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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Smoothie King App

Smoothie King Healthy Rewards will be an integral part of your health and fitness journey. Download the Smoothie King app today to order ahead for pickup or delivery, and pay, earn and redeem your rewards. BENEFITS • Order ahead for Delivery, Curbside or Pickup to get your favorite smoothie based on your preferred time and location. • Enable background location services to immediately access your rewards account at any store and to receive personalized recommendations. • Enjoy the convenience of using Apple Pay in the app. • Get a special Welcome Offer when you download the app and create an account. • Earn points for every purchase. • Use your points to redeem rewards whenever you choose. • Save your favorite smoothie orders for easy ordering next time. • Stay motivated by unlocking additional benefits with Champion status.

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Smoothie King app reviews

  • Store was never notified of our order 1/5

    By LMBednar
    I showed up to pick up my mobile order and employees informed me that they never got the “ticket” and it took 15 minutes to convince them that it would be ok to go ahead and prepare our order if I could show them the receipt in the mobile app that said I had paid for my order and it should already be ready for pickup at their location.
  • Bad App 2/5

    By kc16394027
    The app kind of goals in circles when trying to find the smoothie I want and it goes in circles trying to place the order. It’s not user friendly and some of the buttons don’t work when you hit it. I almost through my phone across the room.
  • Happy 5/5

    By zmomof6
    I loved my Smoothie and my girls loved theirs too!!!!
  • Delicious smoothies!! Best location 5/5

    By catwoman0208
    By drinking smoothies almost every day for a year I appreciate a great smoothie! Not all locations are created equally unfortunately. The Sunset Hills, Fenton and Long Road locations are the best! It’s clear to me that other locations cut corners on ingredients, to make more money I assume, and they just don’t taste the same. Rockhill and Kirkwood locations are most disappointing for me and that really hurts the brand.
  • Great except … 4/5

    By Snoozy G
    it is impossible to order the same smoothie twice in the same order … or the same flavor but in two different sizes.
  • Free smoothie missing 1/5

    By samf0009
    I downloaded the app for the free smoothie, but the reward never appeared.
  • Great smoothies 5/5

    By babywildspace
    Best smoothie after workout and for a pre workout
  • I hate it here 2/5

    By Lovetosave$
    The idea of ordering ahead and earning rewards is great and that is why I gave 2 stars. I got the app specifically for the $5 coffee smoothie. Imagine my surprise when I added a coffee smoothie to my cart with a $1.25 add on, which resulted in a $6.25 subtotal and $0.38 tax. Why was the grand total $8.62?!! Seems like smoothie king isn’t a math king. I recently had some dental work done, so smoothies are a big part of my diet right now and it definitely adds up. Check the math on your purchases folks. Smoothie king, learn how to add!!
  • Worst mobile order app ever 1/5

    By smokchef
    Way too complicated
  • Unsatisfied customer. Please refund. 1/5

    By yellastorn
    My phone automatically ordered a smoothie at highland road .4 miles away from where I’m at. I tried to cancel it but it never let me!
  • Honeybun 4/5

    By 1Honeybun$
    Staying on course with the help of smoothie king gets me my cup made to order after working out!
  • Very poorly designed app 1/5

    By yannaberri
    Navigation is not intuitive. Promotions or rewards are not automatically applied. Needs an overhaul!
  • The best smoothie place in Berwyn 5/5

    By Big_shaun15
    Walked into this store and felt a heart warming welcome, Karey was such a professional at his craft. Looked out for every customer in the store. Made sure everyone was taken care of & Highly recommend visiting. Great smoothies, great management, great employees.
  • Great smoothies app needs work 1/5

    By b-west.1990
    Often have trouble ordering a smoothie on this app. It says I need to make minimum selections, however…I could literally select every single fruit and it says I need to at least add two before I can proceed to add the order to my cart. A 15-year-old behind the cash register is superior to this app and every way that can be spoken. I hope smoothie king invests more in their employees then they didin this app. Either way they overpaid.
  • Wish. Could tip! 5/5

    By Savage Viper
    I really wish we could tip through this app. Other than that I give it five stars.
  • Could be so much better 2/5

    By ptl4hig
    Doesn’t save previous orders. Hard to find which menu what I want is on. Once when I ordered from the menu, I got to the store to pick it up, only to be told that item was discontinued.
  • 😋 5/5

    By Moët Moore
    They never disappoint
  • Cesar 5/5

    By ceezeazy
    Excelent service
  • After gym 5/5

    By djd d f
    Don’t like there proteins but make a good smoothie
  • Pumpkin 5/5

    By mzgloee
    What a way to start the fall. Great addition for a period of time. Let’s see how many we can drink.
  • Good app but 3/5

    By Li Li 778
    It’s a good convenience app, but it doesn’t keep track of past orders and it doesn’t apply the Friday discount
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By thewavyplace
    great app never messes up!
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By zoekenkels
    App will not let me order a pickup order. No updates available on the App Store….
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Jagrwookie
    Love it. Try the Daily Warrior. nutrient dense and delicious.
  • Unable to select size 1/5

    By moorepod
    Buggy app and unable to select size
  • Crater Lake Dr Location is Amazing 5/5

    By Brandywine006
    I frequently place mobile orders at this location & the customer is great & all the employees attitudes are very pleasant. Fast & speedy service.
  • This app only works about 50% of the time 1/5

    By Oni010402
    I love smoothie king but this app is terrible. If you place an order and need to add something to your order and try to, for example add another smoothie, the app will not allow it for several minutes or sometime not for a very long time. I often order using the app from work because I have a limited time to go pick up smoothies for multiple people, but if someone wants to add another smoothie after the order has been placed, the app will say “you just placed an order, try again later”, and will not let you order so then you end up placing the last order at the store which defeats the whole purpose of ordering online to save time. Another issue with the app is that I cannot use my rewards on the app. I go to the rewards section and switch the reward that I want on but at the end it still tries to charge me full price and the only way I can get the reward is to go into the store and order, which takes away from the convenience that the app is supposed to provide. I have had several rewards expire because I couldn’t get them to work on the app and just went ahead and paid for it to save time. Also, why do the rewards have to expire anyway? If I’m ordering enough smoothies to accumulate rewards then what’s the harm in leaving them on my account for me to use whenever I’m ready. Clearly I order from this place often enough to accumulate rewards so I probably don’t need incentivized to buy smoothies. Sometimes the app just doesn’t work AT ALL. Anyway Smoothie King, I love you but at $10 a smoothie and considering what you pay your mostly teenage staff, I think you can afford to update your app to make it more user friendly for your customers.
  • Itemized charges at checkout 4/5

    By HowAreAllTheseNamesTaken
    I love the smoothies and their app works well. I would love to see an itemized list of any discounts, rewards, and gift cards applied during checkout. Right now they are all lumped together on one line.
  • Lincoln location 5/5

    By Borland Wildlife
    Lincoln location is the best of three locations that I’ve tried. Had the best flavor and was blended the smoothest
  • Still trying figuring how to get my $2 bonus 2/5

    By Jeff Vader2
    Still trying figuring how to get my $2 bonus from signing up . Plus App makes promises it doesn’t keep . I’m supposed to get a free upgrade to medium size on Fridays but the app charged me for it anyways . And I tracked down customer support by posting on there Facebook page and I’m still waiting to hear back 3 weeks later . But their smoothies are really good, so that got them a star
  • Hairjack1 2/5

    By Hairjack1
    Can not ask for a plastic cup on app. I hate strong. Also can not ask for hitone discount. This keeps me from ordering as often!
  • Hasslefree 5/5

    By bigmearle
    I walk in the door and my drink is there waiting on me
  • Always good 5/5

    By Sandramaraya
    Every smoothie has been made delicious.
  • App not navigation friendly at all 1/5

    By DeeDeeOooh
    This app is not easy to navigate through and it does crash.
  • Great Smoothies glitchy app 1/5

    By asus389
    This app is very slow and glitchy. It isn’t responsive to user input and for some reason my phone gets super hot when its running. It’s a takeout ordering app. It should be fast and easy.
  • Mobile app ordering challenges 3/5

    By Dmeteng
    All the extras and requirements when ordering on the mobile app can be confusing
  • Great location 5/5

    By ju's mommy
    Efficient and clean location.
  • Efficiency 3/5

    By macrosRimportant
    The app should have the menu accessible without having to go to the website and without going to the order screen. The order screen should also have the nutrition information that the website does. Adding enhancers should be able to see the change in nutrition.
  • Good luck if you need more than one Smoothie 1/5

    By swoodle123
    I don't know what is with this application you cannot add more than one Smoothie if you go back to use a re-ordered item it takes over the entire cart there's no concept of more ordering more than one smoothie. On top of that when you order make one order and try to make a second order it makes you wait 1530 minutes to place the second order! By then your 1st smoothie is melted! this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Come on Smoothie King 🤴
  • Please fix this app 3/5

    By Keysia B
    The app for some reason did not apply the bogo even though I had it switched over. I even switched it over the switched back in case it needed to update. Welp, I’ll just order one then no biggie.
  • App for Java developer end user 1/5

    By vitorbenic
    Costumers to use this app must have 3 years of experience in Java script…. And a lot of patience… Last time I used it. I deleted it for good
  • Needs work 1/5

    By jdjs293'sl
    Used the app to order for the first time, got my confirmation # pulled up and they never got the order. Location was correct but their computer never got it. Took about ten minutes never again.
  • Healthy 5/5

    By mitchniche
    Always refreshing!!!
  • Vegan Kale Mango 5/5

    By Tr3 Da Kidd
    This smoothie is my new favorite 😩
  • Unfriendly 3/5

    By epofania
    App stinks
  • Points expired 1/5

    By gdcgccgf
    Can’t believe points expired. 😡
  • Ordering 4/5

    By Alaxandra
    Won't let me get two of the same smoothie with different enhancers
  • Worst app I’ve used 1/5

    By Freakin' A!
    Simply doesn’t open sometimes, and when it does, God forbid if you want to order two drinks of the same kind and add an enhanced to one. Also, as for the Effingham, IL location, I’ve met friendlier people working on prisons! Finally, took me forever to write this simple review because apparently my real name and a dozen other “nick names” are taken.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By abbottwalters
    I travel a lot around the Houston area. So I’ve stopped at quite a few Smoothie Kings and have always had great service at every store.
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