Smashy Road: Wanted

Smashy Road: Wanted

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  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Bearbit Studios B.V.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smashy Road: Wanted App

SMASHY ROAD: WANTED You are WANTED! Take your driving to new heights! Master and unlock all 90 vehicles. Race through the desert, grasslands and the city or encounter SECRET areas with great rewards! Escape the POLICE, the SWAT, the ARMY JEEPS and the TANKS! How long can you last? Smash the road and see if you can beat your friends highscore in the online leaderboards! FEATURES - 90 unlockable vehicles!! - Random generated environment with chance to encounter secret locations - All vehicles have their own behaviour. Find your favourite! - Great visuals and sound PLEASE NOTE! Smashy Road is free to play but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use in-app purchases, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Optimised for iPhone 5 and above. privacy policy: terms of use: FOLLOW US


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  • Smash roads 1/5

    By Drswagmcowen
    You should make it so that you don’t get the same car twice.
  • Good game but problems 3/5

    By anonymous3141592654
    This is an amazing and addictive game and I love playing it, but the app constantly crashes and glitches
  • Some things to fix. 5/5

    By The Arriw
    There are just a couple of things that should be fixed. A few bugs. First: The Tanker Trucks. Occasionally when you run into the tankers and fly into the air, you will fall off the map. Unsure weather this is fixable. Second: Buggy cars. A few of the vehicles are WAY to overpowered. For example, the Classic Speed. It can take to many hits, and is a bit too fast. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game. Five stars. Just a little info on the game.
  • New Car! Come on! 4/5

    By Reaaaaally cool
    It says “win a new car” and when I click that I can win a car that I already have, therefore I’m not winning a NEW car. I rest my case
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Supercat20000
    I agree with Advice from a Kid on the getting the same car twice. It’s insane. One time I had 346 $ and I got a car that I already had 3 times in a row. That really sucked. I also don’t like that if you are conected to the internet you get $20 for free after watching an ad. If you are going to advertise, don’t make it unfair. If you are gonna do that, then I’LL just start a pyramid. When you are on the bottom, you don’t get money free. The next one up, you get money once in a while, but not to offin. In the next one up, you watch the videos on average, every time you die. Then when you are at the top, you die on Purpose just to get the money. That defeats the purpose of the game. Please stop showing ads for money! Otherwise, it’s a great game!
  • Great Game, but Thoughts 5/5

    By TheKevinFigs
    Excellent sound effects and music, great dramatic sound for a good chase game. However, there should be a health bar displayed, which should vary between different cars. The ramp trucks should definitely be wider, and it should be easier to catch some air off of them 😎 Personally, I feel like it should be harder to take damage; just a few crashy smashes and smoke is billowing. The game seems a lot more focused on escaping and prolonging the chase than actually smashing. Being well into a chase and getting wrecked when driving through a fence is no bueno 😞 I don’t think there needs to be different values for currency, but I do think it could appear more frequently, and in more varied locations. Maybe having them sometimes be in lines of two or three would be fine. Lastly, I think the world should generally be more interactive. Having the explosive trucks is really cool, it’s fun to try to get cops to drive into them. But there should be ramps placed around the map, tunnels to drive through, maybe some interesting triggered animations, like knocking over water towers or streetlights to slow down cops. Having more terrains—jungle, islands, things like that. The buildings might also stand to be a liiiiittle bit further apart. Just some foods for thought. Love the game, I think the physics are great, the car selection is quality, and it’s different every time. Keep it coming, guys.
  • Could be an amazing little game! 1/5

    By CAVelarde
    Love this game! Cars handle predictably once you get used to them, and each car handles differently. LOVE THAT ABOUT THE GAME! Two things would make the game perfect for me; 1- easy fix, stop repeating car wins. They can be either taken out of the randomizer or give you a chance to spin again. 2- stable city maps. Sometimes I pass a place I want to go drive through and I turn around only to find a completely different map than I remember. EDIT: I dropped the rating one more star because I just played the game a couple of hours and saved up a little over $1000 and went to get new cars. 10 out of 10 were repeats. EDIT 2; I’m deleting the game. I have been playing about 2 hours a day and got nothing but repeat cars. Very disappointed.
  • Why did you mess with the physics??? 2/5

    By Tap my Chicken
    Cars aren’t flying like they used to!!! Police cars are getting stuck in concrete!!! Why the hell would you f around with physics at this point???
  • Pretty fun 5/5

    By TameTheDragon94
    Could add aquatic and land car models, and some police hovercraft vehicles or something tho
  • Player 3/5

    By the_mlf
    You should make a “random vehicle” button because sometimes I don’t know which one to choose!
  • Smashy Road!! 5/5

    By Squishy Squibbles
    I love this game! I noticed that I found a funny glitch in the game. I don’t know how I make it occur or what causes the glitch to appear, but I see it happen and it makes me laugh every time?! It’s like the wheels on my car and the police that are chasing get popped and we are frozen. I can’t move and the police are frozen in their tracks, as well. I don’t see it as a problem, but it probably should be fixed. Thanks for the fun time waster and addicting one, at that!!
  • Question 4/5

    By Gchag2
    I had this game then accidentally deleted it when i downloaded it again my progress was not saved (I had 3 legendaries). Is there a way to gain back my progress?
  • Money grabbers 1/5

    By !NotJosh!
    Its a fun game but they took away the daily bonus and its nearly impossible to get a new car without pay $3 per car. That’s not cool and they also added a ton of adds
  • Poor 1/5

    By No Good No Bad
    Right away this crap app wants me to allow them to sell my personal information. Don’t agree to there terms.
  • Problem with the car slot 3/5

    By grandpaisbad
    I have been spending a lot of time on this game and I have been getting none stop commons for 15 spins and I don’t know what’s wrong.
  • Starting to Make Me Angry 2/5

    By Splattsies
    At first, I had the game and played it quite a lot for like, a day or two because that’s what most players do. From there it just became a game that I played on road trips because it lost its fun and it was one of my only offline games. Then, they proceeded to nerf a couple of my favorite cars, and especially the car that flips stuff. (The Flipper). Therefore, this game is trash and I’m deleting it. I got really angry. I’m done with it.
  • Irritating 1/5

    By Dankster360
    I’ve been using the slots to get a better car and I’ve used in 6 times in a row and got common and nothing else. Extremely annoying. I can’t get anything at all from these slots.
  • Not to shabby 1/5

    By Xfcmhvxmvcmfhxmyfxmhf
    When you spend your money to get a new car and you get the same one they don’t give you your money back. It happened to be 5x in a row I was so mad
  • Best game ever 5/5

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  • Must read 3/5

    The game is pretty fun I’ll edmit, but after crashing into the water a few times I thought if an idea. What if you could switch between land and water with all new boats and police. Basically the same thing but tweaked to make it more exiting
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By waffle20018
    This game is so addictive to me.The only problem is the fact that you can get the same car twice!OMG!It bugs me so much.I finally got legendary on the spinner and it gives me the car l already have.Overall it is a great game and I already have 4 legendary cars. I think that it needs more action. You should have a mode where you can be the police/army. There should be a car that shoots the police/army. (Suggestion) you there should be modes. Easy normal hard impossible and multiplayer. In easy you move fast and the police/army move slow. In normal it is the same as now. In hard you move slow.In impossible you move slow and the police and army come at you immediately. And in multiplayer you can guess what that is. Buy, see you in the game world.
  • Add randomized setting 3/5

    By kamkamkam10
    I think you should add a random car setting so you dont have to choose between all of the cars every time you want to use a different car. Otherwise great game!
  • Advice 1/5

    By iL.A.B
    This game is pretty boring. You really need to remove getting the same car twice and you need to add more bills. You should also make the money man double the other bills by 5 to. This game also needs a boat car.
  • FINALLY😄😄😄😄😄😄 5/5

    By kamleskin😁😁😁😁😁
    Omg after a year an update yasssssssssssss
  • I like it but ..... 3/5

    By Raptorgaming64
    So one of those limited time offers I bought the flipper and the beast and it said they came with 1500 cash but when I went back into the game nothing happend plz fix it or I will file a complaint.
  • It’s cool but needs more 4/5

    By deer5656
    This game is cool but I need more updates like you could be the cop and you could taste like robots and other stuff and you could try there’s no cheating thing where you can like trade with your friends you should put like names or like tags on people so you could just out of them you could maybe make some things work when you get a new car you could and it says you’re ready got it you could like get another chance or watch a Videos or pay like $100 in the car should be like 50 because I think it’s just better that way to add more legendary‘s and my car is in the legendary‘s should be a little bit more easier to get than other stuff so like a medium rare and I thinkThe gift should’ve like the gift for like money it should be more like more than 100 should be like 200 because it’s just a giftI think you guys should I upgrade your thing and I hope you guys listen to my stuff that I had to say and please update
  • 好棒 5/5

    By QQ2009love
  • Maintenance!!!!???? 1/5

    By TeishKnits
    Ok so I love this game and I have all but one legendary car the Flipper is my favorite but you made an update that made it the slowest car and called it maintenance fix or I will delete this app
  • V1.2.2 3/5

    By Mad at new update dude
    I LOVED v1.2.1, but thne came 1.2.2. the screen doesn't even fit on the iPhone X anymore, (example is that the boxes on the home screen? The R and L ones? They look like this: "[ L ] [ R" and the r is cut off.) the speed is ruined, and scoring is ruined. With speed, the flipper is now so low speed, he cant flip anything. With scoring, if i get hit by a cop, my score goes up about 90 points. Please fix this.
  • Fun but... 2/5

    By Widdo main
    There is a 3% chance you will get a legendary car. If they do not fix that I will never play again.
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Codyandjosh
  • Broken... 2/5

    By Lil Savage 2120
    When I do the spiny machine thing I always get a common. Also I get a car I already have... -a unsatisfied customer

    By I'm on iPad
    For some reason, this game keeps crashing. This game is a pretty good game in general and I would probably give this game 4 or 5 stars if it didn’t crash.
  • Good but... 4/5

    By Logan Winner
    Repeats should give you like 50 or 60 dollars back rather than screw you try again of course when you get a hundred back so until that happens 4.5 star rating
  • WARNING 1/5

    By Scary Noodles
    Don’t get this stupid game it’s cool but there is so many dang ads. So annoying!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Should add 5/5

    By Jake🤚Awesome
    You guys need to add a free play mode and I think a lot of people would have fun with it
  • It’s great but 4/5

    By i h8this game
    It’s very very good but spin the wheel have been giving me common cars for weeks
  • The ramp 1/5

    By Eddierock123
    What’s the point I flip over every time
  • Good 4/5

    By Creed 474
    It’s a good game if your bored. But the prize machine where u can unlock new cars, it’s annoying when I only have one legendary car and I get that same one from the prize machine. It’s honestly stupid
  • I love the game 5/5

    By CFrye01
    I just love the game maybe something like this is worse or better but I just love this game
  • This game is awesome 4/5

    By Stealth Ninja 007
    It would be cool if you could name your cars and if the ramp on the truck was wider the you would be able to actually soar in the air and if you could drive a boat too
  • Good, but needs fixes 4/5

    By HawkMan59
    First of all, I love the game, but I can't stand that you can get a car you already have. I got a legendary thing for a car and I was so excited to see what it was but then I found out that I got the tank destroyer, the one I already had. I was so mad that I didn't play the game for two days.
  • Some things you should add 5/5

    By ninjabob111
    I like this game a lot but I have some issues. First there is a bill in the water that is almost impossible to get to. How about allowing us to actually get into a boat. Second there should be different biomes with different cops. Getting the same cops over and over is boring. Also there are glitches where I get stuck in a wall. Those are my complaints.
  • More advice from a different kid 4/5

    By OctopieMan21
    The first thing is you should make rugged into a legendary so if he flips over he will be able to keep going. There should be after the tanks come jets fly in and try to bomb you and it can destroy the buildings and what not. You should add a legendary police car so you can blend in with the cops for 10 seconds. You should add train cross ways and a snowy place and a jungle with dirt roads and bears can jump out and hit you. The last legendary car I think you should add is a plane car so whenever you jump off a car ramp you glide for 5 seconds. You should be able to press a button the randomizes your car every turn. I hope you take note of what I said and add it to your game to make this game a 5 Star rate for me. :)
  • Used to love it... 3/5

    By Idontcareabouthis
    But now, because it isn’t formatted to a iPhone X screen, it’s hard to play it.
  • The game is REALLY good 5/5

    By TheBlueEnforcer
    But it would be really cool if you had a choice to change the color of a car and easy, medium, and hard, mode should be added. Keep up the good work
  • Yeh 4/5

    By Dongymilkrat
    I loved this game when it first came out, but I purchased a car and I can’t even use it in game. Please fix.

    By El_Hipster1673
    This game is really well made and the other game is really good too I really don’t have any complaints about this one
  • I love the game but one flaw 4/5

    By Not lyer
    One flaw in the game that is really annoying is how sometimes you could flip your car or hit a bump and then part of your car would get stuck in the ground and you can’t move so the cops get you.
  • One suggestion 5/5

    By narnianking08
    This game is great but just one suggestion for the game. Make it so you can only get the car once. That’s it by

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