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Snapchat App

Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping! * * * Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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  • NOOO! 2/5

    By bella_mb15
    SUPER disappointed at how difficult it is to maintain a snap streak, this app is so time consuming and wants you start it’s similar to being sucked into a black hole. Wish they restored streaks lost that were important but apparently it’s just too difficult),: Anyways I would not recommend this app the updates aren’t pretty and do nothing but confuse/irritate people, I miss the old snapchat.
  • Snapchat is not letting me access my camera roll 1/5

    By the truth👌🏽🧐
    Snapchat is not letting me access my camera roll and whenever I try to save my pictures it takes me to settings to enable my camera roll but i don’t have an option to enable it.
  • FIX 2/5

    By lolololo554.66
    everytime I zoom in it shuts my phone completely off.
  • Gone really down hill , is the absolute worst 1/5

    By Maleigha__01
    I used to love Snapchat but now it’s just so bad . It glitches so much , it’ll mess up the keyboard , snaps won’t send , it’ll open snaps for me that I didn’t open . Really sad to say that I might just have to discontinue use
  • Fix it snapteam 2/5

    By mary kamakama
    Had to delete and reload cause mine keeps lagging. Please fix it.
  • Please fix,thanks. 2/5

    By CareBearKy
    I would like it that the new update fixes and doesn’t delete my Snapchat messages even when I save them because I can’t see a message from a week ago that I save, I can see I sent Snapchat’s not on message and i can’t even see the messages I personally saved. This is also the second time I’ve been snapping someone the whole day and the streak is randomly gone. Also if you could add the new emojis on iPhones to sc so I can change the emoji next to my friends
  • Username 4/5

    By LetMeChangeMyUsernamee
    Heyy Snapchat! I would really appreciate if you’d let us change our usernames. Pleaseee:)
  • Legit hate the update, Need to change it back 1/5

    By Dani2477
    Ok so the app was pretty fun at first but now that the app is glitching/freezing and it’s absolutely annoying. Please solve this problem soon 🙄.
  • Volume issue 2/5

    By Angel Gang🤟🏼💸✨
    Dear Snapchat my volume doesn’t work when I record yet people who see it can hear it please fix this and I’ll rate 5 stars and can u update the clothing so we can choose separate shirts,pants and shoes
  • I wan to send my friends links to YouTube videos 5/5

    By 12345678909912345656
    I want to be able to send my friends YouTube videos and websites I use an iPhone SE please fix
  • Help..? 3/5

    By heheheheeheheheheheheh
    I can’t log back into my account with any password I know.. ( my account is @maylee_spamzzz ) and my mobile number isn’t work either ( I’ve only used my phone number rn with only one account, this one ) and my gmail won’t work.. can you help?
  • Please have this update 4/5

    By bbg. reikaa
    WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE OUR USERNAME. I rlyyyy need that please please:(
  • no patch? 1/5

    By psdiekd
    Have an iphone almost every other time I open the app even with a full battery it will crash my phone and shut it off and won’t let me turn it back on till I have it on the charger, it only does it on the snapchat app.

    By ᴾᴼᴼᴾ
    So i made my username in like 6th grade and it’s like super dumb so you should make it where you can change it one time so all of us, now teenagers, who got snapchat in 5th-6th grade can change that dumb name that had something to do with an animal, to our real name. Other than that the app is fine.
  • Help 3/5

    By Presidentsclub
    Keeps crashing!
  • why? 1/5

    By alexam127
    so i’m a type of person who has a bunch of streaks and tons of people on my list. whenever i send streaks, even if it’s to 100 or 20 people it crashes. i LOVED how the old update was and i took it for granted. i didn’t know they would make a terrible update. ik im VERY late but i just hate this so much. other people with tons of people or streaks on their snapchat could relate to me. after the new update, i actually stopped using snapchat as much, which i always used to use. i lost all my streaks because the timer would go on, even if we both sent something like 2 minutes ago, so i never knew when it was fake or a real timer so i always thought it was fake and then poof, my streaks are gone ! i would always try the stupid stuff to get the old update back, and them adding to this already terrible update, is terrible, it’s getting worse. thank you for anyone who read this, hopefully they change back bc it’s never too late (and their reviews are terrible) thank you 💕
  • Mine keeps glitching 3/5

    By Bubba Sam
    I love Snapchat and think it’s a good way to talk to friends but sometimes it doesn’t work and it takes forever to load. Right now it won’t let me on the app but other than I love it!!
  • E brother 1/5

    By Preachy seal 06
    E brother
  • Trying this again 1/5

    By grounded for a month
    Snapchat is the worst app ever invented. Facts. This got my girlfriend grounded for a month and caused me to be depressed. 3 days no response. I miss my streaks with her and now I’m lonely. I’m giving this 5 stars because it refuses to show my 0 stars that it deserves. This app shouldn’t exist and I will attempt to stop Snapchat users for ever. 0 stars. REST OF THE YEAR!
  • New update 4/5

    By Gstarocks2018
    Can Snapchat get a new update?? I love the old Snapchat, but I want a new look. Not too much... but not too little either...
  • Camera Doesn’t Work For Iphone XS 1/5

    By Huntbloom21
    Recently I bought the new iPhone xs. The camera is beautiful when using the apple app. Ever since I got this phone Snapchat has been really blurry and having zoom issue. I tried deleting and downloading the app again, and contacted apple but they said it was a issue with the app. This is a terrible problem and needs to get resolved asap. Please and thank you. Other than this the app is pretty good, and group face time is great!!
  • Mhmmmm 1/5

    By As to the j
    Y can’t I download this now I want y’all fired

    By josssssygirl12345
    the camera quality on the iphone xr on snapchat is terrible! it looks like an android camera, please fix!!
  • Quality on iPhone X’s Max 2/5

    By Asseater672
    I just got the new iPhone X’s max and honestly the quality on the front camera is garbage, I feel like I’m on an Android with the quality. Please to something so it’s not so zoomed in and pixilated. Not a happy user. UPDATE: This update just made everything worse, my flash disappears and I have to close Snapchat multiple times before it comes back. Please fix ANOTHER UPDATE: Why keep giving us updates that aren’t solving anything?
  • Front facing camera?! 1/5

    By krispin7
    For some reason, whenever I open the app now, it is on the front facing camera. Please fix this!!!
  • Orange beauty face BUG 2/5

    By KGM000
    Whenever I focus my iPhone XS Max on a person it gives them an orange bronzer shine and it looks so bad please fix this Snapchat
  • Quality in photo 1/5

    By kurvxall24
    I think Snap should update its specifications and capabilities as newer phones are coming out. My iPhone XS MAX takes amazing pictures until I use the app. Fix this... or you’re about to have a lot more people complaining and even letting go of the app. Snap is a big part of my everyday use. Every time I open my phone. Please try to do something to fix this. Thanks.
  • Video has been freezing 1/5

    By AutumnMarie99
    The video camera has been freezing lately please fix this
  • XS Max Front Camera 2/5

    By grac_1996
    The resolution is absolutely horrible on the front facing camera of the XS Max. Makes me not want to use Snapchat at all.
  • Camera 1/5

    By Beijs
    The self facing camera refuses to work, I’ve updated, deleted the app, logged in, logged out. Still won’t work
  • PLEASE add a feature to change your username 5/5

    By Samuelb2505
    Please please please add a feature that lets you change your username! I know that you can’t due to privacy reasons, but I made my username when I was younger, and I deeply regret it. I never give out my username anymore because it’s embarrassing to be honest. The only other way is to make a new account, but that throws all my streaks and snapscore away too. I would really like to change my username, so please add this feature!
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By Oof Beans
    This app is inappropriate and confusing. My brain works in simple ways, and I don’t like things made over complicated.
  • New update 3/5

    By Hkingen
    The new update is really glitchy on my iphone 7 you need to look into this
  • Gud 5/5

    By Rumblesnucher 👹
    I think u should get this app
  • Snapchat 2/5

    By zaryzerav
    The show I was take a screen shot chat recorded with out take a screen shot
  • Stories 1/5

    By iNimitz
    I’d sure love it if I didn’t see those terrible episodic stories you put up for me... my god, what makes you think I want to see idiots flossing right under the activity of my friends? At least give us an option to not see suggested stories... they’re rather annoying, with an unending pillar of them sitting at the bottom of my screen.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By milkman201169
    I get hella noodez on dere!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Halksjf
    Why can’t I use the messenger in Snapchat when I’m on the phone? Every time I’m on a phone call and try to send a message on the Snapchat messenger the text box disappears
  • PLEASE READ !!! 3/5

    By <43377569
    had no problem using it with my 6s but recently got the iphone xr & am having problems with the quality of the camera. not sure what’s wrong but every time i take a picture it comes grainy or blurry. i recommend a software update that makes the camera clearer.
  • iPhone XR 1/5

    By mitchelljkb2018
    This is god awful I switched to the knew phone and I am not the only one having an issue I don’t even want to use the app anymore the front facing camera is so zoomed in and blurry. Apparently this has been a problem for months now people have complained and complained they’re doing nothing about it. Snapchat stated that they need to come out with an update for the bigger screen so iPhone X people can continue to use Snapchat. This is worse than when Snapchat was ruined in the first place after the major update. If the issue isn’t fixed soon myself and a few other people will be deleting the app.
  • Crash 1/5

    By pintofbadluck
    Hate this app. When I click on my phone banner notification if I'm in the app, it doesn't take me out of what I'm in and it freezes on what it opens and doesn't let me see the snap. Totally ridiculous. I have to have the person resend it.
  • Prob 3/5

    It got rid of some of my friends !! Why??
  • bruh 1/5

    By ksjas
    quit telling people when i screenshot bruh i’m turns get a booty pic without them getting mad ya heard y’all need to chill
  • Snapchat Hacked used for child pornography 1/5

    By unsatisfied account user
    Someone hacked into my account and is editing my picture for child pornography. I’ve reported this to Snapchat and they haven’t done anything about it. Can someone help me get this account permanently deleted?
  • SnapChat 5/5

    By Alana Benefield
    Awesome App!
  • Locked account 1/5

    By ariley8788
    Locked my account for no reason. Says it's "temporary" but it's been 2 days
  • Snapchat 5/5

    By kat1shane
    I love snapchat! It’s a great way to show things to people fast! Also easy to talk and or chat to people fast! But I wish you could see if they are active because if they are trying to sleep I don’t want to bother them. But over all I use snapchat all day I just it!!
  • Make this app support iPhone XR now please!!! 1/5

    By DLK_11
    The phones have been out for a while, and i just updated the app today and it wasn’t even an update to fix the zoomed in screen and poor camera quality on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS! I use Snapchat everyday and it’s the main way i communicate with people on my phone. Fix this now please!!!

    By Alyssa_inez

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