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Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping! * * * Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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  • Why?!? 3/5

    By Nahomy Ramos
    The update it had these 2 to 3 days I liked it I checked just a few minutes ago and it was gone, if others were complaining I’m sorry if y’all didn’t like it but I loved it I loved how you could see what the emojis meant, just if you could bring it back...I liked it a lot!!
  • Why Snapchat? Please Fix This ! 1/5

    By -.-Anonymous-.-
    I logged out from snap I had 150 notifications and when I logged back in I had 80 notifications, this is so annoying I’ve Ben trying to get a lot of notifications and I was really happy I got 150 and in that same day I had to log off and when I went back on mostly all my notifications were gone.
  • night mode 4/5

    By 😙😗😗😗😚😔24789
    I like this app, but I’d like it a whole lot more if you could add a night mode option button in settings. I personally like setting all the apps i can go night mode so my eyes down feel like they’re burning when I open the app. Thanks
  • Great app 5/5

    By licyyyyyy
    Get it now
  • camera needs fixing 3/5

    By tmillies
    so i was looking things up and it’s not just me and i just got a new phone (iPhone XR) and the regular camera is great, but the Snapchat camera is super zoomed in and pixelated and needs some fixing please but other than that it’s great!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Eubanksl
    Making my phone act weird.
  • Snapchat 1/5

    By blazythebandit
    I like Snapchat but I really don’t like the ads promoting gays and the hate on Donald trump .. I really think they need to work on that because not everyone thinks that way
  • Microphone 1/5

    By ECP603
    My microphone does now work anymore. It works on every other app and on my camera but with snapchat it does not, muffled or static noice when recording video
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Omarw12
    You guys should add a livestream feature
  • I didn’t get the new fonts 2/5

    By Alyssaa Bentz
    Even though I got the new update on Snapchat, I did not get the new fonts. All of my friends have the new fonts but I did not for some reason. Snapchat, please fix this
  • Fix the custom story bug 1/5

    By Crazypants_2
    There’s a bug that keeps changing the custom story setting!!!!
  • get it i love it 5/5

    By Britlynnbogle
    get it i love it
  • Fonts 2/5

    By Gritacious
    Can we please have the old fonts back...these new ones are so plain & uglyyyyyyy PLEASEEEEEE‼️
  • My eyes only tabs not in the app at all 1/5

    By fjtfvnkgs
    I want to have that tab again with its content
  • screen recording/screenshots 4/5

    By daddy shrimp
    Hey! I came to tell you about me and my friends opinions on what we feel should be fixed. We think that you should change how whenever you screenshot or screen record someone’s chat, not to show them that we did it. Thank you!
  • Screenshot/screen record 3/5

    By Anna Eleyet
    I don’t like the feature that when you screen shot/screen record a chat it tells the other person. It just ruins the vibe for me.
  • Background feature 2/5

    By Ashirtz
    Still unable to use the background feature and my Snapchat is up to date
  • 4/5 4/5

    By duckypuppy
    I like how I don’t have to go on a different page to see story’s but if I am on a call ( with Snapchat) I can go on any app with the call except Snapchat it self so I can’t see story’s, other texts, or send texts So if Snapchat could look at fixing that, that would be great.
  • updates!!! 5/5

    By taylorfaithh132
    my snapchat does not update when the new updates come out. all my friends have the new redesigned snapchat but mine wont update.
  • Fix the X Max camera quality 1/5

    By xmax2019
    I miss my iPhone 8 Plus quality. Please make that happen on the X Max

    By snap10827
    My snapchat is up to date and still has some major problems. it is exiting the app by itself randomly while i am trying to use it not allowing me to be able to snap people or read all of what they said.

    By heavyevey102
    iphone xr for face camera zooms in
  • Iphone XS 1/5

    By heyyygirlv
  • Snap chat Live 4/5

    By Kid_DeLingo
    Y’all should come up with snap chat live. And go live with a friend or two and have the view split screen kind of. Watch them geek up or something. I’d totally be down to watch one of those. #update
  • Won’t let me open messages 5/5

    By dude for real bro
    When I get a picture or vid it just has the box outline but it is empty and it says open video or picture but I can’t pleas fix
  • Ye 2/5

    By Diesal211
    We want that old Snapchat back
  • updates 4/5

    By ur mom get
    sometimes my updates done work then everyone else’s snapchat looks different i’m just confused why
  • Please update mine!! 2/5

    By moreliaaaa
    I wish my app would update... all my friends already did but mine didn’t and it is so slow .... like I have someone important sending me stuff and it takes a while to arrive ...
  • cmon. 3/5

    By Kkoolilovemealot
    we should be able to change our name.
  • Jay🥵 4/5

    By jj da queen😍🤤🤩
    I had this app for 3 years and yet my views still dry. Like I can have 70 views today and get 20 views tommrow. I feel like people who post a lot, should have the adverage of at least 100 views. Because even sum people, who barley post get a lot of views. And I think that they should always be a weeky compition to get on the subscription list. So the competition must involve users doing a certain challange. Then hashtag that challange in thier post. The best one, will be put on the subscription list. So that way ppl can get more views.
  • updates 5/5

    By 22krysten
    i love snapchat its a way that i can stay connected with my friends but the updates have been trash. please do one update and leave it like thats for a while.
  • Please help 2/5

    By sky284
    Is it a bug in the new update that on the snapchat map i cant see the houses that people are in Like before. It is just blank when I zoom in as close as possible instead of showing like streets and houses. Please help!
  • Only includes left leaning media sources. 1/5

    By willrose88
    Needs to provide news from both sides of the aisle and get rid of the sex stuff of the explore page.
  • snap stories not working 1/5

    By zekesamosa
    the app is soo bad now i can’t even load up anyone’s stories and i’m on full bars wifi and even with data it’s still doesn’t work it’s a disgusting app overall
  • ?? 2/5

    By Salinero Till Da Death Of Me
    When I delete conversations, they pop up again. I hate it. & also lately, I haven’t received any new messages. It only says that they’re typing but I never get their message.
  • Best Social Media App Ever!!!!! 5/5

    By bf2112
    I like the new update
  • Lag 2/5

    By marahcx
    Whenever I try to use a filter and make a video it lags so bad and the app crashes.
  • Stop 5/5

    By Twen Twen
    Stop updating it💀🔫
  • Kind of disappointed 3/5

    By h8_the_new_sc
    I’ve been using snapchat for a few years and i’ve never had an issue with anything till now. i have tried everything i can to get the new text update, even emailed snapchat & sent a message through their support system. i’ve deleted and reinstalled the app several times and nothing. they aren’t even helping me. so i am very frustrated.
  • Update 1/5

    By Pie app
    The new update is overall dumb and inconvenient they need to stop changing things when people Are just getting used to the new update beforehand. Just leave it be and maybe people won’t hate it and be upset as much.
  • Filters 2/5

    By Tinkerbell Slack
    I used to love all the filters it had.. now I have like no good filters to ever use offered on my phone.. yet my other friends get them all the time!! I am getting really annoyed!!
  • What’s going on??? 1/5

    By Rachellll_24
    I loved the old Snapchat. It was so easy to use and didn’t have nearly as many bugs. I can’t even take a video with the screen flipping back and forth or stopping in the middle or my video. I also think it would be amazing if you could add or take someone off of your bestfriend list. I broke up with my boyfriend and he’s still my number one bestfriend. I wish I could just take him off of it and add my bestfriend to the top of it. I know tons of people that would agree with me on this.
  • Snapchat Fix this 1/5

    By ItzJustzMez
    It keeps lagging and when I’m in a call sometimes I can’t hear the other person.Snapchat use to be good but now it’s not the update ruined it.
  • guess what 1/5

    By jwowowo
    it was made to send nudes

    By nanajananbeuskambsvshs
    This is. A really good app but i really need the flower crown back !!
  • mess up 1/5

    By 716373&394
    i did not get the update as all my other friends did. please fix this problem thanks.
  • Streaks Was Lost 2/5

    By Shorty cute
    My friend and I had our streak going and we made sure we sent them out yesterday and today it says we don't have one . I'm really disappointed in snapchat for just getting rid of it after we sent out our streaks to each other .
  • It won’t let me in when I go in 3/5

    By come on to leave
    The app would not me go in the app and when I tap on the icon it kicks me out
  • Snap map 1/5

    By s3ss
    Such a bummer that you guys took off building names on university campuses. PLEASEEEEEEEE BRING THEM BACK!!!!! It’s so much easier to see where you’re friends are if you could see the names of the buildings !!!!!!!!!!! Fix this!!

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