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Smith's App

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Smith's app! It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your Smith's Fresh Values Rewards Card to access all these great benefits: · Shop Pickup or Delivery right from the app! · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order. · View your Weekly Ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list. · Load digital coupons directly to your Fresh Values Rewards Card and use them to save on items from your shopping list. · Get even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards. · Refill your Smith's Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet. Just type in your prescription number, select your Pharmacy and schedule a convenient pickup time. · Check your fuel points. · Use our locator to find the closest Smith's store or fuel center. · View your purchase history. Use it to create standard orders that will save you time. · Add your Fresh Values Rewards Card to Passbook for iPhone and iPod Touch. To use the Smith's app, you'll need a Smith's digital account. You can register for your account and link your Fresh Values Rewards Card through the app. If you don't have a Fresh Values Rewards Card, you can create one when you register to access all of these savings and rewards!

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Smith's app reviews

  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Rebkrishad
    The best of both worlds - an easy app to use & grocery pick-up
  • Difficult 3/5

    By 1fungal
    Navigating and trying to put items in cart was difficult. Items I choose from ad list wouldn’t transfer to cart.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By mamaloves2sew
    My husband and I use it to coordinate our grocery list. We both log into the same account on our two phones and he can see exactly what I want with a PHOTO and what aisle it’s on so he can find it easily! And I LOVE click list WAY TOO MUCH I add things to my cart all week and then order once a week. It’s great; I spend less money, get what I actually need and don’t have to go in! They are also amazing at their substitutions! Nobody else does it like them. They always size up or find something nicer than you actually ordered and price match it to what you picked. Amazing. Five stars all the way.
  • Fees 5/5

    By Ajc999987
    Should list delivery charge before checkout
  • My smiths shopping 5/5

    By mckenzie0909
    Love the new service.
  • Clicklist = Life Saver 5/5

    By Some Are
    I save so much time with order pick up! Thank you so much!
  • Order pick up: You guys ROCK!!! We love dealing with all of you. Thanks!!! 5/5

    By Jjkgkrlj01
    All of the people in the pick up area do the most amazingI job and are great at picking out just what you would.
  • Can’t delete shopping cart items 2/5

    By Chez Gisele
    I’ve tried deleting the whole cart and individual items and it automatically adds them back almost instantly.
  • 😡 1/5

    By hdsjsjjdjifffjjbdja38&4589
    Can’t move the items from the add to the cart and therefore can’t take advantage of the deals.
  • App isn’t working 1/5

    By BFF cv
    I don’t know what the last update did but it isn’t working like before. I can’t delete anything from my cart. Sometimes I update to improve make things worse.
  • Completely useless and frustrating. 1/5

    By frustratedbysmiths
    Would give zero stars if I could. Don’t plan on removing any items from your cart. The remove item conveniently does not work.
  • Shopping list not working! 2/5

    By Rabid_AU
    Shopping list still not working!!! My shopping lists do not show on the app (iOS), but it does on the desktop PC web page.
  • Conversation 5/5

    By Lise'
    App is easy to use, order is accurate, delivery people are friendly & helpful, delivery is within a reasonable time
  • Coupons 3/5

    By shopsmiths
    Wish we could scan in our coupons when checking out. I have to go to the customer service desk to get my savings which defeats the purpose of not going in.
  • Grant and Anthony are always exceptional 5/5

    By Kroger Associate
    While the service is exceptional it is always nice to know Grant & Anthony always take the time to ensure my order is FRESH and correct. Thanks for continuing to crest the best e commerce experience!!!
  • Good 5/5

    By tmac0923
    Could be better if the pickup fee was always waived
  • Much better service 5/5

    By Rebecca 2584
    I want to thank your employees. They do a great job & pay attention to special instructions. I dislike grocery shopping & this service is awesome. However your customer’s need to get out of their car and help. Disappointed that people don’t help loading. Warmest regards, Rebecca.
  • Used to be better 2/5

    By sunbaby13
    It was so nice to create a cart, go to the store and shop by aisle. They’ve taken that away from the Smith’s app. The Kroger app still has it, but not Smith’s. I used to be able to even help other shoppers find items with this feature, but now I won’t be able to find anything. You’ve had 2 updates since the aisle feature was eliminated and I get all excited that you’ve brought it back but no, you haven’t. Really sorry it’s gone... might as well just hand write my grocery list like the old days.
  • Like for the most part BUT.... 3/5

    By MamatobeLC
    I like this app for the most part. However, it is really, really, really annoying when I change the mode to in store when I am shopping and it keeps switching to “add to cart/pick up” mode every time I check something off of my list. Please fix as the purpose of this app is to enhance the overall shopping experience.
  • Bad update 2/5

    By Fikusaa
    I cannot delete items from my cart or the whole cart. I’ve been trying to submit it to support for three days, but that isn’t working either.
  • Bad app 2/5

    By muff87112
    This new app is horrible. I could not update cart and change quantities or delete items. Who nows what I will get when I pick up my groceries.
  • Shopping has Never been Easier! 5/5

    By ACArcano
    Once Smith’s started their click list pickup option I immediately had to try it. I have been using clicklist for over a year now and I am a lifelong supporter. Robert and his team at the W Tropicana location have never let me down. Freshest produce and never had short expiration dates on product. I have never waited longer than 10 minutes after letting them I have arrived. I have 3 children and work full time and having the option of clicklist is a game changer! No more tantrums in the store shopping for 30-45min and this also keeps me within our weekly budget! Thank you Smith's for this great service to your customers!
  • Nice 4/5

    By yoyo moe
    It’s nice so far But I’d like to see more user friendly fly
  • Wow. One hour simply to order. 1/5

    By glkbsfhannj
    This app is horrible. Spotty search engine works only sometimes. Payment process is ridiculously laborious, as is the entire online shopping experience. Sadly, I’d tell smiths to copy Walmart’s online shopping..they’ve got it down.
  • List disappears on updated version! 3/5

    By kalimay1
    I really like this app, it tells you what aisle the items are on. I’m taking off two stars because since the update, things on the list disappear after closing the app!! Very frustrating, PLEASE FIX!!!
  • EW. 1/5

    By Taylor125X
    The new App Logo is ugly, doesn’t even fit or resemble the Smith’s font. 🤢 the whole word needs to be in there or no one will know what this app is doing on their phone.
  • Coupon code error, no place to put it, buggy 1/5

    By Lelouuch
  • Please bring back “sort by aisle” function!! 3/5

    By LorinBruns
    Well they’ve fixed the syncing problem between phone and computer, but they got rid of the sort by aisle function in the cart. Even if I write all my shopping items down by hand and then input them by aisle or section (dairy, produce, etc.), they still print all mixed up. I understand they’re trying to promote the pickup and delivery features, but there are still some people who prefer to print out their lists and do the shopping themselves. This really helps me save money, which our family prioritizes. My meal planning was so easy with previous versions of the app, now it’s a pain and a stress. Please bring back that function!!
  • Hate the redesign 2/5

    By YourGhostInMyMachine
    Why did you ruin it? Gradients vs the solid reds and blues? Come on. I get gradients are “so 2019” but orange? 🤢
  • Love it 5/5

    By Aprilgrocho
    Easy to use. Easy to find and apply coupons. Such a nice way to order groceries as a buy mom.
  • Love your produce! 5/5

    By slhunfam
    Thank you for making my shopping a little easier. You have a terrific store with great customer service and products.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Erikbee
    Will not allow me to change location to shop. Just stays on an Ohio town and I live in South Dakota
  • Loving the new app 5/5

    By Moocher29
    Thanks for the update to the app. I love the new options to view allergens and access items through the coupon menu. It’s so much easier to use.
  • Smith's 3/5

    By murphy gracie
    The site to place orders is HORRIBLE! Very frustrating... POSITIVE remark: I've had mostly great service with the shoppers.
  • Please add this function 3/5

    By aimdar
    I would love a “load all coupons to card” button instead of having to load them all one by one.
  • Dumb update 2/5

    By Zxcvbnm84
    I have this app to shop in store (and ocasional pickup) for a while but the newest update makes it so much more difficult for me. The list option is really flawed so I’ve always used the cart, but now you’ve removed aisle numbers from the cart. Also any time I click on an item the pickup pop up widow covers the “add to list” button. I’ve already said I’m “shopping in store” so why does that pop up window come up on every item?!?! This was a really useful app for me and my husband to build our shopping list and now all it does is give me a headache every time. Make the lists more user friendly and easier to access or just please put aisle numbers back in the cart! Oh and the coupons don’t load correctly most the time either. Worst update ever!
  • Need help 1/5

    By loyalfrustratedcustomer
    I love this service but I need help and I’m not getting it. I did not receive items and was told I would be credited. This never happened and I never got the items. The store confirmed the driver took them. Next, I keep selecting that I DO NOT want items replaced. Time and again the shoppers are doing it anyway and I am left with an item I in no way want but had to pay for after not asking for this. It happened AGAIN tonight. The shopper took it upon herself to pick something different! Can someone please help me. I love this service, but the human element making choices I told them not to is about to end this for me. Please help. Thanks!
  • Delivery is greatly appreciated 4/5

    By still turning pages
    Since I have difficulty carrying items up stairs along with the oxygen tank, I truly appreciate having delivery available. The delivery people have always been pleasant! I don’t understand why some items are inconsistently deliverable; example is lunch meat, one week they’ll deliver, the following week they won’t, even though it’s always listed as deliverable until you checkout. Anyway overall having delivery is a good option for me.
  • My favorite grocery store! 5/5

    By EmyOs
    I like fresh food, good prices, excellent customer service—and I will drive past the other grocery stores in town to go to Smith’s, which serves all three!
  • App has flaw 2/5

    By JannicaJill
    App has a flaw in it. When trying to complete at checkout, it tells me that my prices have been reduced on 3 items. But, then when I try to continue to finish the checkout process the app won’t complete the transaction. I ended up having to delete the items in my cart that had been reduced in cost and then the app would allow me to check out. Frustrating because I will now how to go into the store for a few items. This must be a new update issue. I’ve never had this issue when ordering online before.
  • Terrible server 2/5

    By Krispawx
    Server is always having problems.
  • Stopped working .. 1/5

    By Dreamer702
    Has a glitch at check out. It doesn’t save debit card after you enter all the information and save. To report this the Smith website is not user friendly and is very slow.
  • Room for Improvement! 3/5

    By oy vehyjujuhu
    This is a clunky app. Appreciate an easy back button to return to search and information on price per unit.
  • Love Smith’s store their delivery service is great 5/5

    By lady maxc
    Have been shopping at Smith’s for many years and before that Kroger’s. The Stores are always clean and organized. Prices are always good and I’m trying their delivery service for the first time. I will update this after the delivery arrives.
  • Please fix coupons 1/5

    By liesllinnea
    No longer works. Won't show coupons
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By miah-1-0-6
    This app used to be fantastic. You could sort by aisle, and it would sync across multiple phones. Now it’s just a bloated mess and our shopping list no longer shows up on multiple phones. Going to try Vons. Peace out Kroger.
  • Coupons aren’t working 1/5

    By Tiffany0007
    Normally I love this app but the updates have made it worse. Coupons are no longer applying when I check out. I have deleted the app and will have to use the website to add coupons to my account.
  • Newest update is horrible. 5/5

    By Mcbutterz
    I often add things to my cart over several days as I realize I’m out or running low on something. Then I’ll finish up my list and pick whether I’ll be picking up or getting delivery depending on my schedule. New update makes it very hard to change your mind. If you start a list for delivery and then decided to do pick up instead, you have to start a whole new cart or do a million clicks to move items from one cart to another. Not as user friendly as it used to be!
  • Fix The Issues Please 1/5

    By Megan1816
    It would be really nice if someone would fix the issues with the app and website. There have been multiple time that I have put in an order with your clicklist department and the amount of product I need has changed from what I actually need to less than what I needed. I would love this app if the problems would actually get fixed.

Smith's app comments

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