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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Monkey
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smileychat App

Smileychat is a fun way to create chat rooms for your friends to text, draw and play games — it’s kinda like Pictochat except for iPhone! How does it work? 1) Create a new chat room 2) Share the invite link with friends 3) Wait for them to join 4) Have fun chatting Pro tip: Attach your chat room’s invite link to your Snapchat story so all your friends can quickly join! Disclaimer: Smileychat is not affiliated with Nintendo.


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Smileychat app reviews

  • Lovely Chatroom! 5/5

    By A user of iOS
    It reminds me of the pictochat from the Nintendo DS. Make one that resembles AOL’s old AIM
  • Finding new rooms 1/5

    By CamRudd
    This app went down the drain when the feature for discovering new groups went away. No point in having it anymore.
  • really cool but not active 4/5

    By Lubnun
    its a really cool app but no one gets on it anymore. I havent seen an active chat room since the first time I downloaded it🤷‍♀️
  • Nostalgic! 4/5

    By Yoogurtt
    Really hits home, although it’d be cool to have the rainbow pen ink like... well you know.
  • Super nostalgic! 5/5

    By Gavin0224
    Looks just like the DS pictochat! I’ll definitely be giving this a go. Hopefully it’s just as fun as the original it’s based off of!!😁
  • Eh. 1/5

    By EdgyEli
    I wish you could chat with people from around the world instead of just your “friends,” because most of the time friends chat either over text or Snapchat. Not over some app that could be seen as potentially shady. And if your friends chose not to join, you end up sitting in an empty, dead chat with no one to talk to, so what’s the point of even having the app?
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Bonnie Tubby wubby pony
    This app is great but there is one thing that would make it even better. I wish you could something like join public chat rooms. There could be a limit of people per room for say 4/10, 10/10, 3/10. There should be an option to where if you want your chats public or private
  • best feature gone? 3/5

    By the most loving review ❤️
    what happened to the discover rooms...😶 it's not as fun without it
  • How to change name?? 5/5

    By TheMorrisons2012
    Awesome app. Only thing is can you change your name?? If not, it would be great to do so. :)
  • A little problem 4/5

    By Mathewlove154789
    Soo when I first downloaded it it was awesome but then a few weeks later I notice that the discover page was gone and I can no long join chat rooms only by invite links 🙁
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By erigalileo
    I love this so much. Even when I have no one in my rooms, it’s so entertaining. However, I do have suggestions for this. Just some things that will make Smileychat stand out from the rest, including Pictochat itself. 01. The ability to post links, as well as having embeds be automatically drawn. 02. The ability to draw in various colors. 03. Smileychat Discover, a discovery page with lots of rooms and users. 04. A Smileychat Android app, with optimization for Chrome OS.
  • Good, but I can’t bend the phone like my DS. It isn’t the same. 4/5

    By beckytheburd
    I throughly enjoy the app but I can not bend the phone like a DS. I enjoyed the two screens. Being someone who collects These devices, it is close to what the original was. Good recreation. Very good like the golden days.
  • Cool! 5/5

    By pls fire all snapchat staff 🙏
    This is so cool! I would recommend a back button from the chat rooms just to make the interface easier to use, it was difficult to figure out how to go back at first. Also perhaps the ability to change colors! I am a big fan though, I’d rather use this app than text lol.
  • for everyone who hates adulting 4/5

    By Catalina Rose
    I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW HAPPY I AM ABOUT THIS APP!!!💜 but yes there should be a few things like changing color of msgs/theme color and deleting chat rooms and maybe like a friend’s list would be nice but honestly this is amazing👏🏼💖
  • this is awesome but... 4/5

    By hannahlake3
    I love this so much! I think that changing your own color would be cool, sending drawings and text at the same time, and getting better lock screen notifications would be sweet tho. Also, being able to edit the chatroom name!
  • Pictochat 5/5

    By Oliy_
    It’s pictochat you can’t beat this.
  • Confused 4/5

    By _Pacman_
    When I type in any other social media is it supposed to change to things like "club penguin" or "aim" like a funny little joke?
  • Great but could be more faithful 4/5

    By MrTwist11
    In the original, you could drag letters from the key board and put them anywhere on the message box. You should also add the feature of renaming group chats. Another thing I would like to see added is the option to change the color of your name and/ or have it show your “secret” like it did in the original. If some of these features are implemented, 5 stars for me 👍
  • Love it! 4/5

    By yikes.dez
    I’ve loved pictochat and this makes me super happy! Can you change your username?
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By insta: tra.ashh
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app brings me memories to when I was a kid but I just really wish that I was able to change the color and also the username to how I’d like it
  • nintendog please! 5/5

    By happygirlrn
    omg i legit screamed when i saw this app and got it immediately. i’m so happy i cant even speak. i’m so happy you made this app. could you PLEASE make a nintendog app?!? omg that would so so amazing please i’m begging you, make it lol. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 i’ll be waiting :)
  • Cool but... 4/5

    By Allyodb
    Really cool!! but pleaseee add the rainbow pen.
  • ??? 3/5

    By dukcesfkp
    Where are the chat rooms? I can’t find any
  • Some glitches to fix. 4/5

    By M!ss Natalie
    Great app but I have noticed a couple glitches that should be fixed. First sometime when you send too much too fast it doesn’t show everything that was sent so possibly make a couple second dely before text is delivered. Second there is no way to unblock somebody. Third the explore tab just kind of comes and goes. That’s all thank you
  • like it but a few things 3/5

    By Imt.dr
    i can no longer go onto the discovery part and all of my dms have deleted themselves. there should be 2 separate options to block or report and maybe make it to where there’s a option to not see messages from a person
  • Offer option to remove a chat 4/5

    By agonzalez19
    Really cool idea and awesome throwback I love it! Can you make it so you can delete a chat? I don’t want to turn off my notifications because I have chats I want to be a part of but I hate getting constant notifications for a chat that I don’t care about.
  • Names 4/5

    By Tvddyyghnhgf
    Let us choose our names
  • wow that's really great. 5/5

    By Koriekat148
    wow this app is really life changing🤰. i feel like i'm in a whole new world like aladdin and jasmine🌎🐉. can't wait for you to chat it up like its 2007💂🏼‍♀️! woot woot🕺🏼!
  • Some notes 3/5

    By amgiemurr
    I REALLY LOVE IT But I think some good improvements might be the ability to delete your Chatrooms and the ability to leave a Chatroom without having to exit the app, then again I’m probably just not able to figure it out if it does have that feature :P
  • Rainbow Pen 4/5

    By Chloelynn_p
    This app is so cool and brings back so many memories, but im having trouble trying to use the rainbow pen. I would type 5 rainbow emojis but nothing happens. And after i updated, when i would try to send non-drawings it would just delete what i typed
  • Cool as hell like my 3ds 5/5

    By Hatsunemikuchris
    Awesome chat as good as my 3ds was brings back memories
  • This is amazing 5/5

    By spencerbwaite
    The only thing I can really see to improve this is make it available for Android as well so my poor lowly friends not on Apple can use it too
  • Great but could use improvement 3/5

    By Snnsnsnabkememe
    Lots of things could be improved, like adding profile summaries like on the DS!! Maybe some keyboard improvements and emoji reskins to look like the old chat? Just incorporating more features from the old pic to chat basically. Also there’s no notification overlays on the apps icon which is kinda odd
  • Jessica 🌈💙 5/5

    By kate 🌈
    my friends were so happy to hear that this app existed but since they had androids, they were sad and disappointed that it wasn’t available for them :( pls make it available for all android users! xox 💙💞
  • deserves 5 but 4/5

    By Judieith
    are we going to be able to edit our names ? It’s a good concept but I really want to edit my name and that bothers me bc it’s hard to tell who’s in the chat
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Himypie
    When I first found this app i literally screamed. I still have my DS and I will always remember the days of pictochat. Thank you so much for creating this app! Keep on improving 👍
  • Fun Throwback 4/5

    By lil bil'
    My friends and I really enjoy this! Aside from not having colors, this app is a cute throwback! I hope this comes out on andriod sometime in the future!!
  • !!! 5/5

    By Meg 💘
    So much fun, throwback to Elementary days. I wish there was a way to meet & talk to new people :) But Overall Love It! 💖
  • Add This To Other Phones 5/5

    By Someone 13😡
    it’s a 10/10 app but i have friends who have like Moto phones and Samsung. so please add this to all phones!
  • good but 4/5

    By SpnTeamDestiel
    Why can’t we change our usernames?
  • Names? 4/5

    By 9801Stefan
    I wish i could choose my name
  • Works well 2/5

    By Lis la luz
    I love this app, but maybe a friends function would be great. Other than that this really takes me back to the days when me and my friends would doodle on this nonstop. Edit: Also maybe a feature where we can zoom into the drawing box and an eraser feature? Its hard to scribble such a tiny area
  • Extremely nostalgiac 5/5

    By Asksndjqisnqdoaxmajsksn
    A great way to chat with friends all while remembering pictochat
  • there’s no way this is real 5/5

    By Nikkit 24
    back in my school if you used pictochat you were popular. I was popular. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AAAAAAA
  • Nostalgia 5/5

    By AvrgMeme
    I love you for making this but make android for my android user friends pls thank lol
  • Improvements 4/5

    By Chauncdy
    You should be able to do this within imessage. So instead of going to the app, you can just do it in the default imessage app for iphone. More people would download this. Great app though.
  • The CUTEST app 5/5

    By YunieShe
    Love it
  • I love it! But 5/5

    By HollywoodAngelx
    But it would be cool if you added a feature to let me change my own icon color! Blue is okay but it’s not my favorite thanksss I love the app
  • Cool 4/5

    By Itsnotkelleigh
    Kinda glitchy but otherwise rly good. Childhood memories coming back like crazy dude😅😅 having a bluetooth option or a way to connect through wi-fi might also be cool!!💖
  • So nostalgic !! 5/5

    By E.v.e.s
    This is such a great app! It would be really cool if you were able to drag letters onto the text box rather than just typing though!

Smileychat app comments


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