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  • Current Version: 2.42.1
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  • Developer: National Information Solutions Cooperative
  • Compatibility: Android
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SmartHub App

SmartHub provides utility and telecommunications customers account management at their fingertips. Customers can view their usage and billing, manage payments, notify customer service of account and service issues and receive special messaging from their local utility or telecommunications company. NISC serves over 500 telecoms and utilities across the nation, install the application to determine if your local organization is supported. Additional Features: Bill & Pay - Quickly view your current account balance and due date, manage recurring payments and modify payment methods. You can also view bill history including PDF versions of paper bills directly on your mobile device. Make a payment now or schedule it for a future date. My Usage - View energy usage graphs to identify high usage trends. Navigate graphs quickly using an intuitive gesture based interface. Contact Us - Easily contact your service provider by email or phone. You can also submit one of the many predefined messages, with the ability to include pictures and GPS coordinates. News - Provides a convenient way to monitor news that may affect your service such as rate changes, outage information and upcoming events. Service Status - Displays service interruption and outage information. You can also report an outage directly to your service provider. Maps - Displays facility and payment dropbox locations on a map interface.

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SmartHub app reviews

  • Two days behind schedule . 2/5

    By Elitefchase.
    Daily Report is two days behind schedule!
  • K 3/5

    By kimgentrykimgentry
    Why don’t this app let pre paid see what’s on the account?
  • Lcdec bill 2/5

    By Monalisapro
    I can’t even figure out how to do this. They tell me everything is wrong. I have been doing this for years
  • Terrible interface 1/5

    By rpt777
    The app is clumsy and no way to store your card data No way to set up auto payment on credit card.
  • Poooooop 1/5

    By LyndsayHaase
    Can’t setup account. Says for whatever reason our account number is in use already. Can’t reach anyone to help.
  • Stupid Hub 1/5

    By idontneedafnicknamedang
    Should be called StupidHub. I know I entered the the right password because I use the same password for everything and it kept telling me it’s wrong.
  • Negative “stars” - top 5 WORST APPS ever 1/5

    By blt2boo
    This app is such a piece of *^+~! EVERYTIME I try to log in I am unable to do so. I know my username and password. However, this app cannot seem to keep things straight. I REPEATEDLY have to contact the Utility Provider (Hamilton County Electric Coop) and have my account reset. Then I re-login and update my information. As soon as I logout... the very next second, I have to start the ENTIRE process over again. This app ALWAYS says my UN/PW is invalid. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have a busy, demanding life. I want things to work and work every time. This app is so frustrating and pointless. Having to call to have my info reset so that I will to be able to login and pay my bill defeats the purpose of having a “streamlined” process. When I cannot complete my desired transaction at the moment I attempt to do it and I have to take extra steps to be able to pay my bill, life typically intervenes and pulls me away. I get bus. I forget. Then I have late charges because this app is incapable of providing a complete, safe and seamless user experience. Trying to circumvent this app and paying through the website is also difficult. I do not carry my account number, etc around with me. That’s the point of my pw vaults and the “remember my login info” in the app. Trying to pay my bill is exasperating. Please fix this app and/or the website for HCEC!
  • Useful and convenient 4/5

    By Oscillate253
    A very useful and convenient tool to pay my bill but I wish ApplePay was a payment option!
  • Hostile server 1/5

    By disgusted chas
    This is the worst web site I have encountered since I got my first apple computer in 1985: it directs you to customer service when there is none in sight. It shuts you out and directs you to customer service when there is none. Hire a usability person to review your server. Disgusted Chas
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Underemployed
    App is easy to use. I can see my daily energy usage so of it’s super cold I can see whether the warmer days have offset or whether I should plan for a larger bill. Also nice to see long term comparisons. I’ve not paid a bill through it but it has that feature.
  • This app is a joke. 1/5

    By cooldannyc
    Why do they make things too hard?
  • Card declined 1/5

    By rtutr
    App tells me that my card is declined every time a try and pay my bill
  • Not what I want to know 3/5

    By lindarussell
    The app tells what I don’t want to know. I just want to see what is on the bill that comes in the mail.
  • Minor bug fixes = Major Glitches 1/5

    By BchDwlr
    Your app no longer gives power usage info since your installing your most recent update.
  • Usage 1/5

    By Trexzzzz
    My usage is never available! I have called 3 times now and it’s still not available!
  • No! No! No! 1/5

    By Nocturnal 8675309
    My internet company and my electeric company use this app. I can only pay online to one company! It needs more options for use if they are going to sell it to diverse companies. That is sad😞
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Hkveou
    App is not helpful at all. Not user friendly or easy to navigate
  • Great App 5/5

    By Barter_Unlimited
    Really enjoy using this app. Highly recommend
  • This app is crap 1/5

    By Eflaig
    My electric bill came with a flyer saying to use this app. This is the second time I have tried this app and it still does not work. It will not find my provider, yet my provider says to use it. If i could give this app a negative 5 star I would.
  • Account locked 1/5

    By Nyarlathotep1138
    A month ago I would’ve given it five stars but now it won’t let me login it tells me my account has been locked and I need to contact them which I have no idea how to do so now it gets one star.
  • Have the time I login I can’t make a payment 1/5

    A lot of bugs!
  • Bugs and more 2/5

    By ds017
    Impossible to get to the “Disable Auto-pay” without first clicking to accept the terms of auto-pay. And if you do click the OK, then click the Disable Auto-Pay, you get a server error and are told you can’t delete auto-pay. When signing up for auto-pay, the exceptionally long list of terms and conditions displayed cannot be printed. The data display often lacks meter data from the prior day until late the following day. There seems no way to get the app to just refresh what is missing. Instead you have to tell it to re-download all data. If the app is started in portrait mode on an iPad, it will not notice that the iPad has been rotated. This app needs a fair bit of work.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Pinnerjackie
    The app worked fine in the past. Now every time I want to log in I have to delete the app and re download it. If I don’t do that it gives me an error and won’t let me log in.
  • Phone App 2/5

    By j.s. isnothappy
    I have been trying to change my bank info but it keeps reverting back. I really do not want to enter it every time. When on the mobile app, everything overlaps!!
  • Exactly what I’m asking for in an app like this 5/5

    By Callibug9
    When I open it, it tells me what I owe. It walks me quickly and simply through making the payment. It immediately updates to show “no balance due.” It’s easy to navigate, and I’ve never had any problems. If paying all my bills was anywhere near this easy, it would be much less painful!
  • Hmmm 2/5

    By Sglkyfvjhgreyopmgftyhgt
    Every time I try to down load the app (new phone) it says it won’t charge me anything on my card u less I make an in app purchase but get when I try to download the app it charges me $5.97 every time. What’s up with that. I have to have this app to pay my electric
  • Cannot Find A Way To Contact 5/5

    By JpMcClu
    Love the APP. However, when using the APP, I found my ‘usage’ statistics stopped updating on 11/18/18. The ‘contact us’ page has a selection for ‘email us’, and when you select this, it opens up a page for you to send an email. We could use this only if the “TO” field was pre-filled in. It is currently empty of an address to send your email to. I can go back and search for a valid email address, and I did, and I could not find one. That is how I ended up here. Is this problem with the APP, or with my provider getting the data over to the APP? Will someone see this that can possibly help out? We will see. Have a great New Year everyone!
  • App is flawed 1/5

    By Idaho pie
    When showing initial list of probable utility companies, the list is flopped over each other so you cannot read the names, really? Totally useless as it stands.
  • Not working 1/5

    By harley2018
    Why has this app stopped posting daily use?
  • Multiple Accounts 3/5

    By mpeinovich
    My electric co-op and my telecommunications co-op are both on SmartHub. I can access both on my laptop but only one on the app — the first one I downloaded. How can I get the other one on the app?
  • Log-in Still a Mess 1/5

    By lindalouwhotoo
    Can’t log in for the past few weeks on the mobile app but can log in from my computer. Fix your crap!!
  • BOO to BEC 1/5

    By tink2har
    You charge us, your customers a fee just to use your electricity ? Bah humbug, isn’t what you charge us a month enough? But, why not,huh, your the only electric company around, no competition but one of these days there will be & guess what, you will lose a bunch of customers! HAH, you will see what goes around, comes around !
  • Good when you can log in 2/5

    By Garriner
    The app provides useful information when you can log in. Every time I try to log in I get an error telling me the information is incorrect even when it is not. There is something seriously wrong with this.
  • Seriously? Just fix the 2 issues. 1/5

    By scamcard=smicard
    Would be a great app but Is basically rendered useless simply because it does not do the two most important things and only reasons to have the app! You have already made the app... why not fix the 2 issues?? Why? I think we would all like to be able to set up a date for our bills to be paid automatically. I mean that’s what autopay means. Second, all the data in the world does not help me if I can’t receive alerts of some sort at a cost or usage I set. No one has time to stare at the app all day to monitor it. It’s almost like you want us to be late with the auto pay issue so you can charge late fees because it’s very misleading and you don’t want to warn us of overage limits we set so that we can rack our bills up sky high. Just fix it or move one...
  • Major password issues 1/5

    By Tealdeal
    This app has some serious issues with passwords. I will change my password and it will say confirmed and then I try to login with the new password and it fails. This is happened over and over and over again. I can’t really even use the app because it’s so frustrating.
  • To all the people having problems at log in... 5/5

    By Jrsracin88
    Uninstall the app and then reinstall. Just got off the phone with my power co reporting the problem to them that everyone is having and the fix was simple. Uninstall and then put it back on. Worked like magic on my iPhone 7 and google pixel
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By JanBergeron
    Can’t get past the stupid “I am not a robot” part. I obviously have a different idea about what a car or bridge or street sign is than the moron that developed the test.
  • App was fine until 6 days ago 2/5

    By Vtv227
    I can no longer check my energy consumption. It stopped providing information around 8 pm on Friday 6/29. I informed my coop, and they filed a ticket with Smarthub, to no avail. It socks, since I depend on the app to check on my pay as you go account. I can't trust it any longer.
  • Fix all the issues with this app. 1/5

    By This name isn't taken
    Many comments on whats is wrong with this app has been submitted but nothing is done about it. Fix it or toss it out of circulation. I have deleted it and I’m sure many more will too if the issues are not dealt with! Don’t download this app. They know what is wrong for many months and will not update it to fix it. 😡😡😡😩😩
  • Not helpful at all 1/5

    By 7Goch7
    When I try to recuperate my password because I forgot, doesn’t have the option to do it online, it ends telling you to call de company. Then what is the point? If I need to call the billing company, I might pay the bill over the phone as well.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By MIA justsayin
    This app is perfect for wanting down to the day of Electric use in your home! It’s very informative You can even pay for you bill through this app What more could you ask for And even more you can even be notified before your usage runs out This is perfectly designed!!
  • Needs improvement 4/5

    By CayleeElizabeth
    The app is very helpful when checking my power usage. However, i downloaded this app because i do not have power stat. It would be nice if the update for this app could have a widget where you can check your balance.
  • Can’t read it 2/5

    By Patkit
    This app is ok but on my iphone the options for payments are stacked on one another so they are jumbled and not readable, which makes pressing the button for the option you choose impossible! It is this way in both portrait and landscape. Please fix this!
  • Touch id 3/5

    By gabojosh
    Needs to be Touch ID compatible....
  • Genuinely useful 5/5

    By Mikgonza
    I never leave reviews but this is a great app for iPhone. Use the fingerprint hit pay and your done. Keeps track of bills pay history. Great job on this app guys.
  • Login options fail 2/5

    By bama2nc
    Despite all the updates to accommodate the new iOS versions, this app still does not have Touch options? I gave two stars because once in, the app actually works half way decent. LREMC customer.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Starbeary4usa
    This is terrible app ever ! I’m not giving no stars period ! Don’t even try to bother download this app... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤞🏻
  • Nice, but needs updating 3/5

    By not so handi
    App needs to be updated to OS 11. Does not work on my Ipad with current version
  • Works great for me 5/5

    By washington is full
    Been using this for a couple or three years now, works fine, no login needed payment done no problems just downloaded onto new iPad

SmartHub app comments

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