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  • Developer: Google LLC
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Snapseed App

Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. == KEY FEATURES== • 29 Tools and Filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective (see list below) • Opens JPG and RAW files • Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later • Selective filter brush • All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control • “Insights” feature with tips and tricks about Snapseed and general photography == TOOLS, FILTERS AND FACE == • RAW Develop – open and tweak native camera files; save non-destructively or export as JPG • Tune image – adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, precise control • Details – magically brings out surface structures in images • Crop – crop to standard sizes or freely • Rotate – rotate by 90°, or straighten a skewed horizon • Perspective – fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings • White Balance – adjust the colors so that the image looks more natural • Brush – selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth • Selective – the renown “Control Point” technology: Position up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements, the algorithm does the rest magically • Healing – remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture • Vignette – add a soft darkness around the corners like a beautiful, wide-aperture would do • Text – add both stylized or plain text (38 predefined styles) • Curves - have precise control over the brightness levels in your photos • Expand - increase the size of your canvas and fill up the new space in smart ways with content of your image • Lens Blur – add a beautiful Bokeh to images (background softening), ideal for photographic portraits • Glamour Glow – add a fine glow to images, great for fashion or portraits • Tonal Contrast – boost details selectively in the shadows, midtones and highlights • HDR Scape – bring a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures • Drama – add a hint of doomsday to your images • Grunge – an edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays • Grainy Film – get modern film looks with realistic grain • Vintage – the style of color film photo from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s • Retrolux – go retro with light leaks, scratches, film styles • Noir – Black and White film looks with realistic grain and the “wash” effect • Black & White – classic Black and White look straight out of the darkroom • Frames – add frames with adjustable size • Double Exposure - blend two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and by digital image processing • Face Enhance – add focus to the eyes, add face-specific lighting, or smoothen skin • Face Pose - correct the pose of portraits based on three dimensional models

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Snapseed app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By chckrbord
    Even after about 30 minutes of trying to set this up on my phone and computer. I’ve given up. Nothing on this subject is helpful. Every time I try to download the app on my computer, is tells me, “This a Google account not yet associated with a device. Please access the Play Store app on your device before installing apps”. If you’re looking for simple and easy set up, you won’t find it here. Avoid this app and find a better one.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By dedicated ketchapper
    The only bad thing about this app is the filters are so good, it’s hard to choose.
  • Very unhappy and never using this app again!!!!! 1/5

    By ay.shammm
    when i save the picture and check it out from the gallery it's never the way i saved. that is so annoying i take so much time for editing and i've tried saving by editing the picture again and again and it's a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!! i wouldn't even give that 1 star!!
  • Crushing all the time 2/5

    By Juan gs
    I lost the editing I’ve made on a recent CR2 file, because de apps crushes all the time
  • Still no support for Nikon Z7 raw images 2/5

    By Lakefarm
    My Nikon Z7 raw files cannot be processed using the raw editing feature like my Nikon D600 raw images can.
  • RAW compatibility issue with Sony files. 3/5

    By Jamsegs
    My copy of Snapseed (iPad Pro, iOS 12.3.1) does not recognize ARW files from Sony cameras. It correctly shows it as an arw file in details but otherwise it does not recognize it as a raw file and no develop tools are offered. The native Apple photos app recognizes the file as raw when edit is selected and another 3rd party app also recognizes the image as raw format.
  • Please Fix Crop 2/5

    By Bojag
    Please fix horizontal cropping on XS phones. 90% of the time it will just fight you to stay in place and then randomly decide to work. Usually after moving the vertical for some reason. Cropping is my primary use and it’s been busted for a while.
  • Needs more features 3/5

    By asshajdbcjshd
    Needs more features like for example using pictures from Google Photos or making a collage.
  • Nothing special 2/5

    By JessAriasMommy
    I didn’t see anything innovative or amazing about this app. In fact, I was really disappointed. It doesn’t provide anything other apps don’t provide like PS fix, PS express and Facetune. I really expected more and maybe that’s why I was let down.
  • Won’t download 5/5

    By Angel___face13
    I loved this app. Then I got a new phone and now it won’t download. Everything else downloads fine.
  • Double exposure 4/5

    By Dayshorn
    Almost perfect app, I use it for all my edits. All the options are complete except double exposure, there should be the option to erase parts of the photo where we don’t want to have the overlaying image to be shown just like we do with the brush feature.
  • before after function 2/5

    By saraiv04
    I have an iPhone Xs and the before and after function won’t work!! Please fix!!
  • Please add gradients like Lightroom 4/5

    By Jack the Giant Killer
    Gradient overlays are a critical part of most photographers arsenal, please include something similar in another update. Vignettes and light flares can only go so far.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Musashi 1583
    As it is the app is amazing... I only miss one tool... “anamorphic de-squeeze”. Pleas add it!
  • Very sleek and easy to use 5/5

    By Carl'Eric
    This app is so sleek and easy to use , I’ve never been so excited about a photo editing app in my whole life annoying pop up ads, no hidden charges , no bugs, App is super detailed and I’m recommending it to all my friends ASAP!!!!!
  • Great Snipping Tool 5/5

    By MEPrice
    Had to use it to snip a picture stored on my iPad and no other tool was available so I gave Snapseed a try and it worked like a charm.
  • Flipping 1/5

    By Zivallh
    How i can flip photo ?!
  • All in one 1/5

    By wryadaredevil
    Need (shape & reshape) tool
  • Wish I hadn’t updated this app 2/5

    By Ellie Mac
    I LOVE Snapseed- I use it to edit all of my photos, but the batch edit feature is gone — when I use this app for editing product photos, I need to apply the same edits to 20 pics or more so they will look streamlined....bummer...guess I’ll look for a new editing app.
  • iCloud Photos incompatibility on iPad 1/5

    By Facebook freezes
    I’ve long used and enjoyed Snapseed. Recently I reorganized my photos library and made it available using iCloud photos. I also acquired an iPad to use snapseed on a larger screen. Unfortunately Snapseed only sporadically accessed my photos. When I tap on the screen to open photos, the open screen pops up, it flashes briefly with the album structure I have in my photo library. A moment later it turns white and the photos are inaccessible. The app works fine on my iPhone, but on the IPad I’ve been disappointed.
  • Can't access camera roll 1/5

    By Boomer503
    This app has been fabulous up to this last update. I can no longer access on devise pictures on camera roll. This is on both my iPhone X and iPad Pro 12.9. Unfortunately there isn't any tech support I can contact to relay this info other than this forum. Looking forward to new update to fix this issue so I can 5 star it once more.
  • no variety 1/5

    By avawynne
    there’s literally like 10 filters to choose from and a few are black and white
  • Please update 3/5

    I’ve used Snapseed for quite awhile. Could the developer please update it to support new camera models as their raw formats have been changed. I use the a6400 and can no longer edit raw.
  • Good app but room for improvement 4/5

    By CookinID
    When I found this app, I really enjoyed it. But lately, as in within the last week, maybe from an app update, it is harder to get photos into the app without it crashing/loading properly. Once you download and open in the app it works fine but it should open when requested from GPhotos as it did before. Would be nice to have a visible UNDO option on each portion of editing without having to save it first or close out of the edits you’ve done.
  • Please use Catalyst to take Snapseed to Mac 5/5

    By M A Hartong
    We LOVE editing with Snapseed!
  • Simply the Best... Awesomeness 5/5

    By Markarts
    The app is a must have for all digital photographers toolbox. Way beyond what any other app offers. Just get it!!!
  • Glitchy as heck ⚠️ 1/5

    By --**
    Was stable, now it’s having issues. 🚨 Excellent app 5 stars when it’s stable. 💡
  • Won’t even let you edit videos 1/5

    By Rhynod Vlogs YT
    This app says you can edit photos and videos, for me it only does photos. It is really disappointing and misleading. I don’t suggest getting this, it isn’t worth your time.
  • Needs a compatibility update 2/5

    By dalums
    Snapseed is my go-to image editor for iPad Pro, and I’ve tried them all. But I can’t open a raw file from my Nikon D7500. Thus the 4 star rating. 5/31/19 UPDATE Finally, after 11 months, an update, but still NO SUPPORT for NEF raw files from Nikon D7500. AND the extension is busted again-Shortcuts crashes the app.
  • Was a great program until recent update 1/5

    By madtown gooner
    I love using snapseed add part of my workflow with LR on an iPad. But now I can't export from LR to snapseed because the latter crashes immediately. I reinstalled snapseed but it didn't fix the problem. Anyone else have this happen?
  • App review 5/5

    By Buck o Rama
    This app is so great you can always take photos your image to your YouTube channel and is a great way to start your image To your thumbnail from YouTube creator studio and post them on YouTube
  • Oh naw 2/5

    By sexynarwhal
    Will definitely not be using Snapseed to add borders to my pictures. I was playing around with a couple different apps to see if I could get the borders just the way I want them. Snapseed does not make the image smaller to add borders to it, instead it just adds white pixels around the edges of the photo, cropping out huge parts of the image. Such a difference between the photo I saved from Snapseed and the one from the other app I was using.
  • Great app, great update 5/5

    By Memtimen
    This is a great app that I using for a longtime.this is a great update and please keep updating
  • Open raw photos 2/5

    By Treinta Caracteres
    This version 2.19 take a loooonnggg time open a raw photo. Please fix the srew up.
  • open in snapseed isn't working from Google Photo 4/5

    By Machi Ryu
    after sw upgrade, open in snapseed isn't working from Google Photo
  • Finally? 2/5

    By Gank!
    Release notes say support for iOS 12.... good thing, seeing as though iOS 13 will be previewed in 3 days. Hopefully it doesn’t take them as long to adopt current software once it’s released. Also glad I won’t be seeing black bars on the sides on my iPad Pro. ~EDIT~ Seeing a lot of crashes after making edits and trying to save the picture.
  • Crashes... 1/5

    By Climb29K
    The latest update crashes when opening app from google photos. Please fix ASAP. Stop Googleizing really good applications.
  • What did you do? 3/5

    By dbidstudios
    This app has been incredible, but after your last update now it shuts down without saving any of the edits. This has been one of the most stable photo editing apps out there, now it’s WORTHLESS. If it’s not broke don’t fix it!
  • Love it but.... 3/5

    By SouthernLadyMom1
    It crashes every time I try to save pictures with a title/watermark on it. Was able to save a few with only minor editing. Happened on iPhone and IPad. Please fix!
  • My most loved app no longer useable 1/5

    By Jenny423
    I have used this app for years to edit all of my photos and the new update has it crashing every single time I try to save a photo rendering it completely useless. Please fix this and bring back my most loved app!!!
  • Crashing! 1/5

    By Asifworld
    Just installed the new update on my iPhone. Snapseed keep crashing when trying to open it using google photo. It works fine if I open the app by itself, but not working while trying to open using google photo. It was working fine until the update.
  • Used to love it 3/5

    By Brenwo92
    This used to be a great app and was the only one I used for editing. However, since the latest update, I go through the process of editing a photo and the app closes out while I’m saving my work. I’ve edited the same photo 8 times and can’t save it because the app closes out. Guess it’s time to find a new editing app.
  • Bug Found 4/5

    By nekothephotographer
    Huge fan of Snapseed! Every time I try to save my photo free editing, the app crashes and doesn’t save anything. Other than that, I highly recommend this app for any photo editing.
  • Crashes’ 1/5

    By 3mix_xo
    The new update cashes! Please fix it ASAP’
  • Fix IT!!! 1/5

    By SeaChel001
    Whatever your last update did, killed it. I cannot save an edited image anymore. I use this app for my business almost every day! Fix it! It was perfect before, go back to that please.
  • Great App! 4/5

    By B_Worthy
    I'm really enjoying the app. Very intuitive, but ever since the recent update from earlier today it crashes anytime I go to add text to a picture. It will save all the other settings but will not save/export with text now. Please fix.
  • Crashes when exporting 1/5

    By Moe bigsley
    Now crashes when exporting, using 12.3.1 and iPhone XS
  • Crashes 3/5

    By AfroPisces
    Snapseed is my go to photo editor, especially when I’m editing on the go. Sadly with this latest update it crashes every time I try to save my edits, please fix this ASAP because this just completely ruined my workflow 🙁🙁🙁
  • Trash 1/5

    By Delarosax
    App now crashes anytime you try to save a copy of an image with Text layered on it

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