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Smith's App

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Smith's app. It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and link your Fresh Values Rewards Card to access all these great benefits: · Create and track Pickup, Delivery and Ship orders right from the app · Shop an extended aisle of 1,000s of products from our trusted third-party sellers · Use Kroger Pay at in-store checkout – one scan applies your Fresh Values Rewards Card and payment · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order · View your weekly ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list · Clip digital coupons and use them to save in-store and online · Get Cash Back deals to earn money on items you already buy · Discover even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards · Refill and track the status of your Smith's Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet · Check your fuel points · Use our locator to find the closest store or Fuel Center · View your purchase history and use it to easily reorder your favorite products · Add your Fresh Values Rewards Card to Wallet for iPhone. To use the Smith's app, you'll need a Smith's digital account. You can create one and link your Fresh Values Rewards Card through the app. Don't have a Fresh Values Rewards Card? You can add a new one when you create your digital account.

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Smith's app reviews

  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By mbbmeeshy
    Coupons are hard to find, the “clip” feature is stupid. If I open your app and use my smiths number, I should just get the coupon of the items. Why make me search for it (search feature is pathetic!) and then clip it. I hate this app.
  • Hope this app is better than the website 1/5

    By fggtggh
    I’ve been using the website for over 6 months clipping coupons, thinking I’m saving money. Just realized today that none of them worked, only noticed this time because it sold of been 18$ less. Just offer the coupon price, these stupid digital coupons seem to be a scam. Very irritated that I just realized I’ve saved 0$ thus whole time. I’d rather get a paper coupon than this terrible system.
  • Woke up my baby 1/5

    By rmrm3000
    The ad for this app contains a doorbell which set off my dogs and woke up my baby.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By i hate spoyify
    Better then walmart pick up!! I like how you don’t have to put in your card to put in a transaction.
  • Why would you shop at any other grocery store? 5/5

    By Big Cami D
    This is the response I say to every cashier when asked if I found everything! I love Smith’s! I love the product, the service and the convenience of using the app and inside the store shopping. I am never dissatisfied nor disappointed in my experience. Remember to think ahead for Christmas shopping and purchase your gift cards either at your closest location or look to see if you can receive them via email. You will be thrilled at the convenience of the gift card and the gas fuel rewards will add up fast! Who doesn’t want up to $1 off each gallon of gas? Happy shopping fellow Smith’s customer!
  • Great except I have to sign in EVERY TIME 1/5

    By peasetorch
    I love and use this app all the time. I’d give it 5 stars except it makes me sign in almost every single time I open it. SO ANNOYING.
  • Clunky and convoluted 1/5

    By TheMorty
    This is a terrible app. Designers should be fired. It is clunky and convoluted. Good luck trying to figure out Digital Deals. Albertsons is way way cleaner and user friendly.
  • Shopping On The App 4/5

    By Pdqgal
    Ut is fairly easy yo navigate the app. I don’t understand why items are shown, yet are unavailable.
  • Kroger/ Smiths needs to update the app. 3/5

    By ThisIsACLunkyApp!
    The order process is about 5 years old. Clunky, excruciatingly time consuming.
  • 1st delivery 3/5

    By mk930
    1 item missing and 2 items wrong size
  • Awful 1/5

    By chocolat chip cookie
    Using this app is an awful experience for several reasons. 1. There is no way to see the unit prices of what you are putting in you cart or ordering. This makes it unnecessarily difficult to compare prices. 2. There are a significant amount of bugs meaning I have to constantly close and re open the app when I am trying to use it. 3. Finding wether a coupon apples to what is in you cart is more difficult than it has to be.
  • Items disappear from cart, unreliable stock, nearly useless search 1/5

    By monkeywraith
    Items randomly disappear from the cart when switching devices. I just had a delivery with half the things I added missing, because it turns out $90 worth of items are missing from the receipt. On top of that, they apparently can’t keep things in stock or inventory up to date, it does not save substitution instructions on regularly purchased items, and the search and categories are nearly useless. Good luck if you want to filter or search for vegan options, specific bakery items, or anything specific or niche; and it seems the very thought of having perhaps a phone, tablet, and computer or wanting to let other people add to the cart is incomprehensible.
  • This App is Vulnerable to Scammers! 1/5

    By beccabeccalee
    I was scammed out of $250 worth of groceries on this app when I used grocery delivery. I’ve been using the Smith’s app for years to order curbside pickup. One day I was so busy that I ordered grocery delivery, which costs an extra fee. I was in contact with my shopper, and groceries were delivered on time, but for some reason the order wasn’t marked as completed even though it was delivered. I didn’t think anything of it. Two days later, I get an email from Smith’s telling me my receipt is ready to view. I check the receipt and it’s around $250 worth of groceries (my original order was under $100). None of the groceries are familiar to me—it included stuff like dog food (I don’t have a dog) and beauty products. All my items from the original order had been marked “out of stock” and replaced with what is clearly someone else’s groceries, while I’m saddled with the bill. I immediately called my bank and they refunded me the money and sent me a new credit card. About a week later I got back on the Smith’s app and tried my new card for a grocery pickup order but the card was denied over and over again. I called my bank, they said the issue was on Smith’s end. Then I spent around an hour on the phone with the Smith’s customer service rep and eventually they told me to have my bank reinstate the fraudulent charge so they could do their own investigation and decide whether to refund the charge or not (no thank you). I definitely won’t be doing grocery delivery again, but I would at least like to do grocery pickup again. It’s the main way we buy groceries for our family. It’s been such a hassle to deal with being scammed on this app, and then to have Smith’s penalize ME by blocking my new card feels extra frustrating. And they don’t seem to have fixed whatever flaw allowed the shopper to scam me in the first place. It could happen to anyone who orders grocery delivery, at any time. I just want to buy groceries online again. I don’t really know what I could’ve done differently besides not buy groceries from Smith’s, especially on this app. Buyer beware, I guess.
  • Makes life easier 5/5

    By Jayleneeeeeee
    I love using this app to pick up & make my grocery trips quicker !
  • Customer Service 5/5

    By daffytaffyduck
    I was having a hard time adding my new card to make an online purchase so I called customer service and Tudy helped me and resolved the problem. She was very friendly and professional and changed a bad situation into a great one. Thank you Tudy!
  • Review 5/5

    By 1fun3fun3 fun
    Love shopping on line
  • App is annoying to shop with 3/5

    By abrandi
    Other stores allow you to select favorites and quickly scroll through them to shop. While this app does have a “previously purchased” section, it is just not as user friendly. It would be nice to see a grid of all of the items, as opposed to scrolling, and have more frequently purchased items at the top. I also find it easier to just search what I’m looking for, instead of going category by category. The app is very convoluted and takes forever to scroll through.
  • Aisle numbers not displaying anymore?? 2/5

    By MrN8Sanders
    I would only use this app to search for an item at whichever store I was at. But now any item I search at any store no longer says what aisle it’s located. Extremely inconvenient, I’m wondering if this happened to anyone else because I don’t see any reviews about it. PLEASE put the aisle locations back in.
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By Goobir Doo
    As I am unable to shop in person this pick up feature allows me to get what I need and have caretaker pick my order up I have learned how to find what I need but there are a few items not available for pick up which can be a problem for me. Also would like the Kosher Dept. to be available
  • Change Location 1/5

    By earthsog
    The app absolutely would not let me put the store zip code in where I shop. It kept my store as Colorado and I don't live in that state- very disappointed I deleted app.
  • OK BUT….. 4/5

    By acmgourmet
    Pretty easy to use except when items are OUT OF STOCK from your selected store. The unavailable items move to another order for DELIVERY. This is not very clear and I had to CHAT to get help. It was frustrating!!
  • Rarely out of items 5/5

    By Time2golr
    Used pickup since inception. Extremely satisfied. I occasionally go in for a few items but this is my preferred way to shop. I’ve had arthritis for half of my life and pickup is my lifesaver.
  • Hangs up to often 5/5

    By tuootruu
    Your software hangs up too often and drops part of the groceries that you’ve ordered I probably had to reboot five times and it kept on losing things that I had added. Very annoying.
  • Easy to navigate app 5/5

    By Bobo0217
    Smith’s app is very easy to navigate.
  • Searching 3/5

    By L.E.G.I.N.
    Trying to find items is pretty ridiculous. And I haven’t found a way to filter results prices high to low or Vice versa. Silly.
  • Shopping made easy 5/5

    By Carlyle88
    I’ve always loved click list… this makes it so easy!! I can quickly do my shopping on my phone, and convenient scheduled pick up is so great!! Love my smiths!!
  • Horrible Delivery Servie 1/5

    I'm paying for the Boost membership and 2/5 times I've had awful experiences where my delivery was 6 hours late or the wrong order delivered. Having to call and be on the phone for 30 minutes on customer service to figure out the situation is unacceptable. I would stick to in-store pickup and not use the Boost delivery membership.
  • Quality 5/5

    By Lurkah!!
    Smith’s is absolutely the best pharmacy and app I’ve ever had. They’ve never lost a script or didn’t receive it from the provider. They always fill scripts within a few minutes of receiving it, and they definitely take care of their patients and provide excellent customer service.
  • Used to use every week. Can’t use because it crashes. 1/5

    By momofkidsandapug
  • Items 4/5

    By onlineshopper101
    I would like to click shop/ department and see the most common purchased items. For example I go to deli I expect to see milk, cheese heavy cream yet I have to scroll and scroll to find it . Its actually easier just to use the search bar . I will spend more if I can scroll through common items and shop with my eyes .
  • No More Spending Too Much! 5/5

    By domesticatedbeauty
    I love picking up my groceries saving me valuable time and lots of money. Only suggestion is improve search to include a wider range of products. Thanks!
  • Love love love 5/5

    By larikau
    My only day off from work. Just love knowing that I can shop from the app. So easy and a relaxing day all together for me without the hassle of over shopping when I’m in the store.
  • New update is effed up. 2/5

    By Mistypilgrim
    Great for the phone, but terrible for the iPad. The iPad freezes when I try to look at item details, and then I have to quit the app and restart it. Very annoying.
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Da Sush
    It is so easy to use this app. Also it helps on the days my hip is not cooperating with me. Thank you so much for this service.
  • app has gotten worse, so has the delivery 1/5

    There’s more useless banners now. The lists aren’t useful anymore. The inventory isn’t synced between the store and the app. Etc. but the real problem is the delivery. Sometimes the shoppers don’t wait for responses when they need to replace items, sometimes just leave it off or chose something that doesn’t make sense. The transportation can take long enough to put frozen or cold things at risk. Drivers with 4’ flags on their car are SUPER tacky. At this point, I’m using it because it’s my ONLY option. Definitely trying to find replacements. I may just start shopping in the store again (just not Kroger). And I HATE grocery shopping. That’s how much I hate this app/service.
  • Heroes 5/5

    By Cotorrita
    I appreciate so much that during these crazy times, there is an app that is so easy to navigate, and even more great, that there are amazing people working hard to fulfill my orders! Thank you, thank you!!!
  • Clunky 3/5

    By mkt phd
    There are many apps for groceries that are so much easier and intuitive. I despise this one. It doesn’t save me that much time to set up a pickup order.
  • Search function 3/5

    By The jungle
    The search engine in this app is horrible. There is lots of room for improvement. Also, why don’t you have links to the items for the weekly ad items…? You can add them to your “shopping list” but not your cart?? Such an easy fix. Do it! I love Smith’s, but you guys really need to just look at how well Walmart’s app is and get to that level.
  • Don’t waste money on Boost 3/5

    By Teaciejh
    We recently updated to the boost membership for the fuel points but have not received double fuel points ever since no one at the store understands the program or how it works and can’t answer a single question and when you call the 800 number it’s an automated service and no one there can help you either don’t waste your money.
  • Smith’s 5/5

    By ozziem775
    Awesome app
  • Online shopping 5/5

    By Baja770707
    Great experience
  • Broken 1/5

    By Waltnut
    Can’t add to list from Ad. Basic functionality struggles. These Devs need to more education.
  • Seriously, fix the bugs 5/5

    By MendraA
    Without fail things are missing from my order, the app freezes and I lose half my order, the “let us know you’re on the way!” feature has stopped letting me enter, Smith’s and Kroger sign ins don’t sync-geez, hire some competent developers.
  • App is terrible! 1/5

    By LoveTrump❤️
    No pictures for the items so u can't see what to buy. I usually get frustrated and switch my order to Walmart pickup.
  • Needs to be fixed 4/5

    By juwe22
    Every time I’m in the store and use the app all of the coupon settings reset. It’s very annoying.
  • Not apple pay compatible 3/5

    By watwr gal
    Wish the app had the ability to use apple pay instead of storing card information. Otherwie, fine.
  • Can’t get registered 1/5

    By Bubbles1743
    I downloaded the app. I tried to enter my alternate ID to register. It wouldn’t take my alternate ID that I use all the time. I called the number they said to call to fix the problem. I went through the painfully long menu and each time (twice) it hung up on me. So I can’t get registered. Guess I’ll check out Albertsons app.
  • Need phone # in app description 5/5

    By JECM7
    Your app update text shows this: “We value your feedback. If you have a suggestion or need assistance, please contact our Customer Service Center at [INSERT SUPPORT NUMBER]. “ So could you please insert a support number? thank you. P.S. I use the app almost every week to build a Pickup shopping cart, i REALLY like the convenience. My only two (2) suggestions: 1) I am trying to reduce my plastic use so I followed an employee’s suggestion and updated both my first and last name in the app to add ‘NO BAGS PLEASE’. But they still don’t see it. I really do not want the bags, i keep my own tote bags in the car that i put the groceries in when i arrive for my Pickup order. What other method can i use that they’ll see when shopping my order? 2) On the app cart list, it’s still too easy to accidentally delete an item. When I’m scrolling through, if i accidentally move a little too much to the diagonal, it deletes. Can you make it a little stickier? Thank you.
  • Love smiths pickup 5/5

    By wesgate5
    I use the grocery pickup several times a month. The app is very helpful, the coupons have applicable items and you can see their ad. The only suggestion I have is, please allow customers to view the out of stocks and substitutions after a few extra hours because I often schedule a morning order and the text is sent at 2:00am so by the time I wake up, the link expires and I can’t see what was out.