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SmartTruckRoute App

SmartTruckRoute Helps Professional Truck Drivers Save Time, Save Gas, and Drive Safely! Join thousands of other truck drivers including regional, local, and over the road drivers who are already using SmartTruckRoute to find their way using truck specific routes on their phones and tablets. Supports U.S., Canada, Mexico, UK, and Australia truck routing. Subscription based truck routing service. Download free of charge to see the truck routing menus. Use SmartTruckRoute from 1-2 PM (and 1-2 AM) EST everyday, FREE. You can test routes and navigate in real time. Truck routing and navigation requires payment. See in-app pricing for details. You can transfer your subscription to a new iPhone or iPad anytime. Use your iPad and iPhone on the same subscription provided they both use the same iTunes account. Commercial drivers can navigate with confidence knowing that SmartTruckRoute follows roads that are suitable for truck travel, avoiding truck permanent and temporary restrictions, avoids low bridges, and keeps you away from areas that have weight limitations, and also supports Hazmat routing. SmartTruckRoute helps avoid costly tickets and keep you safe. SmartTruckRoute is powered by WorldNav, pioneers in truck routing for portable GPS. * Navigate any size truck with the convenience of using your phone! * Offers the latest truck specific maps and routes. * Provides turn-by-turn instructions with voice with lane guidance. * Navigate in Street, Hybrid, or Satellite View mode. * Specify Size, Weight and Hazmat level to insure accurate truck routing. * Use your phone's built-in speaker to say your destination address or point of interest (such as a truck stop). * Built-in Odometer function allows you to track state mileage for easy tax filing. * State border crossing, weigh scale, and speed limit alerts. * Navigation does not interrupt other functions of the phone. * Unique driver feedback loop provides best in truck navigation. * Free Updates * Unlimited number of routes, use as often as you wish. Why we are better... Instant Truck Routes on your iPhone or iPad! No lengthy downloads. Daily map updates including Permanent and Temporary Restrictions, and road closures. Truck friendly. Unlimited number of routes can be created. ------------------- Movie: ------------------- Truck routing is currently available for the following countries: USA, Canada, U.K., and Australia, please note that points of interest such as Truck Stops are only available for USA and Canada. If you are using this app in Australia please change the width of your vehicle to 8'2" (rather than the USA default of 8'6". ------------------- Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. ------------------- Download SmartTruckRoute today and drive your truck with confidence!


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SmartTruckRoute app reviews

  • Waaaay too expensive 1/5

    By Philmelda
    Waste of time. Waaaay too expensive for what it is. There is no use in this unless you pay for a $$$ subscription. No thanks. Just filling words
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By MDR113
    Just started using this app and it’s not very intuitive. I’m not sure that I’ll be avoiding tunnels and low overpasses. It seems to be taking us on lots of unnecessary side roads. A trucker just told us to take 95 to 695 - much easier than app directions.
  • You can’t try it! 1/5

    By abarna21
    When you’re trying to make a decision between what your next truck gps will be you want to have the opportunity to try it out and see how it behaves on the road. This app will only let you use it for 1-2 hours and than it asked for money.... with a 3 star out of 5 rating one might hope they need as many professional drivers testing it out but I guess there is a reason why the developer doesn’t want us testing it in real life scenarios. I have downloaded both apps and I have 14 days to try copilot but not this one. I have a randcnally and I want to test the apps against it to see if I can make a reliable switch for my trucking company and to trust that drivers get at destination on time every time. Good luck finding people spending their money blindly.
  • The best! 5/5

    By Ent Coach Driver
    Smart Truck Route the best gps out there for large vehicles. Never let me down!
  • Review 4/5

    By Bomilton2
    It’s okay and gets the job done when my Rand McNally’s is off line, but it needs a little adjustments go it can be as good as the GPS systems you buy
  • Please renew my subscription I’ve tried to contact you 1/5

    By mario toscano
    I tried to contact their customer service through text and through calls and through email I hope they get back to me on this after I write a bad review because it seems they write back on here but not on anything they have on their website so please contact me
  • True truck GPS app 5/5

    By Tech Support SmartTruckRoute
    Works great, creates routes based on vehicle size and weight so routes will be different for 18 wheeler trucks versus box trucks. Their customer service is very helpful. I depend on this app every day. Thanks for a great software product for truckers.
  • Truck Driver 5/5

    By Truck User
    This is a fantastic navigation app for truck drivers. It adjusts the route based on the size and weight of the truck. I depend on it daily.
  • Truck gps 3/5

    By 1p2q3r
    It’s handy.
  • B17653bhcc 1/5

    By B17653bhcc
    Terrible product I would recommend anybody to buy it addresse input is bad it give you your current location as destination
  • NEEDED 5/5

    By Awkwardj
    Good and handy
  • Smart RV ap 1/5

    By pittengerholly
    Purchased this app yesterday, it didn’t make the trip, it shut off several times, then it switched to trucker app. Terrible!
  • Be Smart Using Smart Truck App 3/5

    By STRINGR45
    At times it’s spot on near perfect with directions. But always have a map and use google street view to verify directions. You’ll need a back up nav aid as this one will at times give long and sometimes wrong directions. It’ll get you where you need to go but you must also be Smart Truck Route.
  • Keeps pausing music 3/5

    By YesImThatGuy
    While using the app, a notification sound goes off and always pauses my music. I turned off as many options as I could and it still does it. Very frustrating
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Brandonjoco
    Wow did this app make me wanna quit my job today... i’m not going to even get into details. Bottom line is it’s no good!!
  • Not free 1/5

    By Chag67
    This app is not free except from 1-2am. Don’t list your app as free if it’s not. Update: Received an email from the developer: “We clearly state that this is by subscription only. However we also give instructions for a 2 day trial. Please download the app, Press Menu > Settings > Feedback > Select either Text or Email, Enter comment "FREE TRIAL", Press Send. You will be set up to use the app free of charge for 2 days." You DO NOT clearly state this is a subscription app. And it is not clear once you open the app that you offer a 2 day trial. What is clear is this is an app that is confusing on purpose and it is designed to trick you into paying for a service that they deceivingly offer for free when you initially download it. No way I’m allowing a company like that to have any of my financial information.
  • Safe your money 1/5

    By Vitalyano
    If can avoid this thing, do so. Just waist one year, Tried contact support team, couldn’t again waist
  • Don’t get this app 1/5

    By Naztalgic
    I got this app thinking it would deliver what it promised. After paying for the subscription it got me lost in NEWYORK took me on routes that were not meant for trucks and took me on unnecessary circles hitting every toll road. It kept glitching and at one point stopped showing me the route all together. Useless ripoff of an app
  • Bad 1/5

    By really bad gps
    Bad, bad,bad
  • Can man to pan man Ergodynamics! 5/5

    By Hgtama
    To the catcorn and backroads plan tan to fan gan! Glip and gurt jip and hump. The flowers and unicorn flip to the hay!
  • Was working 1/5

    By BIGTYME500
    Was working fine until it sent me into a housing neighborhood.
  • To many bugs 2/5

    By alexxoffshore
    The app could be nice since its looks like google maps but it has too many bugs all the time! Sometime it shut down by itself, you cant listen your music in the same time than the app, it took me in an no truck area at Chino CA so I reported to them with picture and gps location to improve the map and 4 weeks later I came back at the same area and same mistake It took me back to a no truck zone nothing changed! you cant zoom in and out with 2 finger like google map, and especially when driving no way to zoom in and out to see the global map It could be nice but for now too many littles thing that make it difficult to use everyday Happy I only took one year and no more!
  • The best 5/5

    By trucker 86
    Great app Are use it every day and it failed yet do you wish they would put in night mode on it to make the screen less bright stupendous app
  • Beware 1/5

    By call sign Smash
    If you are thinking about downloading this app let me save you the time and money by telling you do not do it! I down loaded the app with a three month installment on my iPad mini and it has gotten me lost 10 times (and that is under exaggerating) and has shut off on me running one way from one coast to coast at least 10 times and half of those times were in vital situations where I was in the city and really needed it which is why I had gotten lost. I am on home time for a week right now but when I go back out you can bet your last dollar it will not be under the guidance of this!
  • Direction overview 1/5

    By 😤😤😤😤unhappy
    This app does keep you far away from bridges but the directions aren’t as accurate as a regular GPS when it summons me to make a right on 5th ave it should automatically direct me to the next turn without confusion please check into that! It’s not as clear as it should be in giving direction!
  • Helpful, especially in NYC! 4/5

    By Tresidential
    I liked this app enough to get a 3yr subscription. It’s been very helpful to me and I would’ve given it 5 stars except for one thing. The width of the purple route guide bothers the hell out of me!!! Make that a thin sharp line and the app is perfect.
  • Bad routes 1/5

    By mothrtkr
    Horrible app I used it to navigate Chicago with me in a no truck zone
  • Free part useless 1/5

    By stripe34
    Useless unless you cough up $60 for a year or $11 for 7 days. Allowing 3-5 free uses / routes would be more reasonable. Who would pay without being able to try it out?
  • Useless app! 1/5

    By ArtPer
    It needs a lot of work. I wish I can get my money back. There's better truck route apps for less money.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By ArmySoldier22
    I used to love this app, but after using the android version for the last couple years, this iOS version of the app is a huge disappointment. You don't get anywhere near the amount of features, not even close. It won't let me save more than 6 or 7 favorites before it randomly deletes one, whereas on android I had over 600 saved. Honestly, unless they can get this app on par with the android version, it's not worth the subscription fee. Which is sad for me to say, because I've always loved SmartTruckRoute. So if you've got an android device as well, download version 2 of this app, its amazing. If not, don't waste your money on the subscription on the iOS version.
  • Don't know 1/5

    By Bedbugger69
    Not free you have to pay for it
  • Junk 1/5

    By Andrizo
    Paid for this App! $30 for a 3 month use. First week all it did was Crash while in use, gave me wrong directions, made me take the Long Way to my final destination, Sent me down a low bridge route without WARNING!!! Sent me down a NO TRUCK ROUTE . This app is a Negative 5. I should get reimbursed!! Buy a GPS for Truckers, not this App!
  • Load of crap 1/5

    By GardenCrafted
    Don't waste your time downloading... they charge you just to use it.. they don't even tell you until you're done.. they want you to subscribe.
  • Well done 5/5

    By Llopis b
    It does has a few kinks, yet the app is still on time. I had an issue previously, and reached out to customer service. The representative stepped to the plate and fixed the issue. This app is an overall good investment and money saver!
  • El pato!! 5/5

    By Quuack,Quuack
    I loved is very nice and exactly dirección and easy to use
  • Does what it's supposed to. But needs work 3/5

    By Manolo_mp
    The app does what it's supposed to on the cheap. But I have a few gripes. I wish the ETA were based on real time traffic conditions versus only current speed. I once arrived a whole hour after it said I would. I also wish the app would stop interrupting my music. I have to hit play again after every voice prompt. Also if I make a wrong turn it takes forever to recalculate a new route. Either way this beats paying hundreds on other apps or GPS hardware.
  • J wright 5/5

    By Rdnck.Jim66
    Used alot of gps in my day an this one is tops..... had a little trouble with my i pad not being updated but there support team CALLED me an walk me threw everything wish there was 6 stars
  • Probably the worst app I've ever used 1/5

    By Olgert1991
    I'm not a truck driver so this was a one time use of the app for a move. This was the most unpleasant experience I've ever had with any app. The whole interface is poorly designed, the navigation is horrible and the noises and sounds were so annoying I had to mute my phone. I'll focus on the main use of the app, the navigation. If the highway is splitting into north or south for example, the app would tell me to take 278 north for example with no dictation of it being left or right. The symbol at the top left of the app where t should tell you to take the ramp on the right or left for example, is a an actual ramp and not a turn sign. The best part of this app was deleting it.
  • It is the best I use it on my ipad pro 12.9 inch wifi + celular. 5/5

    By Elcocoroco
    Its got to be wifi + LTE 4G celular cause is the only ipad that have GPS
  • Navigation is Great for Drivers!!! 5/5

    By Slate Trucking
    This app works great if you're a truck driver that has a smartphone or tablet and don't want to spend 200-500 bucks on a gps in a store. I'm OTR and use this app for all of my p/u & deliveries. It hasn't taken me down a non-truck route yet ! No low bridges or sketchy residential areas anymore just gives you multiple options in your route plan. Like quickest or shortest route for trucks, shows truck stops, weigh stations (it notifies you 7 miles prior to), and much more. I would definitely recommend it !!!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Trav498
    Best Eva
  • Needs work ! 1/5

    By Refhjvhj
    No way to fully mute app, makes an annoying noise that pauses music and it does it often. Very clunky compared to the one on android. Hard to zoom out while on a route .
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Colliding Moments
    This app gets you all ready to set your route then takes you to a paid subscription page. And it's expensive. Not cool guys!
  • Mr 1/5

    By QuickFix Ahron
    This app requires a subscription.
  • No Free Trial 1/5

    By steve-otr
    Downloaded it, expected a free trial to see if it works, no trial so not going to buy it....
  • App is Free But to Use it... 1/5

    By *MiSzDeePeeZee*
    App is free but in order to use it they make you buy a prescription. Waste of my time.
  • Background support 5/5

    By Full metal artimis
    Update 02|01|17 The STR team listens and works hard to get things right. It may take some time but the updates they have coming made me happy with the problems I had. Original 5 stars if this app had background support. Any calendar alert knocks it out of driving mode. When I start moving it should start navigating not me having to go back and restart the navigation. Also needs some more detailed instructions. In mor urban areas like the nj turnpike hearing keep right or left will help out not just next exit 10 miles ahead when their could be multiple maneuvers in between.

    By gymstone
    This app locks up, closes often. You can not trust it to work when you need it. British accent that is hard to understand and is annoying. Directions are repetitive sometimes to the point of 4 or 5 times within a mile and sometimes wrong. Telling you a right exit when it is a right exit. Hill notices are very inaccurate.
  • Smart trucking 5/5

    By TomB56
    This app will save you time and fuel. If you drive hazmat it's a must! The customer service is excellent and for $99 for three years you can't beat it
  • Horribke app useless 1/5

    By KyinLV
    You have to pay to get routes! Useless

SmartTruckRoute app comments


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