SmartFind Express

SmartFind Express

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 22.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PowerSchool Group LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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SmartFind Express App

This is the SmartFind Express Mobile App for substitutes.

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SmartFind Express app reviews

  • Worst app 1/5

    By Teamjoann
    If I didn’t need to use this app, I would delete it. It is very slow. The filters don’t work. The person that inputs the information doesn’t do a good job.
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Joalmoore
    The app simply doesn’t work well. I can open it and see positions but that’s it. Every part that has a arrow that is supposed to allow me to click none of them work. I tap and tap and tap and nothing. I can’t open and accept jobs, I can’t add filters, I can’t click anything that should be clickable. Useless app.
  • Great app with small glitch 4/5

    By joedySATX
    The app works wonderfully with the exception that it takes an inordinate amount of time to log in.
  • Al in OnePlace 5/5

    By CassOvercomer1
    I love going to one place for communication, updates, & records of days worked.
  • On the fritz? 3/5

    By Cherry🍒Jaguar
    Typically this app doesn’t give me too many problems. Aside from taking a while to load… But today, for some reason none of my active jobs show on the app, despite the fact that I know I have jobs for this week, and it’s only registering the press of my finger for a certain sections of the app. For example, I’ve tried updating my schedule availability, but when I press the Save option… It doesn’t register it at all, but it seems to be perfectly fine with me exiting out of the page so that I can go back to another section of the app without having saved the changes I made in the first place. Anyone else having this issue? I have been on top of updating the app and I do have the most recent iOS on my mobile devices… I don’t know if maybe that might be part of the issue or not but…?
  • Sub 5/5

    By EEEG1212
    Great app easy to navigate 😊
  • Not user friendly 3/5

    By usysisne rvrndixy
    Takes forever to input do not call times, set up for text notification- STILL do not get texted when a new job is available, can only get an alert from the app and they are delayed and often past job start time. No grade level indication on jobs. Nice concept but whoever designed it doesn’t actually use it.
  • Jobs 1/5

    By imjmc820
    Office positions very rarely show on the site. Positions that I’ve accepted have dropped off and I have missed going to them
  • The best! 5/5

    By Itaught
    I was kind of reluctant to add another app to my phone, but changed my mind after numerous calls as a sub. I love the ability to accept a job without the hassle. I also enjoy being able to review my assignments as many times as I want. Love this app.
  • Very frustrating 2/5

    By Fie Lynn
    Worst app ever. Very frustrating. Takes too long to sign into. No details of what position I would be assigned to. Also should have a 2 step process to cancel a job that you’ve already taken because I have accidentally canceled an assignment I wanted. The font is also very small as well.
  • Barely accessible 1/5

    By yr from eg
    I don’t understand how this app has such a high rating. It lags on the login page about 85% of the time.
  • The App 3/5

    By drvben4
    I find it laborious to have to log in too often to check for jobs. Refreshing the page for updates is so much more efficient.
  • Oh my gosh…STOP LOGGING ME OUT!!! 3/5

    By AtlantaIgniteMD
    First of all, I have to login about every other time I use it. This isn’t my bank app. Give me the option to STAY LOGGED IN!!! Accepting jobs, the calendar and seeing active, finished and cancelled jobs is fine. But the features that allow you to block days you don’t want to see jobs for and a few other things are just not user friendly including turning off the 2 Factor Authentication and being able to login with my County ID. Is there a focus group I can attend on this because I’ve got thoughts. SO. MANY. THOUGHTS.
  • Mediocre at best 3/5

    By vone2011
    This app crashes A LOT! It also desperately needs an update to save the filters when searching for available jobs. It’s unnecessarily time consuming to do it on a daily basis!
  • Available jobs 1/5

    By |~<>%#
    Well if it’s Saturday or Sunday or actually any day of the week you can’t see jobs until after 12:00 pm. Saturday you can see any jobs at all. You can’t with the new system see jobs further in the month… so there is no flexibility in terms of mapping out a future schedule. I worked with the AESOP system and Smart can even come close to being user friendly. I wish the district would get rid of smart system.
  • Carlosegundo 5/5

    By Carlosegundo
    Thanks for making it easy to keep track of my jobs. I trust in you
  • Sub jobs 3/5

    By Hfxuhdu
    It doesn’t always refresh, so sometimes it shows jobs that are already filled, which is frustrating when you try and plan to accept them.
  • No issues 5/5

    By msmith244
    This app is easy to use. It does exactly what it needs to do. I am not the best at technology but this wasn’t difficult to navigate at all!
  • How many times! 1/5

    I am on the phone an SFE calls repeatedly won’t stop 8 times or I am driving and it calls repeatedly. Extremely annoying & dangerous, wish they would not call more than twice I will look at the jobs as soon as I stop the car or am off the phone. Just as I send it into vm it starts ringing again - calls on holidays and Christmas break everyday but it isn’t once or twice it is 8 times or more in am and 8 times or more in pm. I had to set do not call times because of this! Other apps from the other district I am at do not have this and I don’t have to set do not call times because they call once!
  • E Angela Sorensen 4/5

    By Love rescued me
    This app is frustrating for those of us who were born before the year 2000, as in 1962. It calls at crazy times and my user code is a painful 8 digits long instead of the last four of my social. It’s often easier to just call campuses directly to see what their substitute need is. I never blocked Mondays, but it never shows me jobs available on that date. This is another place where I have to try to keep up with connected e-mail account, logins and passwords. Chemotherapy brain is a complication for me as well. It all feels more complex than is necessary.🤨
  • So hard to log in! 3/5

    By MommyMuses
    I don’t understand why I would need to log in literally every single day on this app. It’s terrible. And the constant phone calls and voicemails. This should be streamlined and not something that takes several minutes each time to log in. I love subbing but I hate using this system.
  • Checks and balances. 5/5

    By sknyretired
    I love this app. It is sub friendly. However, I wish one more option could be added. A payroll secretary misplaced my attendance punch card. They did not have any other way to prove I was in the school that particular day. If there was some way this app could confirm my attendance then payments can also be calculated per cheque. Thanks
  • Simple, fast and efficient 5/5

    By Tr3yMan!
    Makes selecting a job simple, app offers a calendar which displays you accepted jobs and helps managing your schedule
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Barnesboro
    This app for sub teaching jobs is not user friendly. Jobs don’t clearly display the start/ending hours making them hard to read. It only can load a certain number of jobs at a time so seeing all jobs takes a while.
  • The App 1/5

    By the new sub
    It never works!!!!!! I love the potential it could have in substitute teaching. Being able to pick and choose what works for you. But the APP NEVER WORKS!!!!!!!
  • Still a few bugs in this app 3/5

    By theHeyGuy
    It has a few bugs but after working with it you can navigate and get the jobs you like
  • Worst system ever! 1/5

    By HD girl 75
    Terrible Can’t cancel assignments Can’t take one of multiple days Put in unavailability and it still calls you Horrible

    By Fabii08
    I’ve been enjoying this app UNTIL recently. It’s been almost four days already that is still unavailable.
  • Glitch? 1/5

    By Mandmocean
    I’m not seeing any jobs even after adding filters for 5 days. It’s hard to believe this is correct with the high demand right now.
  • eh 4/5

    Loads slow from time to time.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By mzbrine
    It seems like I can never get consistency out of this app. One day it will load openings with no problems, the next moment nothing loads. The filters don’t work at all so you have to slowly scroll through all of them until you see an opening at a school you’d like to sub at.
  • So slow!! 1/5

    By TG111111111
    The app is so incredibly slow. When applying filters it does not work majority of the time.
  • Nope 1/5

    By MommaBarbara
    1-will not make sound to alert me a job has just dropped in. yes I’ve checked sounds and haptics. 2-by the time a job does drop in I am informed I cannot except it because the system is calling someone else and a sub is reviewing it. 3-you’re financially killing me.
  • Difficulty saving information 3/5

    For the most part the app is simple to find assignments and check in. I find it easy to check out as well and mark my assignment as finished. I have difficulty saving the data and I understand unless it is saved the process will be incomplete and I will not be paid .
  • So far, so good 5/5

    By jmfigaro
    I’ve only been using this app for two days. So far , it has worked well and seems pretty user friendly. I haven’t really used many features but it does what I need it to do at this time.
  • Unexpected errors 1/5

    By 4fang mother
    This app is horrible!!! It takes forever to load potential jobs and there’s always unexpected errors.
  • Notes 4/5

    By cnvlv
    Make links teachers submit in notes active
  • Problems 3/5

    By bollshoot
    Cannot stay connected. From phone, iPad and computer it will close out and return me to login again. Scrolling down on any device, the system continuously freezes for 20 seconds or so
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By sub 62
    You have to punch in your id# way too fast. It won’t let me enter locations
  • Easy to use and very convenient 5/5

    By LorieMsLorie🌸
    This is very user friendly and soo convenient to just check on assignments at a quick glance.
  • Easy to Navigate 5/5

    By preshresh
    I love being able to get all the info I need in one place.
  • Not terrible 3/5

    By 카사린
    There are some annoying bits. It doesn’t always let you look for specific schools that you want to work for. Schools frequently have a hard time finding me via my ID number, and It takes a really long time to load. With that said, it works on an iPhone 6 and it does the job it’s meant to do you just have to be patient. Look for work while you’re making coffee or loading the washer and eventually it’ll open. :)
  • Awful 2/5

    By rachelahosier
    This app will crash constantly, takes forever to load jobs when you scroll down. One time it deleted all of my upcoming jobs and I had to delete the app and reinstall it for it to work. It won’t let you sign in at least 5 minutes before which is awful because when the bell rings, I have children in the room and the last thing on my mind is to sign in. It’s also not user friendly for administration and they have had a hard time adding in jobs.
  • Nurse 5/5

    By linda ochs
    I receive message from the teachers , teachers aid. Why can’t I receive messages For the nurse.
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By Heater85
    The app won’t let me filter by location when I try to filter jobs. Very frustrating app.
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By jcoclv
    Deleted and re-downloaded app to see if it worked better… District search button now not even working :(
  • To long to load 3/5

    By sjhorner
    Once you are in it takes far too long to load, then while using it will stop and reload or just throw you out. But it is the only game in town
  • Keep my criteria and speed it up 2/5

    By mominator 2010
    I just want to not have to re- enter my location criteria every single time. Equally frustrating is the calendar function which invariably bombs. The time tracking seems to work well( checking in and out) but until I get my first paycheck this is still up in the air. It often times out and takes too long to switch between functions.
  • Slow moving and unreliable 2/5

    By Yupyup64
    Every time I search I have to apply filters for location. In such a large school district, it’s be nice to be able to have filters set since we tend to sub in certain areas. Also, if we want to start a new search, we have to wait a set amount of time before it will let you do it. Why?!? And for a week now, jobs for the school I sub at won’t show up. I reached out to the district and they say it’s a glitch that smart find has at times and there is nothing I can do. So now I can’t see jobs where I’m able to work. That’s a problem.