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Snag - Jobs Hiring Now

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Snag - Jobs Hiring Now App

Snag (formerly named Snagajob) is a free, easy job finder and career builder app. Use the #1 job search app to find part time jobs, make job applications easier, get great career advice and more. Search full time careers or part time jobs hiring in your area. Find jobs based on compatibility and personality, or find work with flexible hours for students and teens. Your next job is waiting on Snag. Snag features: Career Search & Job Finder • Search for jobs you’ve always wanted with targeted search for your location, keywords and more • Find jobs hiring in your area using map search, find a career that fits you and get professional career advice • Search entry-level and part time jobs perfect for students and teens Search Part Time Jobs • Save your search and get email updates when new jobs are posted that match your search • Make job finding easy for restaurant jobs, retail, hospitality, customer service, administrative, seasonal jobs, company jobs and more • Search for local job openings and have Daily Job Matches sent directly to your phone • Find jobs hiring that fit your busy schedule with search filters including distance, availability and job type Job Application Tools • Apply to jobs with just one click by using your Snag profile • View job application status updates on jobs that you’ve applied to • Find jobs hiring now and save them in the job search so you can apply later Employee Personality Quizzes • Let employers know your strengths with our personality quizzes to get matched with jobs that are right for you • Impress employers and show off your personality with a profile video • Find jobs that match your personality to help build your career Use Snag to find local jobs hiring near you. Easily search part time and entry-level jobs for students and teens. Find jobs if you need to earn a little extra money, or if you're searching for your next full-time career. Build a career and find jobs hiring near you. Need help? Have a question? Email [email protected]!

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Snag - Jobs Hiring Now app reviews

  • This app is AMAZING! 5/5

    By alligatorpretzel
    I am 17 turning 18 and was, unfortunately, not able to get any real work experience. My mom didn’t want me to work because it would interfere with school. I was finally able to go out and apply for jobs and after applying for 14 jobs in 2 days, not even within 5 hours I was already accepted for an interview. This app is amazing and I could not have gotten a job so quick without it! Thank you, snagajob!
  • Waste 1/5

    By hazeldia
    Applied for over 300 jobs within the course of 3 years and literally no luck at all they got some old job posts from like 2016 total waste of time the employers don’t even contact you ... atleast indeed has better job updates within a 24 hour period !!
  • Amazing for teenagers or adults looking for jobs near them 5/5

    By AntacidGiantO
    I’m 16 and have been looking for a job for a while now. In the first 10 minutes of me searching I found a job at Mike’s Carwash. Because the app was so easy to use I found it very simple to write an application and figure out exactly what I wanted to do through this app.
  • Never got one interview 1/5

    By fuckCashapp1
    In all my experience outside this app I have had plenty we’ll paying positions. 132 applications 0 interviews. 👎👎👎
  • This app is worse than 9/11 1/5

    By fuksnagajob
    This app needs to be ended
  • Love it so far 5/5

    By Rob12345667767
    I totally recommend using this app, it has help me so much organize my job search. It has also helped other people in my family apply and become employed with jobs. I saw an ad for this app and am thoroughly happy with the results. Definitely encourage people to use this app :)
  • All the right features but bad performance 2/5

    By weloveyuel
    They make the app easy & simple for you to use, where the app automatically puts in your info in some places ..but some of the jobs are old asf but labeled new. Also the jobs are always the same, & it never changes
  • Not good 1/5

    By Katherineeeexxx
    This app would be a million times better if it gave you the option to upload your resume. That way employers see what actual qualifications you have /experience. Uploading each past job is time consuming.
  • Either broken or not popular enough 1/5

    By Fromrussiawithdeath
    Every listing is apparently 30+ days old. That’s no good.
  • Not all that 1/5

    By Chuck2444
    The jobs don’t even be loading for me in the daily matches are the same thing of sponsored companies like Lyft or Amazon.
  • Read this before downloading 5/5

    By elliotseven
    As a 18 year old who recently got terminated at Walmart for calling out because I was in the hospital, I didn’t know much about job hunting because I was a Walmart cashier since I was 16. I downloaded all the apps and deleted all of them expect this one. And I have to delete this one too now. Why though? I got a job at chipotle! Without this app I don’t think it would of been possible. Highly recommended.
  • It works! 5/5

    By Stars56789
    I applied on a Tuesday, got an interview a few days later on got hired in less than a week! There is someone willing to hire you and it’s quick , easy and convenient!
  • Snag 1/5

    By j162&27
    I’ve been applying for so many jobs in this app and still haven’t gotten any interviews.
  • Jobs 1/5

    By nini bhad
    I had snagajob for a year and still haven’t had no interview and did like 40 applications
  • What’s happened 3/5

    By Stacey_S1975
    I use to love this App! Could open it up and spend hours applying at jobs But now it’s just awful there’s nothing
  • horrible 1/5

    By bandaicansuckit!
  • Love 5/5

    By Didn't bald
    I love this app, it’s helped me find multiple jobs you out all of your information about school hours and past jobs on here and it’s easier to apply when you click one apply.
  • .. 1/5

    By BiGDuB23
    Not enough jobs, they’re mostly all fast food place or restaurants. No good jobs on here
  • Please don’t use this, waste of time 1/5

    By ahsjdidnfnfufjfh
    I have used this app for 5 minutes and dislike everything about it, it’s useless compared to the others out there
  • Awful 1/5

    By zarialeigh
    It doesn’t help any when you use a filter. It shows the same thing every time
  • Looks nice but... 2/5

    By Tiff112
    The app looks really good; kudos to the designer/developer but there are still a few issues that decrease the quality and overall effectiveness. Descriptions of jobs are cut off, doesn’t take you to the correct page when you hit Apply, the in app browser doesn’t load anything and has no option to send it to open in the browser where it could potentially work. Thus, it’s fairly useless.

    By Hollister GIRL oh yeah!
    This app is great. Only current complaint o have is a cropping issue with the information below the job title itself. PLEASE FIX
  • Works amazing if you use quick apply other than that... 2/5

    By E'lue
    It never loads the applications to any of the places you want to apply. It’s just a white screen
  • Why ? 2/5

    By Kilo Rari
    These jobs are all old and un updated
  • Needs A LOT of work 1/5

    By Josh94S
    Great concept but poorly executed. Nearly half of “job listings” are outdated and unavailable. In-app interface is ridiculous, you press “back” and it closes out your entire application forcing you to resubmit all of that information? Ridiculous, must have spent 30 min on one application to have the APP itself blank screen and close out my in progress application and erase all progress!
  • Could be better 2/5

    By rowinggoats
    I’ve been using the app for a while and it has been useful. I have, however, been experiencing a few issues. The job descriptions will not load, making it almost if not totally impossible for me to find work as I cannot read the job requirements. This has been happening since I downloaded the app almost a month ago.
  • needs improvement 1/5

    By The Opinionater Jr
    that app is okay... the distances on the map are very in accurate, there should be more filters, and more jobs, as well as an option to customize the kind of jobs you’d like based upon age, gender, field. Also there should be a button where we chose to dislike a job to improve search results. In the search area, there’s jobs and some I’m not interested in, there should be a button that should allow us to not see that job again
  • Home healthcare or a provider or housekeeping 4/5

    By Taanua
    My name is Tanua Huston. Looking for work at home healthcare or a provider or I can do housekeeping please call 956207 3620.
  • Fake 1/5

    By notjackboy
    Bunch of smack
  • WHATS MY 4 DIGIT PIN?? 1/5

    By gabby st. mary
    Every time I tried to apply it asked for my 4 digit pin... maybe I’m dumb but could some one help me?
  • My review 4/5

    By Trix👽
    On my second day of using this I got an interview, filter by date so you can get the most recent job offers in your area for a better chance of getting contacted.
  • Problem 2/5

    By Billy Batson16
    Every time I try to upload my resume it kicks me out of their website and sometimes I click on certain things and it will take me to a blank screen?
  • It’s not all that 3/5

    By Queen of Unicorns.
    I like how you have easy job searches and how they find jobs closest to you, but I applied for jobs and it’s never really successful. I got a message that said that the manager didn’t check my application so another department would. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to accept my application but there is never a response or I’m never chosen. I chose this app because I’m a teen and this was supposed to be a way to find a job easily. It has been anything but that.
  • Love it 5/5

    By chend2401
    I love how easy and fast it is to apply for jobs! Some information will auto-fill and some jobs offer a one click application. I also LOVE that it tells you if your application has been reviewed by the employers or not. I haven’t gotten a call back from anyone yet but i’ve only been using it for about a week and a half. i’m still confident in this app!
  • Glitch 2/5

    By makeuplover78
    This was a very good/helpful app in its prime. Frequently it will glitch and send me back to the search page, when I am in the middle of an application. Or it will shut down completely.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dj 0487
    A very awesome app 👍🏿
  • Can’t search 1/5

    Update : still not working When using search tab and scrolling to the bottom an error appears FIX THIS
  • This. App. Doesn’t. Want. You. To. Work. 1/5

    By ThisIsWhyImScott
    This app is useful in looking for jobs but not applying. You can fill out the Snag-a-job Application as much as you want but then you’ll receive an email later talking about it’s “incomplete” even though when you go back to finish it, it says complete. You’ll waste your time applying for any job through here, the app might as well hire themselves to get a working app.
  • Got a job with this app 5/5

    By Space Chronicles 🛸✨
    I’m a teenager, and I really didn’t think this would work but it did. I’m working at Wendy’s now. The app let’s you know when you got reviewed and got an interview. THANKS ALOT💕🙏🏾
  • don’t even bother 1/5

    By Xbalcheibfiabcineofhs
    This app will ask you the same ton of questions for each job and I’ve filled out hundreds and haven’t heard from one. I think think the people who write good reviews are fake.
  • I'm confused 3/5

    By Sagittarius_91
    The app is good but I don't understand how it's not showing up as a app on my phone. I have to go through my emails to get to this. But it says it's downloaded to my phone as a app. Someone explain this please.
  • Idk guys 1/5

    By queenofhisreign
    I applied for many jobs.. I like the one click feature but not many job openings had it. After a week only one contacted me and I had an interview. During the interview she asked me what I was applying for and it turned out that the post was over a year old even though it said posted a month ago. Umm embarrassing. So I was interviewing for a non existent job. All other jobs I have applied for say either, “status not available” “delivered” the only one “reviewed” was a the one I interviewed for. Plus I’ve had tons of other “job” spam emails since signing up. Not for me.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Gldnmoon
    95% of the jobs listed are way old (even if it says it’s just been listed). The other thing is, I find something, I click on it to do the application, and there’s nothing in my area! Even though it’s specifically says it’s where I live! This isn’t just the issue with this app. It’s all the others just like it as well. I’m deleting them all and just going to go to the unemployment office.
  • Good app, but... 3/5

    By Spiritbeast33
    The last few times I’ve tried to use it, I’d search under a certain location, and when I got to the bottom of the first few jobs listed and tried to scroll down, it tried loading and says there was an error loading my search. I’ve undownloaded it and nothing has worked.
  • It’s not really a good app. 1/5

    By Nesssaaaaa99
    I had this app for a while and so far nothing like I haven’t had calls from no one. It’s not the app for me!
  • Always getting something went wrong try again? 3/5

    By opps?
    It works for awhile and get to see the job but then when u keep going down out of nowhere it tells me something went wrong try again like you guys need to fix that I barely downloaded it today
  • I can’t search 1/5

    By HighonBlues
    I used to use this app to see who was hiring in my area. Always worked for me and I used to get hired immediately. Now I keep getting “we’re sorry. There was a error loading your search. Please try again.” The app is trash now ever since it went from snagajob to snag
  • New icon 2/5

    By Badassbuddha
    I don’t know what this new icon is suppose to be but it’s so ugly it makes me want to delete it. That and all the jobs stay on there way past when they were posted so you apply to something only to realize it’s 6 months old. No one ever replies back anyways.?!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By zavpearls
    This app is great and all for finding a job but when you scroll down it keeps telling me “error couldn’t load jobs” an I’m connected to my WiFi and everything.

Snag - Jobs Hiring Now app comments

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