t.. deleated again!!!!
  • Clearly Left-Leaning 1/5

    By Luo Bopei
    If you’re libertarian like me, pass this app up. You might as well get your news from your Huffington Post-loving Marxist Facebook friends. The articles regarding U.S. news are highly fallacious, charged with semantics and cherry picking, as you’d expect from both Democrats and Republicans. If you like reading articles that insinuate that violent crime is primarily a white people problem, or that racism is a one way street, and so on ad nauseum, go ahead. Get this app. If you’re as disgusted by group think and identity politics as I am, do yourself a solid and skip this app.
  • Not enough control over sources 2/5

    By D Frey
    Let me block news sources I find overly biased, useless, or distasteful. Let me add news sources that are not in your lists of sources. When your app lets me do these things, I will consider using it as my go-to news reader.
  • Fake news 2/5

    By MisoHoNe
    I installed this app because it promised no fake news... seeing more and more of this crap news daily. What app can I install that gives fact-based, unbiased news???
  • Great app, but the UI needs work. 4/5

    By DanVT
    The app needs a night mode - the interface is too bright. The colors are too primary, and should be shifted to more muted versions. The app is great, and hasn’t yet been disassembled by right wing cries to “balance” truth with lobbyist dollars. I hope the reviews from people who only read FOX propaganda will not sway the creators - it’s not them who are supporting this app. They do threaten to destroy it, however. Deeper than I expected to get. Let’s get a Night Mode - light text with dark background.
  • Everything In The News 5/5

    By Photo221
    Anything and everything that you might be interested in when it comes to “current” news of any kind is here, in a tabbed format.
  • Liberal bias 1/5

    By MidwestDiplorable
    I agree with PurplePunch. I thought SmartNews would be balanced but they either don’t post any conservative news or I have to scroll down 5 pages to find anything conservative. I am turning this app off.
  • Great news app 4/5

    By theshua
    I’m enjoying this app to get my morning news. I love the discovery feature and being able to edit my channels. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I really wish there was a way to whitelist or blacklist certain news sources from the main tabs.
  • Decent app but full of fake news ads 1/5

    By LightspeedZip23
    Including one that proclaims Kevin James was convicted of 14 felonies in a hit and run accident.
  • Heavy liberal bias 2/5

    By ankorr
    In general, the app is fairly decent though news sources favor a larger list of liberal outlets. But when it comes to notifications, it is anti-Trump, anti-republican all the way. I’m still waiting for the first notification that references something that would be disliked by liberals. I’ve contacted dev with suggestions but nothing so far. Update: Yes, before posting this review, I sent an email to suggest additional quality news sources. The reply was basically that they passed it along for consideration.
  • Suggestion 3/5

    By pja49
    This app would be improved if the user was allowed the option to exclude news from sources that are untrustworthy and biased i.e. CNN, MSNBC.
  • Remove Fox ‘News’ 1/5

    By Mauri13000
    The Developer needs to remove Fox ‘News’ articles from this app. They’re false, inflammatory and divisive.
  • News Your Way 5/5

    By whozethere
    Original Review 2/28/18 Pro: Many news sources to choose from. Makes a 1 app fit all. Con: no way to add like cal news.
  • Liberal Propaganda 1/5

    By Robert Da
    I was excited to see an actual news app! The description gave me hope I could find some unbiased, REPORTING. But it isn't by any standard. It just another heavily left leaning, amoral news conglomerator attempting to wash away our morals and values, and teach hate and intolerance. This is NOT news, this is blatant one sided propaganda. I am SO OUT.
  • Johnny B 2/5

    By The Blonde Bomb
    I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I read up on this news app before I downloaded it. They claimed not to favor one side or another. This news outlet favors the left. Isn’t there any news outlets that are not biased????
  • Dishonest Propaganda 1/5

    By Beam650
    Do not use this app. It is Trump news reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Not based on facts. More brainwashing for the deplorables. An attempt to brainwash new recruits into their dangerous cult. Stay away. Doesn’t even deserve one star.
  • Biased as usual 1/5

    By Diamond0540
  • WAY too liberal. Don’t download this. 1/5

    By KJK62
    Wow. Drinking the Koolaid much? Done with yet ANOTHER biased, piece of crap “news” source. Shameful what “journalism” has become.
  • Exclude fake news 3/5

    By Armorguy81
    Need to allow to stop receiving certain sources!
  • Mixed bag 2/5

    By Former Beliver
    Some good sources. Some off the Wall media. Many “breaking news alerts” are one or more days old. Already read the original story.
  • News of a decent sort 1/5

    By Terwermerc
    I’m tired of the nasty stuff you post. Today’s”How to put a condom on”, was typical of what you call news, I’m afraid. Can you clean it up? One star...
  • News is always one sided 2/5

    Everything I like about this app is overshadowed by the one sided news content it provides — feels like an indoctrination/propaganda tool.
  • Biased 1/5

    By Liam1280
    Biased and left of center
  • Needed to delete this app after years of loyalty 1/5

    By subdivisions78
    Used this app since college, but as I’ve stated in my previous review: the for you section has become the worst part of the Internet for me. It’s customized clickbait and has become toxic to the point that I decided to delete the app completely. The rest of the features weren’t worth it. Please update and make this feature optional.
  • Awesome app! 4/5

    By TonyG1023
    Finally a sort of big update! Good job with the discover feature and more channels. Would love Fullscreen.Love the app but I think u guys should really redesign the UI make it more visually appealing and easier to toggle thru the channels and stations. Also landscape mode for iPhone 6 plus would be great I would love to be able to hold my phone sideways and use the app. Other than that love it love the updated stations. Keep it up!
  • Ability to remove sources. 5/5

    By In Madison WI
    Many news sources almost always have a spin or bias. I have decided to never open news from Huffington Post or Washington Inquirer. Eliminate a liberal outlier, eliminate a conservative outlier. I would like news sources to have a bias rating, or maybe the ability to remove sources from my main news feed. But some people would use it to isolate themselves in the news bubble of their choosing. Drat. How can we promote reliable journalism and lower bias?
  • Not as advertised 1/5

    By @mwutley
    Nauseating collection of fake news and sensationalized stories that might appeal to someone in junior high.

SmartNews: US Breaking News app comments


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