SmartLine Second Phone Number

SmartLine Second Phone Number

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  • Current Version: 4.25.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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SmartLine Second Phone Number App

Get a second phone number for your business calls & texts. When you receive a call through SmartLine, you know it’s for business so you can answer professionally. When you call or text through SmartLine, customers see your new business phone number so your personal number stays private. Try SmartLine free for 7 days with no long-term contract or extra equipment needed. Get set up with your business phone number in under 5 minutes. -- More Features -- * Professional Quality. Calls use your cellular connection – NOT VOIP – to give you the call clarity and reliability you need to sound professional. * Custom Voicemail. Record a custom voicemail greeting to prompt callers to leave a message. * Voicemail to Text. Get your business voicemail automatically transcribed to text to save you time. * Set Business Hours. Choose when you’re available for business calls and send callers to voicemail after hours. * Stay Organized. See your conversation history of calls, texts, pictures, and voicemail, organized by contact. * Stay Notified. Be notified and follow up quickly whenever you have missed calls, voicemail messages, or texts. * Number Porting. Transfer an existing 2nd phone number to use with SmartLine. -- Terms -- Currently available in the US only. Requires a SmartLine subscription. Install the app to choose your second phone number and claim your 7 day free trial (limit one per subscriber). After your free trial, SmartLine will automatically renew via iTunes, unless you cancel 24 hours before the free trial ends or before the end of the current billing period. Easily manage and cancel your SmartLine 2nd phone number at any time through your iTunes subscription settings. If you didn't purchase SmartLine through iTunes, you can manage your subscription through the GoDaddy website. Terms of use: Privacy policy:

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SmartLine Second Phone Number app reviews

  • Issues 4/5

    By faj beauty
    When it rings you pick up you can’t hear the person. A lot of people calling trying to sale you things not good.
  • Amazing Technology 5/5

    By Sam863789
    This app is excellent and feature filled. At only $10 for unlimited everything, it’s a great tiny investment for your business. I used to have and pay for two phones!
  • work line 4/5

    By beautifulyouoc
    Sometimes calls don’t work right and text don’t go through. Otherwise it’s great.
  • Could be more useful 4/5

    By tlaroml
    First— having a separate contact list is not that useful, it’s just a duplicate of my phone contacts Second— it would be very useful if my “recent calls” would reflect the actual number dialed vs just saying “SmartLine”— that’s of no value at all. And I have to actually redial to see the number as as the SmartLine has no recent calls list of its own
  • Never worked and no Support 1/5

    By Smcreg88
    Good luck
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By Mr. Bey
    I have a number of services with Go Daddy. From hosting to email service and have been pleased with all of the services until now. From the first day I I started using this service calls were dropping. I would answer the phone when the app pops up and then the call will drop. I would get a message that I missed a call in the phone never rang. There were other times when I would answer the phone say hello couldn’t hear the other person and I’m guessing you couldn’t hear me and then all of a sudden the call dropped. This is been going on for over a week. When I called Go Daddy one of the representatives even told me that he has a service and he has the same problem with dropped calls. I’m a business owner I do not have the luxury of dropping or missing calls. This is my business and I am not pleased with the service cannot recommend Go Daddy for this particular service.
  • Wow 1/5

    By SunkissedSuga
    You gotta pay before you can use at all🙄smh
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Grow Your Gift
    I joined SmartLine at the urging of a business partner. It works as expected and I haven’t had any issues. It only takes a little getting used to the interface. Customers have no idea its a third party line. Sometimes I do forget and call or text customers from my personal line. That’s my fault! I’ve now purchased this for another one of my companies to assist with reservations in lieu of hiring a person to simply answer the phone in the building. I love this!
  • Not Responsive 2/5

    By Encole3
    I’m giving 2 stars because it has potential but is lacking some serious issues involved with a 2nd line. I’m a contractor. I use it for customers and lead generation and most all things business related. Integration has been horrible. Screen never pops up right, I can’t get it to show me numbers of who’s calling through that line, it’s just the GoDaddy logo. I’ve got to at least see who’s calling. I won’t get texts or missed call notifications for minutes...6-7-8 minutes before I’ll get a SmartLine notification. And it’s set to push. I wish I hadn’t given this number out like I had, there’s got to be a better way than this, the lag is killing me. Integration is bumpy. Just not there yet...
  • Problematic 1/5

    By Niskayuna500$$
    Not quite there yet...
  • Missed Business # Selection 4/5

    By TaraE777
    Hope I’m able to select a business number as I passed it up! Was on the phone... didn’t get one... can you help me PLEASE!
  • $9.99 a month 1/5

    By Contodomiamor04
    It makes you create an account just to tell you it costs $9.99 a month after the first week. I wouldn’t have bothered if I’d known. There’s plenty of free apps that do the same thing. It’s $20 a month for me to open a whole other phone line, and much more worth it.
  • Cancelling this service with Go Daddy 1/5

    By elenamich
    I wanted this to get second line to replace my home land line phones. I ported the number over to Go Daddy. It doesn’t work well. 1. I got calls from people saying I’d called them and that my cell number showed up as a caller ID, but I never called these people. 2. The app requires that I show my caller ID when I call from within the app and that’s fine. But to set this up I need to also show my caller ID from my cell. My cell is a private/blocked/unknown number because I am a doctor and don’t want my private cell shown to patients. Bottom line...big waste of time and money.
  • Great app 5/5

    By acxtyujk
    Love having a second number on my phone. I have an out of state number and this give people a local number to call. Two thumbs up.
  • Ring ring 5/5

    By 1option
    It’s magic!!!
  • Area 2/5

    By krissay4
    Could not make a phone number because it does not have a number for my area code 803
  • Not recommended 1/5

    By A Elmi
    I got charged before I even use it .still uploading the number funny
  • Simple and Convenient 5/5

    By Rachquel2
    Love this app. It’s simple to use and very convenient. It also allows you to separate business from personal !
  • Great way to organize business call 5/5

    By Rickilake
    It does have its glitches but I can easily separate business call from my personal line
  • Good app but one problem... 2/5

    By Sparrow1951
    The GoDaddy app is great but i discovered one major issue; the app does not have the feature to send or receive images to & from customers. This feature is very important and should be included in the app, so please fix this issue in the next GoDaddy SmartLine version & get it updated as soon as possible. Thank you!
  • Owner 3/5

    By cranetechxyz
    It rings to many times before it gets to me,..customers hang up or give up by hen?
  • Enjoy it but a fix needs to be made 3/5

    By AshtonBaker
    I love the option of a business line. It has been so helpful in just the last 2 weeks. The only complaint I have is that there is a terrible echo whenever I use the app for a voice call. And since the line is for business that is a bit frustrating.
  • Trying to cancel 1/5

    By Rosa1966!
    Need to cancel my go daddy account have tried but have been unsuccessful in canceling.
  • Better Than Google Hangouts & Skype 5/5

    By EMCprez1
    Google Hangouts and Skype will hang up when a regular cell phone call comes threw but SmartLine Works Just like call waiting. Very Smooth integration. The text is handy as well. Best back up line I’ve every had with the exception of Ring Central but only 1/4 the price of Ring Central. Unlike Hangouts and Skype, SmartLine is more reliable and not buggy.
  • SmartLine 5/5

    By MHiramC
    For having a second phone number for my business is great. SmartLine is simple not complex and is owned by GoDaddy
  • About to switch 1/5

    By Jjsjjssnsn
    Everyone else’s complaints I am also experiencing. But what is also frustrating is that I will have a notification and I will click on my app and in the app it will show nothing, so I’m having to sign out re-sign back in and sometimes the notification will be there and sometimes I have to sit there and restart my phone entirely for it to completely work. And sometimes after a restart my phone and I walked back into the app sometimes it just my load for another 15 or 20 minutes and I just have to let it sit there. And in the meantime I have clients calling and other people that are not waiting for me to respond back and I am unable to use it because of a app. Save your time and money and just get a second phone line with an actual phone because at the rate they’ll be losing calls and responses you’re losing money as well. And for most of us time is money....
  • Great app but room for improvement 3/5

    By J Delano
    The system works well but my complaints are : your saved contacts don’t show when someone calls you so you never know who’s calling. Second is there is no group texting ability. Good second line but needs to be improved.
  • Won’t refresh to show new messages or any text at all. 1/5

    By 11041992
    Once again y’all update something just to have another problem. This app is so stupid and if it’s not broken don’t fix it! You guys keep fooling around with app and just makes it difficult for us and waste of money and time!
  • 😀😀😀 5/5

    By (L.E.X.)
    Awesome app
  • What a nightmare 1/5

    By Princesskain
    I very recently bought this to use as a business line on my personal phone. The texting feature works great - shows business colleagues and clients my new business number . But as soon as I started using the app to make calls, it changes my business phone number to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT number! Different City and State than my personal or business phone number. And the worst part is - the number it shows on people’s caller ID’s is one that’s blacklisted on the web for being a scammer phone number. This is so horrible! I now have business cards with my new number. And I can’t even return calls to my clients without a DIFFERENT NUMBER showing up - a junk solicitors phone number FROM A DIFFERENT STATE showing up on their caller ID?!. Spent over an hour on the phone with tech support, they can’t figure it out? Now I am waiting to see if someone else can fix the problem. They told me to give them 72 hours. I will update this post if the problem gets fixed. I NEED it to get fixed. This is a big and costly glitch. NOTE:::: This app is through ITunes which apparently isn’t affiliated with Godaddy directly. Which could be a problem for people. Esp when something goes wrong and Godaddy can’t even help you- they’re left emailing iTunes support. Just keep that in mind. Also, you cannot link this to your regular Godaddy billing. Very inconvenient.
  • Price and reception! 3/5

    By Edo_Ave
    For $10 I was expecting to at least have a decent reception the customer can’t hear me every now and then the customer calls are staticky coming in i would think they would improve the technology at their end so both incoming calls and outgoing calls are clear to both parties
  • Fraud 1/5

    By sade114
    When you try to unsubscribe before the free trail it says cannot connect
  • Very helpful but could use a few additions 3/5

    By rmweave
    This app is great for adding a work line. I’ve only had it a week but unless there is a way to fix the following, there are a couple things I hope are addressed in the next update. I can’t make it do a group text, which is important to me. I would like to be able to change the ringtone from what my personal ring tone is so I know from the ring if it is a personal or work call. Overall a great app.
  • Smart line? No, dumb line (for sure) should be its name 1/5

    By StruggilingWithHabits.....
    To make their app properly work you have to delete it and upload everyday (and sometime more often since if there is displayed number of calls /text but if you open app there is no new phones/text ....). Do they have dedicated technical support? No. They mounted “Mount Everest” in their dumbness when I called them couple weeks ago and guy said after hearing my issues “just read our support pages! He, as well tens of them to whom I called in last almost 2 years had no clue how to advise. Instead they were putting me on hold to get in meantime in contact with “higher technical support experts” ... and coming back with no answer. Well that is how high goDaddy flies.......
  • Being hit with spam calls 1/5

    By AstralSurfer11
    Now I get spam calls from the number I used to have and I’m not even subscribed to this app anymore, they say there’s nothing that can be done and I have to change my number... very irritated with this service 🤬
  • Rating 5/5

    By Valorie's Pad
    Great app
  • Incoming calls are going straight to voicemail 1/5

    By Trellyeah
    This app has great potential but if I’m working from home or in another part of the building that’s not my office my incoming calls go straight to voicemail. Why? I troubleshoot using the recommendations and still nothing. When it was first loaded on my phone it worked perfectly for about 2 weeks. I was receiving my calls I could hear and see my phone ringing/vibrating. Then nothing. Also the caller hears my personal voicemail message not my business voicemail message. Here we go again. I would like this to be fixed or refund immediately following deactivation of this app.
  • SmartLine is awesome 4/5

    By bellaaaas
    Works great so far. I personally think it’s better to separate business and personal life so I live this feature. One thing I don’t like is it sometimes gets stuck where I can’t navigate from a call to messages. I haven’t figured out how to stop that from happening so I took a star away. Besides that it’s great.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By ncjfjfnfjjffjf
    I’ve had apps in the past that gives you a new line without the push notifications to know if it were a business call or not. It was important to me to know if I were receiving a random call or a business call. GoDaddy SmartLine provides that.
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 5/5

    By Derek Charles
    Love this smart line! Dope!
  • I was really hopeful! 1/5

    By Anjie p
    I heard about this app on Youtube and i was super excited to try it. I went and downloaded it and then while i was setting up my acct, it wouldn’t acknowledge my states area code to pick a second phone number I guess its just another thing that Alaska doesnt have access to😞
  • Professional Me 5/5

    By tgncoastalga
    Easy and in expensive addition of a professional line.
  • Calls are very delayed 3/5

    By Luciennewoods
    The only issue I have with this app is that when I’m on a call the other person and I can’t here each other right away when we say something. It’s like a 3 second delay and it’s so frustrating to have a conversation like that. It’s not always, like it’ll be fine for a week or so and then it’ll go right back to being laggy. If it’s not consistently fixed I’m going to have to find a new app. I’ve been dealing with this for well over 6 months. I use this for business and nobody wants to talk over each other and sound stupid.
  • Missed notification 3/5

    By release & restore
    I love this line and keeping business calls separate form personal. If does sometimes not give notifications for messages. It also sometimes take a whole to load voice mails.
  • Make it easy to copy incoming phone numbers 5/5

    By abcwali
    The only problem that I see with the app is that you can’t copy the phone number of customer to send it to your boss. You have to do many steps to copy the incoming phone numbers Please update the update in order to make easy copy for phone numbers Thanks
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By DeeJae McSwagger
    App doesn’t work it won’t let me pass the keep the app open portion and I’ve tried twice now.
  • Help 3/5

    By Tnabuco96
    I like the app but I bought a subscription and can’t even login. Every time I try to get in it makes me choose a new number. I need this number for work so please fix ASAP!
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Isawisaloo
    Completely stopped being able to receive calls and texts for about four days. Not ok.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By wellfuckit
    Don’t get this app it doesn’t work. I’ve had customers tell me that they can’t reach me on this line. I’ve printed out 15 thousand flyers with this number on them and to find out it only works sometimes is a huge disappointment and waist of money and time. F u go daddy!

SmartLine Second Phone Number app comments

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