Smoothie King Rewards

Smoothie King Rewards

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Relevant
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smoothie King Rewards App

The Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app is an easy way to get rewarded with every smoothie purchase. Earn rewards faster than ever with our new program and redeem them for your favorite Smoothies. When you sign up, you’ll earn an instant $2 Reward! Healthy Rewards: Every $10 spent earns you 1,000 points. Every 1,000 points unlocks a $1 off healthy reward. You can spend it right away or save up your points for a Free Smoothie Healthy Reward. Earn a free smoothie every 7-10 visits on average. Offers: Complete your profile to get exclusive, members-only offers tailored just for you Menu: Browse the full menu. Find a new favorite, check the nutrition facts, and customize your blend. Locations: Find the closest Smoothie King to you or search by city or zip code. See hours, call the store, and get directions. **Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Smoothie King Rewards app reviews

  • Points rarely works 1/5

    By Pokenerd24
    I go to smoothie king about 3 times a week. I’m about to stop going at all because the past few weeks I haven’t gotten any points earned even though they’ve scanned it every time. Also, 2000 of my points were taken but no discount was given.
  • Awful App 1/5

    By Butheo
    Works 25% of the time and you constantly have to upload receipts for points.
  • Crash 1/5

    By JasonlBryant
    All it does is crash!!!!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Jennyninny
    App consistently crashes any time I try to look at my points redeemed. Please fix.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By bnkfdduh778
    Every time I go to a smoothie king my app says “ can not access app without internet connection”. SK says they dint have internet WiFi services. I have contacted app and SK to which no one helps me. I have so many points I can’t redeem!
  • Points 1/5

    Not worth the hassle. Points aren’t scanned or earned. Cashier has to manually key them in or you have to upload the receipt to receive credit.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By kmj1992
    I’ve bought upwards of 20 smoothies by this point without receiving any rewards. I’ll keep trying because I’m stubborn and I’ve spent a lot of money on smoothie king so I would like to someday get a little benefit. I understand that this is a buisness and they really do not have to have a rewards system in place, but if they’re going to continue with it, it could use some reevaluating. Why would they spend the time/money making an app that doesn’t do very much? I’m not sure. But I’ll keep hanging on and hope they try to make it better!
  • Gets worse all the time!!!!! Totally done trying to get it to work the way it is supposed to. 1/5

    By not doing anymore
    Will not be going to Smoothie King anymore!!!
  • Becoming useless 1/5

    By iPod USER 27
    Not getting my points after purchases. App crashes when I try checking my activity. The app was a good incentive to earn discounts and free smoothies. Haven’t seen an update or attempt to fix it.
  • Smoothie King 1/5

    By 123!!!eah
    App doesn’t work .... it’s a joke. Then the help says you are the only one that has a problem . Very laughable. No way to reach any one in corporate! Totally unusable! Nancy
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Aquariusbribri
    Most importantly, I got the app to earn and redeem points for discounts and a free smoothie but every time I check for my points they’ve disappeared. Sometimes they don’t show up at all. The app crashes if you try to see your earning and use activity. App runs slow to the point I just go to the website to look at the menu. As of today, April 27 2018, it says the app’s last update was 4 months ago. You need to get it together and fix these issues. You’ve got tons of angry customers listing these same issues here in the reviews. FIX IT. I should have earned 2 free smoothies by now. I’ve decided to make my smoothies at home now.
  • Can’t sign in?? 1/5

    By Kenziegigantic
    I’ve tried repeatedly to sign in after getting a new phone with no luck. It keeps telling me my email is wrong, and then that the email is invalid when I try to reset the password. Best of all is I can’t sign up for a new account because the old one is linked to my phone number!
  • Not impressed. 2/5

    By sme17
    The app runs ridiculously slow with whatever the last update was. Please fix.
  • Useless 1/5

    By qpzm1
    The app freezes on a regular basis, points disappear and has many glitches. It’s frustrating.
  • App crashes 3/5

    By Kimmie85
    App crashes when I check my redeemed points under activity
  • Points Are Not Adding When Scanned 1/5

    By Will 7931
    I’ve bought several smoothies and my points have remained the same. This has been over the course of a couple of weeks.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    App crashes when trying to view redeemed points, doesn’t register earned points when scanned at store. Love the idea of a rewards program, just wish it worked properly.
  • Crashes, and Force Closes 1/5

    By laurenjustine
    This app worked well for about two weeks. I’m not sure what the issue is but it is continuing to crash now. I can’t view the rewards I’ve redeemed and recently I had well over 5,000 points. I was in the process of selecting to redeem $5 off when it forced closed, and upon re-opening the app, ALL my points disappeared.
  • Horrible don’t waste your time 1/5

    By LakGre23
    App decides to crash AFTER I purchased a smoothie . The line was long as the cashier and customer in the drive through passed the phone back and forth , literally for 10 minutes . I’d rather go to tropical cafe or GNC from this point . The points didn’t take from my last purchase . My phone barcode was scanned twice because it “ didn’t take “ the first time . Never again!
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Cmwofovnsm
    Cannot get points, always at zero
  • New location, Great Service 5/5

    By Mcmajor
    I love my Wappengers Falls Smoothie King great service, accurate orders, great flavors, I had missed my Penn Station and Carl Place Locations so much, very happy to have this new location near by. Shot out to Glen Rock location, great customer service.
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By willi465
    This app is supposed to do so little: allow you to scan when you buy something and track points.. why do random updates that break the app? Why keep people from being able to update their password?
  • Password requirement 2/5

    By Qqqueenie
    Password claims to require a min of 7 characters but requires exactly 7 characters. I’ll never remember my password because my typical password is more than 7 characters. Guess it’s not a big deal if I stay logged or don’t get a new phone🤷‍♀️
  • Points don’t register.. 1/5

    By Hfgjjhdhh
    Don’t bother. The app is buggy and my past two visits, my points didn’t even register.. so basically useless app..
  • Point update 2/5

    By tishlc08
    Doesn’t credit your point account until days later.
  • App works great 4/5

    By Nthoop25
    From my experience with the app so far, it seems to work just fine. The only thing I noticed is that when I click “redeem” the app crashes. Just a minor bug that I am sure the dev team can recreate and push out a fix. Other that, great job guys.
  • App doesn’t load 1/5

    By jsbpretty
    At one point I was able to open my app with no problem. In the last month it always says “no internet connection.” I have a few points I want to redeem but I can’t because the app won’t pull up. 😔😔 It’s frustrating, I just want to redeem my free smoothie from time to time and my few bucks off after I earned them.
  • App Used to be Better 2/5

    By Godsbeauty
    I happened to be taking my kid to his favorite store GameStop when I notice this little smoothie place next door. I decided to stop in and see what it was about. I’m glad I did. However the price for a single smoothie is outrageous. If you wanted to come here everyday to get a smoothie at least once a day you would be spending a small fortune. I tried it for about 2 weeks and decided it was way too much frivolous spending for me. Now as for my title about the app being better, it was so much better in the past when it first came out. Even had a little scratch off game where every time you checked into the store you would have a chance to win money off or possibly a free smoothie. Reward points are hard to rack up especially if you decided to cut your spending limits here like I did. Before they changed the app up I was spending a lot more at SK even though I decided to visit less I was still in the store at least 3 times a week where previously it was daily sometimes twice a day. Now it’s 2 to 4 times a month.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ColemanAU
    App is terrible. Your points take at least 24 hours (if not longer) to show up. Freezes and quits every time I use it. I hold my breath when I use it, hoping it will stay open long enough for me to do one thing.
  • Smoothies 5/5

    By Dx578
    Just writing a review cause i love smoothies lol
  • My Rewards 5/5

    By JessJess_1
    I earn all my points and use them all the time!! Missed Points is a plus!
  • Earn free smoothies 5/5

    By Marc Eberhart
    Love it
  • Fix the App! 2/5

    By Da Newman Paladin
    When I go to look at My Activity the app decided to shut down and boot me out every time. Fix this already! Also the Application hasn’t been reading my points and the times I have gone to Smoothie King the points don’t accumulate.
  • Redeemed 1/5

    Every time I hit the redeemed section to see what coupon I’ve used the app will crash. Please fix.
  • Too clunky, cheap with rewards 2/5

    By ARose2011
    This app isn’t very good but I’m a sucker for any rewards system so I keep it on my phone. 1- you cant earn points while also using points. If I use the $1 off which I earned, I don’t receive points on the other $4-7 I spent on that smoothie. 2- my points only register half the time. Every other time I go to the store and have the cashier scan my qr code, the purchase never shows up on my activity and I never earn the points. 3- most recently I received an email saying they had accidentally given some people, including myself, double points so they would be deducting them out of our accounts. Great, thanks. I’m sure those points don’t even make up for all the purchases that failed to register correctly at time of purchase.
  • works well 4/5

    By mihoneyy
    i'm not sure what the negative reviews are about... i personally have not had any issues with this app and the rewards are reasonable. granted it's not the prettiest interface, but it still functions perfectly fine
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Liltiger5
    This is a terrible app!! I went to SK today, had 2500 points, and redeemed 2000 of them for $2 off. I had them redeemed, the barcode screen up ready to be scanned, the girl fixed all three smoothies that I ordered and brought them all three together BEFORE she took my payment. So by that time, my screen on my phone had timed out and went black. So when I activated my screen, the reward was gone. Couldn’t find it and the girl tells me it thinks that I’ve used it. That’s TERRIBLE. No one else has a system like that with their apps! And not only that but when I go into the app to view my redeemed rewards, the whole app closes out every time and I’m not able to view them. I can view my earned rewards! But not the redeemed. Terrible app.
  • I can’t even sign up 1/5

    By Duchess 7720
    I filled out all the fields and appeared to have registered. But, when it says it has confirmed my email and to go ahead and login, there is no login button to select to proceed. When I exit the app and go back in to login it says my email and password are invalid!
  • Vanishing reward and past activity button crashes app 1/5

    By Kstelma
    Reached out to support. No reply.
  • My points 1/5

    By Young niño
    My points haven’t showed up after I scan at the register anymore been like that for over a month and y’all cashiers never give out receipts so I’m just losing points !!! Fix this
  • Not crediting points 2/5

    By Tylrsmom
    I frequently visit two local smoothie kings in the area - read at least every other day...... I have not received any points for purchases since January 31. When I try to retrieve the reward history, the app closes.
  • Love. It. Sarasota’s Centergate 5/5

    By Old gray mare
    My smoothie king just open so there ironing out all the bugs all the staff in that store are so friendly they remember me I always get the best smoothie the place is clean the girls are smiling love it when the high school college girls and boys are working so hard. They deserve a clean and safe place for a first job. Patrons need to be patient and friendly when buying a smoothie. If your in a hurry don’t stop. If they screw up your order say thank you and drink it. It is a smoothie not a steak. Love the staff.
  • After redeeming points for discount app crashed 1/5

    By Plnava
    I redeemed my points for a $4 coupon and before I can use my coupon the app continues to crash when I try to pull up the barcode.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Engine-Boy
    Got a $2 off Birthday Reward notice from Smoothie King. Said go to the app and select Rewards and use at checkout. No rewards other than what I had from previous purchases. Actually, I have a free smoothie waiting according to my local store that doesn’t show up. Anyway, I also tried to change my password while in the app- that doesn’t work either. This isn’t really rocket science guys - these should be pretty straightforward functions for the app to perform.
  • Worst app ever!! 1/5

    By Ivey_usmc
    Does not work most of the time. I have $5 in points I can’t even use. Do not download this. Waste of space
  • App needs major work. 2/5

    By Komplicated6
    Even after the update you can not look at the points you've redeemed. I noticed the other day that I had earned way more points that what the app was showing however when you click on redeem the app crashes. 😑
  • out dated 1/5

    By Chickeninthemiddle
    this app stinks! when will you let us online order! it’s 2018! get with it!
  • Service 2/5

    By jadiienann
    The customer service is horrible. I had to wait till these two teenage girls working the counter finished there conversation before they even bothered to notice I was there. Stop hiring teenagers that know nothing about service. And the point system is Ridiculous!! The smoothies are so expensive. We should get more points for as pricy as they are. Anyways the kids you guys hire have no clue or knowledge about the products they are even selling. Please please do Better fix the customer service it’s beyond ridiculous
  • Still buggy 3/5

    By iceicelady
    Crashes whenever you try to view ‘Redeemed’ points. (My Rewards > View Activity > Redeemed)
  • Great app! 5/5

    By 🌸🌺🌹🌸💐
    No problem, enjoying using it on my X

Smoothie King Rewards app comments


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