Smashburger Rewards

Smashburger Rewards

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Smashburger
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smashburger Rewards App

Take Smashburger with you wherever you go! Download the app for the ultimate Smash experience, including: JUICY REWARDS - Earn 1 point for every $1 spent. At 100 points, you'll earn $10 to redeem however you like; EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS - an immediate $1 off for downloading the app, BIG bonus points for referring friends, a birthday gift, and plenty of FREE food along the way! Welcome to the new SmashClub!


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Smashburger Rewards app reviews

  • Lame app 1/5

    By Jeff70
    Different login for rewards vs ordering? I left the app to look up my ordering password and it lost my place, would have to start over, but I didn't bother. About the worst attempt at an ordering app I've ever seen.
  • Smashburger 5/5

    By Latavia Mo
    5 guys can’t SMASHBURGER!!🥗🍨🍔
  • I think it’s broken 2/5

    By Polentaroot
    Pretty good promotions. But, I’m not sure if it’s just me, the app always shows I have like 10 notifications and when I open it there is nothing there
  • App does not work at San Jose airport?????? 1/5

    By Romperooster
    How does a rewards app not work in the heart of Silicon Valley? Shouldn’t this be the first place you get your rewards system working??? My mind was blown. I like smash burger, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a value eater and I’ll take my dollars to a well supported app because the food isn’t really any better than one of the many other restaurants who offer a rewards app and DELIVER VALUE.
  • My $10 is gone! 1/5

    By JPSofCA
    My $10 is gone! I worked so hard at spending $100, so that I could enjoy a ten dollar award. It appears I should have used it sooner than I had wanted, because Smashburger took my ten bucks away. I want my ten dollars!
  • Food great, app GARBAGE 1/5

    By lisa.d-h
    I love the food, but this app has so many issues! When placing an order, don’t navigate out of the app or you will lose your progress. If you have the item(s) in your cart, they will still be there, but it will start you at the beginning of the process every time, so don’t have to check a text with your family’s order or you will keep starting over. EVERY. TIME! Oh, and today, for some reason, even thought I’m logged in to the app, when I tried to login to order (why do I even need to login again, anyway?) it said invalid login info. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Fix this app. It’s 2018, for goodness sake, there’s no excuse for this.
  • Need to work on the online ordering 1/5

    By Mr. E YSe
    My family and I love Smashburger but the app is very counter-intuitive. It does not allow redeeming the reward that's already available within the app and when I switch to other app (like Message to collect my family's orders), the screen always resets to Select Location and I had to select the State then City then store all over again. After all the hassle, since I cannot use my reward, I just took the screenshot of my orders and have to re-order at the store, use my reward and wait for the order there. Very inconvenient.
  • Programmers Should be Fired 1/5

    By Nolt194
    Whoever designed the UI for this things should be terminated. It’s like an old school 2001 IE page, just less functional. Items are hard to select you have no idea what ingredients are on each item and the kicker is. I got a reward from the program, added it to cart and it would not let me check out. No big deal. Went on the website an hour later, because I hit the redeem reward button, I only get 2 hours from that point on to use it. Smash burger just lost a loyal customer. Thank you for making the take out process much more difficult than it ever was in the first place.
  • Not very convenient 1/5

    By Ready to take a trip!
    The convenience of ordering online is that your food is ready when you arrive and you don’t have to stand in line. The app lets you pay, but my coupons wouldn’t work so I selected to pay at pickup. Well unpaid orders have to stand in line. So I’m 10 people deep as my food sits and gets cold. Either make your app accept the coupons you send out or create another counter for online orders! Also, staff some extra people so there isn’t only one register on a Friday at 7pm!
  • Slow, unintuitive, and can’t even order 1/5

    By Nickname737
    This app is TERRIBLE! Totally waste of time. Also, it’s almost entirely and embedded website. Whoever they hired to do this is obviously a hack! I can’t even get into a location to review menu and place an order, just keeps going back to location search.
  • Worst app I’ve used 1/5

    By Temple run maniac
    This is the slowest app. I can’t redeem coupons right in the app, I have to be in the store to redeem. What’s the point of that? If I’m going to order in the store- why do I need the app? Also - the reason I use an app is to have the food ready when I get there. I just ordered and they hadn’t even received the order when I arrived. After waiting awhile, the manager had to go to her computer to push the order through. Goodbye Smashburger app!
  • Useless to order 1/5

    By MEs Momma
    When I open the app it shows I am logged in. My information is correct and my rewards are visible. When placing an order, it asks me to log in. I am already but log on again. Takes me to the beginning to place an order, do it again and I am still not logged in. Tried to redeem my birthday shake reward, lost it in all this. Hope they fix so the app can be use in an efficient manner.
  • Benefits are great but app has problems 2/5

    By Skyanik
    I am always getting reward offers, and little notifications on the reward tab in the app, but when I open the reward tab it just tells me I have no offers. Fortunately the cashier is always nice enough to manually give me the reward offer, but I would like it if the app would work so it would actually show I was using the rewards.
  • Love the burgers, fries & shakes 4/5

    By Ns_4
    App works great, except the coupons I receive by email have stopped appearing in the app.
  • App is.... 3/5

    By Princess Tanja
    Been acting like crap lately.
  • No thanks 1/5

    By Austin 🏀
    Smashburger sent me a notification at 6:30AM. DELETE
  • Live to eat 5/5

    By flhr05
    I do like In and Out, but Smashburger steps it up a notch....or two!! If I’m hungry I once went for the Double-Double, but ever since I’ve had the Triple-Double, I don’t go anywhere else! The Triple “D” is about 50-75 cents more, but in my book, well worth it!! The rest of the menu is very good too, from “real” shakes, to upscale sides!! The other specialty burgers are more expensive (plus you can “make your own”, meaning you pick the ingredients you want), but you can’t beat the Triple “D” for freshness, flavor and value. Triple is for 3 cheeses (a very good mix of cheeses!) and 2 of their signature Smashburger hamburger patties! Fresh romaine and tomatoes, all between great hamburger buns... not the average buns, again, up a notch from the standard burgers!!! Smashburger offers the consumer more options, more “fresh” options, for instance great, fresh salads! You can’t beat the all American In and Out burgers for value and flavor, but if you want to kick it up a step, try Smashburger!
  • App is a waste of time 1/5

    By Mjg3229
    Don’t bother ordering on the app. It’s a waste of time as the title says. If you so much as leave the order screen just by clicking the home button either once or twice it just resets the entire order. Just spent 11 minutes making an order three times and I could have already been at the restaurant ordering in that amount of time.
  • App didn’t work... 1/5

    By Keishamama
    Received an email saying my reward was about to expire so I decided I would have dinner there. Standing in the restaurant—which happens to be adjacent to a Verizon store so I had 5 bars—the app would not load. Stood there for a solid 5 minutes waiting for it to load. I get home, after I was unable to use my reward and I paid full price, and the app loads just fine. Was that just a glitch, or some weird interference that keeps you from actually using the app in-store?? #conspiracytheorist
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By MaryK11
    I can’t stand Smashburgers app. It consistently isn’t able to fetch data which leads to massive frustration and order ready times being pushed out by 15 minutes or more. I have foolishly tried to preorder for food for pickup at least 5 times and have never had a smooth experience with their app. Great food...horrible app!
  • Cannot add receipt coupons to app 3/5

    By KsJayhawksfan
    The app needs the ability to add the coupons at the top of the receipts to the app. It is silly to have to keep track of both printed coupons and digital coupons.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By librarian 123abc
    The only thing this app successfully does is manage reward points and that can be spotty. Sometimes the app will scan receipts other times not. Online ordering is painful at best and totally unsuccessful at worst. Recently I lost the ability to both pay on pickup AND online with a credit card. My only payment option is NCR Secure Payment. When I pick that I’m told a secure session cannot be established. The app cannot remember my favorite location so every single order means I have to pick my state, wait, my city, wait, my store, wait, select order online, wait, select my pickup day/time, then finally my order. The app won’t let you add extra of any ingredient already included on a burger. The list goes on. I well and truly detest this app. The staff at the store say they hear the same all day.
  • Great app for what it does 4/5

    By john05636
    Here's a couple of suggestions 1) provide a nutritional value for each menu item for calorie/carb counters 2) provide a method for customers to order and pay when dining in
  • Can't log in 2/5

    By hatterz27
    App says I'm logged in. Then I go to check out after setting up an order and it asks me to log in again, but says my password is wrong.. EVEN AFTER I JUST RESET IT. Then when I try to go back and check out as a guest, my cart is empty and I have to start over. Menu options and ordering would be great if it didn't eff up the login so badly.
  • Good food, bad app 1/5

    By Kyle57427
    Tried to go there twice the past 2 weeks, can’t place an order so I’ve gone elsewhere
  • Burger was great... The app? Not so much 1/5

    By nickiebarfox
    App crashed every time I tried to place an order. Awesome. Went to the store and had a great burger anyhow.
  • Way too many notifications 2/5

    By Gerardizard
    Geez, you folks sure seem needy. It really doesn’t help that I get 3-5 notifications all at once, everyday, begging me to go to Smashburger. I like the food, but I don’t like it that much. Also doesn’t help that the notifications aren’t super easy to dismiss.
  • Ordering option is terrible 2/5

    By micup
    App requires 25-30 minutes between placing order and pickup time, yet they only send it to the store 10 minutes before the forced pickup time. If I wanted to wait half an hour for a burger I’d go to a restaurant.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Fuwtw
    What is the point of having an app, an account & online ordering from the app of I cant redeem the reward in my online order? Seriously I have to go into yhe store, wait in line to order & then wait for my food JUST to use my reward. And I must scan every receipt into the app? And I lost my reward trying to use in my online order. Ridic! I dont wven want to eat there any more since they make it so hard to be a club member.
  • App won’t order here 1/5

    By stp2112
    Try and order a burger here in Centennial and it doesn’t go through you have to use the website this is for the Smash Burger off Arapahoe and Dayton by Natural Grocers across from Fay Meyers it is very annoying you go in and they tell you that you ordered from the wrong store not true
  • Online ordering too frustrating. 1/5

    By Bren5678
    This app is useless. If I could give it 0 stars I would. I tell it to to use my location in settings but it can never find me. I start an order and have to go to another app and it loses everything I did. I try to do an order and it wants me to log in even though I am already logged in. I have tried several times and have not yet successfully placed an order. I use Starbucks, Panera, WhichWich etc no problem. I give up on this one.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By scopefactor
    This is quite possibly the worst app ever designed. It let me create an account with my phone number, then when I went to order it asked me to sign in but only would let me sign in with an email. So after checking out as a guest I went to copy a coupon code I had in my email only to return to the app and have to start my order all over. Making an app like this is not that difficult, countless restaurants have done it just fine.
  • The perfect burger 5/5

    By W-A-F
    Stopped by today for a snack. You have heard of "do it my way" - well Smashburger is the ultimate of do it my way. The custom "smash" lets it happen and they are great. Perfect way to burger.
  • This app is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Rtb0403
    I have been trying to order a burger for 30 minutes and all I get is churn. I am giving up.
  • Horrible App and may charge your card without placing your order. 1/5

    By AHCJ
    Takes forever to order, if it even works. Poorly designed and frustrating. App authorized my card, but the store said they still had to charge me and tried to put the order in again. It’s incompetence, fraudulent, or both. I wish I could give it zero stars.
  • It’s alright 3/5

    By Nacho-Gamer
    I work at SmashBurger currently and sometimes the app doesn’t always work. The Customers coupons sometimes won’t work or it just won’t show. I hope that they will update it and allow it in the wallet pass and make it easy to access.
  • App is awful 1/5

    By MommaStrawberry
    I was going to order in advance so my boyfriend could just pick it up (we do this a lot with several of our fav restaurants) but he actually beat me to the store before I could place the order. Every time I minimized the app, it would take me back to the location screen. It is really annoying.
  • Great Incentive Program and App 5/5

    By MickeyFan619
    I can't say anything negative. The points are easy to load. Food is phenomenal.
  • Extremely Difficult and Inefficient 1/5

    By Bill.Collins
    I can accept rough edges, but this app is impossible to use. 1. It must load each page and is extremely slow. Please contain the data. 2. The cart disappears if you need to go back. However, the items are still there. Hence, you have to delete them. 3. I’m logged in, but I’m asked to put in my contact details for the order. 4. I have to enter a coupon. Why can’t it select from the offers available to me? 5. If the coupon errors, it does not say why. I believe I’ve met the conditions. Really a PIA. Thumbs down. PS. This is not the place to rate the food. I enjoy the food. The Five Guys app is an universe better.
  • Shake shack 1/5

    By Coffee less
    Even one step above smash burger. A huge step at the same price!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By JeremyKLott
    This app is terrible. Awful user experience. I’m just trying to order a dang burger and I can’t log in or pay.
  • Online Ordering astonishingly terrible 1/5

    By zekez
    I really like smashburger’s food. Wish their online ordering system was as good as their food.
  • iPhone X Update Needed! 2/5

    By Libertyforall
    iPhone X Update Needed!
  • San Tan Village location 5/5

    By That tough guy
    Drae was amazing, so polite and helpful as we ordered our meals. And Jordan was very pleasant and attentive to our needs in the dining area. Best visit ever at this location!!
  • Food is great; app is not. 1/5

    By GoSouthSiders
    App is bad. Difficult to log in. I got a BOGO free offer and tried to use it when ordering with the app - but the app is not smart enough to allow that. You have to have the cashier apply the coupon at the restaurant. Really? Cannot see a way to edit an entree after it’s been customized and added to an order - had to recreate the item; what a pain. Won’t be using this to order until it’s improved.
  • Always reliable 5/5

    By Redondo SM Fan
    Don't understand the comments about the app and reward program not working. I am not comfortable with technology and lack competence. This works fine for me. Straightforward, ease of use, reliable. Food is fresh and awesome! Took a "habit" lover tonight who is now totally converted to SB!
  • Burgers are Great. A+. App is very disappointing FAIL! 1/5

    By Tulsa depositor
    We downloaded this app to save time in line. We made our item selections and I switched to the mail app to get a coupon. When returning to the Smashburger app it restarts back to the store locator. Drilling all the way back down again. At least the food items are still in the cart. The coupon is long so I switch back to mail again and we loop back through the store finder all over again. I finally enter the coupon and it’s not valid. I gave up, drove to the store and stood in line. They accepted the same coupon just fine. Lesson learned ....skip the app and go to Smashburger to order. Even the store employees say “we hear that a lot”.
  • Screw this app 1/5

    By Antonblaha
    Had a coupon for a free entree but we scanned it and nothing happened and then it disappeared forever. I love your restaurant but I’m not using this piece of garbage again
  • So frusturatig 1/5

    By Whitney821
    Took me 20 minutes to checkout through the app because it was constantly taking me back to the home screen and I would have to reselect my location and pickup time. 😡
  • Broken App 1/5

    By Pariah-7
    App doesn’t work. Doesn’t read coupons or receipts. It’s a horrible App, do not download. I can’t believe a place has great food has a horrendous App.

Smashburger Rewards app comments


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