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SmartBook App

**For iPad devices only** To have the best experience we recommend an iPad device. McGraw-Hill Education’s SmartBook® is the first and only adaptive reading experience designed to change the way you read and learn. It creates a personalized reading experience by highlighting the most impactful concepts you need to learn at a given moment in time. As you engage with SmartBook, the reading experience continuously adapts by highlighting content based on what you know and don’t know. This ensures that the focus is on the content you needs to learn, while simultaneously promoting long-term retention of material. Study smarter. SmartBook™ highlights the material you need to read now and adapts as you learn so that study time is as productive as possible. The result: better grades, more confidence, and greater success. Features & Benefits: -Study anytime and anywhere -Individualized study plan -Targeted remediation -Easy to use progress and status reports -Personal study calendar Available titles include: Accounting – American Government – Biology – Business – Chemistry – EMR – EMT – Fitness & Wellness – Geology – Health – Management – Marketing – Medical Assisting – Medical Terminology – Microbiology – Nutrition – Psychology – Sociology – and more.

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SmartBook app reviews

  • Not iPhone comparable 1/5

    By nothing27654322
    It will not allow me to get past the start because it doesn’t flip so you can continue to hit next button
  • Not the worst thing I’ve been forced to use. 3/5

    By Ace1891
    Looking at the reviews I had low expectations for this app. While it’s not amazing, it’s much more convenient than accessing my book on my computer. The biggest issues I’ve noticed so far: The “remember me” checkbox is useless. I’ve had to type my full username and password every time I open the app. The books are only available online as far as I can tell, and you get logged out same as on the website. I’ve been watching lecture videos included in the chapters (which open in the web browser instead of the app) and come back to find my session has timed out and I have to log in again. Or sometimes I take a bit too long to read a section and when I finally go to the next sections or to answer questions I get the same issue. Once you do log back in you have to start from the beginning of the chapter and find where you left off, it won’t save your place. A minor one, but you can only view the page with highlights and grayed out text or regular text and no highlights at all, unlike on the website where you can have highlights on and click the gray text to make it easier to read. Most of these problems would be solved if I wasn’t logged out of the app constantly. The ebook works the same as on the website other than that, and while it’s not terrible to use, I only use it because it’s more comfortable sitting around with my iPad mini than my laptop. Also, of the three similar apps, this seems to be the good one? Not sure what’s going on there.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By dgcastellanos
    Just doesn’t work. Before anyone thinks I can’t figure it out, I am a developer and IT professional that has developed his own iOS and web apps. Doesn’t seem like McGraw is paying attention to this app, but they’re sure raking in the money from my school. Sad.
  • Nope 1/5

    By idkwhythisissobad
    It takes 10 times longer to put up with the glitches than it does to even use the app for what it is made for. This needs to be fixed so people can actually do their school work instead of wasting their time looking at a “loading” screen for half an hour.
  • Could be a lot better! 3/5

    By Dyllan95
    If this app could incorporate the Apple Pencil and allow users to write/summarize what they learned from the chapter it would be a lot easier to use! This would make a great update and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem.
  • eww🤮🤮 1/5

    By bbfbfjcjfkfkfk
    this makes me want to cry this website is trash it’s worse then booger suger
  • Slow and unreliable 1/5

    By annoyed student #godknows
    Super slow, never wants to work, randomly crashes, just an embarrassment of an app
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By KrissyDaneMamma
    This app has ruined my semester!!!!!!??!?!!?!
  • Sad app.... 1/5

    By PrettyNPurple
    Downloaded to my ipad and It constantly logs me out. Even though I selected it Remember me, it never does. To top it off in every section there is always a good chuck that I can NOT read because the page never downloads. So I always end up using my computer which defeats the purpose of downloading this app to the ipad. Will be deleting it and hope I never have to use it for another class.
  • It’s the Windows 95 of Apps 1/5

    By BarbersNStuffLikeThat
    I feel like McGraw Hill hired Zippy the Chimp and three guys who retired from computer programming in the 1990’s to design this sorry excuse of an app. The interface is horrendous. The first login screen makes you turn your phone sideways, and from what I can tell, it has to stay that way. Just trying to find my book was difficult. You can either login through the app or click a link provided that takes you off the app onto the website which isn’t mobile-friendly at all. It’s like they’re trying to convince you to just buy the book instead. It’s 2020, and this company is trying to pass this nonsense off as acceptable to younger crowds? Shame! Shame! Shame!
  • Wish i could give it zero stars 1/5

    By ereese997
    Worst app ever, does not do anything you think it does. Good luck getting learnsmart to ever open.
  • Frozen 3 1/5

    By nickname 32423432
    McGraw-Hill has partnered with Disney to create this wonderful classic known as Frozen 3. You turn a couple pages and then BOOM cliff hanger. The page won’t load. Exit the app. Log back in. Reopen. And sure enough it’s still FROZEN. Please Elsa, let my page GO.
  • Please Petition Your Uni Admin to Not Use Smartbook 1/5

    By mike at loyola
    This could be quite possibly the worst “learning” platform ever developed. Constant interruptions to “practice”. Even more demands to re-log in, likely because they need to make sure only those who have paid their crazy fees get to see the content—as if we’re all passing around our iPads. Please petition your professor or university administration to stop using Connect and Smartbook.
  • College student 1/5

    By brettbrown356788542
    I have downloaded this app as my classes have shifted to an online platform due to the pandemic and it’s not applicable to smartphones it does not format correctly and will not let me past the first screen into the app
  • Terrible, Awful, Lame 1/5

    By Santialur
    You cant even make an app that fills the whole screen, and allows to pinch zoom the text? And by the way the little pop up with the lady is the most annoying thing on earth
  • It’s worth the price $0.00 1/5

    By CoSaRi
    Generally I view professors who choose MHconnect as lazy. They decide that making students pay $100+ so they don’t have to put forth effort making and grading homework is their teaching method of choice. Much like those teachers, MH doesn’t seem to care about the students paying for their sub-par product.
  • Landscape view only? 1/5

    By Terya3829
    Navigation is poor and confusing. It doesn’t rotate to portrait view on my phone.
  • Hot garbage 1/5

    By cocgod69
    I wanted to be able to pull up my text phone on my phone if I ever needed to but NOPE you need an iPad. But fine finally I have my newest model iPad that isn’t a pro and I finally after logging in only chapter 3 of 12 is accessible. Completely useless.
  • Forced to use a broken app 1/5

    By He Who Also Sleeps
    To make it short and sweet, the website on your phone has a better interface than the app. But you can’t do any of the reading through the website. So you’re forced to downgrade to the app just for it glitch out and log you out. I know it’s designed for the iPad but most people are using it for their website phone. Because why use an iPad when you can use your computer instead?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By afs2020
    This app is terrible. Never works and I’m always having issues with it as if studying isn’t frustrating enough. Glad I paid them $73 to access the book that I can’t access!
  • Good App Idea But No Screen Reader Support 3/5

    By Bacgreat
    Though I very much like the concept of this app, I find one major flaw in it. There is no VoiceOver support, or even support with Android screen readers. When the app is launched, there is no way to tell what is on the screen, VoiceOver shows that it is blank, and automatically puts the screen in landscape mode, making things slightly more challenging. I am not sure if this is because the sign in screen is only an image, or if it is for another reason, but even when I had a sighted person go through the sign in, none of the app worked. This would be very helpful because it is much easier to read a textbook using a phone or iPad with a braille display, rather than navigating it with a computer. Also, if this app becomes more accessible, I would be happy to promote it on websites for apps for the visually impaired, such as AppleVis. Thank you for your consideration.
  • I need 5 apps..... 1/5

    By Princes98
    Just to do the homework for a class you have to download like 4/5 individual apps for the book, the homework and one app just lets you navigate through your homework and when you click on launches you to another app and that’s all it does... I just want to know why someone with an IQ of 4 decided to design these stupid apps rather than combining them. Oh and they only work half the time...just use your safari.
  • Saved my Grade 5/5

    By bria84746373
    Almost had a late assignment due to not having a labtop. Downloading this app saved my grade. It was easy to use, didn’t close out or restart on me.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By CCsandyCC
    Worst app ever! It is so hard to use. Anytime you get out of the app it logs you out. Even after hitting the remember me button if dose not remember you. I can’t scroll down to click the next button when it asks what you want your username to be. Don’t download it’s a waste of time
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jekshlkdm
    Can’t sign in, has bug issues
  • Godawful 1/5

    By TaTenky
    This app is like being forced to either eat a gonnorhea module and snap it between your teeth like a puss filled gum ball, or lay down and let your dad go raw dog on your German Shepard while the dog gives it to you. This app has the same amount of convenience and comparability for the user as a waiter with Parkinson’s. It’s pathetic at best.
  • Still Terrible as of February 2020 1/5

    By Milds and Yak
    I noticed that vast majority of reviews for all MH apps were subpar but they were at least a year old. MH managed to keep the SmartBook app exactly the same, subpar. This app still does not function properly on iPad. I have the latest version as of February 17th 2020. Most pages do not load. You can. Just straight up forget about using it on any cellular device. Basically anything negative that you have read in any previous post was indeed true and I seriously don’t believe the very few positive posts. This service is too expensive to have so many errors.
  • This is definitely broken 1/5

    By wetyoutube
    Login go to find my book I bought nothing then go to hit a tab to try and find it it takes me to a language screen I can scroll threw so it’s stuck their.
  • Tips for homework on the go for users 4/5

    By 😁😘😌😉😁
    If you use McG Hill on canvas, and use safari on your mobile device to get on canvas, you can click on your assignment. From there, it prompts you to download the smartbook app. After downloading, if you click on you assignment again, it again prompts you to open the app store or the smartbook. This time if you click smartbook, it will open the app to exactly where you are in your assignment. Hope this helps!
  • Pain 1/5

    By Hollyhock305
    You think being indebted to potentially the rest of your life would at least grant you access to some decent books or interfaces but no. Once again the American education system slaps you in the face with this disastrous app. Using this app is excruciating and entirely unpleasant. It’s about as enjoyable as laying on a bed of nails.
  • Horrible app & on browser! 1/5

    By Cass and dra
    Crashes when you need it most. Always an error on the page or says session expired.
  • on top of expensive books and access codes 1/5

    By Freed ffefhj
    they want to have a crappy app. this is unacceptable. FIX IT
  • iPad Only 😐 1/5

    By I love snakes
    The title and the website don't specify that you can't use this on a phone, which is very misleading. Do not use this for your phone. It won't work, pop-ups come up and you can't see the full pop-up or even be able to close it without fully shutting down the app. I am very unhappy not because I didn't read it was for iPad only before downloading, but because the service _looks_ like it can be used with a phone. PLEASE get rid of the phone preview on your website pictures unless it actually works, guys!! Get rid of anything that mentions you can access it on your phone! Cuz the app obviously doesn't support it. Either improve the app or get rid of its availability on a phone. Not everyone has an iPad, so this service is nowhere near as accessible as you make it seem. If your mission is to make class materials more accessible to students on the go, then don't just give up and leave it like this. Very sad :(
  • Takes too long to load content 1/5

    By msh0062
    I could do my assignments in the time it takes for anything to load. Plus, the app keeps logging me out, then I have to wait for it to load AGAIN.
  • Why even offer this app? 1/5

    By Goopeople
    I sign in with my course email and it tells me I’m not registered to any courses, then I can’t get past the option of choosing a name for the “rankings” because there’s no option to select done. Good. Great. I guess I’ll sit on the bus and stair out the window
  • Love the idea, not the app! 1/5

    By BCORI30
    MH is required in my online courses. I’m fairly tech savvy but this app is pure crap! I login but it won’t let me do anything. It tells me I have to create an alias and won’t let me move from that spot. I switched to the app because the connect decided not to work on my chrome book!
  • Has to be the worst education app 1/5

    By Treasley
    The amount of effort that was used for this app probably took a few hours of occasional editing and coding - shameful
  • Just awful! 1/5

    By ClovePink
    So apparently I have to download the app to read the book on my phone. (Why can’t I use a web browser?) And I can’t get past the first pop up that asks whether or not to use my real name or Anonymous. I can’t scroll down to click ok. I can’t click off the pop up. Furthermore trying to submit a ticket about this issue through their website is a nightmare. What is going on here?
  • Please fix this app 1/5

    By JPMoral
    We pay a ton of money to get access to your ebooks (which are neatly advertised). The app runs very slowly and there are many glitches the cause the app to crash. If it helps, remove all the extra features. I simply want a way to be able to read the book without having to carry around a 15lb physical copy.
  • Absolute crap 1/5

    By caffinatedcat
    Honestly I couldn’t even access anything past the log in page. Waste of effort on the app
  • Trash 1/5

    By xxx69tentacion696969
    If you’re a college student it says to log in using the connect link but it doesn’t send you back to the app at all so you can only use safari which defeats the purpose of an APP. But the connect app has terrible reviews and is entirely useless as well
  • Help, please! 1/5

    By Ncnavy
    I can see where one of my textbooks is available, but credentials can’t fully load. Please address this! Thanks
  • Worst app I’ve ever seen 1/5

    By evanwilson201849
    This is the only app I have ever reviewed in my life because it is truely that terrible. This app does absolutely nothing.. not kidding.
  • I can’t even use the app! 1/5

    By EL M4P4CH3
    I try to use this on my phone and it simply won’t let me scroll through any pop ups, essentially locking the screen in place and I can’t submit my alias or even if I wanted to change the language I can’t scroll down when these pages pop up and so I’m forced to use another device altogether!
  • THE WORST 1/5

    By Javiergarciatorres
    This app does not save your progress. Do not use!
  • What did you expect 1/5

    By Nianticistheworst
    The web application is terrible, why should anyone expect the mobile app to be any better I guess. You’d think if they’re charging students over a hundred dollars for access they’d be able to afford a decent application, but no they just rip students off and reap the rewards because teachers still use it and there’s no repercussions. Crooked company.
  • What works? 1/5

    By Tdob16
    Have you guys beta-tested this at all? Downloaded the app to try to mix up studying and to log in, it redirected me to safari. Then the link from there to the app to open my book was corrupted, and the app crashed. Why even have the app if it doesn’t work?
  • Worst 1/5

    By ;/ how disappointed am I?
    This is literally the worst. As a high school student, I should be able to get my homework IN NO TIME. It’s unnecessary and isn’t convenient. I get the app because it won’t let me access online and yet, I STILL CANT EVEN USE IT. McGraw Hill, if you guys only put as much work into your apps like you do with all of your textbooks and worksheets etc, I don’t think any of your apps would’ve gotten 1-2 stars. You need to get with the times and find a way to make this convenient with everyone because this isn’t working out. Not everyone can access a computer right then and there. Get your act straight and fix all your apps. This should be one of your priorities because every student tries to use this and always ends up getting to nowhere. Get it together.
  • Terrible working app 1/5

    By A011701
    This app is a piece of crap! It never works and always signs me out after 5 questions! Something needs to be done! I will be so happy when I don’t have to use this app!

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