Smoothie King Healthy Rewards

Smoothie King Healthy Rewards

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smoothie King Healthy Rewards App

Smoothie King Healthy Rewards is so much more than a rewards program. It's an integral part of your health and fitness journey. You'll receive inspiring content and earn rewards you can use toward Smoothies that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Download the Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app today to start earning! - Earn 100 Purpose Points for $1 spent. - Receive a $2 Healthy Reward for every 2,500 Purpose Points - Redeem your rewards whenever you like, or combine rewards to save even more. - Stay motivated by unlocking additional benefits with Champion Status. - Earning rewards is now even easier with mobile payment.

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Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app reviews

  • new update is horrible and was not needed 1/5

    By kord stone
    the new update was not needed and has made it difficult to get around the app. it also seems like they’ve removed missed points which is needed for various reasons. my points were not transferred to the new rewards update. highly disappointed. will take my money to jamba juice instead.
  • Update/New App is Horrible 1/5

    By Daphnie Rose
    The last app worked great for me. This one is horrible. The store can't load my points through the app. They said they have to do it with my phone number. I thought, no big deal, since I'd used to old app to add points with my receipt if I forgot to scan and it worked fine - I was wrong. My points don't accumulate. Nothing showed that anything happened at all until the last two visits where it SAYS I have new points added, but they've yet to show up in my app. I've taken screenshots to slow that nothing has changed. This is ridiculous. The old one worked fine - rather well, I thought. I see no reason to update to this horrible mess.
  • No more updates 1/5

    By Ethan693
    Not really sure why they keep updating this app. Every update they make the user interface worse, harder to ever get rewards, and more glitchy. They also keep forgetting to add the reason this app should exist, to order online. I love smoothie king, but this app is garbage.
  • New App is Terrible. 1/5

    I can’t get the scanner to work to earn my points.
  • Whyyy 1/5

    By LilCDamoney
    My app suddenly won’t load anything at all. It shows no points no rewards nothing. It just spins when I tried to update can’t do anything with it when I tried to scan it at the store yesterday. Can’t even update it. So I just deleted it to download again and now I can’t do that either. I have rewards to use and points I need to add since the app isn’t working. Fix this ASAP. Smh. Terrible customer service with this app.
  • Too many stars 1/5

    By nicsinc
    This new app is ABYSMAL.
  • Fool me once, shame on you... 1/5

    By L. Wills
    I no longer visit SK enough to bother with the constant loss of rewards/points. With this being the second time I’ve lost reward points when you’ve “improved” your app, I’m out! Deleted✌️.
  • Missed points 1/5

    By lovebnamom2
    I can’t add my miss points. The support site says to go to settings and use “add receipt .... “ but there is no settings so now how do I get my missed points?
  • Boooo, new app is terrible!! 2/5

    By LaOrange
    All of my coupons have been replaced with 2$ off coupons!! How greedy are you? Smoothies are expensive but good. I don’t mind paying extra to support small local stores. The app takes long to load. And the coupon thing, man, horrible.
  • No points 1/5

    By Viinturuth
    The last 3 times I went to smoothie king in the last 2 weeks I’ve gotten NO points using the new updated app. You’ve lost a customer.
  • Points are being applied 1/5

    By smoothie queenie
    None of my transactions are posting to my account so I am not earning points. I’ve contacted customer service twice with no response or resolve!!!!
  • Even worse than before 1/5

    By Stupidgametogetdontdoit
    I thought the old app was bad. This one is WAY worse. If I could give it 0 stars I would. It's now near impossible to find rewards and use them. I just want to use my reward points!! The staff doesn't know how to work it. I just wanted to add points from a receipt when the store forgot to add them? I still don't know where that option is. You need to go back to the drawing board.
  • New app 1/5

    By Glenjamin20
    The new updated app is terrible I have gone to SK multiple times and have yet to be rewarded with points. What is the issue? The previous app worked great but since the new update nothing has been working. I have only received 3 transactions since the new app and I visit SK at least 4 times a week. Need to fix ASAP.
  • From really good to horrible 1/5

    By cfelect
    With this last update, the app is now virtually unusable. It is no longer user friendly and is not an app I would use to gain points toward discounts on Smoothie King blends. For now, goodbye Smoothie King. You’ve lost a customer over this mess you call an “upgrade”.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By m18mix
    Every since I updated and installed new smoothie king app, I’ve lost reward points. App does not track each purchase and doesn’t allow me to manually put in my receipt.
  • Update app please 2/5

    By SD DaGhost954
    Could you please add feature to be able to add points to the app through receipt because when I go the scanner doesn’t work and I’m missing loyalty points
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By JagMan25
    The old app never loaded points. The new app didn’t transfer my points and there is no way to add points after a transaction. This app needs work.
  • New Version is a Smoothie Joke 1/5

    By ScriptureTattoo
    Cons: 1) According to new points system I have 56 points from multiple visits and only 2,444 more points to go for my next reward. 2) Loading time every time you click around the app. 3) Some buttons are hard to see because they are the exact same colors in the background and detail colors. 4) Apparently you can click a smoothie type (wellness, slim, etc) and it will show you info about it... But only for a micro second bc clicking on it also opens a new screen. Hovering over doesn't work, pressing and holding doesn't work. 4) It's just ugly. The old version was more pleasant on the eyes. I honestly don't even see a point (get it?) in using this app. Maybe that is their intent. If I go back to SK I probably won't be bothering with the app.
  • Keep having to log in 1/5

    By Hondaxman
    I come up to line and order, go to my app to add points, and asks me to log in. I forget my password cuz I’ve never had to login n a long time. People waiting. I’m like forget it. Why update it? Leave it alone
  • Finally an app worth using! 5/5

    By xaxsinglexxxrose
    This is the third app I've used for smoothie king. The first was awful, the second had is issues but this one is a slam dunk! Add your points, redeem rewards, & pay ALL AT ONCE! No more "oops I already scanned your earning code now you can't redeem" I LOVE this app! Can't wait for mobile ordering!
  • Never get my points after I scan 2/5

    By Ari423
    Almost every time I scan to get my points and I go to check my points later, they never show up. I’ve lost out on so many points from that and when I go to submit a receipt for my missed points I still don’t get the points. Makes me not want to visit anymore.
  • Lost Rewards 1/5

    By emgar13
    I was just asked to switch to the new app and only 10% of my points transferred over. I had been saving them to get the maximum discount/free smoothie. Should not have bothered, the new system is hard to stand behind especially as a frequent customer.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Nitrox624
    I had 1800 points in the old app. The new app transferred 800. Won’t be going back to Smoothie King.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By MommaOdemBoiz
    This app wasn’t so bad a few months ago. This new update is absolute trash. I’ve lost absolutely all of my points (I go to SK almost daily), the app says it’s still waiting for my first visit, I’m not able to input missed points, if I try to open the menu it freezes and then closes the app all together. This app makes me want to go to the other smoothie place in town. It’s healthier and has a point system that works.
  • Could be so much better 3/5

    By NewMacUser
    Prior app was much better. This update had potential but it stoped short. Needs Apple wallet integration, Apple Watch features to scan at window, train people on how to use the pay feature.
  • Reinvented wheel and turned it into a square 1/5

    Wow! So hard to navigate. If you don’t scan at store, good luck entering your receipt. Really disappointed to put it mildly. Hard to use rewards as well. Even better is that staff at stores have no clue how to use it and think it is terrible too.
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By Hhhatrik
    This should not be on the App Store. Full of bugs and glitches. Overall poor user experience. Attn business stakeholders - overhaul the app as soon as possible. This is not a short or long term solution for managing rewards. Innovate or fail.
  • Not working since upgrade to be version 1/5

    By todates
    This app is horrible, has not worked right since upgrading to level up version. Has not shown any of my purchases since than or given me any points, customer service has no clue. Previous version work way better.
  • Update horrible 1/5

    By SassyAshy
    This update is horrible as much as I love smoothie king I will be going to other smoothie places😪
  • Paid Twice... 1/5

    By linley33
    I only had $2 left in my account, so before entering the store I loaded some more money. When the cashier scanned, he said only $2 were taken off and I still owed another $6. I didn’t mind pulling out my card, but when I opened the app it clearly took off the full price of my smoothie. The employee didn’t even bother helping me figure this out
  • 👎🏾 1/5

    By Lovesit2345
    I am very disappointed in the most recent update that happened during the last week in December. Ever since the update I am not acquiring points. I have been to Smoothie King on three different occasions and my point balance has remained the same. I like the fact that get an email receipt but the only receipt that I am receiving is to show what reward I have redeemed. I have contacted customer service to add my missing points and was told to use the information from my receipt. Well, by that time I had thrown my receipt away. I have also added my card info so that I can pay, earn and redeem at the same time. Unfortunately, the pay portion of the app has not worked yet. I really hope that the app can get the issues worked out.
  • Done with Smoothie King 1/5

    By Lteague80
    I used to be a regular customer. I accumulated a bunch of points, then lost them all when I updated the app 🙄. I never see anyone put any fresh fruit or veggies into the smoothies either. It seems like it’s all processed ingredients 🤮.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Littlecoolness
    They update their app just to reduce the value of your current rewards points.
  • Who develops this stupid app 1/5

    By OG fan time
    Why launch an update that requires a user to re-enter their login information every time the app updates? Completely discounts the user experience. Keep this up and your loyalty buyers will leave you.
  • Latest update is terrible!!!! 1/5

    By Phartsmone
    I can’t tell when I’m due a reward. I can’t tell if it pays through my phone or not. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. The rewards program seems so downgraded that I’ll never get a reward. I’m usually at a smoothie king 5-6 times a week,(Almost every day) but if you don’t fix it ASAP I’m gone!!!!
  • Menu slow to load 3/5

    By Kbb2002
    App it’s good for the most part. Easy to scan and pay at store. The menu portion is painfully slow. Kind of hard to sell something when you make it painfull to loom at your product. Especially being a smoothie play that has hundred of different option. Fix that and it would be decent.
  • New App Update 1/5

    By pptomey
    The new app update removes previously unused rewards and “converts” them to points. So much for my rewards that I was saving for future use. Now the system is confusing and even more difficult to earn free drinks. Why use the app at this point?
  • Incredibly slow app & lost rewards 1/5

    By SmeeIsMe
    12/20/18 I lost two free smoothie rewards and a hefty discount on a third when the app updated. The app itself runs incredibly slower than most apps on my phone, and the menu is the slowest. No way to order online and pickup in store. I’ll stop coming to SK as a result. Update 12/29/18: Rewards program changed. Apparently we are supposed to be REALLY excited that after spending $25, we get a coupon for just 2 whole dollars off!!! Yeah, no. Definitely not going to be shopping there anymore. No point. Plus, you can spend $25 in ingredients and make 12 smoothies for the price. Saves you more than $2 ;)
  • Worse 1/5

    By Jekala1234
    The older one I was like 1 visit from a free smoothie. Transferred my points and it was like 1000 what the heck? Those point are not even worth a dollar anymore
  • Lost $50 of reward points 1/5

    By VeryBrokeStudent
    New update is terrible. I frequent my local smoothie king yet when I signed into the new update on 900 of my 6000ish points transferred. I don’t appreciate $50 worth of previous purchases points being stolen. Those lousy $2 rewards aren’t the same as a free smoothie with leftover points.
  • Trying to update but unable to log in 3/5

    By Jmpkc
    I’m trying to access the updated app, but am being put through the steps to create a new account. How can I get past that and log in to my existing account? Thanks.
  • Terrible 1/5

    Somehow after the update it’s even worse. It doesn’t let you accumulate your points past 2000.
  • Downgrade 1/5

    By eek123
    This app is not user friendly with the update. The formatting is also way off, at least on my iPhone SE. Bring back the “missed visit” feature for us loyal customers who sometimes don’t have our phone on us or cannot connect to WiFi. I also miss accessing the menu from the app.
  • Toggle rewards is stupid 2/5

    By Wevszzzzz
    The whole system to use your points is frustrating and misleading. You can only use 1 reward at a time which seems pretty ridiculous. If I earned it why the hell cant I use it? And your rewards show up as part of your balance which makes it very misleading. For example I had a $7 coupon and two $2 coupons so my balance read $11. At first I thought wow that’s great, in theory it’ll use my rewards balance before it charges my card right? Wrong. First off it will only use one reward at a time and if you have them all toggled on it seems you have no choice in which one it uses. Some you don’t even have a choice in whether or not you can turn it off or on. For example one of the $2 coupons I couldn’t toggle off, so even if I wanted to toggle on only the $7 one to use it I didn’t have that option. The whole system just seems stupid. Don’t include my reward in my balance if I can’t even use them. And actually let me chose which reward I wanna use instead of forcing the one of least value on me just so I’m forced to come back before my others expire. Like way to take advantage of loyal customers.
  • App is Buggy 1/5

    By NekoKuroNeko
    I lost a $2 reward today but the manager was there and addressed the manner immediately. For some reason the App keeps giving me $0.42 off my order instead on giving me points. I can’t seem to earn points with the App anymore.
  • New app not working 1/5

    By Kris Cust
    Great idea to have instant billing however it never works every time I have tried to use it. So it’s pointless to have. Also it seems like now you have to spend a lot more $$ to even get any reward toward your next smoothie. Really disappointed.
  • New Update = New Problem = Lost Points 1/5

    By EboUzo
    I NEVER write a review, in fact this is my first one to be exact. This incident deeply upset me a few days ago so I decided to share. Our gym is fortunate enough to have a Smoothie King inside. It was the day before Christmas so they closed early and wanted to leave. The line started to get long really quick and it was only a young girl when I walked up in line. Soon a man came up and they were backed up. The man told the girl to take orders and he will make them. She was obviously flustered (maybe because she was new). He sort of pushed her to the side and started to take the orders and she was told to prepare the ones already started. After I ordered my smoothie I asked the man and young girl how do I redeem my points since it’s a new app. She said she has no idea and he said come back because we don’t know anything about the new app. They didn’t ask for my number so I really thought I could just add it later. Looking at the app there is all of a sudden not a way to add a “missed visit” credit towards my points. I tried looking online “how to” add points but nothing appeared. I come here very often and would like that aspect put back. During the transition of this new app, it seems some token elements were removed. Not a good move. I want my points. Please add this feature back.
  • Update 1/5

    By He`s not crazy
    Needs a update big time...the old app was better
  • New update is bad 1/5

    By yohalmo1989
    Hate the new update and I can’t log in and get my original points and rewards

Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app comments

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