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SmartNews: Local Breaking News

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SmartNews: Local Breaking News App

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 50+ million readers in 100+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now. News From All Sides! SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and more. *** Reviews: “Better than Feedly or Flipboard. Love it!” Jack C. “Much better than the new version of Apple News.” - Polidoc “Been using Google News but this is better. Much easier to share.” Eddie H. “Literally one of the best news apps… It ranks with the likes of BBC News.” -lightspeed12 “Browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.” - CNET *** Features: Breaking News Notifications for breaking news stories. Trusted News 300+ top US & World news publications. Offline News Fetch trending news and read news offline. *** Awards: - Best of 2013 (Japan) - Apple - Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google

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SmartNews: Local Breaking News app reviews

  • Intentionally bias in news subjects, article placement and who th ey source for what content. 1/5

    By MKE bubbler
    Border stories with clear bias led my feed four of five days recently. Left leaning news sources for hard news, right leaning for softer content. Just one example, many more. Bias in content, placement, sourcing.
  • All u all 5/5

    By all u all
    Great source of instant news. Interesting, informative and entertaining, thank you
  • So so 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Lot’s of the bad reviews are because most of the whiners giving bad reviews aren’t getting the FOX Biased love they crave!
  • All the news that IS news!! 5/5

    By Flamingo Fanny
    I love these quick yet thorough snippets of news topics from all over the world!! Gets me up to day easily every day! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃❤️
  • Jb 1/5

    By nnbbuyt
    Overall, decidedly left wing bent. Not surprising given that their listed “top news” sources are all leftist. Would love to see some balance.
  • Needs source filter, manual feed training 4/5

    By Shadowbq2
    Used this app few years since yahoo aggregator and circa died. Content is better than it was few years ago and I have lots of tabs but I really can’t stand buzz feed. It needs a news source filter.. or at least a training button “I want to see less of this” on the top page.
  • Nate w/SmartNews 1/5

    By MyVTX
    Nate, Instead of using the same cookie cutter response to every complaint on being biased, why don’t you speak to the actual issue. Yes you can customize the tabs, no question. But your Top stories seem to be largely from all left wing sites. Don’t tell me about your algorithm as we all know now, ala Google, FB, etc, those algorithms are manipulated to filter content. I go to this site multiple times a day and Left vs Right is no comparison, Left wins out every single time. I don’t mind multiple views but at least make it balanced. I too have told my friends to drop this app until such time as it is more balanced.
  • New release? 3/5

    By Katur H
    I’ve read the news bits on this app for several years and enjoyed it. There seems to be a technical glitch these days. With no warning, the app switches from the articles to the tab screen showing a totally new tab lit. Switch back and the screen has reshuffled and your place is lost. Seriously annoying.
  • Unable to Block Channels 2/5

    By larry1467
    There is too much non-news on this app but I have not found a way to block channels that publish non-news. After reading a story that is not news, or is poorly written, I’d like to block the channel. I’ll increase my rating if you describe how to block channels or add the ability to block channels. I’ll give the app a few more weeks before I delete it.
  • Blocked in China? 3/5

    By helpconnectplease
    I’ve been using this app for a few years but it stopped loading new stories beginning this morning (06/25/2019). I can see new story notifications but the app only shows the news from the last time it updated and won’t load new ones. Wondering if this has finally been blocked in China? Please help! There are already so few overseas news outlets that at accessible here! (I’m in Beijing China).
  • Best News Source 5/5

    By Philbda1
    I have used several Apps to keep up with current news; locally, US and worldwide and find that SmartNews is by far the one that meets the 'What's Happening Now' element the best! Thank you!
  • Greatest 5/5

    By hdufkff
    Greatest app ever
  • Good variety but with a strong left lean 3/5

    By j663
    There is enough variety to see a interesting amount of news and information pieces but a larger portion of liberal left material ( I consider myself a pragmatic).Unfortunately, If you want to find a large amount of race baiting and police malfeasance it is overwhelmingly here. I usually stay away from opening these agenda stories. The generic auto response talks about adding Fox as a preference. I take all right wing left wing news stories, from Fox, CNN, Atlantic Journal with a large grain of salt. Give me a break. Stories from more quality sources such as Wall Street Journal would be helpful.
  • Data Hog 3/5

    By K5R0
    This is a great news program, but it chews up data even while you are reading an article in smart view. Five stars if you can fix the data usage. After loading a page, especially a smart view, there should be no data usage while I read the article. Background data is disabled. I am on WiFi and can monitor the data usage. The app is using data while I am reading articles in smart view.
  • Left wing media outlet 1/5

    By whaleybird
    Smart enough to feed fake news from all the left leaning sites. All push notifications are nothing but liberal left wing news. Never once I have received any news from conservative viewpoint. Until this app can be fully customized it’s NOT worth the time. Deleted.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By FrankAziza
    It’s pretty good but carrying vice and huffington post is ridiculous
  • Objective? 2/5

    By Low cap golfer
    I was hoping that your news would have both sides of the political spectrum but it doesn’t. I see the daily beast cited which is usually far left but don’t see the daily caller or daily wire referenced. I am not a far right guy, and was not a George bush fan but I really am tired of only reading one side of the debate. Even the Fox News articles are usually negative of the right, which I don’t mind since fox does have some more liberal journalists. Thank you
  • The Best App of Its Kind — Areas for Improvement 5/5

    By FlyBoyMcCall
    I have been using this app since Version 1 and I am pleased with the way it continues to improve. With respect to the conservative versus liberal bias question, the developers face a challenge to satisfy the judgments of all sides. Overall, I think they do a good job but there is room for improvement in filtering “news” sources that are purely lies from the main news tab. For example, Chris Wallace is an objective if conservative reporter on Fox News, whereas Hannidy is a propagandist who frequently lies and shows no ability to reason objectively. He does not belong on the Main news tab. Also, I am concerned with the number of articles written by bots. These articles are terribly written, often redundant, and fail to convey information accurately. Please consider eliminating articles written by bots.
  • Biased News 1/5

    By Oktober Melon
    This is nothing like the advertisement. It is supposed to be balanced coverage but it is mostly insulting to conservatives. I am deleting this Trump hating app. I wish they would do at least some positive stories. There are many out there!
  • Sharpstick 1 2/5

    By Sharpstick 1
    I got this app because I thought it would be news that wasn’t biased! After a few months I get the feeling it’s headed in the direction of a liberal news media only looking to bash our POTUS along with some pertinent news and if it continues I will delete it and move on....
  • Not so Smart News 1/5

    By andyxcap
    Very one sided bias news against my president news media has ruined this country..Cannot believe anything... Wish there was an honest news feed you would be rich!!
  • More Liberal Bias 3/5

    By Just give me the news
    I got the app because your adds say you report the news straight up. Not so- you put up the same liberal anti Trump stories that Apple News and CNN run. How do I delete this app???
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By StanFranklin
    I like it
  • Great Balanced Overview of TheDay 5/5

    By RamonAntonio
    A very well curated collection of the most relevant news f happenings from around the WebWorld
  • Used to be 1/5

    By Dillodog
    Used to be a pretty good app but lately the adds are atrocious( you can barely see screen for them) and sometimes the adds just take you away they control your screen and etc. I know you got to make money you guys but who’s gonna even care about a add when they take over what your trying to read?
  • Great “one source” location 4/5

    By Jayeno
    Which has articles from multiple journalistic sources. It’s pretty great. I enjoy it.
  • Bizarre bias in the roll up feed 1/5

    By Live Moar
    I woke up early and saw that Trump had authorized an attack on Iran and then cancelled them. An hour later I looked again for an update and all mention of it was gone from the main tab. If you dig into the politics tab you’ll find the story, but apparently being inches from war isn’t front page news anymore.
  • No way to choose sources 2/5

    By Pork Butt in a Can
    Mechanics of the app work great. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to edit the outlets providing the news. The sources seem to be rather weighted to the left. I would prefer a more balanced offering and decide my bias myself.
  • Very left leaning news site 2/5

    By Mike531829
    95% of all news on this site is from left/democrat leaning sources. It doesn’t stop. And a lot of it is so bad and is so poorly spun. You guys are discouraging people from trusting you.
  • SmartNews 5/5

    By 46Maggie
    I enjoy the updates and find this as Informational! Keep it up !! Thank you
  • One-sided 1/5

    By bias reporting
    Deleting app said it was fair and balanced news not so in my opinion! Needs some Fox News up on here count the clips and source writing review and sharing I have multiple pages
  • Very Left Wing 1/5

    By Janet Scott
    At first I enjoyed getting the “news” pop ups until it became very clear that your goal is just to promote left wing agenda! I am removing the app and letting everyone I know that you are just pushing your propaganda. Sad. I was hoping for just news - REAL NEWS!
  • Too much liberal content 2/5

    By BattleRed
    Look I get it. If you’re an aggregator of news & all but a few major outlets are far left you’re going to get garbage in garbage out. End result though is the content ends up being too far liberal & not balanced even when I’ve selected some conservative sites. Somehow I’ve been able to get Apple News at a good balance so I’m not sure the difference. Maybe it’s the dislike feature in Apple News? Anyway, just too far left content me me.
  • Smart News - shame on you - for not being smart 1/5

    By Sir David GM
    The recent article comparing holding illegal border crossers to The holocaust - no matter how you spin the original meaning of concentration camps - it is disgusting immoral and shameful - far from Smart News
  • Another left leaning media site 1/5

    By mywayisnotyourway
    It started out ok. But as of late this site has become politically bias. Not in to it at all. Deleting this one. Sorry guys.
  • Unable to comment 3/5

    By Cola SC
    Unlike Yahoo News, you cannot comment here. I like to see what others think about the topic. I only visit to copy the titles and paste them in Yahoo in order to read the comments. Thanks for trying though.
  • Biased 1/5

    By Jastory444
    As a moderate independent I wanted something that gave me all sides of the story, and smart news seemed to be just that. After a few weeks of using it, I found an extreme liberal bias to it. Alerts and top story are usually by far left websites and you rarely see any conservative websites except for Fox News. I’m disappointed but not surprised.
  • False news 2/5

    By brokencloc
    Some of reporting by CNN and other news agencies are described as fake news, false, and misleading. There should be an area to report false and misleading news at the time I am reading, but there is not that portal on this site.
  • Enjoy the news from each side of the issue! 5/5

    By ctrax22
    Excellent selection of news from a variety of news and information sources from around the world.
  • Unable to tweet 5/5

    By tim327
    I’ve used this app for a long time. Worked well for all of that time. I am unable to send articles to twitter as of the last few days or a week, and that makes it pretty much useless for my purposes. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, no help. I am able to tweet articles on the article site, and I can send articles to mastodon no problem. Until it’s fixed, no sense using it. Edit. It appears Twitter was the problem. Revising my rating accordingly.
  • No local news 3/5

    By Rebkj11
    Although the app description says it can display local news, it doesn’t offer that option
  • Love SmartNews, but ask for One Change Please 4/5

    By suecqueue
    Since the AI selected personal news now overwhelms the small number of Top stories shown with real important news, I suggest a separate section of "Just For You" stories. The personalized stories are fun, but I know many who will not not bother to keep up with current events by reading the World and individual country sections. Sadly, they are the ones who need real news the most.
  • Terrible News Service 1/5

    By mrheisman
    Crawls the web for the best click bait. Do not download. 0/10
  • Smart News 5/5

    By Zs arky
    Love it. I can read the bullets during work breaks and the articles are just the right amount of news to give you enough information to follow up on after work.
  • Love this App 4/5

    By Archie E Taylor
    I absolutely love this news app. I don’t have time to watch hours of news every day, so this app is a great way of keeping me informed about what’s happening in the country, especially in this crazy political climate.
  • Posted news to Facebook not there 1/5

    By Quick and lively!
    Received a post about a car accident in my area and when I downloaded the app, there was no such article...said breaking news....can’t find anywhere else either...sounds like this is not a legit site!
  • Very good but.... 3/5

    By adc1969
    The app is very easy to use and to help locate news that is specific to your personal liking. But, they do have articles that appear to be genuine , but in reality they are advertisements.
  • Laughable 1/5

    By unbiasednewidontthinkso
    Unbiased? Crap. Crap. Crap. All of your sources are one sided. You say, “If you'd like a different perspective on the news, you can add sources such...”, NONE of which actually give you a different perspective but rather the same point of view as all your other narrow minded sources. Crap, crap, crap. I guess there really isn’t any pure “news” organizations out there anymore, just ones that mix in bits and pieces of news worthy information while shoving their opinions down your throats. And to think I gave you another chance based on your response to my first review. 😤Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  • Excellent app for news! 5/5

    By ragdoll2222
    This app gives me my daily dose of news daily to keep up with current events around the world! Thank you Smart News for a wonderfully developed app!

SmartNews: Local Breaking News app comments

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